Best Fastpitch Softball Bats for 10u Players – Top 10 Reviews 2020

The year 2020 is ongoing and all the main makers have just propelled their best fastpitch softball bats for 10u, likewise. Analyzing online reviews, marketplaces, coach’s recommendations & junior player’s justifications, here is a survey of the best bats for 10u. We have gone through around about fourteen days in testing and breaking down the new bats from different brands. After a thorough examination, we have shortlisted the main 10 best fastpitch softball bats. The following are fast audits of these bats. We likewise hold audits about the best softball bats for the fastpitch of 2020 right now. Simply make a point to check by means of them. Prior to that, we have incorporated a speedy fastpitch bat measuring manual to help you pick the right-sized bat.


Top 10 Best Fastpitch Softball Bats for 10u in 2020 Review

When swinging a fastpitch softball bat for 10u on the plate, it’s critical to ensure that the bat is the correct size. A bat that is correct size will swing effectively, hit with satisfactory power and permit the hitter to helpfully cover the strike zone. Then again, a bat that isn’t measured right will impede the player from conveying ideal execution. Ordinarily, a fastpitch softball bat is estimated by the stature and weight of the player.

Best Fastpitch Softball Bats for 10u 2020

So as to ideally make the way toward choosing another bat somewhat simpler for you, we have assembled a rundown of the best softball bats for 2020 dependent on the plan, swing weight, and fly off each bat. According to player and coaches demand, we figured out 10 best bats worldwide with their absolute and authentic sizes. Basically, a fastpitch softball bat for 10u size starts from 27 inches to 32 inches maximum. You can find lots of bat into the following reviews.

Best OverallDeMarini Bustos (-13) Fastpitch Softball Bat DeMarini Bustos (-13) Fastpitch Softball Bat

-13 $$ Check Price
 EASTON Wonder -12 10u Fastpitch Bat EASTON Wonder -12 10u Fastpitch Bat

-12 $$ Check Price
Louisville Xeno Fastpitch BAT -11 Louisville Xeno Fastpitch BAT -11

-11 $$$ Check Price
Easton Pink Sapphire -10 Fastpitch Softball Bat Easton Pink Sapphire -10 Fastpitch Softball Bat

-10 $ Check Price
Easton Crystal -13 Fastpitch Softball Bat Easton Crystal -13 Fastpitch Softball Bat

-13 $ Check Price
Most PopularRawlings Storm Softball Bat (-13) Rawlings Storm Softball Bat (-13)

-13 $ Check Price
EASTON GHOST Fastpitch Softball Bat EASTON GHOST Fastpitch Softball Bat

-11 $$$ Check Price


#1) DeMarini Bustos (-13) Fastpitch Softball Bat for 10u

Let it tear with the Bustos (- 13) bat without stressing over hand sting or vibrations. The 13-ounce weight drop enables youth players to get the bat through the zone as fast as could reasonably be expected, guaranteeing the most significant level of execution conceivable. Clear the wall with this simple swinging, extraordinary inclination stick. Accompanies a 1-year maker’s guarantee from DeMarini. – 13 Length to Weight Ratio – 2 1/4 Inch Barrel Diameter – Two-piece design: Half+Half – DX1 Alloy – Certified for Play in ASA, ISA, ISF, NSA, USSSA – 1 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty.DeMarini Bustos (-13) 2 1/4" Fastpitch Softball Bat for 10u

Special Features

  • Lightweight and easy to swing.
  • Paradox composite barrel.
  • D-lite handle.
  • Big D end cup.
  • Durable alloy.
  • Two pieces of design.
  • Approved for play in ASA, USSSA, NSA, ISA, ISF.
  • Color: Blue/Grey/Black.
  • Hybrid comfortable grip.
  • 2.25 inches barrel in diameter.
  • -13 length to weight ratio.

Sizes and Weight Drops

The 13-ounce weight drop enables youth players to get the bat through the zone as fast as could reasonably be expected, guaranteeing the most significant level of execution conceivable. The overall size is 29 inches.

Pop and Performance

It has an awesome 6 to 8-inch sweet spot on it new right out of the bundle. Lightweight, amazing. Extraordinarily decreases vibration and sting with an incredible “pop”.

Reason to buy

This two-area bat, aluminum with a composite handle, doesn’t have as a lot of sting on the hands as an all-aluminum bat. On the off chance that you hit the end or near the handle, you will get a bit, however not unreasonably awful. It is a piece of the incredible line of Demartini bats.

