Best Baseball Bats for 9 Year Olds – 2020

Many well-known companies produce the best baseball bats for 9 year olds. However, every single bat is made differently, whether it’s the features or the materials they were made with. If it’s your first time buying a bat for your child, you may get confused with so many options in the market. You should know that buying the wrong bat may make your kid lost interest in the game.

Baseball Bats for 9 Year Old

Top 10 Best Baseball Bats for 9 Year old Reviews – 2020

Consequently, a good bat will allow the child to have fun and enjoy the game better. Therefore, you should know what the best baseball bats for 9 year olds in 2020 are.

IMAGE PRODUCT Barrel Construction Price
Best OverallLouisville Slugger Omaha 518 USA Baseball Bat Louisville Slugger Omaha 518 USA Baseball Bat

7 Series Aluminum $ Check Price
Best ValueDeMarini Voodoo (-10) Balanced Baseball Bat DeMarini Voodoo (-10) Balanced Baseball Bat

X14 Aluminum Alloy $$ Check Price
DeMarini Uprising (-12) Fastpitch Bat DeMarini Uprising (-12) Fastpitch Bat

DX1 Alloy $ Check Price
Louisville Slugger Prime 919 (-10) Baseball Bat Louisville Slugger Prime 919 (-10) Baseball Bat

ADV Microform $$ Check Price
EASTON Beast Speed -10 (2 5/8) Youth Baseball Bat EASTON Beast Speed -10 (2 5/8) Youth Baseball Bat

ATAC Alloy $$ Check Price
Rawlings 2019 5150 USA Youth Baseball Bat Rawlings 2019 5150 USA Youth Baseball Bat

5150 Alloy $ Check Price

#1: Louisville Slugger Omaha 518 Baseball Bat for 9 year old

Louisville has over the years brought up some extraordinary products in terms of baseball bats and this particular one is just no different. The Louisville Slugger 2020 Omaha 518 Baseball Bat is a force to be reckoned with and it comes at a disadvantage to the other team coming up against a player with this in his hands. This bat tends to dominate the scene of play game after game and year after year with its durability and ensure consistent performance.

Louisville Slugger Omaha USA Baseball Bat 

Special Features:

The Louisville Slugger Omaha 518 is well known for its speed generation. It can help give a player some force and distance to his play.

Material and size:

Made of a 7-piece aluminum alloy construction material, this bat ensures durability and gives you a guaranteed long-lasting use without the fear of crack and dents or even wear and tear issues for a couple of years. It is an easy swing with a drop weight of about -10.

Barrel and handle:

The barrel is a one-piece alloy construction and has a huge sweet spot. Makes contact and hitting even easier. It has a 7/8” standard handle with a synthetic leather fade grip to help keeps your hands from sliding off.


  • Barrel is Huge
  • Has a nice balance and control
  • Speed generation
  • Durability and consistency is guaranteed


  • Looking for a bat with little or no impact then this isn’t for you.

Why we recommend it your kids:

The Louisville Slugger 2020 Omaha 518 Baseball Bat can be tagged a bully to some others. Gives the player an added advantage and makes him perform even better. It is also league-approved making his game even more interesting.


#2: DeMarini Voodoo (-10) Balanced Baseball Bat for 9 year old

The name voodoo isn’t just a name for this bats but just perfect for 9 year old. DeMarini did have something in mind with the creation of this magical baby. It is a choice for many players because of its high-performance levels. For your kid, this would ensure he stays there with the big boys on the table and his game remains on top. DeMarini  Voodoo Baseball Bat comes with an extreme balance and makes taking a swing a whole lot easy. DeMarini Voodoo Baseball Bat for 9 years old

Special Features:

The DeMarini Voodoo senior league baseball bat comes with a 3 Fusion cap end which helps optimize the weight and improves the player’s control thus giving a faster swing with more speed.

Material and Size:

Made of the X14 aluminum alloy, it delivers guaranteed durability, strength, and precision in performance. It can take you all the way, season after season. It also has a length to weight ratio of -10 making it easy to swing the bat.

