Best Slow Pitch Wood Softball Bats Review – 2020

It is not hard to find the best slow pitch wood softball bats, honestly. Because most newbie players start their career with these bats. Every day the sports world is changing as well as the tools, materials, accessories, and equipment. Renowned manufacturers recently tend to build composite alloy bats or metal bats for the super performance of players. Besides, wood bats have some privileges over all other bats because of their natural outlooks and easy construction. Moreover, wood bats are cheaper than any other high-configuration bats but sturdy. In the following section, we will show some reviews on the best slowpitch wood softball bats for your further knowledge before purchasing one. Let’s follow through the whole.

Best Slow Pitch Wood Softball Bats

Top 6 Best Wooden Slowpitch Softball bats Review – 2020

Best OverallBamBooBat Slow Pitch Wood Softball Bat BamBooBat Slow Pitch Wood Softball Bat

5/5 Check Price
Axe Bat Pro Hard Maple Slowpitch Softball Bat Axe Bat Pro Hard Maple Slowpitch Softball Bat

5/5 Check Price
Most PopularLouisville Slugger Maple Slowpitch Softball Bat Louisville Slugger Maple Slowpitch Softball Bat

4.8/5 Check Price
Combat Wood PWSP1 Slow Pith Bat Combat Wood PWSP1 Slow Pith Bat

5/5 Check Price
DeMarini  Corndog Slow Pitch Bat DeMarini Corndog Slow Pitch Bat

5/5 Check Price
A Bat SB71 Hard Maple Wood Softball Bat A Bat SB71 Hard Maple Wood Softball Bat

4.6/5 Check Price


#1: Best BamBooBat Slow Pitch Wood Softball Bat

Pinnacle Inc. is a prominent manufacturer of wooden things and recently they launched their best item here. Yes, this bamboo wood slowpitch softball bat is pure 100% combination of different bamboo woods and fibers. Approved by all major leagues of schools and high-schools.Best BamBooBat Slow Pitch Wood Softball Bat

Special Features of the slowpitch wood softball bat

  • High-quality bamboo wood
  • Mixed bamboo fibers, molded, rigid, stiffer
  • Lightweight
  • Durable and high-performer
  • 4 available colors: White, Black, Red, Blue
  • Glossy outlook lures many
  • Cupped wooden end barrel
  • ASA approved
  • Recommended age: 13y – plus
  • Swing weight: end loaded

Barrel and Handle

Obviously a composite barrel and wood barrel are different in construction because of stiffness. But this bamboo bat has the harder wood construction and overall improved balancing technology. Barrel swings faster with good velocity. The diameter is standard for any league and 2¼ inches. Moreover, the barrel is quite long to handle softly. Leather gripped handle made it fabulous too. Bamboo bat handle width is ⅞ inches and hard tapered. A medium knob with quadcore technology is recently trending here.

Reasons to Buy

  • Smart bamboo structure
  • Lightweight and stiffer
  • Durable enough to use for a long time
  • Catchy colorful features
  • Only for slowpitch softball
  • Cheap in price
  • Huge pop

Reasons to Avoid

  • Weather sensitive due to moisture


Recommended for junior-level softball players and leagues. ASA approved Bamboo bat with major league championships approvals. Great pop and best for open field practice sessions. Furthermore, USSSA also suggests these bats for wooden bat leagues.


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#2: Best Axe Bat Pro Hard Mapel Slowpitch Softball Bat

AxeBats manufacturer is quite familiar to all baseball and softball players for their versatility in this sector. Most of their bats are composite or aluminum alloy but also they build wooden bats.Best Axe Bat Pro Hard Mapel Slowpitch Softball Bat

Special Features

  • Graded maple hardwood construction
  • Only for slowpitch softball
  • -5 to -6 length to weight ratio
  • ASA approved
  • Long handle and huge hitting spots on the barrel
  • 1-piece structure
  • Stable grip and durable
  • Axehandle with good swing effects

Barrel and Handle

Standard barrel with a diameter of 2¼ inches with 34 inches length. It has enough good spots for hitting especially power hitters. Even non-professional players or defective players can easily use this bat as a singles hitter. Good pop sound and no vibration made this bat really outstanding one. Well, the handle is not customizable because the bat is single-piece structured, however, you can use tapered grips with cushion cover technology. The better grips you use, the better it stays in hands.

Reasons to Buy

  • Cost affordable
  • Solid core maple wood (100%)
  • Sweet swing and lighter enough
  • Fantastic wrapped grip (changeable)
  • Sleek and alluring for girls
  • Polyurethane barrel
  • Weather-friendly
  • 1-year manufacturer warranty

Reasons to Avoid

No such things have been found yet.


