Best Softball Bats for 8 Years Old

Finding the best softball bats for 8 years old kid can be strenuous since kids are just starting to play the game. Children like to play games, and softball is a popular sport that kids enjoy. However, at the same time, it could become a boring sport really quickly if your child doesn’t have the proper equipment. For example, a softball bat. Playing the game and having fun is different, and without a good bat, it’s highly unlikely your child will enjoy the game. So for your kid to play the game and have fun, you should know the best softball bats for 8 years old in 2019.

Top 5 Softball Bats for 8 Year Old Kids

SLProductOur RatingPrice
#01:Easton Ghost Youth Softball Bat10/10Check Price
#02:Mizuno Finch Jennie Fastpitch Softball Bat9.9/10Check Price
#03:Easton Crystal Softball Bat9.8/10Check Price
#04:Rawlings 2019 Storm Fastpitch Softball Bat9.7/10Check Price
#05:Miken Freak 23 Usssa Slowpitch Softball Bat9.5/10Check Price

#1. Easton Ghost Youth Fastpitch Softball Bat

The introduction of the little league has been a perfect way for young ones to learn and improve their skills for those who play softball as well as a way for them to bond with their parents. In doing that, you would want to get your kid equipment he can also bond with and be comfortable using and Easton Ghost softball bat is always the right choice in these cases it also best softball bats for 8 years old.


Special Features:

The Easton bat special feature is the inclusion of the Connexion technology in the making of the bat. This aids in improving the feeling on the player’s hands by eliminating any form of sting traveling from the barrel to the hand of the player.

Material and Sizes:

Made from military-grade aluminum, the product from Easton, a reliable and trustworthy manufacturer, is durable and can help your kid deliver that powerful hit without any sign of wear and tear. It is also one which meets league requirements. The Easton ghost comes with a well and properly cushioned grip which helps you put all that power under control and helps the bat stay firm in your hands.

Barrel & Handle:

The Easton ghost barrel is known for its impressiveness from its design. Its optimal hitting zone technology gives it a trampoline-like style and effect which makes the ball uniquely bounce off it. The handles are made ultra-thin with all-sports well-cushioned grip which gives it maximum rigidity and stiffness and easy on the hand as well to enable better balance and control.


  • Gives the player a confident, good, and improved swing.
  • Solid grip for nice comfort and balance.
  • Enhanced durability
  • Connexion technology for vibration minimization


  • Price not always stable. Tends to drop too frequent.

Why we recommend it:

The EASTON Ghost Fastpitch Softball Bat is approved by all associations with the inclusion of the little league. It is the best way for your child to harness and master her skills


#2. Mizuno Finch Jennie Fastpitch Softball Bat

Want to get a great choice of a bat for professionals, amateurs, learners around the world, and then it has to be Mizuno. They have been talked about always for good reasons which are due to the quality of products they produce. The quality of this bat is capable of making your player soar onto new heights and not just because of the bat’s features but also because of the confidence he would get.

Mizuno Finch Jennie Fastpitch Softball Bat for 8 Years Old

Special Feature:

The Mizuno Finch Jennie is a one-piece bat construction made up of an all-aluminum designed alloy consisting of the MZ2200+ material which is sure to give your bat long-lasting durability as well as that nice pop sound.

Materials and Size:

The Mizuno Jennie Finch Fastpitch Softball Bat is made up of strong aluminum material which means it can give you the durability you need in your bats without the fear of cracks, dents or any wear and tear problems. It has a -13 drop weight and a 2¼ barrel diameter which makes it the right weight for your kid. Another beauty in its design is the cushioned synthetic handle grip which gives the player comfort accompanied with balance and also, reducing the vibration to the hand.

Barrel & Handle:

For an aluminum one-piece alloy constructed bat, it helps with each player’s performance as the swing is easier and faster. Its lightweight and cushioned grip make it easier for any player to make a swing and at any mishit, it reduces the impact coming to the player’s bottom hand. Its aluminum alloy barrel helps the ball bounce off once it hits giving the player a better performance.


  • Lightweight
  • Nice grip and feel in player’s hands
  • Durable and balanced
  • Association approved


  • Vibration problem not properly taken care of

Why we recommend it:

Getting any equipment, bat especially would work for your child but you want one which would give her that quality and feel. The bat gives your child a better experience, better swing, balance, speed. The Mizuno Jennie Finch Fastpitch Softball Bat is approved by various associations and also meet league requirements.

#3. Easton Crystal Fastpitch Softball Bat

Known for their exceptional quality and reliable products, Easton is one of the top and one of those most trusted manufacturers when bats are involved be it softball bats or any other kind. Their EASTON Crystal -13 Fastpitch Softball Bat was designed mainly for the younger ones who need the best equipment and the best tool to help them sharpen their skills without having to break the bank.

