Best Baseball Bat For 11 And 12 Year Olds 2022

Baseball is a game that is one of its kind, and so is its equipment. Therefore, the bats and balls for the game need special features, certifications, techniques of usage, etc. Moreover, it is necessary to hone one’s skills for the game from an age as young as 11 or 12.

Brands like DeMarini, Franklin Sports, Louisville, etc., have produced a few of the best baseball bats over the centuries. In addition, their varieties of sizes drop and weights ensure that there is at least one perfect fit for everyone.

Baseball Bats for 11-Year-Olds

As far as 11-year-old kids are concerned, it is the perfect age to start learning and practicing baseball. According to research and survey, almost a significant portion of all 11-year-old kids usually use baseball bats of a size of 30/ 20, which is going to be the focus here.

There is no universally acclaimed “best” baseball bat. It’s important to do your homework to find the bat that fits the needs, size, and budget of you and your child.

So, listed below are four of the best baseball bats from well-known brands suited for this age group.

DeMarini baseball bat 2019

1. DeMarini Uprising Baseball Bat

Named after the legendary Ray DeMarini, this brand happens to be one of the best baseball bat manufacturers under the sun. Not only do they sell baseball bats in a variety of colors, but also in a variety of sizes so that you can buy the one that best fits your needs.

This baseball bat is USA certified. It is made of aluminum and will allow for continuous practice unlike some of the heavier competition. It weighs a mere 1.05 pounds and will suit the need of  11 and 12-year-olds.

The baseball bats are typically available in bright colors like red, orange, and gray so make sure to consult with your little one prior to your purchase.

The grip is made of rubber, is non-insulated, and medium in size, making it easier to grip and hit. In addition, the DX1 alloy, with which it is made, makes it easier for hitters to swing.

The DeMarini Uprising Baseball bats have a weight of 1.05 pounds and a size of 30″ / 19 oz.

Special features:

  • The handle is designed with an ambidextrous design to make it comfortable for everyone to use.
  • The barrel is 2 ½”, which makes it suitable for all hitters.
  • The handle grip is designed with a two-piece grip that feels very grippy.


  • The performance rate of the bat is exceptionally high.
  • It is easy to swing and handle, especially for younger 11-year-old kids.


  • The price is higher than some of the other bats of not-so-popular brands.
  • There can be quality control issues that result in bats that won’t last as long as you might like.
  • Vibration was the most common complaint, although this is typical with this material

neon baseball bat

2. Easton RIVAL USA Youth Baseball Bat

Easton is popular for its baseball bats for kids available at a lower price compared to its contemporary brands. Made of aluminum, that it is, the bats are light enough to be used by kids. As a result, Easton rival baseball bats have carved a niche for themselves in the hearts of their young users, 11 users of age, who find it extremely easy to play with.

The Easton RIVAL bats are USA certified. They have a weight of about 1.25 pounds which is perfectly ideal for 11-year-old kids. In addition, they are made of an alloy – ALX50 alloy – which is of airplane grade, thereby making them more durable than other baseball bats.

The bat has a -10 drop that makes it perfect for children who are just learning to play. In addition, the rubber grip and the concave end cap make it easy for beginners to play with.

The Easton RIVAL USA Youth Baseball Bats have 1.25 pounds and a size of 29″ / 19 oz. They are available for $ 39.99.

Special features: 

  • It has a 2.2 mm rubber flex-grip which is not too harsh and relatively comfortable for kids while swinging or hitting.
  • The end cap has a concave design that helps kids swing perfectly with balance and power without excess effort.


  • The price! It has an unbelievably low price if compared to its branded contemporary bats.
  • It has an ideal weight and is made of an airplane-grade alloy with a concave end cap, making it a perfect fit for beginners.


  • The aluminum with which it is made is soft. Users have reviewed that the bat tends to dent or even bend after being used for a few months.
  • The bat’s weight, 19 oz., may not be too suitable for 11-year-old kids.

3.  Franklin Sports MLB 30″ Authentic Plastic Bat and Ball Set

11-year-olds can be unimaginably naughty, and it is impossible to make them handle gadgets with care. Although not a great alternative as a global material, plastic is an excellent alternative for baseball bats as far as 11-year-old players are concerned.

The size and drop of the bat remain the same, but there is a drastic change in both the weights and the durability of the item.

With a weight of 0.4 pounds and a plastic ball that comes along with the bat, this set is the perfect gear for starting up the baseball practice for kids. Neither can they damage the bat and nor can they get hurt when they use it. In addition, the bright red color makes it further attractive for kids.

