Best T Ball Baseball Bat for 3-4 Year Old Kids – 2020

If you’re eager to get a bat in your kids hands, you’re not alone. At the age of 3 to 4 years old, you should primarily be focusing on hitting the ball – not on any particular form. In this article, we cover the top 10 T ball baseball bat for 3-4 year old kids and go through our thought process on each one.

Best T Ball Baseball Bat for 3-4 Year Old Kids

Top 10 Best T Ball Baseball Bat Reviews for 3-4 year old Kids

Best Bat for KidsVenom teeball bat for 4 year olds Franklin Venom Teeball Bat

The best bat for any kid under 7 -8. They’ll love the design and it’s very easy to swing. Check Price
best bat for 3 year old Rawlings Raptor Youth USA Tball Bat

Easy to swing and comfortable, this is the perfect intro for young kids Check Price
foam baseball bat for kids Franklin Sports Foam Baseball Bat

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Most Popular Setbest teeball set for kids Franklin Sports Pop & Pitch Set

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teeball set for kids Little Tykes

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Before we answer these inquiries and others, allows the first gander at the top of the line tee ball baseball bats for 3 to 4 year old kids. Our tee ball bat audits are recorded in no specific request. We generally attempt to make our determination of bats to oblige various kinds of players and spending plans.

Except if in any case referenced, these bats convey the most recent USA Baseball stamp of accreditation, which affirms these tee ball bats for play in all top group affiliations. Bats without this accreditation probably won’t be allowed for play. This is a major worry for more seasoned bats since this is a more current standard for tee ball bats

1.) Axe Bat Avenge USA HyperWhip Tee Ball Bat for 3-4 Year Old

The licensed Ax Handle fits impeccably in your grasp, giving you a progressively steady hold, and permitting you to swing quicker with more barrel control. With Ax Bat’s 270-certificate Engineered Hitting Zone, you’ll get the most extreme execution and unrivaled toughness while never expecting to turn your barrel.Axe Bat Avenge USA HyperWhip (-11) Tee Ball Bat for 3-4 year old

Special Features

  • 2-1/4″ Barrel with 1-piece combination slugging stick development (speed adjusted)
  • Protected Ax Handle empowers max bat speed with more barrel control for your best swing, all the more regularly Youth Handle planned explicitly for littler hands
  • Execution LP1 Alloy Barrel conveys hazardous pop and predominant sturdiness for the lifetime of your bat
  • Composite HyperWhip End Cap expels superfluous load from the tip of the play club for a quicker swing, greater barrel, and bigger sweet spot
  • Adjusts to USABat standard, affirmed for play in USA Baseball, including Little League, Babe Ruth, Dixie Youth, Pony, and AABC
  • Suggested for tee ball, or mentor pitch with affirmed tee balls as it were


This bat looks the business and is unquestionably the one that gets got by our Little League partners when your child or girl isn’t looking. Following a time of utilization, can report that the manufacture and toughness are extraordinary, and the powerful grasp shows next to no wear.

Reasons to buy

  • Good handle and ball goes further
  • Larger barrel
  • Lightweight
  • 24/25 inches with -11 drop weight
  • Approved by all Baseball Leagues
  • 1-year product warranty

Reasons to avoid

  • Only one color is available
  • Not good for rainy weather


2.) Rawlings Storm USA Youth Baseball Bat for 3-4 year old 

The Rawlings 2020 Storm Youth Tball Bat is the ideal bat for youth players ages 7 and beneath. Its lightweight structure and augmented barrel make getting hits simpler than at any other time. Also, the tough 1-piece compound structure will face the components, regardless of whether it is in the lawn, park or in a game. Not exclusively will this bat surpass execution desires, yet the metallic silver, naval force, and hot pink structure will make this bat the jealousy of each child at the recreation center.Rawlings Storm USA Youth Baseball Bat for 3-4 year old 

Special Features

  • Immaculate tee ball bat for entry-level players to use with delicate center tee balls
  • Planned with the perfect combination of power and control, the Storm USA Baseball Tball Bat (- 12) gives players a bigger sweet spot on bats that is anything but difficult to swing
  • Perfect for youth t-ballplayers of ages 7 and under, this ultra-lightweight t-ball bat will assist players with reaching the ball
  • Quicker swing speeds because of light bat drop weight
  • Built from a durable, 1-piece alloy for predictable execution
  • Metallic silver, navy, and hot pink design that will enable youthful players to stand apart on the field
  • USA baseball approved in all t-ball leagues
  • – 12 Drop Weight. The higher the drop weight, the simpler it will be to swing.


