Best College Baseball Bat Reviews 2020 – Most Used Bat

Looking for the best college baseball bat?  Every age or grade of players requires different equipment and not all equipment even though similar are worth the same. All baseball bats serve the same purpose but not all baseball bats are suitable for adults and younger players especially those aged between 6 years to 10 years.

In the game of baseball, different equipment is required for different age grades and different leagues and also do need to come with the league’s stamp. This shows that such equipment is approved for use in the league and meets the various rules, regulations and requirements.

When choosing a baseball bat for your college kid, you need to consider some factors as these things are always important to ensure you don’t make the wrong choice and end up having to spend in excess. No matter how good you think you might be in the selection process, there might always be some flaws here and there or at one point or the other. This is why we have taken out time to strategically give you some pointers in order to give you a head start when you plan on making such choices.

The 10 Most Used College Baseball Bat Reviews

There are numerous products in the market these days which are very much suitable for use by college baseball players. The issue is, as there are the good ones, there are also the best ones and the ones that don’t just meet the cut at all. No one wants to go for anything lower than the best no matter their budget. No matter you level of experience, making this choice of selecting the best is always a difficult task and one we always dread. At one point or the other we might have made mistakes in this. In order to avoid any further mistake on your path, we have helped ease the selection process by providing for you a list of the best 10 college baseball bats suitable for college baseball player as well as their pros, cons, what they are made of, etc. Go through this list and see how easy your task just got.

Editors PickEaston Ghost X -3 Adult Baseball Bat (BBCOR) Easton Ghost X -3 Adult Baseball Bat (BBCOR)

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    Best SellerMarucci Cat8 -3 Baseball Bat Marucci Cat8 -3 Baseball Bat

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      EASTON B2000 White Ash Wood Baseball Bat EASTON B2000 White Ash Wood Baseball Bat

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        Rawlings Quatro Pro BBCOR Bat (-3) Rawlings Quatro Pro BBCOR Bat (-3)

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          EASTON Project 3 Alpha -3 BBCOR Bat EASTON Project 3 Alpha -3 BBCOR Bat

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            Marucci CAT 8 Connect BBCOR Baseball Bat: MCBCC8 Marucci CAT 8 Connect BBCOR Baseball Bat: MCBCC8

              9.8/10Check Price
              Louisville Slugger Select 719 (-3) 2 5/8″ BBCOR Baseball Louisville Slugger Select 719 (-3) 2 5/8″ BBCOR Baseball

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                Louisville Slugger Raid BBCOR (-3) (EA) Louisville Slugger Raid BBCOR (-3) (EA)

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                  DeMarini Voodoo One Balanced BBCOR -3 Drop DeMarini Voodoo One Balanced BBCOR -3 Drop

                    9.8/10Check Price
                    Rawlings 2020 Velo ACP BBCOR Baseball Bat Series (-3) Rawlings 2020 Velo ACP BBCOR Baseball Bat Series (-3)

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                      #1: Easton Ghost X -3 College Baseball Bat (BBCOR)

                      It is always advised to go for a product manufactured by a trustworthy and dependable company or manufacturer. Easton has always been known for excellent products and the Easton Ghost X -3 college Baseball Bat is one of those. It is popular and well-known amongst youth players’ mostly high school and colleges because of its efficiency and the ability of the bat to meet their needs. This is a two piece composite bat that is constructed with a larger barrel but also produces a light swing. For a player or a hitter looking for a bat with a large hitting area, this piece is sure to serve you well. It comes with the best of features suitable of making your playing experience the best and keeps you ranking top among your peers.

                      Easton Ghost X -3 Adult Baseball Bat (BBCOR)

                      Special Features:

                      The Easton Ghost X is filled with mind blowing features to keep you at ease throughout your game at all times.

                      1. Engineering X Advanced Carbon Technology (EXACT) carbon construction.
                      2. Connexion Technology.
                      3. X-tended barrel design.
                      4. Hyperskin Grip.

                      Materials and Size:

                      The Easton Ghost X -3 Adult Baseball Bat is made of composite material which makes it very much durable and lightweight. It has a length to weight ratio of -3 which makes it pretty much balanced enough for a better swing. It is about 35 inches in length.

                      Barrel and Handle:

                      This bat comes as a two piece composite construction. This means the barrel is made of composite material. It has a larger barrel making hitting much easier for the players and enhances performance. It has a Hyperskin grip attached to the handle to give the player a better grip. Its EXACT handle and barrel construction helps with the reduction of vibration to the hand thereby giving the player a better feeling of comfort.


                      1. A real performance enhancement bat
                      2. The bat comes with a larger barrel construction
                      3. Vibration effect is reduced to the barest minimum thanks to the EXACT hand and barrel
                      4. Has a commendable balance weight
                      5. The bat is association approved which means it is suitable for use in various leagues


                      1. The larger barrel might end up being a problem at the latter stages for young players when they get to the adult or higher professional leagues.
                      2. The cost of the bat makes it pretty much expensive to acquire.
                      3. Durability is good but not great

                      Why we recommend it?

