Best Baseball Gloves for 6, 7 & 8 Year Olds

Choosing the best baseball gloves for kids can be hard but it doesn’t have to be. If you’re looking for a baseball glove for your 6,7, or 8 year old, check below for our top picks plus how to choose the correct size baseball gloves for kids.

5 Best Baseball Gloves for 6,7,8 Year Olds

IMAGEPRODUCTOur RatingBest for
Editors PickField Master Baseball and Softball GloveField Master Baseball and Softball Glove10/106 -8 year oldsCheck Price
Best SellerRawlings Players Youth Baseball GlovesRawlings Players Youth Baseball Gloves9.9/104- 9 year oldsCheck Price
Mizuno Youth Prospect Ball GloveMizuno Youth Prospect Ball Glove9.8/106 – 7 year oldsCheck Price
Rawlings Players Updated Youth Baseball GloveRawlings Players Updated Youth Baseball Glove9.7/107 – 9 year oldsCheck Price
Louisville Slugger GenesisLouisville Slugger Genesis9.5/106 – 10 year oldsCheck Price

When choosing the best baseball glove for kids, always refer to the phrase “It fits like a glove”.

No matter their age or size, they need to make sure they use the best fitting and comfortable glove when they’re out on the field.

To help with this – we’ve placed our sizing guide for 6 – 8 year olds here.

The right size baseball glove needs to be snug but not tight. During a typical game, you may wear your baseball glove for up to 3-4 hours. If it’s too tight, you won’t feel comfortable. If it’s too loose though, you run the risk of it falling off during a game.

#1: Franklin Field Master Baseball and Softball Glove

One of the most reliable and trustworthy equipment manufacturers in the game. Franklin sports products always seem to be ever ready to meet their customer’s desires and needs.

This wonderful, eye-catching baseball glove is perfect for kids of all ages. It comes in different sizes and orientations for both the right-hand thrower and the left hand as well.

The Franklin Field Master gives your kid the ability to pitch the ball with confidence and catch well no matter their stronger hand. Its comforts and precision make it reliable enough for use as a toddler’s glove for both baseball and franklin baseball gloves for kids

Special Features:
  1. Contour fit system
  2. Easy break-in
  3. Hand-formed pocket
  4. Premium synthetic leather
  5. Available for both right and left-hand throwers
  • Product Weight: 7.2 ounces
  • Product Size: 7 inches x 8 inches x 4.7 inches
  • Manufacturer: Franklin Sports Inc.
  • Model: 22606
  • Warranty:90 days

The Franklin Sports Field Master Series comes with a great feeling of comfort and a nice fit in the player’s hands. It comes with a contour system which makes it comfortable and fits perfectly well into the user’s hands. It is also adjustable as well. Its soft synthetic leather material makes it feel light on the hands and it’s easy to break in.

Franklin Synthetic Leather Field Master Baseball
  1. Easy break-in
  2. Premium synthetic leather is very durable
  3. Affordable and friendly price
  4. The glove is available for both left-handed and right-handed throwers.
  5. Customizable fit due to contour system
  1. Pocket is not as reliable
Why do we recommend this glove?

The Franklin Sports Field Master Series is an exceptional glove for your kid to start his baseball experience. Whether for practice or games, this baseball glove always makes pitching and catching seem easy.


#2: Rawlings Players Youth  Baseball Gloves (Ages 6 to 8)

The Rawlings ‘new’ youth player baseball glove series provides players with a new dimension of amazing baseball and Tee ball gloves for 6 to 8 year players. It comes with some attractive new features and 4 wonderful and eye-catching colors to suit your taste.

It gives beginners a very nice advantage in their game and comes with a very highly recommended flexibility. It is manufactured with a soft and pliable shell which helps with easy close and nice control.

Its various colors, accents, soft inner lining gives your kid just the right blend of comfort and style to help them start and build up their baseball career.

Rawlings Players Series Youth  Baseball Gloves (Ages 6 to 8)
Special Features:
  1. Basket web pattern
  2. Soft pliable shell
  3. Textured Vinyl design
  4. Neo-Flex Conventional Back
  5. Velcro wrist strap
  • Product Weight: 8.6 ounces
  • Product Size: 10 inches x 10 inches x 12 inches
  • Manufacturer: Rawlings Sporting Goods
  • Model: PL10DSSW-12/0

The Rawlings Players Youth Tee ball/Baseball Gloves Series is comfortable and fits different sizes hands well. It comes with a Velcro wrist strap which helps it stay firm on the hand during use with any fear of falling or slipping of.

