Best Youth Baseball Bats for 7 Year Olds

Looking to buy the best baseball bats for 7 Year olds?

Baseball bats come in a variety of heights, sizes, materials from which they are made and also weight. These are some of the factors you would need to consider when you are about to purchase a youth baseball bat.

The 12 Best Baseball Bats For  7 year Olds 2020

IMAGE PRODUCT Barrel Construction Price
Best OverallMarucci Cat7 Junior Barrel Baseball Bat Marucci Cat7 Junior Barrel Baseball Bat AZ4X Alloy $$ Check Price
Best ValueRawlings Velo Youth Baseball Bat Rawlings Velo Youth Baseball Bat Composite Fiber $$ Check Price
Axe Bat Elite One Hyperspeed USA Baseball Bat Axe Bat Elite One Hyperspeed USA Baseball Bat MX8 Alloy $$ Check Price
EASTON Beast Hyperlite USA Youth Baseball Bat EASTON Beast Hyperlite USA Youth Baseball Bat ALX50 Alloy $$ Check Price
Rawlings 5150 USA Baseball Bat Rawlings 5150 USA Baseball Bat 5150 Alloy $ Check Price


The Best #1: Marucci Cat7 Youth Baseball Bat

Watching for the best youth baseball bat for your 7 year olds boy them the Marucci Junior big barrel bet is a great choice to start with. Manufactured with alloy material, the Marucci youth baseball bat was constructed with durability and player performance in mind. Mostly called big barrel because the barrel size is longer which gives the player enough space with which to hit the ball. This also ensures that after every hit of the ball, the vibration does not get to the player’s hands. There is also the presence of a knob made of rubber which serves as a shock absorber in times of impact with the ball. Its one-piece construction makes it light enough for your kid to lift and have no problem swinging.

Baseball Bats for 7 Year Olds

Pros of the bat :
  • No vibrations
  • Big barrel for more hitting space
  • Shock absorber knob
  • Durable and good weight
  • The price might be a scare for some.


#2: Rawlings Velo Youth Baseball Bat

Made of alloy, this bat gives every player reasons why you should try it for a first-timer and if you have used it before, you know you ought to stick to it. Its one-piece construction gives it optimum and great balance which adds better advantage to the player’s swing speed. For those who like to hear that loud sound when you hit, this is the bat for you.

Rawlings 2019 Velo Tball Youth Baseball Bat for 7 years old kids

  • Durable
  • Price friendly
  • Nice weight and balance
  • Offers great swing speed
  • Aids performance
  • Vibration problem not solved


#3: Rawlings Storm Youth Softball Bat (-12)

Looking for the right baseball bat for your 7-year-old kid most especially when he or she is at that beginner’s level, then this would be your shot at an excellent bat. The Rawlings Storm softball TBall bat is designed and constructed using hard alloy which makes it very durable and doesn’t give in easily to cracks or dents and as such can serve for years. Wear and tear is not an issue. The 2.25 barrel diameter makes it easy for an accurate shot when hitting the ball. Comes with unique bright colors and design with enhanced appearance and attractiveness. Its cracked theme grip ensures players have a firm and secure grip when trying to take a swing or make a hit. Its wonderful sweet spot ensures a nice pop after every hit of the ball.

best softball bat for 7 year old girl

  • Nice grip
  • Attractive design
  • Durable alloy
  • Good sweet spot
  • Special for 7 year olds player
  • Not for adult use.


#4: EASTON Pink Sapphire Youth Fastpitch Softball Bat

Everyone wants the best for their kid especially when he or she is about to try something new. You looking for that nice baseball bat for your 7 year olds kid about to start softball the Easton pink sapphire is a right choice for beginners. Constructed and designed from military-grade aluminum materials, the bat ensures well-enhanced durability without cracks, dents or wear and tear issues. The nicely cushioned grip helps give players a firm grip when they take a swing at the ball and hit.

EASTON Pink Sapphire Youth Fastpitch Softball Bat for kids

  • Ensured durability
  • Well-cushioned grip
  • Friendly and affordable price
  • Not for adult use
  • Player still feels the vibration


Known for their reliable and quality products, Easton has again released a new one, the Easton Ghost. Manufactured and constructed entirely from composite materials, the bat is durable and very good for use. The handle of the bat is also made with composite materials. They made use of connexion technology in linking both the barrel and the handle together which helps in reducing the amount of vibration or feedback received by the player’s hand to the minimum. The bat has a proper weight which makes it aid swinging speed and general performance which is helped by its 2-piece construction and double-barrel form. In my personal opinion, The Easton Ghost -11 is the best youth baseball bat for 7 year olds player.

fastpitch softball bat for 7 year old

  • Extremely enhanced durability
  • Connexion technology helps with vibration.
  • Double barrel helps ball bounce off
  • Price range not affordable


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#6: Easton FS50 Fastpitch Softball Bat

Talking of reliability and quality in their products as well as products you can always trust, and then it is Easton. Just like the Easton Ghost, they have given us another hotshot, the Easton FS50 Fastpitch Softball Bat. Made from reliable and durable aluminum alloy, it ensures durability during use without any issue of dent or cracks. It comes with the proper and standard weight to aid easy lifting and swinging. Well-cushioned all sports grip to aid player’s grip during play. Looking for the right choice of softball bat for your kid, then you got it in the Easton FS50.