                      The Easton Ghost X -3 college baseball bat comes as an approved bat with a stamp to show which means it is safe for use in the league. It also has various tremendous features which are sure to help boost your kid’s performance on the plate as well as his confidence levels. If you want top consistent performance then should surely be your choice of equipment. Although its price range might seem sort of high but considering its features, it is just about a right bargain.


                      #2: Marucci Cat8 -3 College Baseball Bat

                      For those that are familiar with quality especially with Marucci products would know about the Cat 7. If you have witnessed the wonders of the Cat 7, then imagine something of an upgrade from the Cat 7 and how it would feel like when using it. The Cat 8 is a whole new different experience altogether. First off, one major difference is in the barrel. The barrel length of the Cat 8 is unrivaled by any version before it. The barrel walls are made to be thicker and stronger to help add some more power and strength behind every hit though still maintaining its nice weight. It is not too heavy or too light. It gives you a longer and larger sweet spot combined with a proper and better weight distribution. It also provides you with fantastic pops and nice sound making your play even more enjoyable.  You can check also Baseball Bat for 13 to 14 year old player

                      Marucci Cat8-3 Baseball Bat

                      Special Features:

                      Marucci outdid their selves on this one. The types of features as well as the amount are outstanding. It was designed to meet up with those basic needs of a player and more creating a very interesting and wonderful performance for all users.

                      1. AZ105 aluminum material which is more like the strongest on the line but also allows for a lightweight and more responsive bat.
                      2. Second Generation anti-vibration AV2 knob for less vibration feedback
                      3. Ring free barrel construction
                      4. One piece allow construction
                      5. Micro-Perforated soft touch grip
                      6. Expanded sweet spot with multi-variable wall design

                      Material and Size:

                      The Marucci Cat 8 Baseball Bat is made of the AZ105 alloy material which is one of the strongest in the market. This helps it stay and perform for longer. It is very durable and consistent. It has a length to weight ratio of -3 making it have a perfectly balanced swing weight.

                      Barrel and Handle:

                      The barrel is aluminum made and with it construction material means guaranteed durability and a higher response rate. It possesses a ring free construction which makes the barrel more flexible when taking a swing. It comes with an expanded sweet spot for a better hit and better performance. It has a second generation AV2 anti-vibration knob which helps with vibration reduction and rebound on the hand.


                      1. It comes with a larger sweet spot
                      2. The AZ105 alloy material ensures you get guaranteed top class durability
                      3. The bat is well balanced meaning it is not too light or too heavy.
                      4. It comes with a vibration reduction tech (AV2 knob), to help reduce the vibration impact.
                      5. Very attractive and beautiful design


                      1. The bat still does have some sting
                      2. The price range of the bat is not encouraging to some customers

                      Why we recommend it?

                      If you want to get the best of performance and you want top quality bat, then you should go for the Marucci Cat8 -3 Baseball Bat. It has a perfectly and well balanced swing weight and a nice drop weight to complement it. This means control can never be a problem. Flexibility and durability is guaranteed and top notch. The price might seem discouraging but one purchase is sure to last you for a very long period.


                      #3: EASTON B2000 White Ash Wood Baseball Bat 2020

                      With Easton, it is more about coming up with class and a touch of something traditional and that was definitely shown in this piece. After showing themselves as a trustworthy and reliable manufacturer of solid bats using the aluminum and composite materials, Easton have come to show their prowess in the wooden market. The EASTON B2000 White Ash Wood Baseball Bat is more of going back to the original and traditional baseball bat construction material. The wood used for the construction of the B2000 baseball bat is very solid and strong and also durable. It is made from North American white ash which is a reliable piece of wood and also comes at a low price making it a perfect choice. Its design and color gives it a professional look and a classy feel. It has a nice balance with a 15 inch handle to give you a better control.

                      EASTON B2000 White Ash Wood Baseball Bat 2020

                      Special Features:

                      1. Possesses a Laser Engraved Barrel
                      2. A non-cupped end for a better balance

                      Material and Size:

                      The Easton B2000 Baseball bat is crafted out from the North American white ash wood to help ensure it stays durable, strong and consistent for longer periods. This means the bat is sure to take you for seasons without any need to replace. It has a length of about 35 inches.

                      Barrel and Handle:

                      The barrel and handle of the Easton B2000 are both made of wood. The handle measures about 15 inches while the barrel completes the rest of the length. The longer handle helps for a better control and swing of this piece which helps improve performance. The non-cupped end helps gives it a better balance than other regular wooden bats you might find in the market hence making this piece special.


                      1. Provides a well-balanced swing weight
                      2. It has a non-cupped end which aids its balance as well
                      3. It is lightweight
                      4. The north American wood is very much durable
                      5. It is very durable with a price range of around $30
                      6. Comes with a very nice and attractive design


                      1. The player feels a whole lot of sting during use
                      2. The bat comes without a warranty
                      3. Can tend to break during use unexpected

                      Why we recommend it?