Rawlings Youth best  Baseball Glove for 6, 7 & 8 year old
  1. Wonderful and extra comfort
  2. Very soft, pliable, and reliable material
  3. Velcro wrist strap to help with its fitting
  4. Neo-flex conventional back helps with its flexibility and aid fitting
  5.  Very affordable price range
  6. Easy and really fast break-in
  1. The player might tend to feel some catching effect on the hand due to the softness of this glove
  2. Textured vinyl material might not be that dependable in hardcore games.
Why do we recommend it?

This Rawlings baseball glove for kids is designed and built for kids. With different colors, your child will love the design. This glove is very soft so it requires very little break in. And best of all? It’s very affordable – perfect for kids.


#3: Mizuno Youth Prospect Ball Glove for 6/7 year old

Looking for just the right glove to give your kid an excellent starting point? Then the Mizuno Youth Prospect Ball Glove is one of our top picks.

It was constructed to be comfortable with your 6 or 7 year old kid’s hands and help him enjoy his game. It comes designed with a Para shock palm pad to help minimize the effect of the ball on the hand and keep the player enjoying his game.

This glove is perfect for both starters and all young players alike. Mizuno GPP1075Y1 Youth Prospect Ball Glove

Special Features:
  1. Para shock palm pad technology
  2. V-flex Notch
  3. Patented Powerclose Technology
  4. Power lock closure
  • Product Weight: 12.2 ounces
  • Product Size: 12 inches x 6 inches x 8 inches
  • Manufacturer: Mizuno
  • Model: 312089.RG90.08.1075

The para shock palm technology helps cushion the blow of catching a fastball and protects your hands.

Compared to other baseball gloves, its leather material is way lighter than others making it perfect for kids.

To help ensure a tight fit for hands of all different sizes, there is still the presence of the power lock closure to help make you feel more comfortable and keeps it well fitted to your taste.

  1. Lightweight
  2. Ensured durability
  3. Para shock palm pad helps keep the hand protected at all times
  4. PowerClose technology and V-flex notch for easy catches.
  5. Power lock closure helps keep glove fitted to hands
  6. Friendly price
  1. The material doesn’t absorb sweat that well.
Why do we recommend it?

With a lightweight material and extra cushioning, the Mizuno Youth Prospect baseball glove is perfect for kids of all ages. This is a glove that will take your child through multiple years of Little League.

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#4: Mizuno Prospect Finch – Youth Utility Mitt for Kids

Designed with softball legendary gold medalist and Mizuno brand ambassador Jennie Finch, the Mizuno Prospect Finch – Youth Utility Mitt comes with a new design and comfortable feeling to help you through the season.

With full grain leather palm and pigskin backing, this Mizuno glove is built to last.The addition of the PowerClose technology makes catching seems so simple and easy and dropping a fly ball now seems like an ancient story.

It is made with Mizuno’s Para shock palm padding technology to give you hand its much-needed protection and a Butter soft Palm liner for a luxurious feel and unmatched comfort.Mizuno Prospect Finch - Youth Utility Mitt

Special Features:
  1. Mizuno Para shock palm pad technology
  2. Butter soft palm liner
  3. PowerClose technology
  4. Leather palm and pigskin backing
  5. MZO lining
  6. Power Lock Technology
  • Product Weight: 8 ounces
  • Product Size: 13 inches x 7 inches x 8 inches
  • Manufacturer: Mizuno
  • Model: 312469.F913.05.1000

The Mizuno Prospect Finch – Youth Utility Mitt come with top-quality comfort and fitting. It has the Mizuno Para shock palm pad technology to help protect the player’s hands from any effect gotten from a catch of maybe a high-speed ball.

The butter soft palm lining offers the best of extra comfort. The Power lock closure technology to help keep it well fitted to the hand and removes any fear of slipping. The MZO lining is there to remove any form of perspiration or sweat from the skin during use.

  1. Well assured long-lasting durability
  2. MZO lining for perspiration removal from skin
  3. Para shock palm pad for hand protection
  4. PowerClose technology to ensure catching is always easy
  5. Power lock closure for better fitting
  6. Adjustable wrists lock
  7. Very affordable price
Why do we like this baseball glove for kids?

Looking for that top class glove for the perfect start for your kid or one to help improve his game, the Mizuno Prospect Finch – Youth Utility Mitt is always that great choice.

