Best T Ball Baseball Bat for 5 Year Olds – 2020

Are you looking for the best bat for 5 year old? It is pretty much impossible to hate kids and almost every kid in the US loves the beautiful game of baseball. There is really no better time to teach them about the game and how it is played than at a very tender age. At this stage, it is important and also demanding that they get the best equipment and in this sense, the best T ball baseball bat to help your 5 year old get through this phase and build a love and strong bond for the game as well as develop his potential. Although there are a few confusions at times with the difference between ‘T ball’ and ‘Tee Ball’, they are both the same thing. ‘T ball is just a short way of writing ‘Tee ball’. In this article, we help you take a look at the best T ball baseball bat for 5 year olds and why we recommend them as well which inclusion of their pros and cons.



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Easton Tee Ball Bat

Easton ADV Teeball Bat

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Easton FUZE Teeball Bat


Franklin Barracuda

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Easton ALPHA Teeball Bat

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Marucci Cat7

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#1: EASTON ADV1 Kids Tee Ball Baseball Bat

Get your kid one of the best and newest bats for this 2020. Coming out all-new for this season, the EASTON ADV1 -13 USA Youth / Kids Tee Ball Baseball Bat comes as a one piece composite construction. This properly balanced bat is designed to help players generate a faster swing speed whenever they play. It is designed with the best of materials and infused with mind blowing and outstanding features to keep you overwhelmed at every swing and hit. It comes with the Launch Comp Technology which is a combination of both the composite technology and the 360 engineerings. This is to achieve the 360 degree of barrel tuned precision, which optimizes the barrel profile and pushes the bat’s performance to the limit. The EASTON ADV1 -13 USA Youth / Kids Tee Ball Baseball Bat comes in different sizes and weight but all still maintaining a length to weight ratio of -13 for a lightweight feel. Its measurements stand at, 31 inches by 18 ounces, 30 inches by 17 ounces, 29 inches by 16 ounces and 28 inches by 15 ounces. These various measurements and options give players the chance to have a pick at what length or weight of bat you wish to use. It has a barrel diameter measuring about 2 5/8 inches and is definitely the type of bat that can assure you an elite performance.

Easton Tee Ball Bat


The comfort provided by the EASTON ADV1 -13 USA Youth / Kids Tee Ball Baseball is top class. You can pretty much say Easton designed this bat with comfort placed as one of the top priorities. It features Easton’s new Carbon Zero handle which is designed and built with about 90% of Carbon Fiber that helps in creating an extra stiff handle. It also has the Power Boost Soft Knob Technology which is known to provide more power potential as well as reducing the vibration and sting felt by the player to give out an improved comfort for the player’s bottom hand. Easton didn’t just end there; they also added the Custom Lizard skin bat grip which offers players the best classy and cushion feel with its tacky design.

Reasons to Buy:

  1. A high-class comfort and easy feel are one of the best things this bat offers.
  2. A real lightweight bat with a length to weight ratio of -13.
  3. This bat has a more responsive and flexible barrel thanks to the new speed cap.
  4. A properly balanced bat.
  5. It provides a faster swing speed.
  6. Very solid and durable. It is sure to last long as well as properly maintained.
  7. For a kiddies bat, it is not very pricey and sort of cheap.
  8. Power Boost soft knob technology helps reduce vibration and stings.

Reasons to avoid:

  1. Despite the presence of the Power Boost Soft Knob technology, players still tend to feel a little sting once in a while.

Why did we recommend it?

The EASTON ADV1 -13 USA Youth / Kids Tee Ball Baseball is one of those top bats which provide kids with that high class and professional feel. If you want your kid to keep playing the game with much enthusiasm and style then this is just about the perfect choice. It is cheap and despite its price range, it comes with high-quality features and top standard construction materials. A beautiful and attractive body makes it stand out anytime.

#2: EASTON FUZE -11 USA Youth / Kids Tee Ball Baseball Bat

An old and highly rated manufacturer in the game of the best sporting equipment and they have never dropped their standard or looked back. Easton has always provided baseball players with the top standard bat for all ages and the EASTON FUZE -11 USA Youth / Kids Tee Ball Baseball Bat is definitely no different from the rest of the pack. A solid bat with an attractive design and appearance, a solid structure and made from one of the best materials to ensure it remains durable for a long period. It comes with amazing features capable of giving you the best game you can ask for any time and any day. Made and crafted from the ALX100 military grade alloy material, this bat comes stronger than you can ever imagine and its durability is on a whole different level. It is designed to be lightweight and easy for the young ones to wield and use. This bat comes with the USSSA BPF 1.15 certification making approved for use in the leagues. As a bonus, you have a full one year manufacturer’s warranty on this bat giving you a good backup anytime. This bat is available in more than one option giving players a chance to make a choice. Its options both measure about 24 inches by 13 ounces and 25 inches by 14 ounces. Its one-piece design comes with a concave end cap attached to its barrel.


