Best Baseball & Softball Bats for 6 Year Olds – 2020

With all sorts of bats in the market, it can be difficult to find the best baseball bats for 6 year olds. As a parent, you’re trying to find the best kinds of bats that will be perfect for your child – one that they’ll love as much as you do.

We went through more than 100 different youth baseball bats to try and select the best ones for kids. We’ve included choices for boys and girls and separated our choices by baseball vs softball.  Below is our top picks.

Have any questions about what we chose? Or want a personal recommendation for your child? Leave us a comment!

IMAGE PRODUCTOur RatingSummary
Top PickEaston Ghost X Hyperlite Easton Ghost X Hyperlite
10/10$$ Check Price
Budget PickFranklin Sports Venom Franklin Sports Venom
8/10$ Check Price
Rawlings Raptor Teeball Bat Rawlings Raptor Teeball Bat
8/10$ Check Price
Easton Typhoon Youth Baseball Bat Easton Typhoon Youth Baseball Bat
8.5/10$$ Check Price
Power HitterLouisville Slugger Prime Youth Baseball Bat Louisville Slugger Prime Youth Baseball Bat
9/10$$ Check Price
Best for GirlsEaston Sapphire Softball Bat Easton Sapphire Softball Bat
10/10$ Check Price
Mizuno Finch Teeball Bat Mizuno Finch Teeball Bat
9/10$ Check Price
Rawlings Storm Teeball Bat Rawlings Storm Teeball Bat
9/10$ Check Price

