Easton S1 Baseball Bat Review

Easton has been a major contributor to the innovations that have changed the game. From the gloves that offer unmatched toughness to bats with a rotating grip like the Easton Mako Torq, the company has dominated the market for baseball bats.

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Part of their popular S Line, the Easton S1 is a great baseball bat for all players. In this article, we’ll go through what we like, what we don’t, and how it feels on the field.

Easton S1 Bat Review

What makes the Easton S1 special?

Compared to other Easton baseball bats, there are various things that make the S1 special. The bat is designed to generate unrivaled power and speed. In addition, the bat offers superior balance and comfort making every swing effortless.

The S1 has a reduced length to weight ratio and a large-sized barrel with a bigger sweet spot.

Easton S1 Bat

Since the S1 is a composite bat, it has been fused using the latest CXN ConneXion dual-component technology. It not only fuses the bat together but also reduces the noise and vibration that comes from mishits.

The technology efficiently transfers the energy of the bat from your body to the barrel. Due to the reinforced fusion, the bat also gets additional power which can drive the ball to the farthest corners of the field.

S1 is enhanced with yet another patented technology of the company, the IMX (Integrated Matrix Technology). This feature is used on high-end Easton bats and it ensures minimal use of carbon on the barrel to make it stronger and durable.

It also helps in keeping the bat lightweight and comfortable.

Want to delve deeper into the Easton S1? Watch this Easton S1 review here:

The S1’s extended barrel helps add power and provides a larger sweet spot, without compromising on balance or weight. The Easton S1 gives the batters more hitting area along with a comfortable swing weight.

The bat has another scientifically proven technology to improve the performance of the batter. It comes with the renowned SIC (Solid Impact Construction) Black Carbon Handle which is an array of spirally drawn carbon fibers. The spiral construction helps increase the tackiness of the grip and keeps your hands firmly in place throughout the swing.

Easton S1

One of the most remarkable features of the S1 is its durability which is a result of the THT Scandium Alloy. It is one of the important elements that prevent the bat from getting dented or cracked.

Easton S1 Review: On The Field

The Easton S1 looks amazing and is pretty lightweight as compared to other composite baseball bats. On lifting the bat for a swing or swinging it, the weight is evenly distributed leading to an effortless swing. Its low inertia adds more power and control to the bat.

Watch this video to see the Easton S1 perform on the field.

It is easy to hit the ball with more power with the S1 as the weight of the barrel is considerably low and the bat swings with a higher speed. In addition, the bat has great pop sending the baseballs flying.

The extended barrel can be a little difficult at first but after a few hits, the ball jumps off the bat like magic. It allows you to hit deep field shots easily.

Easton S1 is a durable bat with a strong barrel. It’s definitely powerful enough to last a couple of seasons.

Easton S1 vs S2 and S3:

The Easton power brigade series has some really good bats that all offer speed, power, and unmatched performance.

The Easton S1, S2, and S3 all are from the from the power brigade series and are designed to offer great speed and comfort to the players.

Easton S1 Easton S2 Easton S3
Two-piece composite design (both handle and barrel are composite) Two piece (composite handle and alloy barrel) 1 piece alloy construction
Requires break in period Hot out of the wrapper Hot out of the wrapper


The key difference between the Easton S1 vs S2 vs S3 is the construction. The Easton S1 is the top of the line model and features a 2 piece composite design. This means that both the handle and the barrel are made out of composite materials.

The Easton S2 is also a 2 piece design but it has a composite handle and an alloy barrel. The alloy barrel means that the Easton S2 doesn’t require any break in period unlike the Easton S1.

The Easton S3 is a much stiffer bat than the Easton S1 or the Easton S2 due to it’s 1 piece alloy construction. This helps transfer more energy to the ball but it does result in more vibrations.

One advantage the Easton S1 has over the Easton S2 and Easton S3 is the whip effect. Because of the composite materials and the Connexion technology fusing together the different parts, the bat will flex a little upon hitting the ball. This will add some exit velocity to each ball you hit.

Personally out of all of them, I prefer the Easton S1 or the Easton S3. The Easton S1 has better materials and is slightly more comfortable to swing with due to the vibration dampening.

The Easton S3 is a little harder to handle – due to the vibration – but when you connect with the ball, you send it flying. The energy transfer in the Easton S3 is amazing.

All of the above bats are BBCOR certified and the S1 is widely preferred by players worldwide due to is pop and high head speed. Moreover, it comes in different sizes and weights which means you can buy it for yourself or for your 13-14-year-old kid.


If you’re looking for a comfortable composite bat, look towards the Easton S1. With a large sweet spot, composite materials, and a great whip effect, this bat is comfortable to swing throughout the entire game.

Stepping up to homeplate, you’ll notice the whip effect and flex of the bat help you send each ball flying every time.

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