Easton Crystal -13 Fastpitch Softball Bat

Special Features:

The Easton Crystal design comes with a nicely packaged and cushioned ultra-thin 29/32 inch handle to help enhance player’s comfy feeling and generate better control

Material and Size:

Due to their love for providing quality products and reliable bats, they decided to make use of 7050 aircraft alloy in the manufacturing of this bat. Hence its highly ensured durability. All dents and crack issues are no longer a problem. Its lightweight and alloy material do make it easy for any player to generate speed behind the bat to the ball.

Barrel & Handle:

The use of the 7050 aircraft alloy makes the barrel the real deal with its one-piece design. Its nice pop sound, when hit on the sweet spot, would give your kid that nice lovely feeling as well as the way the ball bounces off it. The ultra-thin handle ensures better performance with more comfort and a better swing.


  • Very durable alloy material
  • Comfortable grip and also provides better control
  • Sweet pop sound


  • Might tend to not be the right weight for some kids.
  • Sting still comes into play

Why we recommend it:

There is no other reason why your child shouldn’t use Easton Crystal. The comfort, balance durability is top-notch. What better way for her to gain confidence than to introduce her to constant use of the Easton Crystal Fastpitch Softball bat.

#4. Rawlings 2019 Storm Fastpitch Softball Bat

A formidable manufacturer in the production of bats, Rawlings have come up once again with another way for your child to take her playing to a whole new level. The Rawlings 2019 Storm Fastpitch Softball Bat is a very good tool for your child to improve on her skill. It gives her just about the right weight, with the right feel for the perfect swing and shot.

Rawlings Storm Alloy Softball Bat for 8 years old

Special Features:

The Rawlings 2019 storm softball bat comes with an additional feature which is its extended sweet spot. It gives your kid a larger hitting area and creates for an easier and better play as well. You do not have to bother about the ball not hitting the bat right.

Materials and size:

Rawlings took their time with this one. Made of hyper-lite alloy material, it helps the player optimize swing speed as well as guarantees durability. It would take a long time before you would make any wear and tear complaints. Designed with attractive and beautiful colors makes it easy on the eyes.

Barrel & Handle:

The barrel is properly designed and constructed. Its alloy material makes it easy for the ball to bounce off thereby creating an easier play for the user and better performance.


  • Durable and lasts longer
  • Extended sweet spot
  • Nice weight and improves performance


  • Large sweet spot might be too much of a comfort when the player advances to a different stage in the game.

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Why we recommend it:

There is nothing like watching your kid play a game he or she loves and watching them enjoy themselves. The Rawlings 2019 storm Fastpitch softball bat is capable of giving you that. With its extended sweet spot, hitting never comes easier and performance was never better.

#5. Miken 2019 Freak 23 Maxload Kyle Pearson Usssa Slowpitch Softball Bat

Miken always brings out new advancement to their equipment and the Miken 2019 Freak 23 Maxload Kyle Pearson USSSA Slowpitch Softball Bat is no different in this area. It comes with a lovely mind-blowing elite technology to help your kid get the best out of her game. Talking of tested and trust, then you would want to talk Miken.

Miken 2019 Freak 23 Maxload Kyle Pearson USSSA Bat

Special Features:

There’s always something special coming from the Miken Freak 23 slow pitch softball hence the name freak. Attached to it in its designed, they have added the TetraCore technology to help increase the sweet spot and durability and also added the Flex 2 Power technology.

Materials and size:

The Freak 23 is no regular softball bat. Made of 100% aerospace grade fiber to help super enhance its durability and on top of all that, give the player the above perfect performance. Just what any kid would want. This three-piece composite bat comes in nice and very attractive designs.

Barrel & Handle:

The barrel of the freak 23 is one of a kind. The F2P (Flex 2 Power) technology helps its improve play by its flex optimization and more speed generation behind the bat. It has a 12-inch barrel length, with a 2 ¼ barrel diameter as well as a ½ ounce load at the end to help generate more power for the player.


  • Very durable
  • Built for great performance
  • The large sweet spot for an easier hit
  • Association approved


  • Not at all pocket-friendly
  • Sweet spot size might create issues should player switch to a different type of bat

Why we recommend it:

Looking for perfection in the game toppled with a legendary performance, then this is your equipment. Very durable, elite technological advancement and all you could want for your kid coupled in one bat. Talk Freak 23 then you talking perfection.

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How To Choose A Best Softball Bat for 8 Years Old

One very important and necessary equipment in softball is the bat. Without hitting the ball there is no game. But it doesn’t only matter how you hit the ball but with what and how you do it as well. Over time, things have changed and evolved and there are different types and kinds of softball bats as there are numerous players which makes choosing the right bat an issue. It is best to select just the right bat that suits you and you are fully comfortable to take a swing with. There are various steps on how you could achieve that if you just follow them. These styles are divided into methods and each method into various steps. You can check also our – best baseball glove for 9 & 10 year old kids.