Barrel and Handle:

The barrel of this piece is just off the chart. Its X14 alloy material used in the construction of the barrel enhances the wall thickness throughout the sweet spot making the ball explode off it at every hit. The handle and knob fit perfectly, giving the player ample comfort.


  • Gives a balanced swing weight
  • Made of durable material
  • Performance enhancement
  • High control and speed


  • Not pocket-friendly

Why we recommend it for 9 year old kids:

Aside from its being approved with its USAbat stamp, this bat is a performance enhancer. It is sure to make your kid believe in himself again should he have lost it and for a top player, help maintain his game and take him to a whole new level.


#3: DeMarini Uprising (-12) Fastpitch Bat 

This might not be the DeMarini Voodoo but it is surely something special. It is definitely a bat for the younger ones and the upcoming stars. The Demarini Uprising is sure to aid the performance of your 9 year olds kid. DeMarini gives you a bat with a wonderful grip and control to make your swing and contact easy. It comes with a better performance assurance and ensured durability to serve you for a long time.

DeMarini Uprising (-12) Fastpitch Bats for 9U

Special Features:

The DeMarini Uprising comes with a new one. Manufactured with a hybrid performance grip gives you that comfortable feeling when you hold it and nice control.

Material and size:

Constructed out of a 100% aluminum alloy material, it ensures your kid can enjoy a consistent performance for long periods. It also has a drop weight of -12 which makes light enough for an easy swing.

Barrel and Handle:

It comes with a one-piece barrel construction, durable and ready to go right away with a diameter of 2 ¼”. The handle contains a 2-piece hybrid performance grip for better control and swing.


  1. Comfortable grip
  2. Better control and balance
  3. Durable construction material


  1. So far none can be said about what we don’t like about it aside from the little impacts on the player’s bottom hand.

Why we recommend it:

This bat is just about right. A hybrid performance grip to ensure your control is top-notch and a one-piece aluminum alloy barrel to give you the nice and perfect hit, lightweight bat to make your swing easy. What else would one ask for?  Looking for 14 year old player baseball bat?


#4: Louisville Slugger Solo SPD (-13) USA Baseball Bat  2020 

Louisville has had a lot of quality products hit the market. The Louisville Slugger 2020 Solo SPD Baseball Bat is one of those light ones if not one of the lightest swinging bats you can actually get. It is just made for those players looking for a lightweight bat to give them more speed and an easier swing. This bat gives you a very stiff feeling and also a maximum transfer of energy to give you the perfect shot.Louisville Slugger 2019 Solo SPD (-13) 2 1/2" Bat - 9 Years

Special Features:

This bat comes with a speed ballistic composite end cap which gives an increased speed to your swing and better bat control.

Material and size:

The Louisville Slugger Solo SPD Bat has is made of an SL hyper alloy material. It is durable enough to withstand the frequent test of the game and keep you performing at the same level for longer periods. Its drop weight of -13 means it is a lightweight and an easy-to-swing bat.

Barrel and Handle:

The one-piece barrel made from a dependable alloy is very efficient. Capable of helping you add some speed to your hit and energy in your game. It has a 2 ½” diameter. Its handle is sized at about 7/8”.


  • Durable and trustworthy
  • Lightweight and easy to swing
  • Good control and increased speed
  • League and association approved


  • Price doesn’t seem stable sometimes.

Why we recommend it:

It is just the right bat to help your kid get better with his control and swing. A proper bat which ensures and guarantees player’s performance improvement. The bat is league and association approved.


#5: Louisville Slugger Prime 919 (-10) Baseball Bat for 9 year old

Louisville is back again with another bat and this time it has come with a bang. Just about the right bat to make you step onto that plate with so much confidence. If your kid has been frustrated with his hit of late and you need a change then this is the right way to get that done. The Louisville Slugger 2020 Prime 919 Baseball Bat is one of a kind. This is a piece of bad equipment to face on any day for any opposing player. The right bat to make them work themselves off after every hit and every swing.Louisville Slugger 2019 Prime 919 (-10) 2 5/8" USA Baseball Bat, 28"/18 oz

Special Features of Louisville Slugger Prime 919:

The bat comes with new technological improvement. There is the presence of the VCX technology to help reduce the feeling of vibration to the barest minimum and give you a natural feel after every swing and hit.