Reasons to avoid

  • Less durable (some people complains).
  • Two parts are uneasy sometimes.


I purchased this bat for my 9-year-old girl who plays 10U, she has been playing for barely 3 years. She is a solid hitter, yet on the littler side and her old bat was simply staying aware of her. She has been swinging the Bustos for around 3 months now and has been effective. It has that incredible composite pop however is lightweight which is extraordinary for her little size. I think this is an incredible “venturing stone” bat for guardians who need to evaluate a composite bat.


#2) EASTON Wonder -12 10u Fastpitch Softball Bat

Easton’s new Wonder fastpitch bat is a – 12 equitably offset structure with FLEX innovation, making a gentler barrel out of the wrapper for execution from the main swing. TCT Thermo Composite Technology delivers a monstrous sweet spot with unequaled swing pace, and Easton’s CXN ZERO 2-piece innovation lessens vibration for better feel on contact. The Wonder includes an ultra-dainty 29/32″ handle with an all-new 1.2mm HYPERSKIN grasp. Itis confirmed for play in ASA, USSSA, NSA, ISA, and ISF.

EASTON Wonder -12 10u Fastpitch Softball Bat

Special Features

  • Flexible barrel compression.
  • Thermo composite technology.
  • Zero vibration and ultimate performance.
  • Ultra-thin 29/32 inches handle with a nice grip.
  • Two-piece.
  • Durable and lighter.

Sizes and Weight Drops

Easton wonder bats have many sizes for different ages. For 10u, it is suggested to use the 32 inches and the recommended age should be 9-11 years. However, weight drops of this bat are -12.

Pop and Performance

The sound is great and has an extraordinary pop. Moreover, most high school softball players are using this Easton for regular practices. Very nice for the price too.

Reason to buy

To start with the beginning of a softball career, every girl should try this bat because this is a fantastic one. Good for pitching machine practices in open ground or indoor practice rooms. This bat has a great rigidity that makes it stronger enough.

Reason to avoid

No such difficulties or reviews have been seen yet because it is a newer one. It is not that good for lite softballs.


Coaches and trainers strongly recommend this bat for 10u because it weighs only 20oz. High school girls of age 9-12y are suggested to use this bat. As this is a two-part bat, any single part turns faulty, easily replaceable.


#3)  Louisville Xeno Fastpitch BAT -11

Outrageous power. Most extreme POP. The #1 bat in Fastpitch is currently far better with the Xeno PLUS including the NEW select Performance PLUS Composite with zero erosion twofold divider configuration, permitting the barrel to arrive at its most extreme flex without opposition. The protected iST innovation, 2-piece development, and licensed S1iD barrel innovation give the Xeno PLUS the correct blend of a certain force, a gigantic sweet spot, prevalent parity, and lighter swing weight. Unparalleled performance you can see and listen to the right of the wrapper!Louisville Xeno Fastpitch BAT -11

Special Features

  • Patented barrel technology.
  • It provides ultimate performance on the first swing.
  • Exclusive technology.
  • Improved swing speed.
  • The low-profile design extends barrel length.
  • Standard FP grip with improved cushioning.

Sizes and Weight Drops

Usually, Louisville Xeno bats are fixed size for 10u and it is 29 inches, half-half. Height to weight ratio or more likely weight drops of this bat occupies -11.

Pop and Performance

It makes a “pop” stable when you hit the nectar spot, such a delightful sound. Various makers have various resistances and bats will run in weight (from posted). This being stated, don’t be debilitated, simply remember this. Overall performance is good enough and even greater than DeMarini bats.

Reasons to Buy

This is a good question of why you buy this. Well, the answer is cool though. If you surf the online or internet world, the Louisville brand is a renowned one. Everything from Louisville is a good product. From pitching machines to lite baseballs, every single product is good. Likewise, this Xeno bat is the best choice for your junior. It has a standard size of 29 inches with 18oz weight that suits for 10u.

Reasons to avoid

No such reasons have been found so far. Sometimes low profile design of the bat looks a bit odd to someone.


