Best Baseball & Softball Bat for 6 Year Old – 2020

With all sorts of bats in the market, it could be difficult finding a Best baseball bat for 6 year old kid. However, if you are a parent that won’t stop you from trying to buy one even if it becomes a waste of money. We don’t want parents like you to go through all the trouble. Therefore, with the help of professional baseball players and coach, we have selected some of the best baseball bats for 6 year old kids in this article. Purchase the best baseball bat for your kid so that he can swing it to his fullest.

Best Baseball Bat for 6 Year Old Kids


Top 11 Best Baseball Bat & Softball bat for your 6 Year Old kids 2020

SLProductOur Ratingnew_price
#01:Easton Pink Sapphire Fastpitch Softball Bat10/10Check Price
#02:Easton S3-10 Jr. Big Barrel Bat10/10Check Price
#03:Eeston Typhoon -12 USA Youth Bat10/10Check Price
#04:Mizuno Finch Jennie baseball Bat10/10Check Price
#05:Rawlings Raptor USA Youth Bat10/10Check Price
#06:Easton FS50 Fastpitch Softball Bat10/10Check Price
#07:Franklin Sports Venom Aluminum Youth Bat10/10Check Price
#08:Rawlings Storm Youth T Ball Bat10/10Check Price
#09:EASTON Beast -10 Kids Basebal Bat10/10Check Price
#10:Easton Ghost X Hyperlite Kids Baseball Bat10/10Check Price
#11:Louisville Slugger Prime 918 Tee Ball Bat10/10Check Price


#1: Easton Pink Sapphire Fastpitch Softball Bat for 6 year old

A great choice of a bat for a player intends to sharpen their play comfortably. Its color and design makes it look excellent along with the feeling that comes from handling it. It is very nice on the hand and makes swinging easy. It tends to be one perfect choice if you looking for that right bat for your kid.EASTON Pink Sapphire -10 Girls & Youth Fastpitch Softball Bat for 6 years old

Special Features:

Has very dependable durability with its high-level aluminum material. Its military-grade alloy makes it trust-worthy and dependable not to crack during use.

Material and Size:

The EASTON Pink Sapphire is made the ALX50 military grade aluminum which makes it strong and reliable. Ensures your days of wondering about cracks and dents are over as long as your wear and tear problems.

Barrel and handle:

The one-piece alloy barrel gives you a solid performance as it aids player’s hit with its ability to make the ball bounce off. Its 29/32″ handle with an all-sports grip give you nice balance for your swing and its barrel end gives you the needed power at the sweet spot.

  • Durable and Long-lasting construction
  • Comfortable grip
  • Pocket-friendly price
  • Still has unsolved vibration problems
Why we recommend Pink Sapphire Fastpitch Softball Bat?

Designed specifically for the younger ones to help them gain better experience in the game. It is also approved by the league which makes it a great choice.


#2: Easton S3-10 Jr. Big Barrel Baseball Bat for 6 year old

Just about the right bat for the younger ones. Its lightweight makes it the perfect equipment to teach your kid how to get some speed in his game and make him capable of doing some real damage. Well and properly designed for young, inexperienced players. Its alloy material is specially engineered and gives it more durability. The Easton S3 Jr. Big Barrel Baseball Bat has an extended sweet spot which makes hitting easier and perform better.

Easton Junior S3 Big Barrel Baseball Bat for 6 years old

Special Features:

The Easton S3 junior big barrel bat comes with an enhanced lightweight allow which increases durability and at the same time aids in speed generation.

Materials and Size:

Made of engineered aluminum material, the bat gives its users reliable durability and trustworthy enhanced performance. It has a drop weight of -10 which makes it perfect for the young ones and also has an easy swing and a total weight of about 1.1 pounds.

Barrel and Handle:

The barrel is about 2.75 inches in diameter and an expanded sweet spot makes it a nice performance booster. It has an ultra-thin handle for better grip.

  • Durable
  • Expanded sweet spot enhances performance
  • Lightweight and produces better speed.
  • Pocket-friendly price
  • Still gives out vibration
Why we recommend it:

The Easton S3 is a combination of durability and lightweight mixed in one. Its one-piece construction is guaranteed to give you optimum pleasure for a graceful performance.


