Best Catchers Bags of 2020: Find the Right Bag for All of Your Gear

For catchers, getting to the diamond can end up being more difficult than being on the diamond. There is a lot of equipment to carry, and catchers sometimes need to carry two or more bags just to be a part of the game.

Getting the right catchers bag undoubtedly makes carrying all of your catchers equipment a whole lot more convenient.

But the market’s flooded with seemingly perfect options and finding that one bag that suits your needs just right can be very challenging.

Don’t worry, though – I’ve got you covered.

In this post, I review some of the best catchers bags of 2020 and weigh out their pros and cons to help you find the right bag.

IMAGE PRODUCT Holds Price Range
Editors PickNo Errors catcher bag review No Errors NO E2 Wheeled Catchers Gear Bag

3 Bats $$$ Check Price
Best SellerDemarino catcher bag DeMarini Special Ops Wheeled Bag

4 Bats $$ Check Price
best Easton catcher bag EASTON E900C Wheeled Bag

3 Bats $ Check Price
Bownet catcher bag review Bownet Commander Bag

3 Bats $$$ Check Price
Rawlings catcher bag review Rawlings R1801

4 Bats $$ Check Price

Best Catchers Bags of 2020: Top 5 Picks

1. No Errors NO E2 Wheeled Catchers Gear Bag

There’s a lot to like about the No Errors NO E2. It has enough room to hold three baseball bats and all the other essential gear a catcher has to carry.
But every bag on this list provides you with a lot of space – and there are bags that are a tad bit bigger than this one. What makes the No Errors NO E2 different are the cleverly designed compartments.

best catchers bag with wheels
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Three of the nine compartments are ventilated, which speeds up the drying of wet equipment – no one likes to put on soggy protective gear.


The bag also incorporates a shelving system, making arranging your equipment in the bag a lot easier.

It’s important to note that while the shelf doesn’t come out, you can lay it down flat and make a larger pocket. The sides of the bag have Velcro, and when you detach the Velcro, it will lay flat on the bottom of the bag.

The expandable shinguard pocket makes carrying it around a tad bit easier, and the heavy-duty cleat pocket is another feature that makes the bag different from other bags.

A lot of brands do not offer color options for catchers bags. No Errors, on the other hand, offers ten color options, all of which look attractive.

The four hooks the bag has makes putting your equipment away a lot easier. But No Errors goes the extra mile here, too, enabling you to hide away the hooks after you’re done using them.

It also has J-hooks, enabling you to carry some extra gear with ease.

But what I like most about it are the wheels. The ease of getting your gear to the dugout is a given, but the wheels are impressively robust and make the bag easier to maneuver.

The company calls the wheels the “Fat Boy” wheels, and these have heavy-duty treads that make moving the bag over grass, dirt, and concrete equally easy.


If you’re looking for a bag for long-term use, this is the bag to get. The reinforced stitching and heavy-duty materials used will make it the last bag you’ll be buying in many, many seasons.


  • Excellent compartmentation
  • Three ventilated pockets
  • Ten color options
  • High durability
  • Robust, treaded wheels


  • Won’t stand up straight.


2.  DeMarini Special Ops Wheeled Bag

DeMarini is well-known for the high-quality equipment it manufactures. And the Special Ops wheeled bag is no different.

The bag does a lot of things right – the first of which is the price. The price is on the higher end, but it’s not too pricey.

Demarini wheeled best catchers bag
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It’s also a large bag, and you can fit four bats in it – which is impressive in and of itself. However, every bat gets its own compartment, which is a sign of a high-quality bag.

The bag also impresses on the durability front – the heavy-duty construction is evident at first glance, and you can be sure that it will last for years.


The bag stands straight up regardless of how you put your try and stuff your gear in it, which is a big plus.

It also has two hooks that enable you to hang the bag on the fence. The hooks are concealed in pockets, and you can pop them out or tuck them back in as required.

The durable wheels make it easy for you to move all of your gear to the diamond and back.

However, the wheels are smaller than average, which sometimes makes the bag difficult to maneuver over gravel. It’s no deal-breaker, but certainly, something to note.

The smooth, adjustable pull handle makes up for the slight disadvantage.

The bat compartment is roomy, and since every bat gets a separate padded section, your bats will be well-protected.

You also get separate compartments for shoes/cleats and other gear. But what I like most about it is the padded phone pocket that’s incorporated into the bag.

The bag is available in three colors – black, charcoal/blue, and navy. The navy option is popular because not only does it look neat, but it also has the American flag incorporated into the DeMarini logo.


The ruggedness of the bag is one of its most attractive features. It has a hard body construction, meaning the bag’s underside is reinforced.

But the company doesn’t just reinforce the underside and stick you with a bag is weak in other parts. The stitching is solid, and even the zippers are made from metal and not plastic.

If you travel a lot and tend to be rough with your bag, you won’t regret buying the DeMarini Special Ops bag.


  • Hardbody construction
  • Includes four bat compartments
  • Available in three colors
  • Bag stands up straight
  • Storage compartments make putting away and accessing gear fast and easy


  • Smaller wheels make maneuvering a little tricky


3. EASTON E900C Wheeled Bag

The EASTON E900C is one of the more affordable options, but no compromises are made to quality.

