Easton S3 Review

Easton’s incredible product line-up always has something that could easily blow any player’s mind. The company has been producing high performance and superior quality products, that preferred by players in all the major leagues. One of the most popular bats is the Easton S3. This Easton S3 review will go over all aspects of this bat and tell exactly how it feels on the field.

Best for Power HittersEaston S3 Baseball Bat Review Easton S3 Baseball Bat

With a 1 piece construction, even balance, and a gigantic sweet spot, the Easton S3 is designed for power hitters to swing through the ball and send balls flying to the outfield. Check Price

What makes the Easton S3 special?

The S3 has been one of the oldest bats in Easton’s power brigade speed series. These bats are known to offer exceptional speed and performance to the players of all leagues. It has been designed with thorough research and outshines all of its predecessors.

Easton S3 Review


It comes in different sizes that you can choose from and can be used by players of all ages. Due to its barrel size and drop rates, it is one of the few bats that are approved as per BBCOR standards which makes it suitable for all the major leagues.

The Easton S3 features its traditional stiffness along with some other excellent perks that make this bat a player’s favorite every year. It has a one-piece construction that comes with Easton’s HMX (Hyperlite Matrix) alloy. The alloy enables the bat to offer an expanded sweet spot and unmatched durability.

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The bat has an even balance which provides control and speed when you swing the bat, eventually increasing the power in your hit. Easton S3 is wrapped with the company’s latest performance enhancer i.e. the HYPERSKIN (1.2mm) Grip which gives you a comfortable hold on the bat.

Easton S3

The Easton S3 baseball bat’s construction is designed to give you a great game experience without compromising on the high-performance features. With the Easton S3, you can step on the plate more confidently and play incredibly well.

Easton S3 Review: On the Field

The Easton S3 is not your regular baseball bat. First, let’s talk about the looks. It has an appealing design with all the vinyl and careful construction.

When you hold the bat firmly from the grip, you can feel the lightweight of the bat along with its balanced weight distribution.

The Easton S3 baseball bat is easy and comfortable to swing once you step up to the plate. It feels lightweight in your hands and the hyper skin grip means it feels secure. You can really feel the balanced weight distribution helping you swing.

Once you make contact with the ball, the Hyperlite matrix alloy helps disperse most of the vibrations before they hit their hand.

As you continue taking swings, you’ll discover that the weight of the S3 is easy on the wrists and arms helping you play for a long period of time.

Easton S1 vs S2 vs S3:

The Easton series had been phenomenal for the players as they came with an extensive line-up of bats that were tailored for the different demands of the players.

Every bat in the series came with its own set of qualities and benefits that made it better or different from the other.

Here is a comparison between the Easton S1 vs S2 vs S3, which might help you find the bat you are looking for.

Easton S1 Easton S2 Easton S3
·         2 piece composite construction

· Best for contact hitters

·         2 piece composite construction

·         Thinner handle than the S1

·         Less break in required

·         1 piece construction

·         Best for power hitters

·         Bigger sweet spot

Easton S1:

The S1 series features a two-piece composite construction which is very different from the S3’s unibody design. This makes the S1 lighter and its IMX composite barrel makes up for a very responsive sweet spot.

Easton S1


It also comes with the SIC Black Carbon Composite handle that adds incredible durability to the bat.

To fuse the bat, the company has used its patented ConneXion technology that makes the bat flexible while creating a whip-like effect that increases the speed of the bat.

The bat is balanced in a way that it is more suitable for contact hitters that prefer to hit for the average in comparison to the players who choose to hit the ball out of the park most of the time.

Easton S2:

There are very few differences between the S1 and S2 bats. The bat has a composite construction and offers excellent power to the batter.

It has a thinner handle as compared to the S1 models but due to this, the bat looks similar to the Easton Mako line.

Easton S2


The bat features a similar connection system like the S1 series, but the alloyed barrel ensures lesser break-in time. It also comes with the SIC Black Carbon Composite handle that reduces vibration and feedback sting while hitting. The S2 version also comes with a bigger sweet spot.

Easton S3:

In comparison to the above options, the S3 is more advanced and loaded with features but it serves a different audience altogether.

The extended sweet spot of the bat makes it easier for players to hit the winning shot. It comes with a thinner barrel that attributes to the speed and balance needed for the hits.

Easton S3

Who should buy the Easton S3?

The Easton S3 is an impressive bat that packs a lot of features, its lightweight design with the remarkably designed barrel can have a strong visual impact too.

It is an optimal choice for players who prefer using a bat that has a stiffer feel and is able to transfer energy more efficiently to the ball during contact. The thin construction of the bat makes it ideal for players with a fast swing speed.

Easton S3 Review: Our Final Thoughts

The Easton S3 is a great choice for baseball players and considering the experience, it is durable enough to last a few seasons. Its BBCOR approved rating can save you from purchasing another bat for the matches.

I hope the above information has helped you learn more about the Easton S3 baseball bat and can help you in making a better purchase. If you have any queries or suggestions, you can write them in the comments.

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