Looking for a comfortable bat is always the top of the list for any player. No one wants to use a bat they have to struggle with all day especially when you are in the heat of a game. It would not only be frustrating to use but will also deter your performance. It is a good thing Easton had this in mind when creating this awesome piece. The EASTON FUZE -11 USA Youth / Kids Tee Ball Baseball Bat is so comfortable and easy on the hand which makes it highly recommended for youth players. It is lightweight with a length to weight ratio of -11. With a weight measurement of about 13 and 14 ounces, it has proven to be really lightweight. The bat is infused with an all sports grip to provide comfort and better handling for easier control and a better swing.

Reasons to Buy:

  1. Its military grade alloy construction material makes it very durable and reliable.
  2. It is a piece of real lightweight equipment and easy to handle.
  3. It comes with an all sports grip for more comfortable use.
  4. It features a full one year manufacturer’s warranty.
  5. It comes with the USSSA BPF 1.15 certification.
  6. It is not pricey and as such, it is very affordable.

Reasons to avoid:

  1. Although Easton tried so hard to make this piece very comfortable, it still produced some negative feedback, sting, and vibration after every hit which can be a problem for some players though.

Why did we recommend it?

There are several other types of youth baseball bats in the market but not all can boast of the same qualities as the EASTON FUZE -11 USA Youth / Kids Tee Ball Baseball Bat. It is a very nice option for any kid trying to find their feet or getting to know the game in an early stage. It is strong, reliable, durable and very comfortable to use. Despite its nice features, it still ends up being placed at a cheap rate compared to some with features not as amazing but a higher price. Get the best of youth T ball baseball bat and watch your kid enjoy the best performance you can think of.

#3: Franklin Sports T Ball Bat for 5 Year Olds

It is always advised to get any product you want from a trustworthy source or should I say a trustworthy manufacturer. Franklin Sports Company has built a name for themselves because of the high standard sporting equipment they provide and they have not faltered. The Franklin Sports Tee ball Bats – Kids Youth Baseball and Tee ball Bats is a testament in that regard. The Franklin Sports Tee ball Bats – Kids Youth Baseball and Tee ball Bats is made of the very best and dependable materials and infused with features that can be guaranteed to give your kid the perfect training session and a great as well. This bat is crafted from strong and trustworthy aluminum alloy making it very much durable and long-lasting. It is designed to provide kids with high standard performance, and increased pop sound and also remaining lightweight so kids can find controlling this bat as a piece of cake. It comes in two different options and measurements but all maintaining a length to weight ratio of -11. One option measures about 25 inches in length and 14 ounces in weight and the other about 26 inches in length and 15 ounces in weight. It comes long and lightweight for better control, easier contact, and improved bat speed. The Barracuda Tee ball bat has a barrel with a diameter measuring about 2 5/8 inches. This means the kids are offered a wider barrel with a larger sweet spot to make for easier contact and a better drive of the ball.


The level of comfort a bat offers is always important because no player wants to be uncomfortable when playing a game even at training. At this young stage, this is when the kids begin to develop a love for the game and this means; they should find it pretty easy and loving. The Franklin Sports Tee ball Bats – Kids Youth Baseball and Tee ball Bats does just that in terms of comfortability. Kids are offered a tee ball bat with a nice grip due to the batting tape applied around its handle. it is designed to be extra tacky to provide for optimal grip to make it easier for those smaller hands to control the head of the bat easily and put in a good swing of the ball. Its lightweight feel makes it pretty easier to lift and control and with a drop weight of -11, it is pretty much easier to control and swing.

Reasons to avoid:

  1. This bat offers a lot in terms of comfort with a good and tacky grip which fits perfectly into those smaller hands.
  2. It is very strong and durable and does not tend to break or bend easily.
  3. For a kiddies Tee ball-bat, its price range is just about right and not expensive. Very much budget and pocket friendly.
  4. It is USA baseball approved and approved for use in some various leagues as well.
  5. A lightweight bat with a drop weight of -11, it is very easy to wield and swing.
  6. The larger sweet spot for better contact on the ball.
  7. The attractive black design comes easy on the eye.

Reasons to avoid:

  1. The absence of an anti-vibration knob does tell a lot on the player as the bat often releases some negative feedback and sting to the player’s hands after contact.