Its features come unmatched and unrivaled both in comfort and protection, performance enhancement, and durability


#5: Rawlings Storm Youth Fast pitch Softball Glove

Rawlings sports goods have always been known for their reliable and trustworthy baseball equipment and the Rawlings Storm Youth Fast pitch Softball Glove is just another of them. It is just the perfect combo of great functional design and game ready, easy break-in glove. This makes it an excellent choice for a young playing looking to improve his or her game.

It has a huge amount of flexibility with its all-leather shell construction, softball specific pocket designs, and its updated cosmetic beautification.

It is lightweight, very flexible, and easy to open and close and comes with a sure catch design.RAWLINGS Storm Youth Fastpitch Softball Glove

Special Features:
  1. Sure Catch Notch
  2. All-leather shell construction
  3. Game ready break-in
  4. Neo-Flex technology
  5. Micro-injection Velcro strap
  6. Funnel Web
  7. Cushion Palm Padding
  • Products Weight: 8 ounces
  • Product Size: 12 inches x 8 inches x 8 inches
  • Manufacturer: Rawlings Sporting Goods
  • Model: STORM

The Rawlings Storm Youth Fast pitch Softball Glove is one of those gloves with assured comfort, the best of feeling and nice fitting. It comes with a lightweight which makes it easy to use for the young players.

Its micro-injection Velcro strap and Neo-flex technology makes fitting more firm and keeps the bat at just the right size on the hand. Its cushion palm padding makes sure your hand receives a soft and comfortable feeling at all times and makes the game an enjoyable one.

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  1. Lightweight and easy to use
  2. Great choice of glove for kids
  3. Newbies and starters can begin with this glove
  4. Catching made easy with the sure catch notch
  5. Easy open and close
  6. Provides guaranteed comfort and flexibility
  7. Neo-flex and Velcro strap for assured fitting
  1. Less protection for the hand than other gloves.
Why do we recommend it?

There are very few baseball gloves that can boast of a wide range of wonderful features. The Rawlings Storm Youth Fast pitch Softball Glove provides exceptional features.


5 Best Baseball Gloves for 8 Year Olds

8 year old is kind of a transition between the toddler/young kid baseball gloves shown above and older child baseball gloves. Depending on the size of your 8 year old, you may want to choose a glove from above (if they’re smaller) or check below (if they’re normal/larger for their age).

All of the gloves on this list tend to be more durable than the gloves listed above – meaning they’ll last for multiple seasons. So don’t be afraid of the initial price tag. If you look at how long they’ll last, it’ll come out to be the same.

#1: Wilson A2000 Baseball Glove Series

Wilson, a brand name widely known for its quality of products when it comes to baseball gloves, is at it again with another glove. The Wilson A2000 Baseball Glove is one of their flagship baseball gloves and it’s perfect for 8 year olds.

It comes with an unmatched and unrivaled feel, outstanding rugged durability and a perfect break-in. It has a stiffer thumb, an extended palm and a well modified and increased durability and mobility and also a reduced rebound. This ensures that the player feels a minimal sting from every catch.

The presence of the Dri-lex wrist technology helps keep the skin cool and comfortable throughout every use.

Wilson A2000 Baseball Glove Series

Special Features:
  1. Dri-Lex Wrist technology
  2. ½ Moon web
  3. Pro stock patterns
  4. Dual welting
  5. Pro stock leather
  • Product Weight: 1.35 pounds
  • Product Size: 12 Inches x 5 inches x 7 inches
  • Manufacturer: Wilson
  • Model: WTA20RB161786
  • Glove Series: A2000

The Wilson A2000 Baseball Glove Series provides top-class comfort and fitting. It comes with an unmatched during the game to make the player get the most comfort and feel well relaxed.

Its Dri-lex wrist lining tech helps transfer moisture away from the skin keeping the hand dry and cool at all times. The glove is made of a pro stock leather which provides the player an unmatched and adequate feel along with its durability.

Wilson A2000 Baseball Glove Series
  1. Long-lasting and ensured durability
  2. Classy comfort
  3. Helps with perspiration on the hand during a game
  4. Durable pocket and lasting break-in
  5. Increased mobility.
  1. Does require some break in
Why do we recommend it?

A great choice if you want your kid to improve his game and give him that much-needed confidence boost. Its price is very affordable making it a double win in both price and quality.


#2: Mizuno GPP1150Y1 Youth Prospect Ball Glove

One of the best and most prominent features with this glove is its flexibility and performance. Mizuno used Heel Flex technology to help make this glove more flexible and thus better, for younger players.