Things to remember with the Xeno include: 1.) it is a somewhat end stacked bat, so an alternate vibe for the hitter if exchanging bat types and 2.) weight will really be somewhat higher than posted (for example 19 oz. bat will really be 20-20.5 oz). This reality is moderately known among softball guardians. Various producers have various resistances and bats will extend in weight (from posted). Related: Best Fastpitch Softball Bat for 12u


#4) Easton Pink Sapphire -10 Girls/Youth Fastpitch Softball Bat 2020

Easton’s new Diamond Gem bat assortment incorporates the Pink Sapphire, which is created from ALX50 military evaluation aluminum for broadened sturdiness. A padded All-Sports grasp causes you to monitor such force. In case you’re prepared to overwhelm the jewel, you’re prepared to take your swings with Diamond Gem assortment – and the Pink Sapphire is an extraordinary model for beginning in the game.Easton Pink Sapphire -10 Girls/Youth Fastpitch Softball Bat 2020

Special Features

  • 1 piece aluminum.
  • Ultra-thin handle.
  • Comfort grip.
  • Military-grade aluminum construction.
  • High durability.
  • Rollover end.
  • Certification: ASA, USSSA, NSA, ISA, ISF.

Sizes and Weight Drops

Size: 25/15, 26/16, 27/17, 28/18, 29/19, 30/20.

Weight Drops: -10

Pop and Performance

Pop isn’t that good because it is a brand new product. But the overall performance is good. Junior school girls can easily handle this bat in-game. Especially, girls from 10-11y have been experienced with this bat and they called it well enough. Being an aluminum body, the bat is lighter to carry. Hard hitters or batters should try this bat.

Reasons to buy

  • Perfect fit and nice color.
  • Lightweight but sturdy.
  • Comfortable grip and handle.
  • No two pieces.
  • Military graded aluminum body.
  • Low price.

Reasons to avoid

  • Not good for baseball even lite baseballs.


Little kids or your daughters love color and glossy. Easton bat is made of pink sapphire that is adorable to girls. Because this bat would be easily found out in any situation. Coaches and trainers strongly recommend this bat for 10u.


#5) Axe Bat Danielle Lawrie (-12) Bat for 10u

The Danielle Lawrie (- 12)  Fastpitch Bat by Ax Bat is produced using one-piece LP1 Alloy development and gives youthful players a solid starter bat. This bat includes the protected Ax Handle for max speed and a HyperWhip End Cap to decrease weight from the tip for a quicker swing, greater barrel, and bigger sweet spot. A 270° Engineered Hitting Zone invigorates max execution and to the whole hitting zone, so you never need to pivot your barrel for toughness.Axe Bat Danielle Lawrie (-12) Bat for 10u

Special Features

  • 2-¼ inches barrel with a 1-piece alloy construction.
  • Patented Axe handle.
  • Composite hyper-whip end caps.
  • Approved by ASA, USSSA, NSA, ISA, ISF, NCAA, NFHS.
  • Colors: White, Light Blue.
  • Good swing and control.

Sizes and Weight Drops

Sizes: 28/16, 29/17, 30/18, 31/19, 32/20.

Weight Drops: -12.

Pop and Performance

This fastpitch bat has a nice pop while hitting. Moreover, the overall performance is well enough. But it is hard to find these bats nowadays because Danielle Lawrie manufactures updated ones. This bat has a good performance in softball leagues or championships. Composite grips help to firm strong and not sloppy.

Reasons to buy

  • Strong texture color.
  • Sturdy and light.
  • Composite alloy made.
  • Approved barrel diameter.
  • Nice pop sound.

Reasons to avoid

No such thing has been found so far. Recently this product is upgraded enough.


Mentors, Schools, Leagues, Teams, and Sports Organizations. Furthermore, for beginners, it is suggested for 10u.


#6) Easton Crystal -13 Fastpitch Softball Bat | 2020

The Crystal FP Bat is built as a 1-piece and created with a 100% 7050 airplane compound. This bat supplies youth fastpitch softball players with max ping with each swing! Ultimately, this bat is made with a light and adjusted weight dispersion, giving young ladies overly quick swing speed and staggering bat control while experiencing the hitting zone.Easton Crystal -13 Fastpitch Softball Bat 2020

Special Features

  • 100% aircraft aluminum alloy.
  • Fast swing speed.
  • Ultra-thin handle.
  • Concave end caps.
  • Approved by ASA, USSSA, NSA, ISA, ISF.
  • Light and balanced.
  • -13oz length to weight ratio.
  • One year manufacturer warranty.
  • 1-piece bat construction.

Sizes and Weight Drops

Sizes: 29/16, 30/17, 31/18, 32/19.

Weight Drops: -13.