It’s built like a super-expensive catchers bag, but it’s a lot cheaper – it offers great value for money that you just can’t pass up.

Easton catchers bag
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It’s not the biggest bag on this list, but it’s certainly not the smallest, either. You will be able to fit up to three bats in it with ease – along with all of your other catcher’s gear.


The wide-set tank wheels are one of the best features of the bag. The wheels have full-bottom rails, which fortifies the frame and prolongs its life.

The rails also make the bag a lot more stable – but it won’t stand up straight, which is a little disappointing.

But there’s a lot to like about the bat. It comes with individual felt line compartments, which help protect your gear. The three separate compartments on the outside enable you to carry up to three bats without any hassle.

The vented pockets are one of the bag’s best features – your gear will dry out quickly. The increased ventilation also impedes the build-up of bad odor.

The bag has hooks built into the bottom rail, enabling you to hang your bag along the dugout or fence. It also gives you easy access to your gear.

The lockable zippers are another big advantage, and since they’re reinforced, you will never have to worry about them breaking right when you need your gear.


The full bottom rail, coupled with the high-quality polyester used, makes the bag virtually indestructible.

If you’re on a low budget, you cannot go wrong with the EASTON E900C.


  • Full-bottom rail
  • Wide-set tank wheels
  • Fence hooks
  • Vented pockets help minimize odor
  • Reinforced lockable zippers


  • Won’t stand up; topples to the side


4. Bownet Commander Bag

The Bownet Commander strikes the right balance between durability, roominess, and pricing.

The reasonably-priced bag makes organizing your gear a breeze and enables you to access it with greater ease.

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The bag is massive and can hold a lot of gear. It’s also super durable and can handle the wear and tear that comes with travel baseball.


The 14 cleverly-sectioned pockets make it extremely easy for you to organize your gear. The bag also has a semi-hard case for your helmet, but you could also put away your cleats in it.

The bag will fit three bats, all your catcher’s gear, baseballs, helmet, and cleats, and still have space for a little bottle of water and some first aid supplies.

While it has a lot of capacity, it will fit in the back seat or the trunk of your car just fine. It’s the perfect bag for a growing athlete.

Lugging around a bag as massive as this one would be a chore. So, the company incorporated 3-inch industry grade “Big Trax” wheels into the bag. The treaded rubber wheels make for smooth traversal over all types of terrain.

When you undo the zippers, the bag unfolds and gives you access to three hooks. You can hang the bag open on the fence with the hooks and quickly access your gear as you need it throughout the game.

The removable personalization panel is one of the most unique features of the bag. You could write your name, a number, or the name of your team on it.

But what I like the most about the bag is that the shelving is removable, which gives you more flexibility. It’s attached to the bag with some strong Velcro, and you can remove it if you like.


Happy customers report that the bag withstands the wear and tear that comes with travel baseball well. The sturdy bag will last you years.


  • Large side pockets
  • Removable shelving
  • Includes a semi-hard case for helmets/cleats
  • Stands up


  • Can be too big for younger players


5. Rawlings R1801

The R1801 comes with both a shoulder strap and wheels, so you can carry it as a backpack or wheel it to the dugout and back.
If you’re using the wheels, you can tuck away the strap, so it doesn’t get caught in the wheels.

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It’s one of the biggest bags on this list, allowing you to store four bats and your catcher’s gear with ease.

But the most surprising thing about the bag is the price – it’s the most affordable bag on this list but still offers an impressive set of features.


One of the biggest advantages the bag offers is that it comes with separate compartments for shoes and chest protectors. This makes it so that your other gear isn’t soiled.

The dedicated glove pocket and mask storage make organizing your gear easy, and the external leg guard storage is an ingenious way to keep the bag compact.

The bag also includes a fleece-lined pocket, which gives you space to store valuables like your phone and wallet.

Like every bag on this list, the R1801 comes with hooks so that you can hang your bag on fences.

Considering the low price, though, the bag offers some excellent value.


The material feels rugged, and the sturdy wheels traverse through dirt, grass, and gravel smoothly.


  • Affordable
  • Excellent organization
  • Rugged wheels
  • Provides a lot of space


  • Doesn’t stand up


Choosing A Good Catchers Bag


You don’t always need to get a massive bag – if you’re just carrying around your gear, any bag on this list will do the trick. Smaller bags are also the right choice if you’re looking for a bag for your youngster.

However, if you’re also carrying your team’s gear or have a lot of it yourself, you will need to get a bigger bag.

Ease of Movement

Getting a wheeled bag is the way to go – it makes lugging the gear around a lot easier.

However, you could opt for a cheaper bag with only a shoulder-strap if you know you’ll be backing your car into the dugout anyway.


How long a bag lasts you is a direct measure of the value you got for your money.

Rugged cloth material, strong zippers, and reinforced undersides are signs of a durable bag.


The No Errors NO E2 strikes the right balance between convenience and capacity, making it the best bag on this list.

The smart design, shelving system, choice of colors, and large, rugged wheels make it worth the money.

I can unreservedly recommend it to any catcher.

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