Easton FS50 Fastpitch Softball Bat for kids

  • Trusted durability
  • Friendly price
  • Has a nice grip
  • League certified
  • Vibration still an issue


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#7: Axe Bat Elite One Hyperspeed USA Baseball Bat

This is one very excellent product brought by Axe.  The Axe Bat Elite One Hyperspeed is a very reliable baseball bat. Made from improved alloy material, the Elite one hyperspeed seems to be their strongest. Its construction and design help in improving the hitter’s game. The introduction of a sting stopping urethane into the handle’s construction and design help it suppress and control vibration to the hand. Its magnificent weight and 1-piece construction help in an easy swing for yeouth the player. Its comes with a USAbat certification stamp which means it is approved for use even in the little leagues.

axe bat for kids review

  • Comes with an extended sweet spot.
  • Lightweight for fast swing
  • League approved
  • Durable and strong alloy
  • Eases players performance
  • Vibration not fully solved. Just suppressed


#8: EASTON Beast Hyperlite USA Youth Baseball Bat

Looking for a perfect baseball bat for your 7-year-olds kid that you sure he would love, then it has got to be the Easton Beast Hyperlite. With its well attractive design and colors, this baseball bat comes in handy. Not only is the design attractive and comes with a beautiful design, but it is also constructed from a surely durable alloy material which means it can serve you for as long as long can be. It gives a lightweight experience for easier swing and more speed behind bat at contact with the ball. Coupled with the ball bouncing off the barrel, it helps in improving the player’s game and hitting. Its customized cushion design lizard skin handle helps with a proper grip of the bat and creates a comfy feeling.

EASTON Beast Hyperlite USA Youth Baseball Bat

  • Well-designed and properly designed handle for best grip
  • Durable and strong alloy construction material
  • The proper weight helps guarantee speed and better performance
  • Attractive design
  • Player still faces vibration feedback from the barrel
  • Not that friendly a price for it.


#9: Rawlings 5150 USA Youth Baseball Bat

The Rawlings 5150 baseball bat is surely in a class of its own. Perfect weight and durability ensured, the Rawlings 5150 is made from the best and formidable of alloy materials for the most enhanced durability. With this, you have no fear of cracks or dent in your bat or issues odd wear and tear. With its improvement from the previous series, it guarantees you great results every time, game after game. The knob design is the Rawlings special which gives a light feeling and helps produce speed to the ball for the perfect shot. It comes with a bigger barrel than the previous 2018 series for a more hitting area.

rawlings 5150 baseball bat for 7 year old

  • Lightweight for better speed behind the bat
  • Enhanced durability
  • Better grip
  • Bigger barrel
  • Improves player performance
  • No shock absorber of any sort. Vibration does hit the player’s hand once the sweet spot is struck.


#10: Rawlings Raptor USA Youth Tball Bat Series (-12)

Designed with the thought of young ones in mind, the bat is perfect for them no matter their arm strength level. The bat is a combination of power and control and its lightweight aids in their swing and performance.

A usual or normal light bat makes it hard to generate some force or strength behind the bat, but in this bat, the issue was taken care of. With the increased mass of the bat and a cap which helps you transfer energy to the ball while swinging the bat, gives you speed, energy and all you need to be coupled in one swing. There is the presence of a larger sweet spot which makes hitting easier. The use of alloy in its construction makes durability ensured and lasts longer.

best youth baseball bat for 7 year olds

  • Lightweight but produces energy to the ball as well
  • Durable
  • Large sweet spot
  • League approved
  • The large sweet spot may become a problem when kids advance to more professional plays
  • Might tend to show dents after a while


#11: EASTON Beast USA  Kids Tee Ball Baseball Bat

We sometimes know how kids can get a little frustrated at times especially when things seem not to be going their way, in order to curb that, they need to enjoy what they are doing to create that love for the sport and trust me when I say they’re going to love this bat and the sound it makes when they hit the ball. It has the perfect weight especially for a kid who would not be able to swing a heavier bat.

This one-piece tee ball baseball bat design is made from durable aircraft alloy material which aids in its durability as well as in player performance as helps the player with more power behind the bat. It has an all-sports comfortable grip which makes sure the player stays comfortable at every swing.