Pop and Performance

No pop has been noticed so far. Prostyle end cap supports a good firm on grips. Basically, this bat is good for kids from the age of 10-11y. The comfortable grip helps kids to hold the bat without any stress. Another feature of this bat made it a great one- thin handle. Kids’ hand or palm is small enough to cover the full swing grip. But 10u kids can easily hold this bat round.

Reasons to buy

  • Fast swing speed and flexible.
  • Lightweight.
  • Modified mold metal alloy made.
  • Great outlook.
  • Concave end.

Reasons to avoid

  • Smaller for under 10u.


Mostly used in junior girls league, high school championships. Training sessions are covered with this bat also.

Approved by ASA, USSSA, NSA, ISA, ISF.


#7) Rawlings 2020 Storm Fastpitch Softball Bat (-13)

The 2020 Rawlings Storm fastpitch softball bat is a definitive weapon for any young fastpitch player. Not exclusively will this bat increment contact rates, with its amplified sweet spot, however, the – 13 drop weight creation will improve swing rates and separation of contact. That makes this bat ideal for any player in the lineup.

Rawlings 2020 Storm Fastpitch Softball Bat (-13)

Special Features

  • Larger sweet spots to hit accurately.
  • Ideal for youth fastpitch softball players.
  • Ultralight drop weight.
  • Concaved endcaps.
  • Durable 1-piece alloy.
  • Certified by ASA, USSSA, NSA, ISF, ISA.
  • Drop weight is -13.

Sizes and Weight Drops

Size: 30/17, 31/18, 32/19.

Weight drop: -13.

Pop and Performance

No pop has been seen yet. It is common for the most fastpitch softball bats. This bat is a balanced one and doing great for kids. It has a good spot for batters to hit well. Mostly, hard hitters use this for extraordinary sound force.

Reasons to buy

  • It is lighter.
  • Ideal for 10u league.
  • It has outstanding graphics.
  • Much affordable.
  • Cheap and cost-effective.

Reasons to avoid

  • Poor quality.


Good for practice sessions for 10u league, college clubs, tournaments, national club tournaments, and international leagues. Moreover, you can buy this for your daughter or kids.


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#8) EASTON GHOST -11 | -10 | -9 | -8 | Fastpitch Softball Bat 10U

The All-New Dual Stamp Ghost bat includes a patent-pending double barrel plan that is designed to give players the most ideal feel, pop, and sound. Each degree of hitter will encounter accomplishment with the Ghost because of its exceptional twofold barrel development.EASTON GHOST -11 | -10 | -9 | -8 | Fastpitch Softball Bat 10U

Special Features

  • Double barrel construction.
  • The ultimate combination of feel, pop, and sound.
  • Durable and flexible.
  • Ultra-thin handle.
  • 1.2mm hyper skin grip.
  • Certified by ASA, USSSA, NSA, ISA, ISF.

Sizes and Weight Drops

Sizes: 30/20, 31/21, 32/22, 33/23, 34/24, 29/18, 30/19, 31/20, 32/21, 33/22, 33/25, 34/26, 32/23, 33/24, 34/25.

Drops: -11, -10, -9, -8

Pop and Performance

Good pop sound so far experienced. Moreover, hard hitter girls love to hit with a bang! They keep hitting by hitting without resting using this bat. Obviously this bat is for hitters. Diverse sizes made it cool for juniors.

Reasons to buy

  • Hot pop like wrapper.
  • Cheap but great looking.
  • Adorable thing; can be used as a gift.
  • Lightweight.
  • Worths money.

Reasons to avoid

  • Due to shipping, rare people find a broken bat.


Junior school league, 10u league games, inter-school championship, high school girls club contests, and net practices. But it is suggested to use pitching machines while practicing in nets.


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#9) Anderson Rocketech Flash -12 Youth Bat 2020

The 2020 Rocketech – 12 Youth Fast Pitch Softball Bat takes into account youthful players leaving mentor pitch. Built from our Aerospace Alloy, the force curve innovation, single divider configuration is viewed as one of our most strong bats so you’ll never stress over your new RocketTech – 12 marking or splitting in a season.2020 Anderson Rocketech Flash -12 Youth Fastpitch Softball Bat

Special Features

  • Balanced and light swing weight.
  • 2-¼ inches barrel dia.
  • 100% aerospace aluminum alloy body.
  • 1-piece construction.
  • -12oz length to weight ratio.
  • Colors: Pink, Blue.
  • Ideal for girls ages 7-11y.
  • 30-day money-back guarantee.
  • Approved for NSA, ASA, ISA, and USSSA

Sizes and Weight Drops

Sizes: 27/15, 28/16, 29/17, 30/18.