There is also the Butter soft lining which helps minimize the level of sting received by the player ’ s hands when a ball is caught.

The PowerClose technology features in the glove to help players makes catching the ball see easy and also a ParaFlex palm to make the glove feel more flexible and also help for an easier break-in.

Mizuno GPP1150Y1 Youth Prospect Ball Glove


  • Product Weight: 3.52 ounces
  • Product Size: 11.5 inches
  • Manufacturers: Mizuno
  • Model: 312087.F849.11.1150
  • Color: Brown
  • Warranty: 1 year

With a soft lining and extra padding for the palm, any child can rest easy knowing that this glove will be comfortable for hours out in the field.

The added closure helps clinch the glove around the wrist – keeping it on your wrist during games.

I also liked that you could slip a finger outside of the glove for stability and help when opening and closing the glove.

Overall, an excellent glove for an excellent young kid whether he is just a starter or looking for how to take up his performance levels.

  1.  Long-lasting performance and guaranteed durability
  2. Para shock Palm pad for optimum hand protection at all times
  3. Butter soft lining for more comfort during play
  4. Amazing flexibility and performance due to added heel flex tech
  5. Very affordable cost
  6. Assured performance improvement
  7. Unisex glove
  1.  Tends to run small
  2. Nothing in place for hand perspiration
Why do we recommend it? 

The Mizuno GPP1150Y1 Youth Prospect Ball Glove is terrifically exceptional. A good glove like this coming at such a low price tells you that you don’t need to break the bank to get quality. It is just the ideal glove for any kid from 8 years on.

Fits perfectly, amazing power lock closure, wonderful feel and comfort, flexibility, easy catch, easy control, and the list goes on. If you want your kid to get his season off to a great start, then this should definitely be your choice.

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#3: Rawlings Players  Baseball Glove for 8 year old

he Rawlings Players Youth Glove Series speaks volumes about the products from the Rawlings sporting goods being sure of top quality and also performance-oriented. They have offered customers one of the best youth gloves in this 10.5 inches piece.

It is just perfect for any player who is at the base or beginning of their baseball career.

This baseball glove comes with a soft shell which makes it soft and easy on the hands and players can open and close the baseball glove easily.

The flexibility of the glove is top and well enhanced with its basket web pattern.   There is no break-in period for this glove or any break-in required after purchaseRawlings Players Youth Baseball Glove Series

Special Features:
  1. Neo-Flex conventional back
  2. Velcro wrist strap
  3. Basket Web pattern
  4. Soft inner lining
  5. 100% broken-in from the factory
  6. Right-hand throw
  • Product Weight: 4.8 ounces
  • Product Size: 10.5 Inches
  • Manufacturers: Rawlings Sporting Goods
  • Model: PL105BRW-6/0-RAW
  • Hand Orientation: Right Hand Throw
  • Color: Blue

The Rawlings Players Youth Glove Series is quite reliable in terms of its feeling and fitting. It comes with a soft pliable shell making it easy to control, open and close and also makes the glove lightweight.

The presence of the soft inner lining helps provide a high level of comfort to an easy playing process. It also contains Neo-Flex conventional backs and Velcro wrist strap for better flexibility and customized fit. This means no matter the conditions, the glove stays firmly in place. Rawlings Players Youth Baseball Glove Series

  1. Proper durability
  2. Improved performance and keep it up there at a top-level
  3. Excellent flexibility
  4. Optimum comfort through the soft inner lining
  5. Ideal for youths of 8 years and below
  6. Basket web pattern helps create a better performance
  7. 100% game ready with factory break-in
  1. Stiffer than other youth baseball gloves
  2. Weak stitching around the Velcro
Why do we recommend it:

Rawlings sporting goods have always been a reliable brand and this glove is no exception. Get this baseball glove for your kid and have him feeling like a pro among his peers.


#4: Louisville Slugger  Genesis

Another top brand in the game is Louisville Slugger. The Louisville Slugger Genesis glove is made out of mesh is perfect for kids. With a 11.5″ inch size, it’s on the larger side for 8 year olds but the quality and lightweight material make it easy for 8 year olds to use.


louisville slugger genesis


  1.  The comfort of the glove is the real deal
  2. Wonderful and amazing durable leather
  3. Lightweight and easy to use
  4. Easy closure
  5. No break-in required
Why do we recommend it?

If you are looking for something that meets the needs of players and comes at an affordable rate, then this should definitely be your pick. Wonderful comfort, durable and can serve you for a pretty long time. It doesn’t require any break-in which means you can buy it and get straight to business.

