Best Single Wall Softball Bats

Softball bats come with a wide variety of modifications that make them an optimal choice for players. Such performance enhancers are mostly found in metal bats that make them an efficient alternative against wooden bats. The most common option preferred by a majority of the players is Single Wall bats.

For people who are unaware of the concept of single and double-walled bats, single wall bats are softball bats that have a thinner barrel made using a single layer of metal. Double-wall bats, on the other hand, have two or multiple layers of metal in its barrel.

IMAGE PRODUCT Summary Slowpitch Approved
Editors PickDeMarini Steel DeMarini Steel

Known for it’s raw power, this is perfect for tournament players ASA Approved Check Price
Best SellerEaston Rival Easton Rival

An easy to hit with solid single wall softball bat for all players ASA Approved Check Price
DeMarini Ultimate Weapon DeMarini Ultimate Weapon

Big barrel gives you a huge sweetspot and plenty of power ASA Approved Check Price
Easton L9.0 Easton L9.0

Lightweight with a high quality endload, these bat will send any ball flying ASA Approved Check Price
Easton Salvo Scandium Easton Salvo Scandium

Extended sweet spot and perfect for power hitters ASA Approved Check Price

Why use a Single Wall Softball Bat?

Most single wall softball bats are made out of aluminum which means single wall softball bats are lightweight yet durable. Single wall bats have one other massive advantage over double walled softball bats that leads to many players preferring them.

Single wall bats often have massive sweet spots that make them ideal for hitting a home run. The big-sized sweet spot can help beginners get accustomed to hitting the ball accurately and get a good sense of swinging judgment.

Single Wall Softball Bats

Because of the sweetspot, single wall softball bats are great for contact hitters. If you’re looking for a lightweight bat to get you on base every time, you should be looking at single wall bats.

In addition to contact hitters, single wall softball bats are great for softball players in youth leagues or players in restrictive leagues that don’t allow double barrel softball bats.

Are Single Wall Softball Bats Legal?

Yes, of course! Single wall softball bats are the original softball bats before “advanced” technology like double wall softball bats entered the field.

Be careful though because many softball leagues have different restrictions. In some of the most restrictive leagues, you are ONLY allowed to use a single wall softball bat!

According to the official rules of softball, bats made of metal must have a unified structure and if they have different parts, they must have an interlocking system. The bats must be round and smooth, and it should not have any cracks or burrs.

Hitting with Single Wall Softball Bats

Batsneed to have a safety grip of cork, tape, or composite material. The permitted grip size is 25.4 cm and must not extend more than 38.1 cm. The bat should have a safety knob at the end protruding at a 90-degree angle from the handle.

The safety knob can be molded, lathed, welded, or permanently fastened.

Most of the single wall bats can be used for the tournaments as they are made according to the rules of the ISF.

Single Wall Softball Bats: Advantages/Disadvantages

To help you decide if a single wall softball bat is an ideal choice for you, here are some pros and cons that you need to know.


As mentioned earlier, the two main benefits of single wall softball bats are that they are lightweight and have a larger sweet spot area.

  • Lightweight
  • Larger sweet spot
  • More affordable

Additionally, these bats cost a lot less than double-wall bats and some can even outperform them.


Of course, single wall softball bats have a thinner barrel and with that comes some disadvantages. Due to the loss of the trampoline effect, they lack the power that can be generated by the double wall softball bats.

Typically, due to the one wall construction, you’ll also sacrifice some durability. While a double wall bat may get a little dented, if you get 1 dent in your single wall softball bat, it’s probably a dead bat. Typically less power than double-wall bats

  • Lack the trampoline effect of double wall bats
  • Less durable than double wall bats
  • More feedback sting than double wall bats

In addition, single wall softball bats typically produce more vibration and sting than double wall softball bats. Due to the single barrel construction, vibration is directly relayed down to your hand. In a double barrel construction, the handle is isolated providing some vibration dampening andmaking the bat more comfortable.

To learn more about how to pick the right softball bats, watch this video:

Best Single Wall Softball Bats:

We have compiled a list of one of the best performing single wall bats that you can find in the stores or purchase online. Moreover, we have also rated them by considering factors like durability, weight, performance, and other important factors.

DeMarini Steel:

DeMarini is one of the few names that appear on top of the list of baseball and softball equipment manufacturers. The company is known for creating some notable bats that have been used by many players around the world. DeMarini is known for introducing performance-enhancing technologies that make its bats special, such as the technologies found in the latest DeMarini Steel.