Best Teeball/Baseball Bats for 6 Year Olds

#1:  Easton Ghost X Hyperlite -13 USA Kids Tee Ball Baseball A higher end bat for teeball, the Easton Ghost X is the Ferrari of kids teeball bat. If you want to start your child off right, you better give him the best equipment. The Easton Ghost X Hyperlite is definitely one of the best teeball bats for kids. With a wide X easily marking the sweetspot, it’s easy to tell kids where they need to hit the ball to get a good result. easton ghost hyperlite best kids teeball bat Constructed out of 1 piece Carbon, the Hyperlite is true to it’s name. Any child will feel astonished at how easy it is to swing and generate power with this bat. In total the bat weighs only 12 oz, significantly under the 1 lb weight that many other bats on this list weigh in at. It also comes with a drop weight of -13 making it very easy to swing. To help kids grip this bat comfortably, the handle has a specifically designed tacky grip that helps you hold the bat as you swing in teeball. Easton Ghost X hyperlite usa bat approved teeball Key Features
  • One of the lightest bats on this list
  • Built for power with easy to see sweet spot
  • Comfortable grip
  • More expensive than other bats
Why do we love the Easton Ghost X Hyperlite? If you’re looking for one of the best bats for teeball or best youth teeball bats, this should be your top choice. The Easton Ghost X Hyperlite is a high performance bat designed to help your child hit the ball out of the park throughout his teeball seasons. One warning though – try to only use this bat for teeballs! For use with baseballs, look here. #2:  Franklin Sports Venom Aluminum Official Youth Tee Ball Bat Similar to the Rawlings Raptor, the Franklin Sports Venom is another excellent teeball bat for kids. In comparison to the Raptor, the Venom is available in 2 different barrel sizes: 2 ¼ and 2 5/8. franklin sports venom bat review For bigger kids still in that 4 – 7 years old range, I would choose the bigger barrel size. If they’re capable of swinging it, the bigger barrel will give them a larger sweet spot and help them make contact with the ball. This is another USA approved teeball bat making it perfect and approved for all teeball leagues in the United States. best USA approved teeball bats Despite a big barrel, the Franklin Venom sports a small grip making it perfect for small hands. Children can wrap their hands around the handle and swing this bat easily. The bat has a drop of -11. Key Features:
  • USA Bat approved
  • Kid friendly design
  • Well balanced and easy to swing
  • Affordable
Why do we recommend the Franklin Venom teeball bat for kids? After seeing the Franklin Venom online or in another kid’s hands, boys go absolutely bonkers and it’s easy to see why. Parents, if you look past the design, you’ll see a very kid friendly teeball bat that’s perfect for getting him swinging and hitting the ball. And in teeball, what more do you want? franklin venom teeball bat review As a bonus, the Franklin Venom is VERY affordable. #3:  Rawlings Raptor USA Youth T-ball Bat The absolute best teeball bat for kids on the market, the Rawlings Raptor is the perfect choice of bats for 4 – 6 year olds. rawlings raptor review Available in two different colors and 3 length configurations, you’ll be able to find an option perfectly suited to your child. While the color is a matter of personal preference, if you’re unsure about the right sizing, check below to see our guide to bat sizing for kids. The Rawlings Raptor is designed specifically for kids and everything from it’s price to it’s features are perfect for children. There’s a large sweet spot extending for most of the bat in order to make it easier for children to hit the ball. It’s constructed out of a single piece of aluminium alloy keeping the entire bat lightweight and affordable. best youth baseball bat rawlings raptor One additional feature about this bat – it’s USA approved which means it is approved for use in all teeball leagues across the nation. With a higher drop weight of -12, the Rawlings Raptor will feel easy to swing in any child’s hands. Key Features:
  • Extended sweet spot
  • USA Bat – approved for use in all tball leagues
  • Lightweight and affordable
Why do we love the Rawlings Raptor? Look, if you’re looking for the perfect baseball bat just to get your children playing teeball, this is that bat. It’s affordable (less than $20 !), kids absolutely love the look, and it’s easy for them to swing. #4: Easton S3 2 ¾ Big Barrel Bat A bat with a bigger barrel, the Easton S3 Junior baseball bat is lightweight enough for 6 year olds. One feature we particularly liked about this bat is the extended sweet spot. This helps ensure mishits and off-center strikes don’t knock the bat out of your child’s hands. Easton Junior S3 Big Barrel Baseball Bat for 6 years old Made out of a soft aluminum alloy giving this bat durability and strength, the Easton S3 has a light enough swing weight to make it easy for young children to wield. This junior baseball bat  has a drop weight of -10 making it perfect for children. In total, the bat weighs about 1.1 lbs. The handle is ultra thin – making it perfect for smaller hands. The handle is also wrapped in hyperskin grip which provides enough tack for a firm grip throughout the swing. Key Features:
  • Durable
  • Expanded sweet spot enhances performance
  • Lightweight allowing better speed
  • Pocket-friendly price
Why do we love this bat? A little more expensive than some of the other bats on this list, the Easton S3 is a bat that your child can use for 2-3 years (have an older child? Check out our best bats for 10 year olds) as they progress up in the Little Leagues. If you’re tired of buying a new bat every year, choose the Easton S3 – it’s a great affordable bat for kids.  #5:  Easton Typhoon -12 USA Youth Baseball Bat A perfect choice for 6 year olds starting to play baseball, the Easton Typhoon is a great starter bat. This youth baseball bat is lightweight enough to allow children to easily swing fast and follow through after hitting the ball. EASTON Typhoon -12 USA Youth Baseball Bat fro 6 years old kids This bat is USA approved. What does that mean for you? Some little leagues have rules requiring USA approved bats to play. If yours is one of them – the Easton Typhoon is a great choice. Overall, this is a one-piece baseball bat with a 2 ¼ barrel diameter. The one-piece construction makes it lightweight yet durable enough for multiple seasons. The smaller barrel also helps keep down the weight – allowing children to easily swing this bat over the plate. At the end of the barrel is an unique concave end cap. This end cap helps reduce vibration traveling through the bat. As a result, the bat feels comfortable while striking the ball. easton typhoon review Constructed out of the popular ALX100 aluminum alloy, this youth baseball bat is lightweight yet durable enough to last you for multiple seasons. Its drop weight is  -12 making it perfect for your child to swing and make the perfect hit. Key Points:
  • Great balance
  • Easy swing and enhanced performance
  • Durable alloy
#6:  EASTON Beast Kids Tee Ball Bat for 6 year old Available in 2 sizes (24″ and 26″), the Easton BEAST kids teeball baseball bat is the perfect way to get your little kid hitting the ball. Crafted out of a 1 piece ALX50 alloy, the Easton Beast is lightweight yet strong enough to take multiple seasons of teeball. EASTON Beast Speed review It’s drop weight of -10 gives you an easy swing over the plate. Additionally, this bat is USA approved for use in all teeball leagues. One warning: upon making the transition to baseball, be sure to switch to a new bat. The Easton Beast is only approved for use with Teeballs. Baseballs are much harder than teeballs so the Easton beast may dent if used with baseballs. If you need help finding the right bat, check out this article: best bats for 8 – 12 year olds. Key Features:
  • USA approved
  • Lightweight
  • Big sweetspot
Why do we like the Easton Beast? As it’s name implies, the Easton beast is a beast to be reckoned with. While it’s lightweight enough to easily swing, it’s packed with muscle so your kid can hit the ball far.  #7:  Louisville Slugger Prime 918 (-12.5) 2 1/4″ Tee Ball Bat For the younger players looking for a way to get your game to a whole new level, this is just about the perfect t-ball bat.  It guarantees players incredible control and handling, enough speed behind every shot and a comfortable grip. louisville slugger prime review Made of a performance aluminum alloy, this Louisville Slugger is lightweight allowing for an easy swing with a drop weight of -12.5. The barrel is a one-piece aluminum construction with a 2 ¼” diameter. Key Features:
  • Ensured durability
  • Great weight for a perfect swing
  • Comfortable grip and handling
  • USA Bat approved
Why do we love the Louisville Slugger? Louisville Sluggers are a name to be reckoned with in the baseball industry known for home runs and power hitters throughout the baseball world. Bring the power of the Louisville Slugger name to teeball with this exceptional teeball bat for kids. Of course, it is USA approved and perfect for getting a great start into the wonderful sport of baseball.