You will not have to search or purchase a baseball separately after purchasing a bat: the baseball comes along with the bat in a single package.

It is perfect for teaching children the basic techniques of playing baseball without getting hurt or wasting extra money before starting with real practice on the field.

Franklin Sports MLB Plastic Bats have 0.4 pounds and a size of 30″ / 19 oz. They are available for $ 15.99.

Special Features:

  • The baseball bat has been made using blow-molded plastic, giving it a real baseball bat texture.
  • The set is available in three different bright colors, i.e., red, blue, and green.


  • It is a complete set, so you do not have to go looking for the equipment separately.
  • The price is quite a bit lower for beginners to learn their techniques first.
  • It is far more durable than other bats of alloys or wood.


  • It is not the USA certified.

grey baseball bat

4.  Rawlings Raptor & Remix Youth USA Baseball Bat

As far as equipment is concerned, children always wish to go for things that are colorful and eye-catching.

So fence raptor and remix baseball bats produced by Rawlings will be the first choice for 11-year-old kids just at the beginning of their baseball career. All its features come together to assist children in developing their baseball skills.

Like most other bats, these raptor and remix baseball bats, too, are made of alloys.

This baseball bat is the USA certified and is therefore suitable for use in all tBall leagues.

The barrel is larger, which makes it easy for 11-year-olds to swing and hit. In addition, the price of this baseball bat is comparatively lower than others from other brands.

The sublimated graphics on the bat makes it stand out in the crowd and makes it a favorite for all children. It weighs only about 1.6 pounds and is best suited for children of 11 and under. The ideal weight of the ball assists beginners in making a connection with the ball.

Rawlings Raptor & Remix Youth USA Baseball Bats have 1.5 pounds and a size of 26″. They are available for $ 30.05.

Special Features:

  • The bats have a sublimated graphic design on them. Each bat has a unique design that can make your little one a groove apart from the rest.
  • In addition, the -12 drop weight of the baseball bat makes it easier for kids to hit the ball, especially if they are in the first stage of learning.


  • The weight and size balance is way more than perfect.
  • In addition, the graphic designs are all different from each other.


  • The durability of this item is, as expected, not too high.

Baseball Bats for 12-Year-Olds

The transition of age from 11 to 12 is more crucial than it seems, at least as far as the field of sports is concerned. At this age, you can teach your child to take up more responsibility, keep his sports gear safe and protected; you can teach them to be careful so as not to damage his gear.

At the same time, you can also purchase baseball bats of better material or quality that ensures lesser damage and more durability than usual. There is no particular recommended bat size or drop size, or weight for 12-year-old kids.

Instead, they can choose from various ranges depending on how much they have excelled in baseball and how much they can play with.

Listed below are four of the best baseball bats for 12-year-olds: 

black baseball bat

1.  True Temper Youth Baseball Bat

It is essential to provide the perfect baseball bat to your child at this age. This USA baseball bat is made of aluminum and, therefore, light enough for children to carry. And with a weight of about 24 pounds, this one is perfect for your 12-year-old kid. The handle is made of a composite material. It is an ideal fit for batters.

The perfect synchronization of balance and weight makes it suitable for beginners, especially 12-year-old kids. In addition, this balance ensures that hitters can accelerate their time to contact with the help of the perfect swing weight.

The barrel length cannot be more perfect. Moreover, the taper section is extended, making it the best fit for a 12-year-old kid. The bat provides not only versatility but also allows the hitter to have full control of the bat. Its beautiful silver color gives you yet another reason to buy this baseball bat for your 12-year-old kid.

True Temper Youth Baseball Bats have a weight of 2.4 pounds and a size of 32.5″/ 24.5 oz.

Special Features:

  • Fused Hybrid Technology whereby the bat’s barrel is fused with the handle to reduce any sort of vibration.
  • This is specially designed for various styles, including gap to gap as well as line-drive hitters.
  • Exchange at no extra cost: If you decide to change your bat for a different model, drop, or size, you can simply exchange your old bat for a new one absolutely free of cost.


  • The swing is, in the clearest of words, excellent.


  • The hit is not likely to be as hard as that of a USSSA Bat.
  • The price is slightly higher if compared to the other bats.

black baseball bat

2.  Franklin Sports Youth Baseball and Tee-ball USA approved Bats

Available in various sizes, Franklin sports baseball bats are one of the best and one of the most pocket-friendly baseball bat brands that you will find in the market.

Made of aluminum and therefore comparatively lighter in weight, these baseball bats are most likely to be the perfect fit for your 12-year-old kid. In addition, these aluminum bats are USA-approved.