This is an incredible amateur bat. It is incredibly lightweight, with a crude grasp so it is simple for starting tee ballplayers to figure out how to hold and swing the bat. It is made of a lightweight composite material that appears aluminum yet potentially progressively sturdy. It is prescribed to utilize this just considering tee balls so keep that since that is the thing that this bat is structured for…not standard hardballs. Related: Best Baseball, Softball & T Ball Bat for 6 Year Old

Reasons to buy

  • Faster swing speeds
  • Durable
  • Three catchy colors
  • -12 drop weight
  • Affordable cost
  • 1-piece alloy
  • 1-year warranty

Reasons to avoid

  • A bit heavier. No else cons have been seen yet.


3.) Anderson Firebolt -13 T-Ball Baseball Bat

This one-piece configuration offers an ultra-adjusted swing weight for improved bat speed for players hoping to get simpler swings through the zone. This new amalgam material takes into account extraordinary solidness while giving out hit after hit on a T-ball. Matched with our new gentler vibration-decreasing grasp and you’ll have a ballplayer forever. No promotion, just execution!

 Anderson Firebolt -13 T-Ball Baseball Bat

Special Features Anderson Firebolt -13 T-Ball Baseball Bat

  • 2 ¼ inches barrel
  • One-piece alloy design
  • Highly durable
  • Ideal for 3-6y kids
  • Approved by the most baseball associations
  • -13 drop weight
  • High-graded aerospace alloy
  • Warranty: 1 year


This bat has great comfortability for kids. Also, it is good for rural areas where the bat isn’t that available. Big barrel helps kids to hit further and stronger. Nice pop sound and soft-grip tapered handle made this bat easy moving around. The drop weight is perfect for kids and approved by baseball associations. Not only baseball but also it is good for softball, poly balls, lite baseballs, and tennis balls.

Reasons to buy

  • Big barrel
  • Perfect drop weight and swing
  • High-grade aerospace alloy construction
  • Good pop sound
  • 1-year manufacturer warranty for products
  • Climate amicable
  • Very low cost

Reasons to avoid

  • As a new product, no such reasons have been found yet.


4.) WUZJ Outdoor Games Fun Sport Toys for Kids Baseball Set

These baseball bats are made of aluminum compounds. The handle is enveloped by elastic which is against slip. Lightweight for children to hold and swing and the balls are sufficiently large to hit. Impeccable to get familiar with the rudiments of swinging. The bundle incorporates a ball, a glove, and a homerun stick, so you could utilize this set to play with others. With a conveying case, you could keep playing club and ball together securely in-home or taking it in a hurry! Viable and moderate, it is the best present for your kids, play with them.

WUZJ Outdoor Games Fun Sport Toys for Kids Baseball Set
WUZJ Outdoor Games Fun Sport Toys for Kids Baseball Set with Carrying Baseball Bag, Aluminum Baseball Bat, PU Leather Baseball Glove, Soft Baseball – Youth Baseball Toy

Special Features

  • Quality aluminum material alloy
  • Durable and strong
  • A perfect package for newbie baseball kids
  • Three-piece set (gloves, soft baseball, carrying bag)
  • Lightweight
  • 1-year product warranty


Mostly this package is made for kids who are newcomers in baseball. The package consists of gloves, a baseball bat carrying bag, and a soft baseball. So kids and children like this mostly because of its full package. Moreover, three catchy colors are available for this package- brown, black and red.

Reasons to buy

  • Cost-effective
  • Easy to play
  • Perfect for kids of age 3-5y
  • Quality metal body
  • Better for lite baseball and softball
  • 1-year warranty

Reasons to avoid

  • Without taking proper care of the materials, it gets dusty.


5.) Little Tikes T-Ball Set (Red) w/5 Balls

Give your youngster a head start in baseball or softball with this tee-ball set. The larger than average bat and balls make hitting simple. At the point when kids appreciate early achievement, they will be bound to appreciate the game and keep on improving. Tee-ball sets are perfect – a kid can play without anyone else or with others.

