Black Friday Cyber Monday 2020 Deals

You may seen some early Black Friday deals already but most retailers save the best for this weekend. Because of that, the past few days I’ve been researching all of the upcoming deals and trying to sort them from best to worst. With everybody shopping online this holiday, you’ll want to be quick to jump … Read more

Best Softball Chest Protectors


Injuries are a lot more common in softball than you think. The most common injuries are overuse injuries – players report their neck, shoulders, elbows, and back hurting after games all the time. Tendinitis is also common. However, softball has its share of hard-hit balls and wild pitches, and it’s important for players to stay … Read more

Batting Thumb Rings


So, you were watching a game and noticed that the hitter is wearing something on their thumb. What you saw is called a batting thumb ring. It’s sometimes also called a batting thumb guard. Some statistics show that four in every ten professional baseball players now use these guards in league games. But what are … Read more

Amazon Prime Day 2020

Last night I stayed up late just so I get the scoop on the latest Prime Day 2020 deals. Below, you’ll find the deals I found most interesting. There’s some serious savings in some of these deals! See All Deals If you prefer to browse yourself, you can find the deals I really liked by … Read more