Why It’s the best T ball bat for 5 year olds?

The Franklin Sports Tee ball Bats – Kids Youth Baseball and Tee ball Bats is one of a kind and if you think less then you should try it. Let one trial of this bat prove you wrong. It is very much recommendable for the kids and can make them feel like a pro at such a young age. It is cheap and affordable and that does not make it a low standard. It is still made from the best and quality materials with a nice feature to make the game feel simple and easy. Get this t ball bat for your 5 year old kids and watch them enjoy the game.

#4: EASTON ALPHA -10 Kids Tee Ball Baseball Bat

Just like the previous bat on our list, here is another piece from one of the kings in the business. If you want quality, precision, comfort, durability and high performance, I don’t see why you would not want to try Easton bats. The EASTON ALPHA -10 USA Youth / Kids Tee Ball Baseball Bat is another outstanding and mind-blowing piece straight out of the Easton warehouse and manufacturing company. From its design and attractive but simple body finishing to its amazing features and properties, everything about it just oozes pure class and top standard. It is that one bat every kid would definitely love being associated with. It comes with a one piece design and it is also properly balanced and a real speed generator. Looking for that bat that can add more speed to your kids’ play then I think the search is already over. It comes in various sizes and weight measurements. It measures about 24 inches by 14 ounces, 25 inches by 15 ounces and 26 inches by 16 ounces. Easton always believes in giving customers various options to make their choices. It is designed and crafted from the ALX50 TM aircraft grade alloy material which is known for being really strong and reliable for any condition. This bat is sure to last for a season and does not falter even in the heat of the game. It is a lightweight material and with a drop weight of about -10, it proves to be pretty much what the kids need to begin their process to greatness in the game. With this bat, you are sure to get a full one year manufacturer’s warranty as a backup should something go wrong with your bat. It is also USSSA approved means it is league standard.


You cannot talk about comfortable bats without bringing up an Easton product. They are built really for comfortability and to make the game seem pretty easy for the player. The EASTON ALPHA -10 USA Youth / Kids Tee Ball Baseball Bat comes with the all-sports grip to provide players with a comfortable grip and easier handling. This makes wielding this bat seem easy and swinging also feels the same. The lightweight feel of this bat makes it easy for the kids to lift and swing with ease. This is why it is recommended for the kids to use. In the area of comfort, it only has one thing missing. The absence of a feature responsible for reducing the amount of vibration and sting felt by the player but then, no one is perfect isn’t it?

Reasons to Buy:

  1. This bat is very reliable and trustworthy anytime.
  2. It is a true game and performance enhancer for the kids.
  3. Its ALX50 TM aircraft grade alloy makes it extremely strong and durable for use.
  4. It comes with a full one year manufacturer’s warranty as a backup just in case.
  5. Its price rate is pretty low meaning it is quite affordable and for a bat this good, it can be seen as a plus.
  6. It is a real good training and practice equipment.

Reasons to avoid:

  1. The one reason anyone would want to avoid this bat is its absence of an anti-vibration feature. Players do tend to feel some vibrations after every hit and sting as well.

Why did we recommend it?

There is just no reason why this bat would not be recommended for use to anyone or better still for any kid. It is truly a piece of class and for the kids still coming up in the game, they would definitely enjoy this bat. The EASTON ALPHA -10 USA Youth / Kids Tee Ball Baseball Bat is not as pricey as some others. With a price range of about $24.99, it seems pretty cheap. Its features and durability levels then make it seem very high class. It is comfortable to use and handle. Well balanced and generates enough speed on every swing and hit. a full one year manufacturer’s warranty also comes in handy at any time just in case you need backup. Get this T ball baseball bat for your kid and watch them grow into professional baseball stars.

#5: Marucci Cat7 Baseball Bat for 5 year old

The Marucci Cat7 Junior Big Barrel Baseball Bat is just as similar to its predecessors, the Marucci Cat6 and the Marucci Cat 5. The major difference and upgrade with this version is the double power it provides. For any pitcher, this not a bat you want to play against. It is sure to keep your opponent intimidated throughout the game. This shows the amount of power it provides. But never should you take this bat for granted by thinking all it offers is just power. Marucci really did take their time by upgrading the design of this bat as well. One of the other differences in the design of this bat and the others is its construction material. The Cat7 is made from the AZ4X which is responsible for the dramatic increase in the bat’s durability levels, strength, solidity, and resilience. The new design also helps with an optimized barrel design which produces a massive sweet spot that comes out twice as big as that of the Cat6. This bat features a -10 length to weight ratio with a measurement of 2 ¾ in barrel diameter. It comes with the USSSA 1.15 BPF certification stamp and a full 12 month manufacturer’s warranty as a backup for this monster. This bat comes in various sizes and weights ranging from 25 inches by 15 ounces, 26 inches by 16 ounces and 27 inches by 17 ounces. You want your little kid to talk big like a boss, and then this is surely his instrument for that.