Little Tikes T-Ball Set (Red) w/5 Balls

Special Features

  • Flexible tallness ‘T’ that adjusts to a kid’s creating abilities
  •  Special ‘hold tight the-divider’ plan makes for simple stockpiling
  • Assembly Required
  • Lighter ball
  • Hollow plastic bat and ball that doesn’t break window glasses
  • Unbreakable stuff


Especially kids age 2-4 years feel the flexibility to use the set. The bat and included ball both are soft and harmless. I think this set would be the best choice for beginners. Kids love deep color and the color here is red- so catchy. The baseball placing stand is sturdy and unbreakable.

Reasons to buy

  • Pretty harmless and softy
  • No need bat drop calculation
  • Super lightweight
  • Easily movable to anywhere
  • Can be played indoor

Reasons to avoid

  • Not suitable for hot weather


6.) CeleMoon Kids Foam T-Ball/Baseball Set Toy

Is it true that you are continually stressing over your children who love sports and who need to rehearse T ball getting harming or anything getting devastated? Presently here comes CELEMOON Foam 2-in-1 T ball Set to your issues! It is sheltered to kids, furniture, pets, windows, spectators, and so on.

Kids T-Ball Set Toy
CeleMoon [Kids T-Ball Set Toy] Kids Foam T-Ball/Baseball Set Toy, 3 Different Sized Balls, Carry/Organize Bag Included, for Kids Over 3 Years Old, Blue

Special Features

  • 3 different sized ball
  • Foam material
  • Super safe for kids
  • Lightweight and perfect for beginners
  • Direct wash
  • Easy to assemble


The bat is solid yet lightweight for children to hold and swing. It’s ideal to get familiar with the nuts and bolts of swinging, the essential standards of baseball and for playing get. The T ball is made of froth and plastic, you could simply wash it straightforwardly. Simply let air dry it and it looks perfect and new once more! It accompanies 3 distinctive estimated balls altogether, a typical baseball, a larger than average green ball and a little measured blue ball that adjusts to the various needs of your children.

Reasons to buy

  • The safe and soft foam material
  • 3 different balls for three difficulty levels
  • Easily organizable
  • Set up anywhere
  • Good for kids league or leisure time

Reasons to avoid

  • Too much lightweight causes instability during windy weather.


7.) Tee-Ball Sport Set – 6 Balls and 1 Soft Ball with Bat & Glove

Each dynamic little child adores playing with a ball. Most don’t have the foggiest idea of how to catch or point. With this TBall Pack, you can enable an apprentice to create net engine abilities and present gaming aptitudes. Youngsters will improve their basic development abilities, for example, pitching, running and getting. Also, they will refine their point and parity. Not suggested for youngsters under 3 years.

Tee-Ball Sport Set for 3-4 year old

Special Features

  • Youngster agreeable plan
  • Reward softball and gloves
  • Incorporates 6 balls
  • Pair stockpiling arrangements
  • Movable tallness


  • Set up in your home and have your child batting
  • Play a game in the lawn with Dad
  • Take it to the recreation center – there’s sufficient to keep everybody moving
  • Give it as a birthday or occasion present to youngsters, companions or grandkids

Reasons to buy

  • All around built
  • Simple to amass
  • Creates eye-hand coordination
  • Energizes outside playing
  • Heaps of fun
  • Cost affordable

Reasons to avoid

  • No such things have been experienced yet except shipping delay.


8.) Franklin Sports Kids Baseball Tee – Tee Ball & Pop-a-Pitch Combo

The Franklin Future Champs MLB Super Star Batter 2-in-1 Tee Ball Combo offers two enjoyable ways for children to figure out how to play baseball! Children start by hitting from the tee. When certainty is picked up, essentially expel the “T” connection to uncover the “spring up” work. Step on home plate to set the pitch, at that point discharge utilizing the first base or third base catches. Ideal for both right and left-gave hitters! Youthful competitors make certain to improve dexterity aptitudes as they play.Franklin Sports Kids Baseball Tee - Tee Ball & Pop-a-Pitch Combo

Special Features

  • 2 of every 1 baseball tee
  • Made for both gave hitters
  • Authoritatively authorized
  • Combo bundle of tee-ball, bat and air strike plastic balls
  • Just 8oz weight
  • Extremely modest


Anything softer and lighter is adorable to kids. This Franklin stuff is alluring because of its color matching and extra facilities. Strike to plastic balls has enough pop sound and swings. Basic learners and kids need the bat for practice and tutorial gaming. Easy assembling criteria helps kids to set up the total package on their own.