 #3:  Eeston Typhoon -12 USA Youth Baseball Bat

Yet again a great product from Easton which would help your child harness and sharpen his baseball hitting skills. The Easton Typhoon bat gives you lightweight equipment for an easy swing plus a better and enhanced performance. Looking for that way to give your child a confidence boost in his game, then you should go with this. Its durability is top-notch and take you through the season without any hitch, crack, dents or wear and tear problems. EASTON Typhoon -12 USA Youth Baseball Bat fro 6 years old kids

Special Features:

It comes with a unique and specialized concave end cap which helps reduce the vibration levels and dampens its effect on the player’s hands leaving all the energy down at the barrel.

Material and Size:

The bat is made of aluminum material. The ALX100 alloy is of military-grade and is lightweight and gives you ensured durability. Its drop weight is about -12 which makes it suitable for your child to swing and make the perfect hit.

Barrel and Handle:

The bat has a one-piece construction with a 2 ¼ barrel diameter.

  • Great balance
  • Easy swing and enhanced performance
  • Durable alloy
  • Still has the vibration issue though reduced a bit


 #4:  Mizuno Finch Jennie Tee Ball Bat for 6 year old

Mizuno manufactured this product in partnership with the USA legendary softball player, Jennie Finch, and is one highly recommended softball equipment. It is always important for players to have the appropriate softball equipment, especially for a beginner. This bat is just about right for a young kid to sharpen his swinging and hitting of the ball. This bat guarantees you have a good-looking, lightweight tool for an easy swing. Mizuno Finch Jennie Tee Ball Bat for 6 years old boy & girl

Special Features:

The Mizuno Finch Jennie softball bat comes with a cushioned grip and gives a soft feeling when handled. This helps reduce the impact to the hand gotten from the hit of the ball.

Material and Size:

The softball bat is made of aluminum material. The MZ-1300 alloy to be exact. This enhances its durability and ensures long-lasting use. It has a drop weight of -13 which makes it an easy swing.

Barrel and Handle:

The barrel is alloy material and comes with a strong end which helps add a little power to your shot should it hit the sweet spot. The barrel is 2 ¼ in diameter. This softball bat has a nicely-cushioned grip to provide the player with more comfort for better performance.

  • Cushioned and comfortable grip
  • Lightweight and easy swing
  • Durable and long-lasting use
  • League and association approved
  • Vibration remains a problem
Why we recommend this Bat for 6 Year Old:

The Mizuno Finch Jennie is well recommended for a kid who lacks speed and needs a better way to play. It helps enhance the player’s performance and confidence boost.


 #5:  Rawlings Raptor USA Youth T-ball Bat

Rawlings did take their time with this one. The Rawlings raptor is one efficient T-ball bat which offers you much on power and control and is perfect for your kid. It is one perfect choice for your kid who just started playing and would like to sharpen his skill and play. This would help him get better control of his swing and more in the area of power would be added to his shot.Rawlings Raptor USA Youth baseball Bat for 6 years old

Special Features:

The Rawlings raptor gives you a large and extended sweet spot which helps make hitting easier and sweeter. This also helps give you more pop from the barrel and more enjoyment in the game.

Material & Size:

Looking for consistency especially for the young one was the reason behind the choice of construction material. Durable alloy material was used for the one-piece barrel bat. To give you long-lasting use and consistently good performance. It has a drop weight of -12 which guarantees a comfortable swing and control for your kid.

Barrel & Handle:

The aluminum barrel comes with a larger sweet spot design which helps for easier hit and better performance. Comes with a nice handle to help give you more speed on your lightweight bat

  • Extended sweet spot
  • League and association approved
  • Has a weighted cap which allows it to stay light with a reasonable amount of strength
  • Dents might tent to show after a while
  • Kids might get too comfortable and might be a problem switching to more professional equipment due to a larger sweet spot.
Why we recommend it:

The Rawlings raptor is USA T-ball approved which makes it acceptable and good for use in any league. It also comes with the USA baseball logo and comes in various lengths and weights. There are variations like 24, 25 and 26 inches in lengths and 12, 13, and 14 ounces in weights.