Material and size of  Prime 919:

Unlike the other regular bats, this bat is made of composite materials. Has a drop weight of -10 makes it a lightweight bat.

Barrel and Handle of  Prime 919:

The barrel has a 3-piece construction and a diameter of about 2 5/8” in diameter with larger sweet spot size. It comes with a new LS comfort grip to make your hands stay firm and comfortable on the handle and gives you more control.


  1. Improves player performance
  2. Comfortable grip
  3. VCX for minimal vibration


  1. Still, a little vibration is felt at times.
  2. An expensive bat
  3. Not as durable as alloy bats

Why we recommend Louisville Slugger Prime 919 Baseball Bat for 9 year old:

The Louisville Slugger 2020 Prime 919 Baseball bat is well known for its comfort. It is a top-notch baseball bat as long as technological advancements are involved with the inclusion of the LS comfort grip and the VCX to aid minimize vibration impact to the least possible.

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#6: EASTON Beast Speed -10 (2 5/8″) Youth Baseball Bat

An improved bat from a reliable and trustworthy manufacturer. This bat is sure to give players a better and more improved game. This bat comes with a new speed end cap. This helps improve the bats flexibility upon impact with the ball as well as dramatically improving the barrel’s response. It makes that lovely pop after every fundamental swing. A balanced bat to give you that proper and perfect swing. Looking for a consistent performance from your kid and one you would always be proud of, then you would need this. EASTON Beast Speed -10 (2 5/8") USA Youth Baseball Bat

Special Features:

The addition of its new speed cap is the highlight of this bat to improve its flexibility and responsiveness and also the sound from the bat at every hit.

Material and Size:

It’s advanced thermal alloy construction gives it a light barrel but also something strong and durable as well. Its drop weight of -10 is just about right but also offers more swing weight to add some mass behind every hit.

Barrel and Handle:

The barrel has a diameter of 2 5/8” and it has a one-piece alloy construction. Attached to the handle us a Lizard skin grip to help aid comfort on handling and swing.


  • Comfortable grip
  • Durable metal construction
  • New speed cap increases barrel response and flexibility


  • Vibration impact still remains normal
  • Cost of bat tends to fluctuate.

Why we recommend it:

It is always advised to purchase products from reliable and trustworthy manufacturers but this is not only the case here. The Easton beast on its own has earned its name. The addition of the Speed cap has transformed this model and made it a force in the market and is sure to give your child the much-needed boost.


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#7: Rawlings 2020 5150 USA Youth Baseball Bat

Rawlings always aims to top the market every season with numerous new products and advancements in the old. Same can be said about the Rawlings 5150 2020 model. A classic design to give your player the best of all-round performance. Made of durable material strong enough to give your player long-lasting consistency and no fear of dents, wear and tear or cracks of any sort for a couple of years. No matter the player’s issues with his game the Rawlings 5150 baseball bat is magnificent enough to help him improve his game.Rawlings 5150 Baseball Bat (-10) for kids 2019

Special Feature:

The Rawlings 5150 baseball bat comes with anew and special addition. There is the addition of the Pop 2.0 technology which helps creates a larger sweet spot and helps gives the player an improved feel.

Material and Size:

Made of the 5150 aerospace aluminum alloy which helps players keep a high game performance level season after season. It comes in different sizes with different drop weights. There are the -5, -10, and -11.

Barrel and Handle:

The barrel is a single-piece construction. Its pop 2.0 technology helps in aiding the player’s swing and hit at all times. It has a 2 5/8” diameter and a comfortable thing handle for an easier swing.


  • Ensured speed
  • More power and a large sweet spot
  • Addition of the POP 2.0 technology
  • Hyperlite speed end cap gives a lighter feel and a better and quicker swing.