                      The EASTON B2000 White Ash Wood Baseball Bat is very much one of the best wooden baseball bats in the game and the market right now. It is sure to help you with a better performance and train you for the professional and adult league ahead. If you need a properly balanced bat with a nice swing weight and easy control then this is just for you. It comes at a very low and cheap rate meaning it is very much affordable. you can check also  Baseball Bats for 9 Year Olds


                      #4: Rawlings Quatro Pro BBCOR College Baseball Bat (-3)

                      Rawlings is always regarded as one of the top manufacturers in the game and has been known for their quality products and also amazing features they always tend to have. The Rawlings  Quatro Pro Adult Baseball Bat is pretty much one of those numerous top quality products produced by Rawlings Sporting Goods. It is a one hundred percent complete composite bat with a reinforced barrel. The material used for the construction of this piece helps increase the pop gotten from every hit as well as increases the distance of your shot. It is sure to increase your performance in various ways.  It comes as a four piece composite bat with the best of balance anyone can ask for.

                      Rawlings Quatro Pro BBCOR Adult Baseball Bat (-3)

                      Special Features:

                      1. Longitudinal Flex design increases the bat’s performance or trampoline effect by making the ball bounce more off the bat when you take a hit.
                      2. New Focused flex collar helps reduce the vibrations and stings with it stiffer feel
                      3. Lightweight end cap gives you a better weight reduction for a nicer control
                      4. New suspended inner barrel for a better and improved speed
                      Material and Size:

                      The bat is made of top class durable composite material with the best of designs. The Carbon fiber composite material used in its construction is highly re-engineered for a better speed, balance, flex and durability. It comes with a length to weight ratio of -3 and a length measurement of 31 inches.

                      Barrel and Handle:

                      The barrel of this bat is made of carbon fiber composite material. It has a longitudinal flex design which comes to play when you take a hit. It helps the ball bounce further off the bat giving you a better result and an improved performance. The barrel measures about 2 5/8 in diameter which means it is really a big one. It is infused with a new focused collar to help reduce the amount of vibration and sting transferred to the hand.


                      1. This edition comes with a better design and appearance than the previous ones
                      2. Releases a better pop and sound
                      3. Ball bounces off better with this bat
                      4. A proper performance enhancement tool.
                      5. Gives you the best of balance and control
                      6. With this piece you get a 30-day performance warranty which seems better than the regular one year warranty.


                      1. It is one of the most expensive bats on the market
                      2. This piece does have some durability issues in the long run
                      3. If you are so used to the older series, this might take some getting used to.

                      Why we recommend it?

                      The Rawlings  Quatro Pro Adult Baseball Bat is very much a recommendable all round product. If you want balance, speed, improved performance the Quatro  edition is a great pick. Although it is expensive but despite the cost, the bat still comes with so much advantages and features that are sure to blow your mind every time, again and again. Rawlings offers a 30-day performance warranty on this one which means if it doesn’t perform up to its standard and your taste, you are free to return. You can learn more from  Baseball Bats for 7 Years Old


                      #5: EASTON Project 3 Alpha -3 College Baseball Bat

                      Easton is regarded as one of the world’s leading manufacturers of both baseball and softball equipment. Their products are known to be reliable and trustworthy and sure to meet the needs and expectations of customers and players. The Easton project 3 Alpha is a one piece baseball bat construction with solid and amazing mind blowing features. Its construction helps with the optimization of control giving you full advantage and control of your swing and hit on the pitch. It is made with the ATAC alloy material and possesses Carbon-Core Tech which helps with the creation of thin walls. With this bat you can be sure to send the ball soaring sky high after every hit. Easton added a custom Lizard skin grip to this piece to give you a better handling, control and a comfortable feel anytime you take hold of this bat. It is created by winners for winners and just the right tool to help improve your play.

                      EASTON Project 3 Alpha -3 BBCOR Baseball Bat

                      Special Features:

                      1. ATAC alloy construction material
                      2. Custom Lizard skin grip for better handling
                      3. Possesses the VISCOR handle insert
                      4. Speed Cap for a more flexible and responsive barrel
                      5. Carbon-Core technology

                      Material and Size:

                      The Easton Project 3 Alpha is made from the ATAC alloy material which is reinforced with the Carbon-Core Technology to help create one of the thinnest barrel walls in the game and enhance its durability. It has a length to weight ratio of drop 3 giving it a perfect balance and the user an optimized control. It measures about 32 inches in length and is suitable for use by young players.

                      Barrel and Handle:

                      The barrel of the Easton project 3 Alpha is a one piece alloy construction with a reinforced C-Core tech. It is designed with thin walls which are durable and possesses a speed end cap to help boost the power on every hit and make the ball fly a real distance. It is durable and sure to last you seasons. Added to the handle is a custom lizard grip which makes the handle more comfortable to use.