Franklin sports will provide you with a convenient size chart – a guide whereby you can decide which size of a baseball bat suits your child the best. There are three different size options available for purchase.

This baseball bat has a standard -12 drop which helps 12-year-olds swing and hit perfectly.

The hi-tack grip of the handle is perforated to ensure that the child can handle and swing the bat even at the first stage of his baseball practice. In addition, the bat has a wider barrel to help children play more efficiently.

Franklin Sports Youth Baseball and Tee-ball USA-approved Bats have a weight of 15 ounces and a size of 26″/ 15 oz. They are available for $ 29.99.

Special Features:

  • An extensive size chart or size guide provided by Franklin Sports will help you choose the correct baseball bat for your child.
  • In addition, the handle’s grip is perforated and therefore is easier for the child to handle and not too harsh on their tender skin.


  • What will attract you the most about the Franklin sports baseball bat is the price! Given the features it offers for its buyers, the price is quite reasonable.
  • In addition, the perforated handle, the drop size, and the size guide make it pretty user-friendly.


  • Like all other aluminum bats, this too is quite likely to get damaged after being used for a few months.

red baseball bat

3. Easton TYPHOON USA Youth Baseball Bat

With the #1 baseball bat title in the Little League baseball world series, the Easton typhoon baseball bat is one of its kind. Like most other baseball bags, this too is made of an aluminum alloy. All the available at a slightly higher cost than baseball bats of other brands, undoubtedly capable of offering comparatively better performance.

The material used in making Easton typhoon baseball bats is an aluminum alloy (ALX100) of military-grade.

The lightweight bat makes it easy to play with, and its classic -12 drop weight makes the first choice for 12-year-old baseball players.

The Easton Typhoon baseball bat provides its customers with all sorts of conveniences. The rubber flex-grip at the handle as well as the enlarged barrel is a few examples.

These features will assist all beginners with the sport. In addition, the concave end cap helps a 12-year-old kid swing and hit in the most efficient manner possible.

Easton Typhoon USA Youth Baseball Bats have a weight of 1.05 lbs and a size of 26″/ 14 oz. They are available for $ 68.41.

Special Features:

  • These baseball bats have been made with a material called the AX100 alloy. The alloy happens to be military-grade and therefore is quite durable.
  • In addition, the cushioned grip of the handle (0.6 mm) ensures that it does not hurt your child and makes it a perfect choice for 12 years old.


  • It is durable. From all reviews left by users who had purchased the item, it is pretty clear that this baseball bat is durable and sturdy enough to be used by youngsters.
  • In addition, all features of this bat ranging from the size to the drop or weight and even the material, make it extremely user-friendly.


  • Apart from the slightly high cost compared to other bats, there are no such reasons as to why you should not go for it.

slugger black bat

4. Louisville Slugger 2020 Youth Baseball Bat

Louisville slugger indeed has the reputation of producing a few of the best bats in the field of baseball. Unlike other bats, which are made of alloy and aluminum, these bats are made of wood, so you need not worry about the durability of the bats, irrespective of who has been using them.

The Louisville slugger bats are not only durable; they are light in weight and are flexible as well. The lightweight makes it easy for 12-year-old kids to handle and play with. The flexibility, much required for baseball practice, overshadows other faults if any.

Its pitch-black color gives it an otherwise professional look. It weighs only about 1.5 pounds and is light enough for children to carry. Its wooden grip makes it pretty convenient for daily usage.

Louisville Slugger 2020 Youth Baseball Bats have a weight of 1.05 pounds and a size of 30″. They are available for $ 35.52.

Special Features:

  • Therefore, this is made of pure ash wood and is more durable than baseball bats made of aluminum or alloys.
  • The 0.6 mm grip is non-insulated and hence, tailor-made for 12-year-old kids.


  • It is made of authentic ash wood and is definitely most suitable for 12-year-olds who are just at the beginning of the learning stage of baseball and are more likely to break, bend or damage their baseball bats.
  • In addition, the size and weight are completely suitable for children.
  • Although the weight might be a bit too much for 12-year-olds, it helps build muscle at this age.


  • The wooden handle might be harsh for the hands of children.
  • Children might not like the color black.
  • Unlike aluminum or alloy bats, the swing may not be as perfect as is required for beginners.

Now that you have checked all the recommendations for baseball bats that may be used by 11 and 12-year-old kids, you can simply click on the links to purchase what you think will fit your child and bring out the sportsman/ sportswoman in them. All these bats have their special features to make each player stand out from the crowd in their way.

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