DeMarini Steel

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The DeMarini Steel 2020 is known for its raw power which is much higher than the other single wall softball bats. It is perfect for tournament players who are always on a lookout for bats that can be used as an alternative to composite bats.

DeMarini Steel comes with a strong and durable 12inch Carburized Seamless Drawn Steel Barrel that generates a huge punch. This can be great for players who rely more on power shots during the game.

The bat is specially designed to perform excellently in a single wall slow pitch game with the different technology that adds to the performance of the hitter. It features the exclusive ZnX alloy handle which combines Zinc and Aluminum.

The combination is given a heat treatment to create an alloy for the barrel which attributes to the strength and stiff feel. It also gives less flex in the taper when the softball is hit.

DeMarini Steel has an end-loaded barrel and it is more suitable for players who prefer power and speed with every strike. The bat is ASA approved and can be used for different leagues.

Easton Rival:

Easton has been commended for its phenomenal kits by players of baseball and softball alike. The company’s advanced equipment not only makes the game easy for the players but also make it comfortable.

Easton Rival

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The company’s latest launch Rival is another excellent single wall softball bat that has become one of the most talked-about bats in the world of softball. Rival comprises features that players could only dream of.

With Rival, you might never have to worry about durability or denting. The bat is made from ALX50 Military Grade Aluminum Alloy. It can stand countless hits and still deliver an amazing sound with great power and speed.

The bat has a single body construction and is made to comply with the various league standards. It has an end-loaded barrel which can help you in swinging the bat effortlessly and hitting the ball at a considerable distance.

It has a stunning looking 12 inch barrel with vinyl and a comfortable grip at the handle. The incredible pop generated by the bat is truly impressive and will make you feel like a pro. Rival’s single wall barrel is constructed in a way that it can help the players preserve the energy for the rest of the game.

DeMarini Ultimate Weapon:

DeMarini’s craftsmanship and precision have made it to our list for the second time and this time the product is the company’s premium offering, DeMarini Ultimate Weapon. It is a must-have bat and features incredible enhancements that help you take your game to the next level.

DeMarini Ultimate Weapon

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Ultimate Weapon has a single body construction and is tested for different real-life match situations. The durability of the bat can be derived from the aluminum alloy design barrel that can stand strong against the most powerful pitches.

It has a 12inch barrel that covers the plate and enables you to hit the ball without stretching a lot. The 2 ¼ inch circumference of the barrel ensures that you get the maximum sweet spot. With such a sizeable barrel, you can avoid mishits and hit the ball without much effort.

The company has incorporated an End-loaded swing weight in the barrel which is an important feature as it adds speed to your swings and reduces the amount of energy required for hitting the ball.

Ultimate Weapon is designed to offer ultimate style and comfort to its users. It comes in an elegant matte black color and has vinyl all over the barrel. The handle of the bat has a firm grip that provides a good hold over the bat.

It is approved by numerous softball associations like USSSA, NSA, ASA, and ISA.

To know more about the DeMarini Ultimate Weapon, you can watch this video.

Easton L9.0:

Easton’s line-up of incredible bats always manages to surprise the buyers and make them reconsider their decision. The company’s L9.0 softball bats do the same to players who are looking for a bat for their tournament.

Easton L9.0

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This is bat is a feature-loaded bat that will surely impress you with the various things it can offer. The bat comes from the ‘L’ series of the Raw Power line up and is specifically designed to offer incredible power.

The L9.0 has an end-loaded barrel and comes in different sizes. However, there is a unique modification that makes this feature special. Different sizes of bats come with different end loads. Easton has made a part of that weight in the end-load for example. 26oz = 1oz load, 27oz = 2oz load, 28oz = 3oz load.

The entire bat is made using Easton’s THT100 Scandium Alloy and comes in a traditional one-piece design. It offers more durability and gives you an extended sweet spot as compared to the other alloy bats in the market.

L9.0 gives you a break from bulky conventional grips that can sometimes get a little uncomfortable. It is wrapped with an ultra-thin gauze grip that delivers a firm hold on the handle and more tack than the modern grips.

With Easton L9.0, you don’t have to worry about buying another bat for leagues and tournaments. It features the new ASA stamp which means you can use the bat in USSSA, NSA, ISA, and ISF standard leagues.