                      1. The bat is very durable and sure to last
                      2. Comes with a proper balance and control
                      3. The bat is legally approved for both college and high school players
                      4. Comfortable custom handle with lizard skin grip


                      1. The Easton project 3 alpha is and Expensive bat.

                      Why we recommend it?

                      Looking for a winner’s equipment to keep you playing or performing in the same line then the Easton project 3 Alpha is a great choice. It possesses and optimized control, nice balanced swing weight and a drop 3 length to weight ratio to match with it. Although the bat can be said to be pretty much expensive especially as it is mostly suitable for college and high school player, its features do tend to somehow match its price range.  You can learn also  Softball Bats for 8 Years Old


                      #6: Marucci CAT 8 Connect BBCOR Baseball Bat: MCBCC8

                      Marucci is known for producing products with an in-depth attention to much better details. One of the main differences between this edition and the previous is the addition of the new and improved AZ105 Alloy material. It is regarded as one of the strongest aluminum materials in the market. Irrespective of its strength, it gives the bat a thinner barrel wall, an assured and guaranteed durability and a higher response rate. Marucci made this bat to provide a stiffer feel and maintain the transfer of energy and power to the ball while reducing the amount of vibration sent to the player’s hands. This is possible with the aid of the extended shock Dissipating connection or the ‘SDX EXT’. Another exceptional feature added to this is the AV2 2nd generation anti-vibration knob. It provides a less vibration feedback and a harmonic dampening system to create a better feel.

                      Marucci CAT 8 Connect BBCOR Baseball Bat: MCBCC8

                      Special Features:

                      1. Ring free barrel construction for a better barrel flexibility and an improve performance
                      2. The AZ105 alloy material for strength and durability
                      3. It possesses a handle made from carbon composite material
                      4. Power loaded barrel
                      5. Extended shock dissipating connection
                      6. Micro perforated soft touch grip
                      7. Expanded sweet spot

                      Material and Size:

                      The Marucci Cat 8 connect baseball bat is sort of a typical form of a hybrid bat. It has its barrel made of one of the strongest aluminum materials in the AZ105 alloy and its handle is made of carbon composite materials. The mixing of both materials gives a better barrel performance and a comfortable anti-vibration handle. It comes in different sizes and weights ranging from 31 inches by 28 ounce, 32 inches by 29 ounce, 33 inches by 30 ounce, 33.5 inches by 30.5 ounce, 34 inches by 31 ounce. It has a length to weight ratio of drop 3.

                      Barrel and Size:

                      The barrel of the Cat 8 connect baseball bat is a two piece construction. It is made from the strong and durable AZ105 alloy aluminum material which helps provide maximum power at every hit. The handle is made of the carbon composite material making the bat a typical hybrid example. Attached to the handle is a micro perforated soft touch grip with an extra tack to improve player handling and comfort. It also features the AV2 anti-vibration tech and the extended shock dissipating connection to diminish unwanted vibrations.

                      1. The bat provides consistent top performance
                      2. Its AZ105 alloy and carbon composite material are way more durable than regular baseball bat materials
                      3. Has a vibration diminishing feature
                      4. Comes with the best grip and handling thanks to the Micro perforated soft touch grip
                      5. Well-balanced and provides better control
                      1. The price range of this bat is off the chart
                      2. If you are a real long ball hitter then this bat would not really suit your style
                      3. Customers and players do tend to complain about stings once in a while

                      Why we recommend it?

                      This bat is likely one of the best 2 piece bats to hit the market. It is sure to help you with the best balanced and control and help add some more power to you hit. Its features are amazing and sure to meet players’ basic needs no matter your style. You can check also Best Fastpitch Softball Bat for Power Hitters


                      #7: Louisville Slugger Select 719 (-3) 2 5/8″ College Baseball

                      The Louisville Slugger select 719 baseball bat is pure class. If you have been a fan or a lover of Louisville products then you would have been waiting for a piece like this. That wait is surely over. For those looking for bats with a nicely loaded end, this is just perfect. Compared to the popular Louisville Prime 919, the Slugger select 719 is a thicker piece with a loaded end. This is a three piece hybrid bat construction. The handle of this bat is made of pure 100 percent composite materials. The composite handle gives the bat a better flex and durability. For those who need a bit more control and a bit more power to their hit, this will be of real good assistance. Attached to the end of the barrel is a new SPC End Cap which helps add more speed to the player’s swing and also maintains precision and control during play.

                      Louisville Slugger 2019 Select 719 (-3) 2 5/8" BBCOR Baseball

                      Special Features:

                      1. A new SPC End Cap to add more speed to swing
                      2. Louisville Slugger’s VCX Technology for a reduced unpleasant feedback and better comfort
                      3. New Pro Comfort grip for better handling
                      4. ST 7U1+ alloy barrel for an improved response and a larger sweet spot
                      5. Slight end load swing weight
                      6. Composite made handle

                      Material and Size:

                      The bat is a purely a hybrid bat. It is made of both composite and aluminum materials. The handle of the bat is 100 percent composite made while the barrel is made of alloy. It has a perfect balance and weight which makes it well suited for use for high school and college students. It has a length to weight ratio of drop 3. It comes in various sizes ranging from 30 inches to about 35 inches.

