Best DeMarini Bats

Best DeMarini Bats

In any sport, players rely blindly on their equipment. To meet the demands of the players and help them proliferate in their core competencies, the equipment manufacturing companies experiment, research and test their products to ensure they are flawless for their customers. One such company in the baseball world is DeMarini. IMAGE PRODUCT Summary Our … Read more

Best Single Wall Softball Bats

Easton Rival

Softball bats come with a wide variety of modifications that make them an optimal choice for players. Such performance enhancers are mostly found in metal bats that make them an efficient alternative against wooden bats. The most common option preferred by a majority of the players is Single Wall bats. For people who are unaware … Read more

Easton Mako Torq Review

Easton Mako Torq Review

As a baseball player, you may go through a variety of baseball bats before you find the right one. Each bat will promise some “new” technology that will revolutionize your game. Skeptical? You should be – most baseball bats are very similar with only a couple breaking that mold. In this Easton Mako Torq review, … Read more

DeMarini Vexxum Review


Among some of the best baseball brands on the market, Demarini ranks high. While they may not produce as many bats as Easton or Rawlings, Demarini has some sluggers – bats designed to send the ball flying past outfielder’s heads. Out of all Demarini’s baseball bats, the Demarini Vexxum is, in my opinion, one of … Read more

Easton S1 Baseball Bat Review

Easton S1

Easton has been a major contributor to the innovations that have changed the game. From the gloves that offer unmatched toughness to bats with a rotating grip like the Easton Mako Torq, the company has dominated the market for baseball bats. IMAGE PRODUCT Summary Great for Kids Easton S1 Baseball Bat With a 2 piece … Read more

Easton Adv Bat review

Easton Adv 360

When speaking of baseball bats, there is hardly any company that can match the quality and performance delivered by the ones made by Easton. The company is recognized as a premium sports manufacturer by players and critics alike. The Easton Adv 360 Baseball Bat is a pretty special baseball bat from Easton though. In this … Read more

Easton S3 Review

Easton S3 Review

Easton’s incredible product line-up always has something that could easily blow any player’s mind. The company has been producing high performance and superior quality products, that preferred by players in all the major leagues. One of the most popular bats is the Easton S3. This Easton S3 review will go over all aspects of this … Read more

Best Fungo Bats

Fungo Bat

Every baseball coach has unique drills and tricks to help their team perform better. From different hitting trainers to making every player run sprints, each exercise is designed to help you becom better. Recently fungo bats have become popular. Today, we’ll explore what is a fungo bat, what are fungo bats used for, and much … Read more