Method 1: Getting the right bat size

Step 1: To enable you to get that right bat size, you need to know if the weight is right for you and if you can swing it. No one wants something heavy so you would want to go for something which its weight is just right. To get its weight, you will have to lift the bat in your stronger hand at a 90-degree angle for about 30 seconds. Should your hand begin to shake before time then means it is not right for you in size. You can use a lighter bat for more comfort.

Step 2: As a softball player, you would need a bat which matches your height appropriately with its length. For a taller person, it would be more suitable to use a longer bat as it won’t be a bad idea for an average person as well though in some cases. Trying to choose that bat for your kid, as a child of about 8 years, it would be nice to use a bat measuring around 24 inches to about 29 inches in length.

Step 3: As your child would still be in his or her beginning stages, it would be advised that the kid makes use of a balanced bat. When choosing a bat, choose a beginner’s bat as it would be more balanced and appropriate for your child for easy swing and also to help grow their skills. You can also checkHow to Motivate Children to Play Baseball

Step 4: Go for a bat with a loaded end. These types of bats have more of their weight at the end of the barrel which helps in gathering momentum and creates power when the contact is made. This would help your child have that power in his shot. To get bats with these features, you should not go for a wooded bat as they tend to be more balanced in weight all-round, unlike the composite or aluminum which have this loaded end.

Step 5: Finally you should try taking swings with the bat. Allow the kid who intends to use the bat to test them by taking swings to know how comfortable he feels using it as it would let him know if it is the right choice.

Method 2: Selecting The Right Material

Bat 1: If you are searching for a bat with a better speed when you swing then you can go for composite-made bats. These bats are mainly mixtures of graphite and carbon fibers. They give you excellent control of your swing and nice balance which helps generate speed along with your swing. This is also due to its lightweight.

Bat 2: Looking for that bat to ensure power and also lasting durability as well, then it has to be aluminum bats. They help you with power in your swing due to their loaded end which helps add that deserved power to your swing especially when the ball gets to hit the sweet spot. The aluminum bat provides durability and you are sure of a bat that will last for a longer period.

Bat 3: Should you want something traditional and well balanced, then your choice should be the wooden bat. Though might be seen as old-fashioned, it is the approved bat in some top professional leagues. These bats are mostly used by league professionals and are not performance enhanced.

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Softball Bats For Softball Players

Every person has a different taste, size, weight and all of those and also what works better for them. Just as a sprinter is with his boots and the types he uses so also is a softball player with his bats. To enjoy his game, he needs to make use of just the right bat to give him the best game. To do this, he must follow the designated rules in choosing the right bats properly for himself. Softball bats come in different sizes, brands, material types and all sorts ranging from the one-piece bats to the two-piece and three-piece, the composite, alloy, hybrid or wooden bats, but choosing and using the right bat is always a nice feeling. are you looking for 13/14 year old player baseball bat?

Softball Bats Swing Weight

The swing weight more often is not easily understood this is because this particular weight is not naturally obvious. Many a time, people would mistake them for the scale weight. Comparing the scale weight of a bat maybe placing it at 20 or 24 ounces will not be a justifiable way to know how to swing comparing with one another but the balance point of the bat is just about the right indicator you can use to confirm how a bat swings against the other. An easier way would be to check out and see which particular bat has its balance point close enough to the end cap. This can be done by balancing the chosen bat on your extended finger, then mark the spot with which the bat balances. Try the same out with another bat maybe one or two more. It is better to use bats of about similar lengths. Comparing the marks gathered will indicate to you which bat would be the most difficult to swing as such, you would have gotten the bat’s swing weight.

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Softball Bat Composition

Composite Bats: These are bats made mainly from carbon fibers and graphite. They are commonly used in the game of softball as they do help to give the player an added performance. Composite bats are loved for their high- speed generation, low vibration effect and larger sweet spots making hitting easier. They make a really good pop sound once that sweet spot is hit which would be a good one for the younger players.

Metal Bats: Metal bats are sort of the most common, maybe more than the composite bats which might be due to its durability. Mostly made of alloy materials, these bats can stay a longer period without any crack or dents or wear and tear effect having to show and unlike the composite bats, they don’t crack or need a break-in time and are less expensive.

Hybrid Bats: The hybrid bat is way off the chain; it is mostly a combination of the metal and composite material. Most of them do use the composite materials for their handle and grip for comfortable handling and the alloy at the barrel to help generate power which gives a greater and better shot or you can say a legendary performance. Though tends to be more expensive, the hybrid bat gives a lesser sting and vibration than the others and gives an enhanced and ensured durability.

Wooden Bats: Just like the name suggest, it is completely mage out of wood. This is the traditional bat and is mostly regarded as old these days but it has something the others don’t which is a better balance. The wooden bat though still gives that sting and vibration, would give you a more perfect and balanced swing than the others and teach you a better game and skill, unassisted.

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