                      Barrel and Handle:

                      The barrel of the Slugger select 719 baseball bat is made of a very solid alloy material. It is made of the ST 7U1+ alloy material which is very durable. It has a larger sweet spot which makes hitting seems easier and performance reach a higher level. The handle is composite made and comes with a new pro comfort grip for a comfortable handling and easier swing.


                      1. Very durable and long lasting construction materials
                      2. It guarantees performance enhancement
                      3. Speed and power generation is ensured
                      4. Suitable for both high school and college kids
                      5. League and association approved
                      6. Vibration feedback is reduced to the barest minimum


                      1. The bat is really expensive and might be a problem for some customers to afford

                      Why we recommend it?

                      There are a few baseball bats that can stand tall when placed with the Louisville Slugger Select 719 baseball bat. It guarantees you more speed and power with every hit and a better performance than you are even used to. Yes the price is a bit scary, if you get it, you can be sure never to regret it.


                      #8: Louisville Slugger Raid BBCOR (-3) (EA)

                      Louisville features again in our list with another product marked with simplicity and awesomeness. The Louisville slugger raid baseball bat shows that you really don’t need all the features in the world fitted into your bat to get that desired performance level. To show the trustworthiness of Louisville and their product, they have placed a 30-day performance warranty on this bat. This means if you are not truly satisfied with the performance of the bat after 30 day, you can return to either your retailer or Louisville directly and get a full refund. This shows that the bat is nothing but class. This 3 piece bat brings a new dimension of performance tech which is unrivalled in the market. It has additional features which helps give the barrel a trampoline-like performance which means the ball gets to bounce off easily with every hit. There is also a reduced vibration impact on contact with the ball. The bat is a pure alloy designed barrel, constructed from the AC21 alloy, and a composite handle.  These materials ensure it produces one of the best results on the pitch.

                      Slugger Raid BBCOR (-3) (EA)

                      Special Features:

                      1. TRU3 ( A 3 piece construction)
                      2. Flex band barrel technology
                      3. AC21 scandium alloy barrel
                      4. Pure 360 composite handle

                      Materials and Size:

                      The Louisville slugger raid is constructed from pure composite and alloy materials to make sure the user gets the perfect result. Its composite handle is made of the 360 composite material and the barrel made of the AC21 Scandium alloy barrel. It has a length to weight ratio of drop 3.

                      Barrel and Handle:

                      The barrel is measured at 2 5/8 in diameter and comes with a sweet spot which unlike some other products is not that large. Its alloy construction gives it maximum durability and a better trampoline effect which helps the ball bounce off the bat easily. Louisville added a hard connection piece to this bat which is found between the barrel and the handle. This hard connection piece helps reduce the vibration received by the barrel before it reaches the players hands.


                      1. Has a reduced vibration and feedback
                      2. The bat is balanced and has a nice control
                      3. Gives out a good sound when contact is made
                      4. Ball bounces off the barrel pretty well
                      5. Comfortable and reliable grip
                      6. Price range is somewhat fair compared to others in the market


                      1. Bat texture is not that sweet
                      2. A few users have complained that the bat kind of feels a bit heavy on the hand

                      Why we recommend it?

                      The Louisville Slugger Raid baseball bat is very much a nice bat and one sure to offer you a better balance, swing and performance and all this at a great price. Although for some others it might seems like an expensive bat, compared to others in the market with regards to its features it is very well a properly priced bat. It comes with a 30 day performance warranty and also a one year warranty which mean no matter what, you are always safe if you choose this. You can learn also :  Baseball Bat for 6 Year Old


                      #9: DeMarini Voodoo One Balanced BBCOR -3 College Baseball Bat

                      Manufacturers of amazing sporting equipment, DeMarini is back again with another magical one which is sure to blow minds away anytime and any day. The DeMarini Voodoo One balanced baseball bat is an exceptional equipment. Built with performance enhancement in mind as the main aim, the bat is a mixture of both dynamism and sturdiness. It is a right bat for those hitters who wish to improve on their power in a new season and want to remain at that top level for longer periods. If used by a large strong player with a lot of power naturally, this is going to cause some serious damages to players on the pitch and such a hitter would be so difficult to play against. The bat is league and association approved for both colleges and high school making it a perfect choice for younger baseball talents.

                      DeMarini Voodoo One Balanced BBCOR -3 Drop Baseball Bat

                      Special Features:

                      1. 3 fusion taper for better feel and an improved weight distribution
                      2. X14 alloy material
                      3. 3 Fusion end cap for better performance and an enhanced weight control
                      4. RCK Knob for comfortable control

                      Material and Size:

                      The DeMarini Voodoo one is made of the X14 alloy material which makes it a complete alloy or aluminum bat. It comes in different sizes and weights which makes it suitable for different range of players. There is the 30 inches by 27 ounce, 31 inches weighing 28 ounces, 32 inches weighting 29 ounces, 33 inches weight 30 ounces and 34 inches weighing up to 31 ounces. It has a length to weight ratio of drop 3 and is regarded as one of the best balanced bats in the market.