 #6:  Easton FS50 Fastpitch Softball Bat

A sweet bat and a perfect choice. Made of aluminum material, the Easton FS50 softball bat is flexible enough has can generate enough speed to make your hit of those softballs turn them into rockets regardless its lightweight. An easy swing bat with a nice and wonderful body design and color. Easton did do a number on this one which makes them a reliable and trustworthy manufacturer today when it comes to bats.  Easton FS50 Fastpitch Softball Bat

Special Features:

It alloy material makes it lightweight and balanced to produce better speed and power at every swing and hit.

Material and Size:

Made from durable alloy give you an assured long-lasting use and consistent performance. It is lightweight and properly balanced which would help your player generate better speed and power to his swing. Has a drop weight of -10.

Barrel and Handle:

It has a one-piece design which helps the ball bounce off when hit. A thin 31/32″ handle with an all-sport grip for better balance and control. The barrel is made of an alloy as well and has a diameter of 2 ¼.

  • Durability
  • Guaranteed speed and power
  • Better balance for easy swing and hit
  • Vibration problems
Why we recommend it:

The Easton FS50 Fastpitch Softball Bat is a very good choice for your kid. Comes with an assured balanced and can give a kid with weak swing a better power and speed behind his swing and hit for better performance.


 #7:  Franklin Sports Venom Aluminum Official Youth Tee Ball Bat

Looking for another big name in the bat industry, then you have just gotten one. Franklin’s products are always reliable ranging from their toys, football goat post, and others. Their Franklin Sport venom Tee Ball bat is no different and not short of quality. Just about the perfect bat for your kid to practice and get better on his swing and hit.

Special Feature:

This bat has a perfect handle. It comes with a perforated grip which makes it firm in the kid’s hand and you never have to worry about the bat slipping off.

Material and Size:

Made of a 6061 alloy aluminum material gives it assured durability and lasting use. It also brings out that popping sound after every hit which the kids would love. It comes in different drop sizes depending on its color. Colors white, green and blue all have their drop weights as -12, -11 and -10 respectively.

Barrel and Handle:

It comes with a unique technological improvement. Its Hi-Tack perforated handle gives it a nice grip for better control and handling. Its aluminum barrel allows the ball to bounce off and release a nice pop sound.

  • Far better handling and control than some other bats
  • Very much pocket-friendly
  • A very nice choice for giving your child lessons
  • League approved
  • Well balanced
  • Seems not to be as durable as expected
Why we recommend the Baseball Bat for 6 Year Old:

The franklin sports venom tee ball bat is approved by the league and shows for its quality and reliability. It is one bat your kid would enjoy using and can also be used for drills and practices as well.


 #8:  Rawlings 2019 Storm Youth T Ball Bat

Most aluminum bats have always been known for their consistency and performance enhancement and the Rawlings 2019 Storm Youth TBall Softball Bat is no different. Should you be looking for that right bat to help with your kid’s game, then you just got one. The Rawlings 2019 storm tee ball bat is of durable construction and also an attractive design. One that would make your kid stand out on the pitch not only by the color of his bat but also by his game. Rawlings 2019 Storm Youth T Ball Bat for 6 U old

Special Features:

The Rawlings Storm Tee ball softball bat 2019 model is unique for its cracked theme grip to give your child better handling and control for a better swing

Material and Size:

Constructed from a hard alloy material to ensure its durability and long-lasting use and consistent performance. It has a drop weight of -12 which makes it easier for your kid to take a swing. It weighs about 13 ounces which is about just right.

Barrel and handle:

The barrel is an alloy made giving the ball a nice hit with a bit of speed behind each swing with its lightweight construction. It also adds more distance to your swing and gives the ball a nice pop off the bat.

  • Ensured durability and long-lasting use
  • Lightweight
  • Gives more speed and distance to your hit
  • Nice weight
  • Still gives off some vibration
Why do we recommend it?

The lightweight bat helps produce speed for those kids who can’t add some distance to their hit and makes their game better than the usual. It is a perfect choice for the kid and one to give him consistent performance.


 #9:  EASTON Beast -10 Kids Tee Ball Bat for 6 year old

After about 30 years on into their bat manufacturing and they are still kicking and waxing strong year after year. Popularly known for their quality products, Easton has always been supplying customers with new and wonderful brands of quality bats and the EASTON Beast Tee Ball Baseball Bat is no different. Combination of strength and power all packed in one lightweight bat to make your child stand out on the pitch with his performance.