Reason to buy

  • Perfect height for 3-4-year-old kids
  • Easy to assemble
  • Lightweight and flawless features
  • Best solutions for juniors
  • 1-year product warranty

Reasons to avoid

  • Shipping delay


9.) Franklin Sports MLB Oversized Foam Baseball Bat and Ball Set

The MLB curiously large froth bat and the ball are ideal for the apprentice player. An incredible method to encourage the youthful player hand and eye coordination. Incredible lawn fun.

Franklin Sports MLB Oversized Foam Baseball Bat and Ball Set

Special Features

  • Huge foam bat
  • Softballs are included with the package
  • A soft foam grip
  • Designed for 3+ kids
  • Colors: Blue, Green, Assorted colors


This product is bigger than a baseball but smaller than a softball. Perfect sizing for kids under 5y. It’s the state of the MLB logo yet in a 2-shading high contrast print instead of the 4-shading red/blue/dark/white that it ought to be. The bat is of acceptable quality, however. I approved of the shade of the bat and the ball shifting. I’m not so much alright with the logo being in high contrast as opposed to shading.

Reasons to buy

  • A nice starter for toddlers too
  • Easy assembling features
  • High contrast colors
  • Printed barrel design
  • Soft foam grip keeps kid hand safe

Reasons to avoid

  • Slight costly comparing product quantity


10.) Baseball Toy Set Anti Skid Wooden Baseball Bat

Motivate Your Kids To Play Outside With This Baseball Toy Set. Nowadays Kids Are Busy Surfing On The Internet Or Playing Video Games, But Such Outdoor Games Will Motivate Them To Play Outside And Have Real Fun With Friends. Our Baseball Toy Set Is Suitable For Playing Soft Baseball; It Will Help Your Children Learning The Specific Skills Of Hitting, Throwing and Running. Likewise, Not Only Children But Adults Will Also Have Fun Playing This Game For Hours.

Baseball Toy Set Anti Skid Wooden Baseball Bat Durable Toddler Baseball Glove Lightweight Safety Sports Toy Gift Set With Portable Carrying Bag For Kids
Baseball Toy Set Anti Skid Wooden Baseball Bat Durable Toddler Baseball Glove Lightweight Safety Sports Toy Gift Set With Portable Carrying Bag For Kids

Special Features

  • Sturdy and safe
  • Simple catch and lightweight
  • Compact and multi-working
  • Improves kids engine advancement abilities
  • Balls are so sturdy enough
  • Strong glove estimation
  • Reasonable for outside play as it were


Semi softball is great to play with the child. It is smooth to deal with and the adjusting influence is assisting with playing bigShots also. Smaller than the normal wooden bat is reenacting the first baseball feeling and helping me to prepare my child in the correct manner.

Reasons to buy

  • Fun learning
  • The ideal present for kids
  • Alright for kids
  • Extraordinary family fun
  • Strong wood 24 crawls for kids

Reasons to avoid

  • Suitable for outdoor gaming only
  • Improper for indoor practices

On the off chance that we’ve carried out our responsibility directly right now bat purchasing guide, you’ve had the option to effectively contemplate our t-ball bat audits and you’ve turned out the opposite side considering the ideal bat for your child or girl. Related: Best Baseball Glove for 4 to 5 Year Old



Baseball Bat Size for 3-4-Years-Old Kids

What is the correct size baseball bat for your kid? Such a large number of guardians are confounded by this inquiry, and wind up purchasing an inappropriate size bat. However, for 3-4-years-old kids, the bat size varies with three major criteria- bat length, weight, and drop. Here we provide some tips and details for the baseball bat sizing guide.

Baseball Bat Length for 3-4-year-old

Length or bat length is an important thing for kids especially 3-4-year-old age. Because their height and weight ratio is a critical thing. Moreover, the kid’s safety and health issues are top priorities. Analyzing various review articles, coach suggestions, and parent information, we figured out a sample about 3-4-year-old kids. According to the analysis, a kid who weighs 70lbs and 56 inches ( 4 feet 8 inches) needs a bat of 29 – 30 inches length. Mostly, a 3-4-year-old kid needs the bat length from 26-30 inches maximum.

