Best Baseball Bat Grip Tape

Are you worried about your baseball match on a scorching summer day? One often-overlooked solution is choosing a good baseball bat grip tape. In the heat, the best baseball bat grip tape can increase your grip and ensure that your performance isn’t compromised.

Best Baseball Bat Grip Tape

Grip tapes have become one of the most popular accessories for baseball and softball players. Besides the stylish look and composition, it works wonders for your gameplay.

Baseball bats frequently come equipped with a standard grip tape (mostly, the thicker grip tape). Some players prefer thin than thick grip tapes, as both the thinner and thicker grip tapes have a different aspect to them. For instance, a thin grip tape helps the player to strike the ball at a greater speed. Whilst, thick grip tape helps to absorb shocks or perhaps stings that result from hitting the ball.

Grip tape not only adds a trendy oomph to your bat with the color and style but also provides excellent grip, durability, and improves your control of the baseball bat.

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Easton VRS Grip Easton VRS Grip

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Pros of Using Baseball Bat Grip Tape

Grip tapes facilitate the utmost comfort in grasping the bat and wielding it according to your preference. It increases the precision of hitting a shot in the gameplay. Moreover, it gives protection to your bat, increases the performance in the gameplay, and enhances the longevity of the bat.

Improves Comfort and Grip

There are three types of bat handles that players usually use; these are the wood handle, metal handle, and composite handle. Thereby, players wrap the tape around these handles to improve the comfort, feel, and grip of the bat in the gameplay.

Best Baseball Bat Grip Tape 002

Wood bats do not come with grips, thus, players have to wrap the wood handle with tape to get a better grip of the bat. Whist, Metal bats offer grips but still – most players prefer to tape their bats according to their comfort and grip preferences. Lastly, Composite bats usually differ in design, although players tend to add tape for better control of the bat in the gameplay.

Furthermore, it prevents any slipping and sliding of the bat in the gameplay. It allows you to play the game easily in any weather conditions, as grip tapes are usually water-resistant. Whether when it’s drizzling outside or hot summer days, it improves and provides a perfect grip on the bat.

Sweetens the sweet spot

Players tend to wrap the tape around the sweet spot to enhance the lifespan of the bat. It gives protection to the bat from any harm and gives a better grip to the bat.

Best Baseball Bat Grip Tape 003


The sweet spot is situated in the middle of the barrel, where the swing of the bat is fastest in the gameplay. Thereby, wrapping a tape around the midpoint can maintain the bat from any cracks and increase the longevity of the bat.

Increases Speed

Wrapping a thin or perhaps narrower grip tape helps to decrease the weight of the bat. This thereby, allows you to manipulate the bat at a faster speed and generate more power whilst hitting shots. Moreover, it increases the maneuverability of the bat in the game.

Reduces Sting and Vibration

Applying more tape helps to reduce the sting of the bat. It tends to absorb additional shock that is generated when the ball makes contact with the ball.

Best Baseball Bat Grip Tape 004

Adding tape and increasing the thickness of the bat creates a type of cushioning of the bat that allows increasing the durability as well. However, adding grip tapes does have a minor effect on swing speed.

Top Baseball Bat Grip Tapes

Each type of grip tapes provides different features and whilst purchasing a grip tape there are many factors to consider such as size, player’s age, color, budget, etc.

Lizard Skins Camo DSP

Grip tapes come in two basic categories.  The high-end polymer bat grip tapes from renowned companies that include the Vulcan, Rawlings, Lizard Skin, etc. Grips tapes from these companies are usually fashionable with trendy colors and patterns. These grip tapes are more on the sticky side and can be used without batting gloves.

Whilst, there are athletic tape and hockey tape that is mostly used for training (used to wrap the ankles of athletes). However, these tapes are more on the affordable side but facilitate less quality compared to the companies above.

So without further ado, let us now look into the best baseball bat grip tapes.

Lizard Skin Grip

Lizard Skin is one of the most renowned manufacturers of grips, especially for Baseball and Softball sports. They provide the utmost quality by engineering durable and comfortable grips for the athletes worldwide. These grips are the topmost choice for Baseball players like Russell Martin, David Ortiz, etc.

Lizard Skins 1.1mm Bat Grip

If you are looking for the ultimate grip tapes for your Baseball bat, look no further. The Lizard Skin bat grip tapes are made from Durasoft Polymer providing comfort and long-lasting experience. Moreover, they are water-resistant and can tackle any kind of weather condition.

They come in an array of 37 different color options including the solid colors, digital camo, and the US flag color. The Lizard skin bat grips give a unique and stylish appearance to your bat. Furthermore, it offers three different grip sizes as per your convenience; these are 0.5mm, 1.1mm, and 1.8mm thickness.