#5: Wilson A2000 PS 1st Base Baseball Glove

Wilson is always rated as one of the best producers and manufacturers or quality baseball gloves. This hype is no joke. The Wilson A2000 PS 1st Base Baseball Glove comes with specific special features to help your kid get the best performance and be regarded as a top player amongst his peers.

It has deep pockets, a stiffer thumb and also a wider web. It comes with a nice revolutionary design that is a game-changer. It has rugged durability, provides consistent top performance and a dual welting for a long-lasting pocket.

This baseball glove makes use of Dr-lex lining technology to help keep your skin feeling cool during use and transfers moisture from your skin when needed so it remains cool and dry proving the needed comfort. Wilson A2000 PS 1st Base Baseball Glove

Special Features:
  1. Dri-Lex Tech
  2. Reinforced single post web
  3. Dual Welting
  4. Double Heel break design
  5. Pro stock leather
  • Product Weight: 8.8 ounces
  • Products Size: 12 inches x 5 inches x 7 inches
  • Manufacturer: Wilson
  • Model: WTA20LB152800
  • Warranty: 1 year

The Wilson A2000 PS 1st Base Baseball Glove is a real game-changer and a piece made for comfort. The addition of the Dri-Lex technology to this baseball glove ensures that.

This amazing ultra-breathable wrist lining tech helps with the transfer of moisture from the skin and solves all perspiration issues during every game so you don’t have to bother about your hand being Wilson A2000 PS 1st Base Baseball Glove

  1. The durability of the glove is top-notch
  2. Has a classy look
  3. The pro stock leather material makes it sturdier
  4. Its dual welting helps create a durable pocket
  5. Keeps hands cool and dry at all times creating better comfort
  1. Might tend to be difficult to break-in
  2. Break-in can take a while which can be a negative pointer some times.
Why do we recommend it?

If you are looking for quality and durability in one, then the Wilson A2000 PS 1st Base Baseball Glove is your guy. Its pro stock leather made from American steer hides is mid blowing.

It comes about twice as durable than the usual leather and also lighter making it easy for your kid to use. With this glove, your kid has no problem whatsoever to worry about. Once broken in, you are set to go.


Interested in choosing the best baseball gloves for kids? We’ve broken it down by age here:


How to Choose the Best Baseball Gloves for 6,7,8 year olds

Before looking for the right baseball glove for your child,

Dominant Hand:

Before you buy a baseball glove, it is important to put into consideration the hand with which you throw a ball.

If you throw with your right hand, then you will need a left-hand glove and if you throw with your left, you will need a right-hand glove.

This should be the very first thing you should know before buying!

No Break In/Easy to Break In:

When you’re buying a baseball glove for kids, you really don’t want a baseball glove that requires a lot of break in. Young kids aren’t that strong which may make the break in process annoying and tiresome for the kids.

Most youth baseball gloves are built with comfortable materials that don’t require a lot of break-in. Gloves that use a lot of stiff leather probably aren’t the best for your child.

Construction/Material Quality:

Baseball gloves are made out of a variety of materials such as mesh, leather, synthetic material, or treated leather. While leather or treated leather dominates the older ages , we actually don’t recommend a lot of leather gloves for kids.

Leather tends to be stiff and requires a longer break in period which makes it not ideal for younger kids. For 6,7,8 year old kids, we recommend choosing a mesh or synthetic material glove. While they won’t last as long as a true leather glove, these materials are lighter making it easier for children to control the baseball glove.

Also consider the material quality when looking at different baseball gloves. The higher the quality, the more you tend to get out of it.

You should always consider the quality of the baseball glove if you intend on using it for a couple of years.

Most times, when buying a youth baseball glove, you’ll simply be buying an affordable baseball glove to only last 1-2 seasons. Why would you do this? Because your child will be growing quickly. When they hit 12 – 14 years old, consider buying them a baseball glove to last them for years.

Adjustable Wrist Strap:

The fit of the baseball glove is the most important part of choosing a kids baseball glove. An adjustable wrist strap can be used to either loosen or tighten the grip of the glove on your wrist.

The adjustable wrist on the glove can either be a D-ring fastener, laced, a buckle system or Velcro strap. This helps ensure your glove stays strong on your hand and doesn’t slip off.

Padding for the Palm:

When you’re standing in the infield trying to catch a line drive, you’ll quickly understand how important padding ina  glove is.The padding helps you minimize the amount of shock receive when you catch a ball.