                      Barrel and Handle:

                      The barrel of this bat is a solid one piece construction. The use of the X14 alloy helps the bat to be precise and distribute the weight fairly. It measures about 2 5/8 in diameter. Attached to the handle of this piece is the RCK knob which is solidly recognized for its production of comfort. The RCK knob allows you take a swing whenever while feeling at ease on your hands. The 3 Fusion end cap helps to optimize the bat weight control and performance.


                      1. The bat is sure to help add to your performance
                      2. The X14 alloy material is very much durable
                      3. It is comfortable and easy to use
                      4. A properly balanced swing weight
                      5. Easier control


                      1. Enough feedback and vibration is still being felt with this piece during each use.
                      2. The bat is an expensive one

                      Why we recommend it?

                      The DeMarini Voodoo One Balanced Baseball Bat is a very good one and an advantage for its user. It provides you with the best when it comes to balance. It possesses a proper swing weight and a better control than various equipment in the market. For a young player, it is the right tool to help you harness and sharpen your skills. It comes with a one year warranty from the company.


                      #10: Rawlings 2020 Velo ACP BBCOR Baseball Bat Series (-3)

                      If the topic is class and unmatched properties and abilities then you are at the right place and reading about the right equipment. Rawlings have always been known down the years for product which have hit the market with a bang and are sure to never stop blowing minds away. The 2020 Velo ACP baseball bat is one of its kind and a top player in its field. If you wish to boss the plate and control the cards on the pitch then you really need to make this yours. This exceptional bat is of the hybrid kind. A mixture of both alloy and composite materials which makes it lightweight enough to help generate enough speed behind every hit. Rawlings has added the Accelerated Carbon Performance to this piece making it the first bat with such feature. This helps it maintain its lightweight structure and increases its bat speed. This bat carries a longer and flatter barrel than regular bats to help it optimize the sweet spot and make hitting seem pretty much easier. The is the precision laser pop 2.0 for better barrel flexibility whenever contact is made to provide better results at all times.  With such amazing features on show, Rawlings still offers customers a one year warranty on this beauty.

                      Rawlings 2020 Velo ACP BBCOR Baseball Bat Series (-3)

                      Special Features:

                      1. Accelerated Carbon Performance (ACP)
                      2. Precision Laser Pop 2.0 for a better barrel flexibility and an increased sweet spot
                      3. Two piece composite bat made from ultra-light carbon fibers
                      4. Made from the Ai909 alloy material known for its strength and produces thinner walls to maximize exit velocity.
                      5. Urethane infused fibers for vibration and feedback reduction

                      Material and Size:

                      The bat is hybrid construction. It is a combination of the Ai909 alloy material and the Ultra-light carbon fibers. It offers both lightweight feel, durability and a better exit velocity. This bat possesses a nice and recommendable balance and a length to weight ratio of drop 3. It comes in different lengths and weights to make it suitable for various players. It measures 31 inches by 28 ounce, 32 inches by 29 ounce, 32.5 inches by 29.5 ounce, 33 inches by 30 ounce, 33.5 inches by 30.5 ounce and 34 inches by 31 ounce.

                      Barrel and Handle:

                      The barrel of the bat is a 2 piece construction with a 2 5/8 diameter. It is made of the Ai909 alloy material and makes hit more precise and efficient and performance more enhanced. The barrel is infused with the precision laser pop 2.0 for a better flex as well. It comes with a larger sweet spot and enough potential to make your every hit one of power. The handle is made of composite material. There is the urethane infused fibers to help reduce any feedback or vibration passed from the barrel to the hand after each contact.


                      1. Alloy material is strong and durable
                      2. Performance made really easy is the aim with this bat
                      3. Has a great balance and a nice pop
                      4. Comes with a longer and larger sweet spot
                      5. Reduced vibration feedback
                      6. League and association approved
                      7. The bat has a one year warranty


                      1. The bat is really pricey and expensive
                      2. Larger sweet spot can be an issue for young players when they upgrade to more professional equipment.

                      Why we recommend it?

                      The Rawlings 2020 Velo ACP BBCOR Baseball Bat Series is special and unmatched in features and performance. It is a top class bat for players aiming for that top class performance. Though it comes really pricey and expensive, it is surely worth a shot and a good bargain as always in the long run. It has a one year warranty which keeps you covered.


                      College Baseball Bat Size

                      First of all being able to strike a ball well with the bat is not an easy task. Hitting as a matter of fact can be pretty difficult. It takes a lot of concentration as well as some hand to eye coordination to get through that process. You also need to have you bat held the right way as well as have the right pose and above all swing it the right way. In order to do these properly and make that solid hit, your bat has to be the right size. Not only should it be the right size according to regulations, but right size for you. If it is not, then that player is always going to struggle. There are various ways of sizing your bat for a college kid.