Mostly this bat is recommended for ASA leagues. Coaches and trainers suggest this bat for indoor and outdoor practice. The most interesting thing about this bat is its super flexibility. Even physically disabled kids can have much fun with this Axe bat.


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#3: Best Louisville Slugger Maple Slowpitch Softball Bat

Louisville Slugger is usually known as the best baseball bat manufacturer but they spread their sectors to softball leagues also. As a result, several well-furnished wood bats are available in the marketplaces nowadays. This MSB3 is also a maple wood made and trending bat for big hitters who want lighter bats. Best Louisville Slugger Maple Slowpitch Softball Bat

Special Features

  • Especially for slowpitch softball leagues
  • Regular glossy look
  • Balanced bat
  • Well finishing curve
  • Tight handle
  • 1-piece construction
  • ASA certified only

Barrel and Handle

Natural handle with proper seasoning features. Not so many colors but the practical view is great in a word. Glossy barrels have sweet pop sounds and deadweight is less. Moreover, it swings gently because of being simple and light. Traditional knob in the handle is very common and basic ever. Tapered and non-cupped handle end. External grips are allowed to use on the handle for better stiffness.

Reasons to Buy

  • Simple and standard
  • -5 length to weight ratio
  • Customizable handle
  • Durable and good performer for softball players
  • Unbreakable after long time usage
  • Fixed for slowpitch softball, lite baseball, and lite softball

Reasons to Avoid

  • If you don’t participate in ASA leagues, you can avoid this bat because it is approved only in ASA leagues.


Wood bats mostly break after 40-50 hits with baseball and 60-70 with softballs. But this maple bat is cool enough to hit successive hits after the limit. That’s why junior leagues recommend this bat for practice and play. The cracking sound on its barrel is really exquisite one.


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#4) Best Combat Wood PWSP1 Slow Pith Bat

This is a special bat for beginners and newbie softball players. The most simple outlook and smoothness is the major provision of this bat. Moreover, MLB approved bat for the wood softball league only.Best Combat Wood PWSP1 Slow Pitch Bat

Special Features

  • Multiple sizes
  • Simple but smart
  • Solid wood
  • One-piece construction
  • ASA and USSSA approved
  • 2¼″ barrel diameter
  • 33 – 34 inches length

Barrel and Handle

Good barrel with one-piece construction. Bat length is certified from master players. As this is a lighter bat, sweet spots with flexible swings are available on it. The handle is stiffer. Tapered grips or lizard skin technology grips can be applied.

Reasons to Buy

  • Slowpitch softball bat only
  • Lightweight for power hitters
  • Standard barrel with good swing weights
  • -4 to -6 bat drops
  • ASA and USSSA approved

Reasons to Avoid

Breaks after 50 hits


It is vastly recommended for its lightweight. Besides, it is the most familiar bat to all slowpitch softball players. You can try this bat for novice and professional periods.


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#5) DeMarini ASA/USSSA/NSA/ISA Corndog Slow Pitch Bat

DeMarini bats are famous for baseball and softball so far you’ve known. This Corndog slowpitch softball bat is great for its color and odor. Composite fiber and maple wood alloy made this bat much sturdy.DeMarini ASA/USSSA/NSA/ISA Corndog Slow Pitch Bat

Special Features

  • Maple wood
  • End-loaded barrel
  • Paraflex composite handle
  • Precision weight distribution
  • NSA, USSSA, ASA, ISA approved
  • Color: orange, white
  • -6 length to weight

Barrel and Handle

Barrel diameter is standard 21/7 inches. As well as the bat is end-loaded and stiffer enough to spot hits. Two different colors of the barrel look smart enough. To be precise, most players feel soothing to hit with the bat. 22% carbon fiber and 78% maple wood composition made the bat much stiffer with a good swing effect.

Reasons to Buy

  • Pure maple wood with carbon fiber technology
  • Solid core and rigid
  • An accurate drop of the bat
  • Approved by the top major leagues of softball and women leagues
  • Nice pop for a wood bat
  • Looks similar to composite bats

Reasons to Avoid

Little costly for a wood bat


At the first look, everyone gets confused about this bat because it looks similar to DeMarini VooDoo composite or hybrid bats. But this maple wood bat functions really well for any league. If the budget is low, then you can easily pick this bat and never disappointed I think.