Having the right amount of padding helps you catch the ball easily and absorbs any form of shock or rebound.


When trying to buy a new glove, you should always check the size and measurement of the glove. In some cases it’s sufficient to just put on the glove and see if it fits.

If you feel comfortable with its size and it feels a bit snug on the hand then you should go for it.

When trying on a glove remember

Playing Position:

While this isn’t as important with kids, it’s worth considering especially if you think your child will play catcher, pitcher. It’s also important to consider whether they’ll primarily play infield or outfield.

If they’re going to be a catcher having the correct youth catchers gear is essential.

Your Budget:

Your budget is always very important. Never forget to check and consider your budget when trying to purchase a baseball glove or even any equipment for that matter.

Generally speaking, when purchasing a youth baseball glove for 6 year olds you can expect to spend as little as $20 and go all the way up to $50+ depending on the quality and lifespan you want from the glove.

Baseball Glove Sizing Chart for 6, 7 & 8  year old

A correctly sized baseball glove is the most essential aspect of choosing the correct youth baseball glove.

If you choose a baseball glove that’s too small – it’ll be uncomfortable and difficult for the child to use.

If you choose a baseball glove that’s too large – it’ll be hard to open and close the glove which makes catching the ball hard.

Baseball Glove Sizes for a 6 year Old

In the game of baseball, there are different sizes of gloves which would enable players of different ages and sizes to participate well. For a kid of 6 year old, there are sizes of gloves which ought to be sizeable enough for him or her to fully enjoy their baseball experience. Below is a list displaying their various sizes for their various positions.

  • Catcher’s Mitt = 29.5 – 30 inches
  • Shortstop = 9 inches – 11.25 inches
  • First Base = 9 inches
  • Second base = 9 inches – 11.25 inches
  • Pitcher = 9 inches – 11 inches
  • Outfield = 9 inches – 12 inches
  • Third Base = 9 inches – 11.5 inches

Baseball Glove Sizes for a 7 year old

Various ages come with various sizes in the game as far as the glove is concerned. This is to help those in need of them to know what sizes to buy when they wish to purchase a baseball glove.

  • Catcher’s Mitt = 29.5 – 30 inches
  • Shortstop = 9 inches – 11.25 inches
  • First Base = 9 inches
  • Second base = 9 inches – 11.25 inches
  • Pitcher = 9 inches – 11 inches
  • Outfield = 9 inches – 12 inches
  • Third Base = 9 inches – 11.5 inches

Note: If you paid attention, you’ll notice that the glove measurements for that of a 7 year old and that of a 6 year old are all the same. This is because for that age, there no much difference between them in terms of body size so they tend to use the same size of equipment.

Baseball glove sizes for an 8 year old

The player’s age is always going to come as a huge factor when sizing for a baseball glove. For sure the size of glove to be used by an eight year old is always going different from that of a 13 year old for instance. In all cases, the position as well as the age determines the size of glove and it also comes into effect as the player grows older. Here is a list of glove sizes for an eight year old;

  • Catcher’s Mitt = 30 inches – 31 inches
  • Shortstop = 10.5 inches – 11.25 inches
  • First Base = 11.5 inches to 12 inches
  • Second base = 10.5 inches – 11.25 inches
  • Pitcher = 10.5 inches – 11.5 inches
  • Outfield = 10.5 inches – 12 inches
  • Third Base = 10.5 inches – 11.5 inches

Youth Vs. Adult Baseball Gloves

No matter how similar they might look, there is always a difference between youth baseball gloves and adult baseball gloves. A youth’s glove is designed for the younger players with their smaller hands put into consideration.

Compared to adult gloves, youth baseball gloves aren’t typically made out of high quality leather. Most kids baseball gloves are made out of mesh or another material which is typically lighter and more breathable than traditional leather

This makes control of the baseball glove and opening and closing of the glove easier for them. Youth baseball gloves possess narrower fingers and are meant for players younger than the age of 10. The can be used by players till the age of 12 or 13 but after which they should switch to adult gloves.

Most adult baseball gloves are also much more durable than kids baseball gloves due to their construction. Because of the different materials used in construction, youth baseball gloves tend to only last 1 – 2 seasons max.


The game of baseball is a very popular and loved sport. Choosing a great baseball glove for 6 – 8 year olds can be a little challenging but I hope this has clarified things a little.

Above all, remember the correct sizing and comfort matter more than anything else.

With the right baseball glove (one that fits perfectly and is comfortable to play with), your child will love walking out on the baseball field and catching the game winning out.

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