Easton Mako Torq Review

As a baseball player, you may go through a variety of baseball bats before you find the right one. Each bat will promise some “new” technology that will revolutionize your game. Skeptical? You should be – most baseball bats are very similar with only a couple breaking that mold. In this Easton Mako Torq review, we’ll go through all of the aspects that make this baseball bat unique. And, we’ll discover if it has the potential to revolutionize your game. Let’s get started.

Easton Mako Torq Review

What is Torq technology?

The engineers at Easton constantly look for ways simple baseball bats can be made more comfortable and efficient. As they studied the motion of baseball players swinging, they decided to focus on the subtle movements of the players wrist as he swings through the baseball.

Easton Mako Torq

You may not realize it but as you swing, most players will slightly adjust their grip and wrist angle to best hit the ball.

The Torq technology is a 360-degree rotational handle grip that rotates when you swing the bat.

This brings your wrists into the ideal position to hit the baseball effortlessly sending it flying. Now, it does take some getting used to – we’ll talk about how it feels on the field in the next section.

Torq Technology can Help Your Grip:

When stepping up to the plate, most players have slightly different grips. Great pitchers will even adjust to your grip to throw pitches that are harder for you to hit.

With the Torq’s rotating handle, players can easily correct the course of their swing and avoid roll-overs by bringing the palm in the required position. Even though there are other baseball bats for kids, youths, and professionals,  the Mako Torq enhances the player’s performance with its rotating handle.

Helps you stay inside the ball

Batters often find it hard to play the pitches that are aimed directly at the body. They prefer hitting a ground shot or end up taking a strike. With Torq technology, you might never have to face that problem again.

Since the handle brings the palms to their positions easily. It can easily help you maneuver your swing the bat from close to your body and staying inside the ball. Once you are able to get the swing right, playing body shots will become a piece of cake.

Rotation = Power

With the Torq technology, the bat allows you to keep the barrel on-plane easily and longer in the hitting zone. This results in powerful and distant shots that can be driven to the different parts of the yard with more backspin.

Interesting in learning more about Torq Technology? Watch this video here:

Easton Mako Torq Review:

We all know that a bat’s construction can make a massive impact on the game. Apart from the rotating handle, the bat packs some amazing features too. The Easton Mako Torq is a two-piece composite bat constructed out of THT Thermo Composite. It is just the normal Mako bat with the Torq rotating handle.The barrel that measures 2 ¼ inches and comes in 2 length variations: 29 inch and 32 inch.

Easton uses the ConneXionATM technology to connect the barrel to the handle. This allows the optimum transfer of energy which is derived from the swing into the bat.

The Mako Torq is also end loadedhelping add power to each swing and increasing distance on each shot.The Mako Torq comes with a massive sweet spot that enables you to hit the perfect shot when you swing the bat.

The unique structure of the bat allows the bat to offer wider plate coverage. Its signature Torq grip is made using TAQATM technology. This is designed to offer a firm and strong grip that seems like Velcro.

Hitting with the Easton Mako Torq Baseball Bat:

The Easton Mako Torq looks amazing with the amazing black and green color combination. It has impressively designed vinyl that covers the entire barrel and gives it a premium look. The aluminum gives the bat a smooth and matted feel.

It is surprisingly well-balanced and feels much like the older Mako bats. However, the rotational handle is something that grabs more attention. The bat is lightweight which gives you the freedom to hit incredible shots with less strain on the wrists and arms.

Easton Mako Torq Baseball Bat

The moment you hold the handle, you can feel the grip sticking on to the hand almost like a Velcro. It fits both hands comfortably and does not feel heavy on the wrists. Mako Torq is great for the hands especially if you want to add power to your shots.

Striking with the Easton Mako Torq is a bittersweet experience. You’ll quickly find that the rotating handle is VERY useful on certain pitches and kind of a hindrance on others. The bat handles the hitting zone balls, very easily and without much effort. However, the bat does give some amount of vibration to the hand on powerful pitches.

The bat’s size is amazingly designed as it reaches almost any ball thrown near the plate. Homeruns and distant shots are neatly done by the Mako Torq if you manage to swing the bat right. The extended sweet spot is a great attribute for young and amateur players.

It does take time to get used to the bat with its rotating handle. The rotation of the handle is subtle but functions well enough to bring the hands to the palm up and palm down position. It takes around 50 to 100 swings to break in the bat at 50% power.

The notable feature of the bat, the ‘Rotating handle’ is a little stiff at first which later on becomes free and ready to use. In its best, the handle rotates only when the bat is swung at a certain degree, which means if your alignment is good enough, the rotating handle might not swing.

Mako Torq

Mako Torq’s composite aluminum barrel is made to last long. The barrel has great pop and produces a great sound on contact with the ball. However, after a considerable number of shots, there was a difference in the sound and there were some dents on the barrel.

This means if the bat is put to prolonged used it may lose the pop and some of its ability to land great shots before dying out. Mako Torq is also a great option for ground shot hitters, as the Torqhandle lends great power by spinning the bat to the sweet spot for ground shots.

Who should buy the Easton Mako Torq?

The Mako Torq caters to most of the age categories with its different sizes and lightweight. However, it is the swing and power that one should look for when choosing any baseball bat. Considering the reinforced barrel and strong handle the bat is a great choice for power hitters.

You can also choose the Mako Torq if you are new to the game and need some assistance with your swings. Since it is not BBCOR approved, you might not be able to use it for most of the tournaments.

I would recommend this bat to any kids under the age of 14 who are still trying to get a feel for swinging mechanics and what the right swing should feel like. The rotating handle does help teach good batting form but I wouldn’t trust it at the high school level and above.

Eastonh Mako Torq Review: Our Final Thoughts

The Easton Mako Torq is a revolutionary bat that enables comfortable play in any condition. Its wonderful construction and the Torq handle can help you enhance your performance and improve your game.

The revolutionary Torq technology is one of those few things that live up to the hype. The Easton Mako Torq is a great bat for kids learning how to swing – who want to learn how to swing the right way. Once they learn the proper swing mechanics (practice with this bat for a season or 2), switch to a different baseball bat.

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