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#6) A Bat SB71 – Hard Maple Wood Softball Bat

The last product we reviewed is SB71 from ABat manufacturer Inc., a newcomer in softball bat production. These bats are made of hardwood maple with smooth seasoning. The barrel is strong and good for power hitter girls.A Bat SB71 - Hard Maple Wood Softball Bat - ASA Approved - (Fast Pitch/Slow Pitch)

Special Features

  • Color: Black
  • Hard maple wood
  • Long 2¼ inches barrel diameter
  • 15/16 inches handle
  • Designed for both slowpitch and fastpitch softball leagues
  • Round end cap
  • Tapered grip
  • Recommended for adults
  • ASA approved
  • Bat length: 34″

Barrel and Handle

Barrel strength depends on materials. For example, a metal alloy barrel is 10 times stronger than composite ones. Consequently, a composite structure bat is 10 times stiffer than wood furnished bats. Here in this SB71 hard maple wood bat, there are lots of sweet spot on the barrel. Good pop sound for a wooden bat and sturdy enough with a fabulous performance. The diameter is standard and wider respect to the bat length. Primarily, the bat handle is tapered with normal sticky gloss tape but you can use more softy taping on the handle for more flexibility and swing effects.

Reasons to Buy

  • Brand new product in 2020
  • Already sponsored by major leagues
  • ASA approved only but soon ISA approval would be provided
  • Round end cap to protect slipping from fists
  • 1-year manufacturer warranty
  • Solid core composition
  • 100% hard maple wood

Reasons to Avoid

  • Little costly for a wood bat


As the major leagues have been recommended this bat for their junior league champs, you can try this for its simplicity and affordability. Moreover, ASA approval is enough for this bat because numerous companies cannot be able to get such approval. The finest and expert members of ASA suggested this bat for 10u and plus as well as any wooden bat users.



What is the best slow pitch wood softball bat?

Softball bats are of two types- slowpitch and fastpitch. Picking the best one among diverse categories of bats, sometimes it is difficult. To find the best slowpitch wood softball bat, you have to concern about some common features like length, barrel width or diameter, surfaces of the bat, handle. Don’t mix up with baseball bats; these bats are a bit different. Basically, a baseball bat is shorter than a softball bat. Baseball bat barrels are thicker than softball ones. Likewise, softball bat handles are thicker and less tapered compared to baseball ones.


How to choose the best slowpitch wood softball bat?

To choose the best slowpitch wood softball bat, just follow the instructions down there-

  • Player age and height measurements are a must. Because sizing charts of softball bat somehow affect the player measurements, accordingly.
  • Softball bats have longer handles and sturdy barrels. Make sure both suits.
  • Barrels are thinner here because as the thicker barrel so is the heavyweight. Girls have less strength in their wrist than boys. So it is recommended to use 2 ¼ inches barrel diameter for slowpitch softball bats. Similarly, for a fastpitch softball bat, barrel diameter should be 2 ⅞ inches.
  • Handle taping is an important issue to grab the bat comfortably. Check whether the handle taping is less than baseball bats.
  • Price is another issue. Mostly, wood bats are cheap compared to composite or metal alloy bats. For newbies and junior players, use wood bats in practice and trials.
  • Lots of renowned companies worldwide for their best services in the softball and baseball arena. Especially, Louisville Slugger, Rawlings, DeMarini, Marucci, Axebats, Phoenix are famous wood bat manufacturers. In our opinion and due to further studies, we recommend choosing the bats we described in this article.
  • Make sure about the bat whether it is slowpitch or fastpitch because both look similar. Slowpitch softballs are less speedy than fastpitch but with great turns. It stays on the air a bit long. So hitters can hit the ball well unless he/she is an expert one. Although, manufacturer manuals are attached to the bat most of the time. You can read the manuals and set of instructions.


Why you should buy slowpitch wood softball bats?

Already we talked about the slowpitch and fastpitch softball strategies but here you need to know more about it. A slow pitcher turns the ball towards a hitter with enough elevation and angles. If the hitter is right-handed, the opposite team uses left-handed slow pitcher and vice versa. This is kinda smart playing. Because a left-handed slow pitcher pitches ball towards a hitter in-swing or out-swing. Similarly, a right-arm pitcher curls ball towards hitters quite swinging effect. It is recommended to use wood bats because of its versatility and diversity. Available in the marketplace and much stiffer than any other simple wood bats. Mostly, maple and bamboo wood bats are familiar to the players. Newbie players need to start with a maple wood bat in softball practice or in-game.


Bottom Line

In this article, we tried to provide some well-rehearsed slowpitch wood softball bats. According to market reviews and recommendations, we selected the best slowpitch softball bats for players. For softball bats, length, barrel dia, handle grip is necessary to concern. Furthermore, the thicker and thinner factor of the handle should be concerned about. For better suggestions and information, feel free to ask us anytime. We support consultancy 24/7 from our experts.

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