  • Doesn’t have that much of a comfortable handle as the player still tends to feel the impact from every hit.

Why we recommend this bat for 9 year olds:

The Rawlings 5150 baseball bat is advisable for any kid specially for 9 year olds. It comes at the right price and with the right features and quality. It is sure to help you improve your kid’s game and put the opposing team and a whole lot of trouble.


#8: Easton Beast Speed Hybrid -10 (2 5/8″) Bat

Easton keeps coming out stronger and stronger with more quality bats and more ways to thrill the opponents and viewing audience with your baseball skills. Another great choice of a baseball bat is here again for the young ones to get their games back on track at a high level. The Easton Beast Speed Hybrid Baseball Bat is just about the right equipment for that. It is light, strong and durable enough to carry you through the season and all its rigors without breaking a sweat and also keeps you on top form.Easton Beast Speed Hybrid -10 (2 5/8") USA Youth Baseball Bat | 2019

Special Features:

There is the presence of the Dynamic Feel System and the Connexion+ Technology to help give the player a firm, comfortable and rigid grip when they hold the bat making it possible for a good swing.

Material and Size:

The Easton beast speed hybrid bat is made of one of the strongest aluminum materials in the market. The advanced thermal alloy construction material was used in making this special two-piece hybrid bat as well as EXACT carbon for incredible lightness. The bat measures about -10 in drop weight.

Barrel and Handle:

The barrel has a 2 5/8” diameter. There is the presence of an engineered speed cap for more barrel responsiveness and a better trampoline effect on the bat. The handle has a comfortable and firm grip with its connexion+ technology and dynamic feel system.


  • Connexion+ Technology
  • Possesses a firm and comfortable grip to aid player’s swing
  • Lightweight for more speed
  • Better response and trampoline effect makes the ball bounce right off


  • Not really as durable as it seems

Why we recommend it:

The Easton beast hybrid bat is one of many features. A quality bat approved for league use with a USAbat stamp. It is a guaranteed performance improving equipment and one to put a lasting smile on your kid’s face.


#9: Easton Beast Speed -11 (2 5/8″) USA Youth Baseball Bat

The Easton beast speed baseball bat is known for its strength and solidity. Made with one of the strongest alloy material it still remains light and gives the player the perfect weight for that wonderful swing and hit. Easton did take their times and resources on this single-piece bat to make sure it turns out a beast just like the name suggest. It is up there with other bigger and stronger bats and is good enough for your kid.

Easton Beast Speed -11 (2 5/8") Baseball Bat 9 Year olds

Special Features:

This bat comes with a new speed cap which improves barrel responsiveness and flexibility. This enhances the sound that comes off the bats making it more pleasing to the ear.

Material and Size:

This single-piece barrel is made of advanced thermal alloy construction material which is of proven durability. It has a drop weight of about -11. It is a lightweight bat which makes it capable of an easy swing and speed generation.

Barrel and Handle:

The barrel has a new speed cap which enhances its flexibility and response. The bat makes the sweet pop sound to give your child the feeling of accomplishment after every swing. The handle has a customized lizard grip for more comfort and better handling.


  • Ensured durability
  • Comfortable Lizard grip
  • Flexible and a better responsive due to new speed cap.


  • If the ball hits bat wrongly, the player is going to feel a real sting in his hands.

Why we recommend it:

Anytime, any day, I will always recommend you use the Easton Beast Speed Baseball Bat as it is just about right and balanced. Light enough to help generate speed at every swing and hit the sweet spot. The bat is sure to last for very long periods due to its ATAC material.


#10: EASTON Beast Speed -10 (2 3/4″) USSSA Baseball Bat

The Easton beast speed senior league baseball bat is just another one in the Easton beast group of bats. It is just as the former we talked about, the Easton Beast Speed, but its only difference is its drop weight. This bat has a drop weight of -10 making it a more balanced bat than the -11. It still comes with the same specs and features and the same customized lizard skin grip for better comfy feeling and new speed cap for a more flexible and responsive barrel.