Marucci Cat7 Bat for 7 Years Old


Marucci always put into consideration the comfort of the player and how best they can feel at ease while playing and this was achieved to the best of their ability with this bat. The presence of the brand new AV2 knob which is also known as the 2nd Generation Anti-Vibration knob helps offer a far better feel and reduces any form of negative feedback or sting to be felt by the kid’s hands at least to the lowest possible amount. Its balanced design helps with better precision and control to make hitting the ball pretty easy. It comes as a lightweight bat first with a length to weight ratio of -10 means it is very easy to handle especially for the young ones.

Reason to Buy:

  1. It is made from the AZ4X alloy which provides improved durability and guaranteed top class strength.
  2. Its optimized barrel design offers you a bat with a more massive sweet spot than its predecessors you might have seen.
  3. A lightweight and easy to use a baseball bat.
  4. The presence of the AV2 anti-vibration knob offers you a bat with a reduced sting and negative feedback.
  5. Possesses a ring-free technology which provides an excellent performance.
  6. The bat comes with a full one year manufacturer’s warranty.
  7. USSSA certified and approved.

Reasons to avoid:

  1. For a junior or rather kid’s bat, the price range seems a bit high and can be rated as being expensive.
  2. Some players might not bee too comfortable with the bat’s weight.

Why It’s the best baseball bat for 5 year olds?

The Marucci Cat7 Junior Big Barrel Baseball Bat stands out as a very high quality bat and for players who are just coming in new to the game. It helps them work on their power generation. It is very comfortable and easy to use and helps in teaching and improving your kid’s game. If you want a bat that possesses strong qualities both in power, strength, durability, and performance, then this is just a perfect choice baseball bat for 5 year old kids. Its design comes simple but also as attractive as any junior baseball bat you might come across in the market. Get the Marucci Cat7 Junior Big Barrel Baseball Bat and give your little kid a piece of the pro-action.

What size T ball Baseball bat for 5 year old?

Truthfully speaking, to some people in the US, the game of baseball can just be one of the many ways you can use to pastime while to others it can be something really special and serious but there is no love or joy to be derived when the kids playing cannot enjoy the game due to frustration. This type of frustration is mainly the one caused by their inability to use the bat properly because of its size defects. Baseball bats are available in various sizes, materials, and weights offering you different options to choose from. One bat is definitely not going to be suited for every player even in a team of kids around the same age. This can be due to the difference in height, weight and body type. It is important to size a bat according to the kids’ vital statistics and comfort level to make it suitable for the kid to use and also make the game more fun.

You can measure your kid to know if he is suited for a particular bat. Measuring the kid’s height is also as important as well. Kids with their heigh measuring about 3 feet and 4 inches should be well suited for a bat measuring about 26 inches for a start. You can then add about an inch to the bat size after every 4 to 5 inches your kid adds from thereon.

Another method is also by standing your child next to the bat to determine if the bat is too long or too short for him to use and also if it is too heavy as well. Put the top end of your choice bat on the floor and have your kid stand next to the bat and the handle end matching up next to the kid’s legs. For a bat that is well suited for your kid, the knob area should be positioned right at the location of the kid’s hip. If it gets to the child’s waist then it can be regarded as too long because your kid would definitely struggle to play with that bat.

One other recommended way is to size the bat according to your kid’s weight. Although it is widely known that height is pretty much the more effective way to decide what bat is better for your kid but some kids can be slim and tall but also find it hard to handle a longer and heavier bat. As such, you must use a combination of both to decide the best size of bat for your kid. Young players weighing about 60 pounds would suit better with a bat measuring about 26 inches to 29 inches although it still depends on the kid’s height. Kids weighing up about 70 pounds to 90 pounds can make use of bats measuring from 28 inches to 32 inches.

It is also crucial for your child to try out the bat in the store before purchase. At least just try taking a swing to see how comfortable the bat might be on the hand. Comfort is an important factor when choosing a bat as it matters very much even though you are using a standard height and weight recommendation.

Below is a table showing the weight and height recommendation for kids and what size of bat would be possibly suitable for them.


