DeMarini Vexxum Review

Among some of the best baseball brands on the market, Demarini ranks high. While they may not produce as many bats as Easton or Rawlings, Demarini has some sluggers – bats designed to send the ball flying past outfielder’s heads.

Out of all Demarini’s baseball bats, the Demarini Vexxum is, in my opinion, one of the greatest bats designed by the company. It has been designed to offer amazing speed and performance. In this Demarini Vexxum review, we’ll go over what makes this bat special, it’s features, and most importantly, how the Vexxum feels hitting on the field. Let’s get started!

DeMarini Vexxum bat Review

What makes the DemariniVexxum special?

The Vexxum stands as a tough competitor to many popular baseball bats. It offers unmatched performance and comfort through multiple hits. The performance of the bat can be attributed to its innovative design and unique construction.

Vexxum has a single wall barrel bat that allows the bat to generate a significant amount of speed. It has materials woven in a unique way giving the bat a significant trampoline effect that adds speed to the hits while also allowing maximum pop.

DeMarini Vexxum baseball bat review

The barrel incorporated in the Vexxum bats is the widely popular X10 alloy version. This technology of DeMarini is focused to provide maximum comfort and benefits to the player. The company claims that inner and outer walls are shaped differently for maximum effect with minimum material to keep the weight of the bat under control.

It has a barrel size of 2-¼ barrel diameter which is common in terms of league bats. The barrel is made using the NVS technology that is scientifically geometrical and offers an extended sweet spot. The grip is designed to be consistently tacky even after long days of playing.

To know more about the qualities of the DeMarini Vexxum, you can watch this video.

There is nothing new with alloys being used on baseball bats, but DeMarini’s X10 alloy technique redefines the way of utilizing the power of alloys on the bats to the fullest. The precision of alloy placement contributes to the effectiveness of its trampoline effect. This helps make it as lightweight as possible making it a great bat for high school baseball players.

In the pursuit of making the lightest and fastest bat, DeMarini has put extra effort into redesigning every element of the bat. The company has come up with the lightest possible cap that could be made by them named as the ‘N2M’ End Cap, and it has a massive influence on the swing.

While the end cap doesn’t influence the balance of the bat, it does help dampen vibration significantly leading to smoother swing.

Vexxum generates most of the power from its C6 composite handle that has a wider weave and gives you a stiff feel. The bats Longbarrel design gives you the best hitting surface that you can use to hit the ball like a pro.

DeMarini Vexxum Review: On the field

The DeMariniVexxum is a masterpiece and an essential bat that every hitter should have. It does live up to the DeMarini legacy in the various aspects of quality, precision, comfort, and more. Vexxum comes with a superb design that looks stunning with beautiful vinyl.

It is very lightweight and gives a comfortable swing. The barrel is quite sizeable and can easily help in covering the plate. The bat makes an amazing sound when it comes in contact with the ball. Ground shots have great speed and require lesser power.

DeMarini Vexxum Review

Despite its lightweight, the bat has the ability to land some distant shots, you need to find the right amount of power and an angle to hit successful distant shots.

To watch the DeMariniVexxum in play, you can watch this video.

The bat’s handle also plays a major role in adding comfort to your game and enhancing your performance. It provides a good grip and prevents the hand from slipping from the bat. Moreover, the grip tape absorbs the feedback and reduces the sting.

DemariniVexxum vs Demarini Voodoo

The most similar bat to the DemariniVexxum is the DemariniVoodo which is another popular choice for batters in this age range. There are some key differences to be aware of though.

The Demarini Voodoo is designed to be a power hitters bat which means that it is end loaded. A heavier end cap can help provide more power to each swing.

Demarini Voodoo

The DeMariniVexxum on the other hand is designed to be a contact hitters bat. This leads to an even balance throughout and a faster swing speed.

The big difference between the Vexxum and the Voodoo is in the handle. Both bats have the same alloy barrel designed for durability and power. The DeMariniVexxum’s handle is made out of a different type of composite material that doesn’t flex as much as the DeMarini Voodoo. When comparing the two bats, the Voodoo will flex more than the Vexxum.

Who should buy the DeMariniVexxum bat?

The DeMariniVexxum is a great bat but it’s primarily designed to be used by kids 12 – 18. If you’re in 7th, 8th grade or high school, the DeMariniVexxum is perfect for you.

Be warned though, as we talked about in the section of the DemariniVexxum vs Demarini Voodoo, the Vexxum is more of a contact hitters bat. It is slightly more lightweight and has a more even balance than the Voodoo leading to a comfortable swing.

If you’re looking for a BBCOR bat for power hitters, I would choose the DemariniVoodo or the Rawlings Quattro over the Vexxum. Now bats for power hitters aren’t for everybody. You need to have the body mass and muscle to wield these heavier bats without hurting yourself.

For players who are still developing, maybe still growing quickly as well, I would definitely recommend the DeMariniVexxum to them. It’s lightweight and perfect for players who have good form but are still developing their power. With a fast swing speed, you’ll be able to do damage out on the field.

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