How to Motivate Children to Play Baseball

Most children admire baseball, but as their fundamental nature, they tend to lose interest quickly, and the desire to motivate children to play baseball should be known to most parents who admire baseball. Most of these parents also played baseball at one point or have interacted with the sport at one specific time in their lives. This makes parents admire the sport and in return, want their children to be like their childhood celebrities in baseball. This is normal, we all want our children to be successful in sports or at least play a sport we enjoy.

Motivate Children to Play Baseball

Motivate Your Children to Play Baseball

However, at what time are parents supposed to make their children start playing baseball or to be more specific when are they supposed to motivate them to start playing baseball? Below is a guidance on motivating children to play one of the most interesting sports in the world.

Buying the children the right baseball gear

Baseball gear and equipment come in different makes, sizes, and price tags. A study shows that the wrong baseball equipment such as bat can discourage a young person with interest in baseball due to maybe the weight of the bat or the general make. It is therefore important to consider the laid guidelines and make a good purchase of the bat, and this will give the child an excellent baseball experience because they will be able to make better swings and in case of the experience mishits, they will not hate baseball. The choice of the equipment must be colorful, and these make the children own and possess them.

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Practice with children basic baseball hacks

Baseball is a unique game by the sporting standards, and this means, therefore that a family can enjoy hitting and catching the baseball as a means to spend time together. This, fortunately, has a way of making the children have an interest in the game and finally starts playing baseball. A study shows that children have a tendency of imitating their parents and if the imitation is sports oriented, the better. An evening practice with them is not much to a parent but can have a tremendous effect on the overall motivation of the children.

Take the children to major league matches

Baseball matches are the most interesting thing to do with children. It is not only a chance to spend more time with them but also helps the parent in introducing the children to the fun world of baseball. In these league games, the children are socialized with the interesting and energetic population of baseball lovers, and it is the perfect time for the child to sport baseball heroes. When a child makes a hero out of a professional and successful baseball player, they will tend to imitate them by playing the sport and in that case, start playing baseball.

Buy the children baseball books and cards

Baseball books are many and different according to ages. Buying the books to them as gifts is a huge step in making them understand baseball from a literary point of view. Some books such as biographies and autobiographies by baseball icons can help the children in realizing what took these icons to be successful in baseball. It has been proven that we are what we read and therefore making the children read these amazing literature is a major stride in making them love baseball. Baseball cards are also important, as they can get an alternative to decorate their rooms with them and therefore building more love for baseball.

Play multiple sports

As said before, children tend to get bored quickly while playing the same game. However, kids need to play sports to stay healthy and fit. So let your child play multiple sports in addition to baseball. For example, let your child play soccer on Monday, tennis on Tuesday, and so on. Keep in mind the kid’s health. When playing multiple sports, motivation will grow inside of a child naturally.

Don’t make your child afraid of the ball

Baseball is a game where a ball is thrown to the batter whereas the batter hits the ball. The ball is thrown with the premise of battling with the batter, so if the hitter is afraid, then the game itself loses meaning. That goes the same for other positions as well. If your child is scared of the ball, then he will not be able to enjoy the game, something as a parent you wouldn’t like.

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Surprisingly, most players at the start are afraid of the ball; it’s not just your child, so don’t worry too much. The only difference is that some fear a little more than others. If you make your kid lose the fear of getting hit by the ball, his motivation will increase. And the best way to do that is to start with soft-balls until the child gains the confidence and appropriate skills to play with hard balls.

Praise the effort

Children like to be praised and likewise dislike getting scolded. So make sure to compliment your kid when playing. But that does not mean you should praise him for every play he does, that will only affect his mindset negatively. It is the effort that matters, sometimes more than the results. For example, just because your child hit the ball or caught a diving catch does not mean you should say “great hit” or “great catch.” You should praise him for the practice he put effort into so even if the result turns out bad praise him for the effort he put into the game and encourage him to do best for next time.

Have fun

In the end, everything comes down to if your kid having fun or not. If the child is not having fun, then it’s putting the cart before the horse. Many kids love baseball naturally, and they will want to have fun as long as the parent and coaches don’t turn too serious. Keep in mind, when a child is young, having fun is all matters. So make sure your child is having fun while playing baseball. As long as they are having fun, they will stay motivated to play the game.

In conclusion, the above approaches must not be done in a forceful manner, and it should be systematic because just like adults, children hate being coerced. In addition to the above approaches to encouraging children to play baseball, watching a movie from the house of from a theater is a strong visual encouragement to them playing baseball. It is also vital for a parent to be able to reward the children in case of progress made.

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