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Height & Weight

36 – 40 inches41 – 45 inches46 – 48 inches
40 pounds or less24 inches25 inches26 inches
41 – 50 pounds25 inches26 inches27 inches
61 – 70 pounds27 inches27 inches28 inches
71 – 80 pounds28 inches28 inches
81 – 90 pounds28 inches29 inches


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T ball Baseball bat Buying guide for 5 year old Kids

Buying a Tee ball baseball bat for your kid does require some certain rules and guidelines which one has to follow fervently in order not to purchase the wrong equipment for your kid. The goal here is to inform you with the adequate knowledge needed to help you make just about the right choice especially when it comes to selecting the right Tee Ball baseball bat would suit perfectly with your kid.

Bats Length:

The length of the bat is always very important and should always be considered whenever you wish to purchase a tee ball baseball bat for your young star. The length of the bat is pretty much easy to understand as it consists of the measurement, in inches, of the bat from the knob down to the end of the barrel. Sometimes the shortest of these Tee ball bats do stand at about 24 inches long. In some cases, you can find them at about 28 inches long also. Most young players would find it easier to swing a bat measuring around 24 inches to 26 inches.

Bats Weight:

In Tee Ball baseball bats and even all types of bats, the weights are measured in ounces. The weight of a bat is very important as it plays a role in how easy to lift a bat is. If the bat tends to be too heavy then the user would find it hard to make use of it. Tee ball baseball bats are within the range of 13 to 18 ounces as far as their weight is concerned. The average player would be comfortable with a bat that measures around 14 ounces to 16 ounces. One way to test if the bat is too weighty or heavy for the player is to have them lift the bat with their stronger hand. The kid should lift it in a level position with their shoulder. If he or she can lift it comfortably for 30 seconds then it is about the right weight. If they can’t then that kid would struggle with this bat.

Bats Length to Weight Ratio:

The length to weight ratio of a bat is also known as the drop weight. The drop weight is derived by the calculation of the length of the bat with it being subtracted from the weight of the bat. One thing to note is that such measurement should always end in the negative. For instance, if the length of the bat stands at 24 inches and the weight of the bat stands at 12 ounces, this means the length to weight ratio of the bat would be -12. Tee ball baseball bats would have a length to weight ratio ranging from -10 to -13. The measurement of the length to weight ratio shows how easy to swing the bat is. A bat with a drop weight of -13 would be pretty easy to swing and lighter as well while a bat measuring -10 as its drop weight would be heavier and therefore the player would require more strength to swing it properly. In the case of the length to weight ratio, the higher the number, the lighter and easier the bat would be.

Bats Barrel Diameter:

One other thing you should consider is the barrel diameter of this bat and what its measurement stands at. The measurements of the bat’s barrel diameter measure how thick or thin the barrel of the bat is and also how much hitting surface you have to make contact with. In Tee Ball, the bats will have a barrel diameter of either 2 ¼ inches or 2 5/8 inches in diameter. Bats with fatter barrels should seem easier for kids to use as there is always more room to make contact with this type of bat. One advantage with the thinner barrel is that they possess a sharper learning curve and these types of bat would help train the hitter’s eye because, with this type of bat, there is always a lesser room for error.

Bats Comfortability:

How comfortable a bat is, always comes top whenever you wish to select a bat and this can be measured by checking the bat’s weight, length and also the grip of the bat. If the length and the weight of the bat are proportional and prove easy to handle, wield and swing, then the grip on the handle is then the next. Some bats come with an all-sports grip or something that would ensure the player finds it easy to hold the bat and swings it comfortably.

Bats Budget and Cost:

The price of a Tee Ball Baseball bat always come to play whenever you decide to pick a bat for your kid. This goes more than just how comfortable a bat is or even its length, weight and length to weight ratio. If the most comfortable bat proves to be above your budget then it is off because according to your purse, it is unaffordable. It is always important that each bat you pick falls within your available budget so you don’t get to break the bank because of a kid’s Tee Ball Baseball Bat. One important information to note is that a good Tee Ball Baseball bat should never be expensive or else it can’t be regarded as the best.


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If by any means we have done our job well enough serving as a guide in your quest for selecting the very best Tee Ball Baseball bats for your kid, then by now selecting it should not be so big an issue as it was. Sometimes you don’t need to stress it because even the best of them and experts at selecting at some points do find it pretty hard. If you have been able to successfully study this article, then you will always be looking forward to a time when you have to select the perfect Tee Ball Baseball Bat for your kid or even help others in selecting the best for their kids or younger ones. Give your kid the best Tee Ball Baseball Bat and then watch them enjoy the game to the fullest and develop into one of the best players you can think of.

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