                      Determining the Ideal Size by Length:

                      The first thing to bear in mind when trying to select what bat to use or purchase either for yourself or your kid is the length. Always bear in mind that the actual size of baseball bats range from the minimum which is 27 inches long, to the maximum which is 34 inches long. It is done this way so the bigger players do not tend to make use of bigger bats there by giving them more advantage than others when it comes to making a hit. It is always important for the length of the bat and the length of the user to go together in proportion. Aside the tape measurement style, one way of checking the length or the bat with yours is having the bat placed on the floor with the barrel end and the knob held up by the hand. The user should stand by the bat as well. If the bat reaches his hip then it is a perfect length but if it gets to the waist. The player is liable to struggle. Below is a chart showing the length measurement;

                      AGE LENGTH

                      14 Yrs. – 15 Yrs.31 inches – 33 inches
                      16 Yrs. – 18 Yrs.32 inches – 34 inches
                      18 Yrs. & above32 inches – 34 inches


                      Determining the Ideal Size by Weight:

                      Another thing to consider again is making sure that the selected bat by length is also suitable for you by weight. The weight of the bat is important because no one wants something that is quite too heavy to lift or to use. Heavier bats are usually made to generate more power behind your hit while the lightweight bats are made to generate more speed. If you are a fan of power then it is preferable to use the weightier bats. One way you can use to check the weight of the bat is by holding the bat up with your arm out stretched. The bat should be help on the stronger hand. This should be done for about 30 seconds. If you are able to hold it up without the arm shaking or getting tired then that bat is a great fit.

                      College Baseball Bats Aluminum Or Wood

                      Overtime there have been changes in the manufacturing of baseball equipment and the baseball bat to be exact. The rise and advancement of science and technology in recent years have created an avenue for different changes in the manufacturing process of the baseball bat as well the material used in making them. Far back as the 1880’s and the 1900’s, baseball bats were made purely of wood. In recent times, there has now been the new innovation of making use of aluminum materials. Each material, whether aluminum or wood, do have their various advantages. It is always important to be informed on their differences and advantages in order to know which you might prefer above the other.

                      Advantages of the Wooden Bat:

                      1. Bat Response: Yes aluminum bats tend to minimize the impact or feedback received from contact made with the ball as well as its lighter structure, the wooden bat actually allows the player to feel this. This helps because it enables the player develop different mechanics and styles with which to approach the ball when about to take a hit.
                      2. Gives an improved form and player strength: A wooden bat is always made to be properly weighted. This makes the bat to be rightly balanced making it possible for the hitter to drive the ball well. Compared to aluminum bats which have a lightweight that makes it seems as a golf-like swing.
                      3. Gives Player a Better Pitch Discipline: One of the numerous advantages of the wooden bat is that it allows players the opportunity to learn the correct way to hit a pitched ball. Due to the fact that the wooden bat dishes out feedback and vibrations, any bad hit would mean you get to feel an adverse feedback effect on your hand. This makes players cautious and therefore has to learn to hit properly.
                      4. Creates Better Barrel Awareness: Unlike the metal bats that have an optimized area or sweet spot, the wooden bat does not. The feedback given to you by the wooden bat allows you learn the sweet spot and the best way to makes your hits really count.

                      Advantages of Metal Bats:

                      1. Larger sweet spots for a better hitting area: The metal bats offer players a larger sweet spot which makes hitting way easier. An average metal bat has a length of about 2 to 6 inches at the end of the metal which helps you achieve optimum power with every hit.
                      2. Better durability and does not break: The wooden bat can be prone to break sometime or anytime but its counterpart, the aluminum bat, does not break. This is the reason most colleges prefer the use of aluminum bats as they do not break. This is because more durable woods are harder to find making them more expensive to purchase.
                      3. Provides a Faster Swing Speed: Aluminum bats are made to be more of lightweight equipment. This makes the bats way lighter than the usual wooden bat thereby giving you more speed on your swing.
                      4. Possesses a Trampoline Effect: The aluminum bats have barrels that are made with thinner walls which make them provide more flex. The thinner walls help transfer the energy from the bat to the ball which gives it a better trampoline effect by launching it farther than the average wooden bat would. Wooden bats tend to absorb more of the energy while the aluminum bats distribute that energy back to the ball.


                      What Material Are College Bats Made Of?

                      There are various materials used in the manufacturing of baseball bats but in some leagues and association as well as in some games, some might not be allowed. For instance, in the Major League Baseball (MLB), aluminum bats are not allowed. In college games and leagues, there are various kinds of bats that can be used, namely;

                      1. Aluminum
                      2. Composite
                      3. Hybrid bats

                      These bats vary in performance and most times in quality and durability.