Easton Salvo Scandium:

Our final pick for the best single wall softball bat comes from Easton’s extensive line up of single-wall unibody bat i.e. The Salvo Scandium. The bat is proven to be a great choice for power hitters due to its tough construction and amazing features.

Easton Salvo Scandium

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Salvo Scandium is named after the alloy that was used to make the bat. The entire bat is crafted with 100% THT100 Scandium Alloy. It is known for offering unmatched durability and the aluminum material makes a pleasing ‘ping’ sound on contact with the softball.

It comes with an extended sweet spot on the barrel that can help you avoid mishits during practice or in a league match. To land perfect shots from this bat, you might need to practice some swings to get used to the bat before using it in the match.

This bat is normally chosen by power hitters as the End Loaded Swing Weight allows them to hit the ball with more impact which helps the ball cover more distance. It has a specific End Load that is a part of the weight of the bat. For instance, the 2oz End Load & the 34”/28oz comes with a 3oz End Load.

Salvo Scandium brings you the amazing benefit of using a single wall softball bat for all kinds of tournaments.

Apart from the unparalleled strength of lasting many seasons, it has 1.20 BPF certification and is approved by USSSA, ASA, NSA, ISA, and ISF softball associations.

Single Wall vs Double Wall Softball Bats:

Your bat can have a massive influence over your game and therefore you need to choose your bat very carefully. Single wall and Double wall bats do come with their benefits and perks but you need to consider some important factors when choosing between the two.

Single Wall Bats:

When participating in league tournaments, it is better to make sure that you don’t ruin your chance of rising to the top. As some leagues tend to have stringent rules for all equipment and especially bats; a single wall bat is a much safer option that you can choose to play with.

Most players who are used to playing with a double-wall bat often tend to get nervous when told to use a single wall bat in a league. In most cases, some single-wall bats have offered historic performances at the plate and helped many teams carve their path to victory.

Single Wall Bats

Single wall bats are often rejected by the players due to their short lifespan. However, this issue can be solved with a little consideration. You need to pick a bat that matches your playing style and keep it in a safe place to avoid denting or cracks when you are not using it.

For instance, if you are a heavy hitter you can opt for bats that have weights in the barrel which can help you generate enough power to drive the ball out of the stadium. You can look for bats that have barrels made with stronger metals and alloys.

One of the prime advantages that single wall bats offer is the extended sweet spot. Extended sweet spots can be a great advantage, especially for beginners. You can swing the bat from any angle or length, but when the ball hits the bat it is surely going to go far.

The extended sweet spot is a result of the single wall bat’s construction and the material used for making the bat. It adds to the length of the hitting surface, this can boost your confidence during the match and also helps in giving you exceptional plate coverage.

If you are looking for more reasons to buy a single wall bat, here is a reason that tops double-wall bats single-handedly.


Single wall bats are known for their low price which is a result of the low amount of materials used in the making of the bats.

Single wall bats can be an optimal choice if you are looking for a strong and durable bat without spending a lot of money.

Double Wall Bats:

Double-wall Bats are a great tool for playing softball and are widely preferred by players around the world. They are famous for their unique properties and strong construction that normally outlasts its counterpart.

Double Wall Bats

The most popular form of Double-wall bats is types of composite bats which are known for their unique and advanced construction. These factors enable the bats to exhibit different qualities that make them suitable for every player.

There are numerous companies that have created composite bats for players who as young as 6 years old. You can find a composite bat that fits your need of construction, weight, size, swing weight, and more.

When taking their performance under consideration, double-wall bats can offer superior batted ball speed. The massive amount of speed is generated by the bat’s strong construction and dual walls, that repel the ball.

Many believe that Double wall bats or multi-wall bats tend to have higher durability and longer lifespan. This is not entirely true, the lifespan of any kind of softball bat depends on the way of using it and maintenance.

Apart from this, there are factors like design and construction that can add to the durability of the bat. The ones that are made from high-quality material and feature numerous performance enhancers are known to last longer than the normal ones.

One of the key advantages of the double-wall bats is the trampoline effect that can be felt after each hit. The trampoline effect is one of the vital features of a double wall or multi-wall bat that can help in driving the ball to the farthest corners of the diamond.


Single wall bats can be a great option for league matches or you can use them as an addition to your practice kit. Considering that some of them can withstand innumerable hits and stay alive for a long time, they can make an ideal investment option.

I hope the above information helps you find the best softball single wall bat that suits your requirements. If you have any queries or suggestions, you can write them in the comments.

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