EASTON Beast -10 Kids Tee Ball Baseball Bat for

Special Feature:

Designed and constructed with the ALX50 aircraft-grade aluminum alloy for lasting durability and performance

Material and Size:

Made out of advanced aluminum material, the ALX50 aircraft grade alloy, makes it one of the strongest and powerful bats on the market hence the name beast. Its drop weight of -10 makes this bat an easy swing giving you just about the perfect hit,

Barrel and Handle:

Its one-piece construction makes the ball bounce off the alloy barrel and gives you a nice shot. It is lightweight for a better and comfortable play. Its handle gives you a comfortable grip and control.

  • Durable construction material
  • Lightweight
  • One-piece construction gives a better shot
Cons :
  • Handles still give off vibration and impact.
Why we recommend it:

The Easton beast is a beast a force to be aligned with. It is sure to give your kid the much-needed confidence boost in his game and take him on to a next level. It is also league and association approved and comes with the USA stamp.


 #10:  Easton Ghost X Hyperlite -13 USA Kids Tee Ball Baseball

The Easton Ghost Hyperlite is a reach sweet one for the kids. One of those bats that help gear your child towards perfection as he tries to be the best of himself on the pitch. The Easton Ghost Hyperlite is sure to give him a confidence boost and an improved performance. It is a good choice for those younger ones who need a bat that would help them generate more power om contact. It is lightweight and gives an easy swing with more balance on hit. Easton Ghost X Hyperlite -13 USA Kids Tee Ball Baseball

Special Features:

It comes with a comfortable cushioned all-sports grip to help give the players more handling and comfort on every swing.

Material and Size:

Made from aluminum alloy, the bat is capable of giving you a consistent performance for a long period without any dent or crack issues. Its weight of 3 pounds and a drop weight of – 13 which makes light enough for an easy swing.

Barrel and Handle:

Its one-piece alloy barrel is light enough to give you better performance and generate contact as well as the power behind every shot. The handle is designed with an all-sports grip to give you comfort and handling at every swing.

  • Lightweight
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Comfortable grip
  • Gives enhanced performance.
  • Players still feel vibration impact at the handle
  • Advised for use on approved tee balls to avoid dents.
Why we recommend it:

For a kid with no distance on his shot or power behind his swing, this bat is just about right to help improve his game. It is a great choice to help get rid of his power issues and provide him with better performances and long-lasting consistency.


 #11:  Louisville Slugger Prime 918 (-12.5) 2 1/4″ Tee Ball Bat

For the younger players looking for a way to get your game to a whole new level, this is just about the perfect t-ball bat.  It guarantees players incredible control and handling, enough speed behind every shot and a comfortable grip. The Louisville Slugger Prime Tee Ball Bat is just about the right fit for the younger child and was designed just to help them up to their game and express themselves more on the pitch. Louisville Slugger Prime 918 (-12.5) 2 1/4" Tee Ball Bat

Special Features:

The Louisville Slugger Prime Tee Ball Bat possess a one of a kind new synthetic fade cap which offers players more in terms ow comfort on every swing.

Material and size:

it is made of a performance aluminum alloy which helps Improve players performance and gives the kid that confidence he always needs. It has a drop weight of -12.5 making it an easy bat to swing hence the speed generation.

Barrel and Size:

The barrel is one-piece aluminum construction with a 2 ¼” diameter and it also has a 7/8” standard handle.

  • Ensured durability
  • Great weight for a perfect swing
  • Comfortable grip and handling
  • League approved
  • Too easy might be a problem when kids change playing levels
  • Still having an impact on players hands
Why we recommend it:

The Louisville Slugger Prime tee Ball bat an exceptional choice and one when introduced to a kid would take his game rocket high to a whole new level. It is USAbat approved and enhanced performance guaranteed.

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What Size Baseball Bat for 6 Year Old?