                      Aluminum College Baseball Bat:

                      Aluminum bats are the types of bats mostly used in high school, colleges and even in the little leagues as well. The aluminum bats are made to be lightweight which means it is sure to be lighter than most bats you might see in the market. It is also durable and lasts long. The aluminum bat is sure to make swinging easier for the younger players and that is why it is mostly recommended for them as it is a good way to teach the young ones some hitting and swinging techniques. The aluminum bat allows the ball the pop off nicely thereby add more speed where there is a lack of strength and maybe accuracy.

                      Composite College Baseball Bat:

                      Composite bats are made to be somewhat lighter than the aluminum bats. It is made majorly from graphite, plastic, carbon fiber, and sometimes titanium. This allows the youth players the ability to perform at a higher level with a light and well-constructed bat. Although with all its beauty and all, the composite bat cannot be compared to the aluminum bat in terms of durability especially at the region between the handle and the barrel.

                      Hybrid College Baseball Bat:

                      This is a bat that has the combination of both the aluminum and the composite bats. The hybrid bat mostly has a handle which is made of aluminum and a barrel molded out of composite materials mainly graphite, carbon, plastic, and titanium. One of the biggest and most popular strengths of the hybrid bat is its durability. It is built with a resistance to dents, bends, dings, defects or any insufficiency which means it is sure to last a longer period. With all its advantages, one of the big disadvantages of the hybrid bat is its cost price. It is more expensive than both the aluminum and composite bat which can sometimes be a turn off for some customers making them prefer the aluminum bat because it is cheaper.

                      College Baseball Bat Regulations

                      College baseball bat regulations are similar to adult league rules and regulations, most differences occur because of school restrictions and size limitations. There are institutions that prohibit certain makes, types and or materials used in bat production. Most regulations on college baseball bats are present due to associations like Bat-Ball Coefficient of Restitution (BBCOR), National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA), Ball-Exit Speed Ratio (BESR) and further more. The regulations vary from college to college and from town to town.  Some of the regulations are:

                      Just like in the Major League Baseball where the use of aluminum bat is prohibited,

                      1. Most college approved leagues have standing rules wherein bats must be from about  27 inches to 34 inches long in order to be legal or approved for use in the leagues.
                      2. All non-wood bats are to be certified so as to be used for collegiate and NCAA play.
                      3. The baseball bat barrel’s shade of color between the 18 inch mark and the end cap should be a color contrasting the color of the baseball.
                      4. The knob of the bat should not be altered
                      5. All bats that are for use in the college leagues must bear the NCAA stamp which shows it meets both the NCAA bat regulations and the NCAA requirements before they can be used in the leagues.

                      College Baseball Bats Requirements

                      There are various thing required from baseball manufacturing companies before their products can be approved or made legal for use in the college leagues. With the advancement of technology and science, many manufacturers and brands of baseball bats have emerged with each one trying as much as possible to make their product stand out in the market above all others. The use of aluminum and composite materials in the creation of baseball bats has become prevalent. This has now made the playing field seem unlevelled and unmatched especially when you try to compare them with the wooden bat which in most cases provides no extra help in terms of technological features or the likes. These has created a system and requirements as well as rules which each bat has to meet and pass to be accepted and approved by the association.

                      1. Any bat for use in the college league must be a minimum of 27 inches and 34 inches in length.
                      2. All bats with barrel made from composite materials are to be subjected to the Accelerated Break-In Test (ABI) so as to ensure that such bat is not too hot for use in the league and would not give a play an unfair advantage over the other.
                      3. All Non-wood bats for use in the league should have gone through a testing process to check its trampoline effect. Aluminum and composite bats for instance, do release some of the energy unto the ball by flexing inward slightly which propels the ball to move further. Wooden bats do not give such. With wooden bats, the energy is lost on contact and as such the playing field is no longer even leaving the alloy or composite bat user with a technological advantage. This testing is to attempt to make them perform more comparably to one another and to try as to level the playing field.
                      4. Each bat must go through the Ball Exit Speed Ratio (BESR) Protocol to be considered for certification.
                      5. Every manufactured bat for college use must also go through the Bat-Ball Coefficient of Restitution (BBCOR) protocol in order to complete its NCAA certification process

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                      The game of baseball is a tremendous and amazing one which is always filled with various growing talents in various places. The best way for young players, mostly hitters, to harness such talent and sharpen them is with the right instrument and in this case, the right baseball bat. There are various baseball bats in the market presently and not all of them are good for use or regarded as the best and not all that might be regarded as the best are good for use probably because they have failed to meet up with the NCAA baseball bat regulations and requirements. No one is ever solidly a professional at picking the best baseball bats and we can say, we all have made an error one time or the other but that is why we have given you guides to follow to help in your search. We have listed for you the best bats suitable for college students as well as the best way to size them and know if they are suitable for you or maybe for your kid. Following these guidelines as well as familiarizing yourself with the college baseball bat requirements and regulations can go a long way in helping your decision making as far as baseball bats are concerned.

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