Baseball Bats for 7 Year Olds easton beast

  • Durable
  • Lightweight for easier swing, contact, and power
  • Budget-friendly
  • Advised to be used on designated tee balls


#12: Franklin Sports Venom Aluminum Youth Tee Ball Bat

The Franklin Sports Venom Aluminum tee ball bat is a very nice and well-designed bat your kid is sure to love. The drop weight of this bat is not generalized. It comes according to color which means a green bat is going to have a different drop weight from a blue bat. The use of alloy material in the manufacturing of the bat helps in its extreme durability as well as its popping sound whenever a ball is hit. It also provides a durable and reasonable weight distribution when hitting no matter how the bat is being held or how it is swung. This, in turn, makes the bat feel stable and sturdy and firm in the user’s hands.

Baseball Bats for 7 Year Olds

  • Affordable and budget-friendly
  • Available in various drop weight as well as colors
  • Stable and firm
  • Made of proper quality material
  • Can be used fully well for batting drills
  • Not that durable in few cases especially if used on hard balls
  • Only reliable on soft tee-balls

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Picking A Baseball Bat for 7 year olds

What Length Should You Choose?

Choosing the right length of bat for your child is very important as it affects the child’s ability to correctly swing the bat and hit the ball. If the bat used by the child is not the correct match in length, it is going to cause the child some form of difficulty hitting the ball which might lead to some form of frustrating and trust me, you don’t want to be there when that happens.

To know which bat would be the best choice for your kid, it is advised you make the child stand upright and place the bat next to him with the tip touching the floor and the knob facing up. If the bat gets up to the kid’s waist then it is too long for your kid. The correct bat length should correspond roughly with where the waist is located but not get to the waist exactly.

If the child is around 3 ft or maybe 3 ft 4 inches, then a bat of around 26 inches would be perfect. I can advise that you add about an inch to the bat size for every 4 inches added by your kid as it would help him improve in his bat usage and arm strength as well.

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Best Baseball Bat Weight For Your Child

Just like we talked about bat length, the weight of the bat also matters. You wouldn’t want your child to be trying to swing something which to him weighs like a cement bag or something that weighs like a piece of paper from a small notebook.

Just the right amount of weight creates the right amount of force and the right swing which gives the perfect hit. Just like we talked about the length of the bat, length and weight do go together. This mostly means that the weight would not need to be considered once the length is already sorted. But this mostly is determined by the weight of the kid.

A kid weighing about 70 to 90 pounds would be more suited for a bat of about 28 to 32 inches.

A kid weighing about 60 pounds should conveniently use a bat of 26 to 29 inches.

Baseball Bat League Requirements

The little league has its requirements with regards to baseball bats to be used by players. These baseball bats need to fall under the standards adopted by the league and meet every requirement.

The rules are mostly being set and adopted by the USA Baseball bat standard (USAbat). It should be a smooth rounded piece, made of wood or any material as tested and acknowledged by the league and so also its color.

Baseball bats meeting this standard usually fall within a length of 27 to 32 inches and 2.5/8 in diameter. This means that whatever the bat you choose to buy, should fall within these requirements as it would be a disaster for the child to train with something else and play with something else.

Durability Of Bat

The baseball bat’s durability is as dependent on the product and the materials from which it was made as it also is dependent on its user. Sometimes wooden bats could crack during impact, aluminum or composite bats could begin to feel it after repeated impacts which could then lead to little dents in the bats.

This is a natural phenomenon which at some point is bound to happen but still doesn’t mean the bats won’t serve their purposes before they wear out. This is why every manufacturer makes sure his or her brand of baseball bats can at least stand the test of time for a couple of years before any dent or even micro cracks. This is why most times is best advised to get the metal, aluminum or composite bats.


The regulations with regards to the baseball bats to be used are similar to the league’s requirements. Amongst the rules is that whichever bat is to be used by any player, should be one endorsed by the USA  bat standard as this would help in the regulation of batting standards.

The maximum length of any bat is 33 inches as no player is allowed to use a bat an inch longer. The bats are expected to carry the bat standard mark. It is also to be about 2.5/8 in diameter which keeps it in the right proportion to its length. You can check also our – best baseball glove for 9 & 10 year old kids.

Consider The Batter

Just as it is when you go to a store to pick up or buy a shoe, you have to consider if the shoe is going to be suitable for you or whomever you might be purchasing it for mostly in size. The same goes for the baseball bat.

When looking for the best baseball bat to buy for your 7 year old kid, considering the kid, his taste, as well as his size, is always a reasonable factor to consider. That is why even in stores, there are various products with even the same size and features but it gives you the opportunity of a variety of options to choose from.