Many people do not realize that the size of the bat can either infringe or enhance one’s swing game. They get confused or chaotic while choosing a baseball bat. Not only for 6u, for any age of players bat selection is a major part. Basically, you have to know about league rules first before buying any bat because league rules have some strictness on bats. Some leagues allow diverse categories of bats. Similarly, the next option to look into is player height and weight. Not for the BMI, but it is somehow related to bat length and drop. According to the different height and weight of a player, bat size differs consequently. The third option to select before a bat purchasing is budget. The same category bats with different prices are available everywhere. For example, DeMarini bats of 17oz and 29 inches length price are higher than that of Louiseville Slugger bats. Critics say about a bat drop sometimes. A bat drop is a simple mathematical formula by bat length and weight. For 6u league players, the drop of 10-12 is fair enough. A bat longer than the approved length bat for a 6-year-old can make for horrible performance. Height and weight go hand-in-hand when deciding on the size of the bat.

  • The average 6 years old should swing in the range of a 13 to 16-ounce bat.
  • Children under 60 pounds should swing a bat between 26 and 29 inches long.
  • Children weighing more than 70 pounds should swing a bat ranging from 28 to 32 inches long.
  • A common test for measuring if the length of the bat is okay is by measuring the barrel, grip, and knob up against the child’s lower arm.
  • Small barrel bats are the top priority for 6u. Because large barrel bats are heavier than small barrel ones.
  • Wooden bats are a good choice but need to be careful because of wood debris/scraps.
  • Metal bats should be avoided because of kid’s wrist pressure. Metal bats are somehow heavier and you should not insist on your 6u kid playing with a heavy bat.
  • Long and light bat swings faster but it has less inertia. So bats can lose rigidity.
  • Short and heavy bat swings slower but has a lot of inertia. Henceforth, rarely it slips from gloves.

baseball bat size for 6 year old / 6u

In spite of all the features and ideas we mentioned so far, it is suggested to take prescribed advice from a coach or trainer before buying a bat for 6u.

What You Should Know Before Buying Baseball Bat for Your 6 Year Old Kids

What bats are allowed in his or her league?

Generally, every league has a set of rules and regulations guiding it and the rules tend to have a sector for bats. Most bats are governed by the 1.15 Bat performance factor, therefore their policies have been adopted by most leagues. In essence, parents/guardians should read the rules guiding the league they intend introducing their children/ward to. General rules revolve around the size of the bats.

Some leagues require that the bat be stamped with a logo of an official sponsor. This ensures the length, weight, barrel size, material,  and durability have undergone a series of tests and been approved. The logos also help in the publicity of the sponsors and can even capture the eye of little league scouts.

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How much money do you want to spend?

In as much as you would want the best for your child/ward, you also have to remember that this bat is being procured for a six-year-old. The possibility of the bat being rough handled is still very high. A standard baseball bat for a six-year-old is usually within the price range of $50-$80, with mostly aluminum bats being in the price range of $80. Though wooden bats are discouraged within the little league because of density, they are on the affordable side. If you decide to go for a wooden bat, Maple wood bats are highly recommended because of the reduced density. Easton bats are the most popular little league bats on the market for their quality and affordability. When purchasing the bat remember that little league players tend to outgrow their bats after 2 years so there is no need to spend extravagantly on their bats. Focus on the quality of the material used in making the bat, many a time quality bats sell for less.

What about USA bats?

USA bats are relatively new. They were first put on the market on the 1st of September, 2017. The use of USA bats has been met with different levels of criticism and even skepticism. Many had prejudiced views upon their release into the market. Some leagues have adopted USA bats and have disallowed the use of bats with the BPF 1.15 stamp. This takes us back to the point made in question number one, please always endeavor to carefully read the stated rules and regulations of your chosen little league team.

Some also take preference to the USA bats approved equipment because they are lighter, thereby making it easier for the little leaguers to use.

However, some are disappointed by the quality of the new USA bat models, especially with the fact that they are slightly more expensive than the older models. At the end of the day, it doesn’t hurt to try. Make your choice according to what you feel best follows the guidelines enlisted.


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Different Parts And Types Of Baseball Bats

The baseball bat is one of the most common tools in the game of baseball. Just as every tool and equipment is important, so is the baseball bat and is something you just can’t do without. These bats come in different styles and types and each type has different advantages. Just like the human body also with its different parts so does the bat have different parts and they all come with different uses and functions as well.