Best Softball Bats for 6 Year Olds

1: Easton Pink Sapphire Fastpitch Softball Bat for 6 year old The EASTON Pink Sapphire softball bat is our top pick for youth softball bats for 6 year olds. Besides, the eye-catching pink that your daughters will love, this bat is comfortable and delivers a satisfying ping upon striking the ball. best teeball bat for girls softball The EASTON Pink Sapphire is made out of ALX50 military grade aluminum which makes it strong and reliable. The one-piece alloy barrel gives you solid performance. Its 29/32″ handle with an all-sports grip give you nice balance for your swing and the endcap at the end of the barrel gives you the needed power at the sweet spot. Key Features:
  • Durable and Long-lasting construction
  • Comfortable grip
  • Pocket-friendly price
Why do we love this softball bat? The Easton Pink Sapphire bat is designed specifically for kids to help them gain better experience in the game. Of course, this bat is also approved for all softball league use. Still – be sure to check your local league rules.  #2:  Mizuno Finch Jennie Tee Ball Bat for 6 year old Mizuno has always been a major player in the baseball/softball equipment scene. For this softball bat, Mizuno manufactured this product in partnership with the USA legendary softball player, Jennie Finch. The goal: to make the perfect youth softball bats for 6 year olds. best teeball bat for girls mizuno finch The Mizuno Finch Jennie softball bat comes with a cushioned grip and superb vibration dampening throughout the bat. This helps reduce the impact to the hand upon striking the ball. Constructed out of MZ-1300 aluminum alloy and a 2 ¼ inch diameter barrel, this youth softball bat is perfect for any young girls about to play softball. It has a drop weight of -13 and a light swing weight allowing girls to easily swing this bat over the plate. Key point:
  • Cushioned and comfortable grip
  • Lightweight and easy swing
  • Durable and long-lasting use
  • League and association approved
Why do we love this softball bat for kids? As a namebrand and celebrity endorsed bat, it is a tad more expensive than a generic softball bat. However, with a striking design, every girl loves the look of this bat and how it feels in their hands. Introduce your daughters to softball and take it with you to the batting cages for an afternoon of fun. #3:  Rawlings Storm Youth T Ball Bat One of the best teeball bats for girls, the Rawlings Storm USA youth tball bat is the perfect introduction to baseball or softball for kids. rawling storm teeball bat review With a large sweet spot and a -12 drop, any kid should find this bat easy to swing and fun to hit with on the field. To me, this is the girl’s equivalent of the Franklin Venom. With a bright pink design, girls fawn over this bat at the store. Design aside, this is a great starter bat for kids. Made out of a 1 piece alloy, it’s durable enough for multiple seasons of teeball.
youth teeball bats for boys and girls
Get the Rawling Storm for the girls and the Rawlings Raptor for the boys in your house. They make perfect companions.
It’s also sturdy yet lightweight enough to allow the kids to easily swing through hits and launch the ball into the air. As with the other bats on this light, it is USA approved for all teeball leagues. Key Features
  • USA approved
  • Lightweight with a big sweet spot
  • Appealing design
Why do we love this teeball bat for girls? The Rawlings Storm features a stunning design, large sweet spot, and makes a satisfying ping everytime you strike the ball. Many professional softball players got their start as kids training using this bat and still remember it fondly. This USA approved teeball bat for girls is a perfect (and affordable) choice for kids. The lightweight bat helps produce speed for those kids who can’t add some distance to their hit and makes their game better than the usual. It is a perfect choice for the kid and one to give him consistent performance.

What Size Baseball Bat do 6 Year Olds Need?