Baseball bat Weight for 3-4-year-old

Bat weight is measured in ounces and calculated according to player height in inches. We already make a chart for the convenience for you all. Look at the chart below-

Baseball Bat Size for 3-4-Years-Old

The minimum height value we set here is 26 inches and the maximum is 40 inches. But don’t take the maximum value of height seriously because boys would be taller than girls. In a nutshell, you can calculate the required bat weight as a simple formula such as every two inches possess 0.5oz plus-minus. In this connection, if your little boy height is 50 inches, he needs 14oz.

Baseball bat Drop for 3-4-year-old

The next thing you have to consider is the bat drop. Drop means length to weight calculation. Basically, subtraction from weight to length is a bat drop. For the 3-4-years-old kid, you have to follow the drop from -10 to -12. For example if a bat weighs 17oz with a length of 29 inches has a drop of -12.


T-ball Bat Size for 3-4-Year-Old Kids

Most outdoor supplies stores, or online sites selling tee ball bats, will have a bat estimating graph accessible to utilize. These diagrams are anything but difficult to peruse. You essentially look into your kid’s stature, and their weight, on the graph and it will show what size bat is fitting.

T-ball Bat Size for 3-4-Year-Old Kids

Be that as it may, on the grounds that estimating graphs by and large beginning at 60 pounds for weight, and 3 feet, 4 creeps for length, most baseball players in the t-ball age necessities will end up with a bat around 26 inches. On the off chance that your kid is “enormous for his age,” at that point you may pick a more drawn out, 27-inch bat. An all the more intriguing approach to gauge a bat is for your youngster to hold it.

T-ball Bat Sizing

Throughout the years, numerous mentors have built up a decent method to gauge bat length. Initially, check whether the bat comes from the sternum (the focus of the chest) to your hitter’s palm. In the event that it arrives at the focal point of the palm, it’s an extraordinary length.

T-ball Bat Size for Kids

A few mentors lean toward having a player place the handle level against the sternum and having the player connect. Right now, they can arrive at the barrel, it’s imaginable a decent size. Another technique is to put the finish of the barrel of the bat on the ground. On the off chance that it scopes to the focal point of a player’s palm, it’s conceivable a solid match.


T-ball Baseball Bat Buying Guide for 3-4-Year-Old Kids

T-ball can be the first run through in a youngster’s life when they genuinely understand the enchantment of baseball. To assist them with getting a charge out of the game, much more, ensure they are appropriately outfitted with the correct t-ball bat.

Correct bat length

To gauge the bat length, you can:

  1. Have them place the base of the bat in the focal point of their chest, directing it toward the side, corresponding to their outstretched arm. In the event that they can serenely arrive at the highest point of the bat with the palm of their hand, the bat is the correct length.
  2. Position the base of the bat in the focal point of their chest, confronting outward. In the event that their arm can connect and snatch the barrel of the bat, at that point it is the correct length.
  3. Stand the bat facing the side of their leg. In the event that the finish of the bat arrives at the focal point of their palm when they reach down, it’s the correct length.

Correct bat weight

The drop of a bat is the distinction between the bat’s length and weight. For instance, if your kid has a bat that is 25 crawls with a 10-ounce drop, subtract 10 from 25 to discover the bat’s weight of 15 ounces. Tatarzyn takes note of that most tee ball bats to convey between a drop 10 and drop 14. Players ought to have the option to hold an appropriately weighted bat for 30 to 45 seconds out to their side without it plunging down.

bat Material

Mostly a T-ball bat is made of hollow plastic, hard plastic, wood. No composite or aluminum alloy bats should be used at this young age. Composite bat barrels have a bit weight so it is prohibited to lift for kids. Likewise, aluminum alloy bats are heavy for 3-4-year-old kids. Hybrid bats aren’t approved by the T-ball association or any baseball associations for too young kids.

Bat Drop

We discussed this section earlier though, however, a gist picture can be shown for the drop. A 3-4-year-old kid’s t-ball bat should maintain the drop as -10,-11 or -12. Some say -15 drop is allowed in some association. So, it is also allowed. But the more bat drop, the more stroke in hitting-truly saying.


Bottom Line

In the event that we’ve carried out our responsibility directly right now bat purchasing guide, you’ve had the option to effectively consider our t-ball bat surveys and you’ve turned out the opposite side in view of the ideal bat for your child or little girl. That is on the grounds that when you have the best tee ball bat selected, you’re about as eager to see your child or little girl get their first hit as they may be.

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