EASTON Beast Speed -10 USSSA Baseball Bat

Special Features:

The addition of the new speed cap to enhance barrel flexibility and responsiveness as well as improve the sound of the bat when contact is made.

Material and Size:

Made of an advanced thermal alloy construction also known as ATAC and is said to be one of the strongest and dependable aluminum alloy material gives it lightweight as well as durability. A drop weight of -11 and an average weight of 3 pounds.

Barrel and Handle:

Attached to its handle is a customized lizard skin grip which helps give the player more comfort and tack. The barrel has a 2 ¼” diameter and is more flexible and responsive due to its speed cap.


  • Ensured durability
  • Comfortable Lizard grip
  • Flexible and a better responsive due to new speed cap.


  • If the ball hits bat wrongly, the player is going to feel a real sting in his hands.

Why we recommend it:

The Easton beast speed bat gives a light and comfortable feeling for an easy swing. With this bat, you are sure to have guaranteed durability and it is also league-approved.


Knowing you need a bat is a normal feeling but the issue is knowing what kind or type of baseball bat to pick. There are several ways with which you can find baseball bats for 9 year olds out the right bat or the best bat in the market by just surfing the internet you can find that out. What’s important is knowing if that baseball bat actually suits your kid. There are various bats in the market with various features and various ways with which they can improve the user’s performance but you need to know how to be sure that the particular baseball bat you are about to pick is perfect and the right choice for him.

You can also check:


How To Choose The Best Bats For 9 Year Olds

Baseball Bat weight for 9 year olds:

First of all you need to make the child left the bat in his swinging arm and straight to a 90-degree angle. He should hold the bat for about 30 seconds. Should he start to feel a little shaky before the time is up then the bat might just about be too heavy for him.

Side by side placement:

Place the bat on the ground and have your child stand next to it in his baseball shoes. If the kid can reach for its knob then they are both about perfect for one another.

Chest Measurement:

At this point, you need to place the knob of the bat at the center of his chest and have his hand stretched out at a 90-degree angle with the bat stretched in the same direction. If he can reach for the barrel end then it is just the perfect match.

Weight measurement:

You need to know your child’s measurement in weight and what type of bat would be good for a child of that weight. A child weighing about 54 or 60 pounds should use a bat of 17.5 ounces or 19 ounces respectively.

League requirements:

It is very important that whatever bat you buy should be USAbat approved as it would not be great for your child to practice with a different bat off the pitch and play with another on the pitch. All approved bats do come with the USAbat stamps.


Baseball Batting Tips For 9 year old Players

  1. Balance: When trying to make a swing, balance is very important. Though every player’s stance and posture may differ. In general, it is always good to have your feet apart by shoulder distance with one slightly behind the other. Both your hands should be on the handle of the bat, gripped comfortably and a little behind your shoulder.
  2. Power: It might seem awkward but in order to get more power to your shot, your legs are important. You would need to use your legs better. Try curling your toes when trying to make contact as it will help transfer the energy into your swing.
  3. Head Placement: Try to make sure that when you about to make contact you keep your head a bit down.
  4. Bunting: Always try to practice bunting as frequent and often as possible. While practicing bunting, you tend to practice eye to eye contact as well which makes it a win on both ends.


Baseball Little League List For 9 year olds

The little leagues are made for the young players to help them harness their skills and train them up in the best way, with the best facilities to enable them to get to that professional standard. For a player of 9 years, he is eligible for the Minor league Baseball. It is given the initials MiLB because of the Major League Baseball. All teams in the Minor league baseball do run an affiliation with a team at least from the Major League baseball. There are several leagues in the MiLB which accommodate the vast amount of youngsters in the game.

    1. Triple-A league
    2. International League 
    3. Double-A league 
    4. Eastern League
    5. Pacific Coast League 



The game of baseball is very unique in its own way and there are various kids with numerous gifts. Your kid can learn to harness and sharpen those skills with the right motivation, right equipment, and the right league. The league helps create the avenue for growth with his peers and with the right equipment he can just be the king of the group.

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