Lizard Skin is renowned for its high-quality grips and many baseball players swear by these grips. They’re #1 in the field and they’re tough to beat.

Vulcan Grip

One competitor comes in Vulcan Grips. Vulcan Grips pride themselves on offering the utmost comfort and bat control in any kind of weather condition. These grips are essentially convenient to fit bats that are made of alloy, wood, and composite. Vulcan has designed these grips using advanced technologies that are suitable for all Baseball players of all levels.

Vulcan Bat Grip

Vulcan grips are manufactured using a polymer blend that helps the grip to be water-resistant. Thereby you can use this grip in any season. Moreover, it comes in different types of sizes; these are 0.5mm, 1.0mm, 1.75mm in thickness.

These grips come in approximately 45 different types of colors and patterns that are based on the series. There are the USA series, Splatter series that is a color paint splashed on the second color of the grip, Asp series that is a range of digital camo, Uncommon series, Fade series, and other choices of solid colors.

Easton VRS Grip

Easton is one of the leading brands to manufacture Baseball bats such as the AdvS1Mako Torq, and accessories. Their equipment and accessories are designed especially for the Baseball sport and they outdo all the other competitors by engineering their products using advanced and cutting-edge technologies.

Easton VRS Grip

They created one of the top grip tapes in the sports industry and thus the Easton Grip facilitates all the requirements that you are looking for in a grip tape for your bat.

The Easton VRS grip features dual-density polyurethane that is constructed in multiple layers. This helps to give a cushioning to the grip, reduces the shock, and vibration in the gameplay for maximum performance. Moreover, it also offers Easton a special diamond pattern that gives a comfortable grip, and durability to the bat. Regardless of the weather condition, it is suitable for all seasons.

Unlike Lizard Skins and Vulkan grips, the Easton VRS Grip is only available in black and red colors.

Rawlings Grip

Rawlings is also one of the leading brands that specialize in producing Baseball equipment and accessories. If you are a baseball enthusiast, you might be familiar with the Rawlings Quatro bat, as it is one of their best-sellers.

Rawlings Lightweight Bat Grip

The Rawlings Grip tape offers the utmost performance, it is affordable and provides all the purpose as per your preference. This tape features a water-resistant grip that is suitable for all seasons. It provides a dampen sting, comfortable grip, and durability. Furthermore, it comes in different colors that consist of the camo version as well.

Bat Grip Tape Sizing

One important aspect to consider whilst purchasing a grip tape is the size. Size plays an important role as it directly holds an impact on the Baseball gameplay. There are essentially three sizes of grip tapes: large size, medium size, and thinnest size:

Large Size

Different brands offer different sizes of large grip tapes and thereby the large grip size ranges from 1.75-1.8 mm. This grip size is more for the young players (small hands) as it facilitates a lot of cushioning to the bat.

Lizard Skins 1.8mm Bat Grip

The thick size is ideal for small leagues players that want the utmost protection from bat sting. It helps to reduce vibration in the bat and gives an excellent performance for kids in the gameplay.

Lizard Skin and Vulcan brands manufacture the best large (thick) size grip tapes in the market.

Medium Size

The medium size grip tape ranges from 1.0-1.1 mm. This is the most famous grip size amidst the athletes as it is an all-rounder.

Lizard Skins 1.1mm Bat Grip 002

It is ideal for the intermediate players that relish some amount of cushioning to reduce the vibration and sting in the bat but not all the way thin. Thereby, this grip size is the perfect equilibrium of the thickness that you will need for your bat.

Thin Size

The 0.5 mm is the thinnest grip size that is relished mostly by professional players such as Ken Griffey Jr. This grip size offers a tactile feel, grip, and comfort to the bat. Although, it does not give protection from vibration and sting in the bat. Besides, players who use wood bats prefer the thin size.

Lizard Skins DSP Camo Hockey Grip Tape

The softball players mostly use the thin grip size, as they do not need any reduction in vibration or sting during the match. Moreover, they prefer their handles to be as thin as possible to give the utmost performance.

Do MLB Players use Bat Tape?

Bat grip tapes have become more and more prevalent amidst the Baseball and Softball players. Grip tapes provide an array of benefits and increase the rate of success in the sport.

Best Baseball Bat Grip Tape 005

Thus, yes there are a countless number of MLB players that use baseball bat grip tape to improve their performance in the gameplay.


Choosing the right type of grip tape is an utmost important aspect to improve your performance for the Baseball sport. It all narrows down to your preference of type, size, and color. Before splurging your hard-earned cash, it is better to understand what exactly is your playstyle and preference in the sport.

I hope this blog has helped to enlighten you with all the necessities that you need to know about bat grip tapes. If you are on a hunt for the top grip tapes, look no further. These are the top manufacturers of grip tapes in the market and serve you an excellent experience in your Baseball match.

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