When considering what size bat you need, you have to consider how big/small your child is. Their height and weight will affect the size bat they can accurately wield. Below is a table that shows some of the most common bat sizes for 6-year-old kids. 6 year old bat sizing chart It can be confusing figuring out the exact size your 6 year old needs. One simple way to figure out their size is by placing the top of the baseball bat on the ground and seeing how the bat measures him to him. The optimal length is right below the hips. Don’t want to go to the store? No problem. Simply use the chart below to find the perfect length for your child. baseball bat size for 6 year old / 6u To choose the best weight, remember, that your main concern when you’re 6 years old is just hitting the ball. You may not be hitting home runs at the age but you should be making contact. To do that, choosing a lighter bat is always better than choosing a heavy bat. A lighter bat will give them more control and allow them to swing the bat faster. This means they’ll get on base more.

Choosing a Baseball Bat for 6 Year Olds: Buying Guide

What bats are allowed in his or her league? Every league has different rules and regulations that govern the equipment that can be used. Not many 6 year old baseball leagues have strict regulations. At that age, it’s more about getting the kids to hit the ball rather than hitting it out of the park. However, the absolute last thing you want to do is buy a nice bat, give it your 6 year old, and then find out they can’t use it. Try taking away a new bat from a 6 year old! You’ll need to read through this article on using a baseball bat as a weapon. If there are any rules, they commonly revolve around certain weight drops or 2 ¼ barrels. Research your local league’s rules and restrictions to make sure you can use the bat before buying. If you’re looking for a baseball bat, why not find a baseball glove at the same time? See here for our article on the topic: Best Baseball Glove for 6, 7 & 8 Year Old How much money do you want to spend? Some bats, as you probably know, can be very expensive. There are some junior league baseball bats in the $200+ club even! Don’t worry, you won’t have to spend that much. A standard baseball bat for a six-year-old is usually within the price range of $50-$80, with mostly aluminum bats being in the price range of $80. If you want to go lower, you can – there are a lot of good options on our list that sit around $20 – $40. Above all, you don’t want to go crazy. Remember that most players at this age tend to outgrow their bats after 2 years. At this age, you don’t need the latest and greatest bats – you just need something that works. What about USA bats? First introduced in 2017, USA bats are still relatively new Some leagues, even at 6 years old(!), require the USA Bat stamp on their bats. USA bats tend to be lighter than other bats thereby making them easier for little kids to use. Be sure to go over the rules of your local league to check on the status of USA bats. Have a younger child? Check out the Best Baseball Gloves for 4 to 5 Year Olds

What Kind of Baseball Bat do I Need for a 6 Year Old?

Most times, baseball bats are categorized by the material used in producing them because the materials used in a bats production determine its efficiency and often its price range. At a high level, bats are either made out of wood or metal. Nowadays nobody but professional players in the MLB plays with wood bats. Even your 6 year old should be playing with a metal bat. But what kind of metal bat? The best kind of baseball bat for kids is most likely made out of aluminum. Aluminum is a metal alloy most commonly used for baseball bats from little league through high school and college. Aluminum bats have a number of advantages
  • They’re durable due to the strength of the alloy
  • They’re lightweight
  • They have a slight trampoline effect which propels the ball further.
Composite: Another good option for 6 year olds is a composite bat. Composite bats are created from a blend of plastic, graphite, and sometimes titanium. This combination is lighter than aluminium making it perfect for younger players. On the downside, composite bats are more expensive than aluminum bats and are not so durable, especially around the sector between the handle and the barrel. Composite bats:
  • Lightweight
  • More expensive than aluminum
  • Eligible depending on league rules
Hybrid: A hybrid bat is generally constructed with an aluminum handle and spin; while the barrel is a combination or rather it is a pressure-molded combo of composite materials i.e graphite, plastic, and titanium. Hybrid bats combine the strengths of both aluminum and composite bats while relinquishing most their drawbacks. Its greatest strengths are its durability, its resistance to dents or indentation that comes from impacts of the ball, dings, bends, defects and warping over time.

Our Thoughts on Choosing the Right Youth Baseball Bats

Choosing the best baseball bat for 6 year olds can be hard but it shouldn’t be. Just keep in mind that whatever bat you choose – most likely you’ll have to buy a new one when you move from using teeballs to using real baseballs. Using youth baseball bats with baseballs can cause dents and injuries to players. Choose the best youth teeball bat for your boy or girl that makes sense for you. If you want a specific recommendation, leave a comment below and we’ll help you out!

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