Anatomy Of The Baseball Bat

The basic anatomy of the baseball bat has stayed the same over the years.


This is the thicker and bigger area of the bat. This is the area that is expected to hit the ball and according to its design and construction, this is known as the sweet spot. In some bats, the barrel has a diameter of about 2 ¼ and that is expected to be the least size.


This is the top end of the bat. It makes it easy for the bat to stay in the player’s hands without falling away. 


This is the area held by the batter. The place a player is to place his hand when he is about to take a swing to have a nice hold of the bat. How well he holds the handle can also be considered as a factor if he would swing it properly.


The grip of a bat is mainly found on non-wooden bats. This is mostly made of rubber. It is placed on the handle to make sure that the player’s hands stay well, firm and comfortable and doesn’t slip off whenever he tries to take a swing.


This is the part linking the barrel and the handle together. It is most common in composite or hybrid bats where more than one material is used and joined.

Types Of Baseball Bats for 6 year old kids

Most times, baseball bats are categorized by the material used in producing them because the materials used in a bats production determine its efficiency and even its price range. Materials often used in baseball production include aluminum and wood while we still have hybrid and composite bats.


Aluminum is a metal alloy most commonly used for baseball bats from little league through high school and college. Aluminum bats are easier to swing because they are lighter. They are also more durable because of the quality of the substances. Metal does not absorb the impact of balls but rather uses the force of the impact to push the ball. The ‘pop’ sound that follows the hit of an aluminum bat allows the ball to go on at a greater speed, which compensates for a lack of strength in the young players. The lightweight of the bats is an advantage to the little leaguers because they possess more control of the ball and bat contact.


Composite bats are considered experimental by many older baseball players. Composite bats are created from a blend of plastic, graphite, and sometimes titanium. This combination is very light, lighter than aluminum even. This is of great importance to the young baseball players as it is easier for them to lift and swing. On the downside, composite bats are more expensive than aluminum bats and are not so durable, especially around the sector between the handle and the barrel. Unfortunately, composite bats are not allowed for in-game play for certain leagues. The bats allow children to play at a comparatively high level in lower leagues.


A hybrid bat is generally constructed with an aluminum handle and spin; while the barrel is a combination or rather it is a pressure-molded combo of composite materials i.e graphite, plastic, and titanium. Hybrid bats combine the strengths of both aluminum and composite bats while relinquishing most their drawbacks. Its greatest strengths are its durability, its resistance to dents or indentation that comes from impacts of the ball, dings, bends, defects and warping over time. The major drawbacks are that hybrids are not allowed for competitive play in some leagues and that they cost as much as composite bats. They are equally considered as experimental.


Wooden bats are the most traditional bats. Once considered the best bats, time and technological advancement have proven otherwise. Wooden bat tend to be heavy, and this may not affect a pro batter, it is quite a burden for six-year-old little leaguers, causing pain in the upper arm and making it pretty difficult to swing. Wooden bats absorb the impact of the hit, putting the swinger at a disadvantage. But, just as technological enhancements have proven that the density of wooden bats is a problem, they have discovered types of wood that are less dense and therefore lighter for your six-year-old to use. Most wooden bats are made of wood ash. Recommended types are Maple wood bats as they are less dense, lightweight, they allow for energy transfer for the ball to go a longer distance, they are smooth and look more professional. Yellow Birch wooden bats are also recommended for rookies. Though they are denser, they are still usable. They absorb the impact of the ball which is bat but they can still send the ball quite a distance.

Bottom Line

Through the full article, you’ve already experienced much I hope. The different league has different rules and regulations and the most exciting provisions are, all rules based on expert’s choice. For 6u kids, it is suggested not to provide them with metal bats because of its heaviness. Wooden baseball bats are good for 6u. Furthermore, composite bats are recently trending. DeMarini, Slugger and Easton bats are cool for kids. Before purchasing any baseball bat for 6u, you have to know the height and weight of the player for better calculation of drops. Through the whole article, we tried to provide you some of our reviews and practical ideas. If you have any questions, ask us frequently. Our experts are ready to share with you their honed skills. I hope you can purchase a nice baseball bat for 6u now.

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