How To Measure a Youth Baseball Bat Size For  7-year Old Boy

It is an easy thing going to purchase a youth baseball bat for your 7 Year old boy. Some think it is just as easy as going there, pick up a bat, give it to the kid and he starts practicing. Forgetting that baseball bats are of different lengths, weights, and sizes. This is why we have come up with various steps for you to follow to ensure you select the right bat for your kid.

Step 1:  To ensure you get the perfect bat, you need to know your child’s measurement in length as this is always a determining factor in considering bat choices for your kid.

Step 2: Pick out that bat and measure it to make sure it meets up with the standard league requirements in both length and diameter.

Step 3: Hold out the bat’s knob at the center of your kid’s chest with his arm outstretched. He should be able to reach and grab the barrel of the bat as this would confirm suitability.

Step 4: Place the baseball bat erectly on the floor and have your kid stand by the side of it with his baseball shoes on. Should the kid be able to reach the knob with his palm means it is a perfect fit.

What Else Matters?

The material:

The material from which each baseball bat is made is always very important. This is because they play a huge role in the bat’s durability and also how well the player hits and the ball movement. Talking about durability might be a normal thing to read but how the player hits and the ball’s movement can seem a little confusing right?

Now I’ll explain that.

With the advancement in technology and in its introduction into everything these days including the game, manufacturers are slightly leaving the conventional use of wood in making bats and are transporting over to the use of the likes of aluminum and composite in making a bat. Having a bat made of composite, for instance, helps your swinging as the ball tends to bounce off it which is an added advantage to your usual arm strength and swing.

In terms of durability, the level of the material makes it stand the test of time and shifts the date of wear and tear effect a whole lot further. The better the manufacturing material, the better the bat. you can check also – Best Fastpitch Softball Bat for Power Hitters

The League:

Every tribe, ethnic group, and language have their rules, regulations, culture, as well as dos and don’ts and these, also affect the leagues as well. Every league have their various rules and regulations, dos and don’ts which every player should live by or adhere to to be regarded as a player in the league. Under these rules and regulations, these are the ones involving the use of baseball bats as well as what type of bats to use.

When trying to buy a piece of equipment like this for your kid, you need to be sure the bat falls under the league rules and are acceptable.

The Manufacturer

The makers of any product also do play a huge role in deciding what baseball bat to use. There is always a sense of trust between consumers and manufacturers in the market as mostly every customer has that manufacturers they feel hearing the name alone makes them feel the product would be good even without testing.

This is because, over time, the manufacturer has spent time bring out good products which have been used as a testimony to show off how good and reliable their products are and how strong and durable they also tend to be over the years as that is also a determining factor in this trust. This should also be a point of focus while going to purchase a bat for your kid.

Try to make sure you get information on what manufacturer is the best or which one of them have their product more trusted than other as this would help you know the best to pick out of the variety of options that might be presented to you.

Little League Baseball Divisions By Ages

The little league baseball division is a program which is designed to accommodate children and train lots of them to become better baseball players. It accommodates children from ages 4 – 16 years. The league is shared into various divisions;

Tee Ball:

This is always the first and introductory stage to the little league program. It is the entry-level to the division and consists of players ranging from 4 – 7 years old. This helps them gain a little experience in the game and it is grounded on fun, fitness and game fundamentals and majorly helps in making the kid develop a love for the game which is essential.

Minor league

This is a little advancement from the Tee-ball division. At this stage, the introduction of little gaming equipment gets introduced gradually as they try to make the kid more accustomed to the game rules and give them more experience than the previous division did.

Major League:

The major league here is a higher advancement in different things and to the tee ballers, this is a whole new ball game entirely as the pitching distance here is increased to about 46 feet and the diamond used is also about 60 feet. This consists of players aged between about 9 – 12 years old. At this point, the player can begin to fix him or herself properly into the game and gets way better with every new division.


The intermediate division is mainly designed for players of about 12 and 13 years but sometimes maybe 11 to 13 years old. The main difference between this and the Major league is the increase in pitch size from 46 feet to 50 feet and a base path of about 70 feet.

Junior League:

The junior league division is organized for players between the ages of 12 and 14 years old. There is the introduction of a conventional 90 feet diamond and a pitching distance of about 60 feet and 6 inches. It also allows for some modification to the diamond once in a while during the season.

Senior League:

The senior league features players ranging from age 13 to age 16 in its system. With its use of the same dimensional space as the junior league, it might seem as there is no difference, but these group of players are rated as the most advanced of the other players and are classified worthy of international tournaments and representations.


Having knowledge of the game is one thing but knowing what best works for you in regards to the game is another. Your child deserves the best way to learn and perfect his or her skill in the game of baseball and what better way to do that than to give them the best of equipment. If you follow our laid down procedures and methods, your kid is sure to get the baseball bat which is his right match and you can then enjoy watching him perfect his playing skills.

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