Drop: -12.

Pop and Performance

This is the ideal single-divider bat for our more youthful players who need to utilize a high performing bat before having the option to proceed onward. However, its pop sound is great and exquisite for girls.

Reasons to buy

  • Ultra balanced bat.
  • Perfect for 10u.
  • More durable than the old version.
  • Light swing weight.
  • Ergonomic knob.

Reasons to avoid

  • More for power hitters.
  • A little heavier.


Reduced vibration and good pop made it outstanding as a newcomer. Previous versions had some clumsy issues like cracks or malfunctioning. Those are removed totally in this updated version. Coaches and junior experienced players use this bat for regular practice. Usually, you can use this bat for high school leagues, championships, and national leagues. Moreover, it would be a nice gift for your kids.


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#10) Mizuno F20-CRBN 1  10u Softball Bat 

Mizuno’s new one-piece plan F20-PWR CRBN Fastpitch Softball Bat is loaded with inventive bat advances to help your exhibition at the plate. Designed with Mizuno’s selective XZone innovation, which alters composite edges in 10 explicit zones over the barrel to make a gigantic sweet spot.Mizuno F20-CRBN 1  10u Softball Bat 

Special Features

  • Massive spots to hit.
  • Good for long hitters.
  • Carbon fiber array made handles.
  • The anti-shock feature reduces vibrations.
  • The double durable wall gives you higher peak performance.
  • Cylinder seaming allows consistent showoffs.
  • Colors: Blue/Purple/Cyan/Orange/White.
  • Smooth helix grip that is 10x better than any bat.

Sizes and Weight Drops

Sizes: 27/14, 28/15, 29/16, 30/17, 31/18, 32/19.

Weight Drops: -13.

Pop and Performance

So far no pop has been taken note. Be that as it may, detonator cor innovation configuration makes low barrel pressure and a blasting effect. It has an inconceivable feel with a dark onyx carbon barrel and handles. Composite structures of this bat are exceptional and appealing up until this point. On the off chance that you get some information about the presentation, at that point in a word, this bat is smooth, amazing and a game-prepared bat. Besides, it is endorsed by ASA, USSSA, NSA, and ISA; so you can attempt it decisively.

Reasons to buy

  • Long-lasting.
  • Good for the beginners.
  • 1-year manufacturer warranty.
  • A bat from high school to college.
  • Lightweight.

Reasons to avoid

  • No pop.
  • No water resistance. It is hard to practice in drizzles.


This bat hits like nothing you have ever utilized. Utilizing this bat will permit you to encounter the game like a genius. Truly, when I originally opened it I didn’t think it was anything uncommon in light of the fact that I’m not so much enormous into baseball/softball yet I did see how it believed, it had a decent strong lightweight greatness to it if that bodes well? At the point when you hit the ball, it’s an entire diverse game with this bat, a little hit goes far. It must be an essentially known bat! It is a costly bat yet on the off chance that you need to play with probably the best bat accessible it’s a venture, I can’t see anything happening to this one, it’s extreme as can be-it will last. The hues are intense and stick out and it’s only a general great bat.


10u Fastpitch Softball Bat Size – Length, Weight & Drop

Accomplishment at the plate frequently comes down to this: reaching against live pitching. To do this present, it’s imperative to swing the correct bat for you. That implies a bat that is sufficiently long to cover the strike zone, sufficiently light to swing easily, sufficiently overwhelming to produce power, and, obviously, allowed in your group. Bat length is estimated in crawls from handle to end top. A more drawn out bat gives you more prominent reach, permitting you to hit balls outwardly part of the plate. In any case, longer bats likewise will, in general, have progressively mass towards the finish of the bat that requires more capacity to swing them. We prescribe swinging bats of various lengths to choose what alternative best suits your swing. The correct blend of length and weight will assist you with arriving at your pinnacle execution.

Numerous players erroneously accept a more drawn out bat implies more plate inclusion, yet this isn’t in every case genuine.

Fastpitch Softball Bat Length for 10u

Since a more drawn out bat regularly implies a heavier inclination bat, a bat that is unreasonably long for you can hinder your planning and keep you from making up for the lost time to and hitting inside pitches. While picking your bat length, you should remember plate inclusion. You ought to likewise think about your swing and position comparative with the plate.

Furthermore, we want to provide accurate information on 10u bat sizes. For the 10u girls league, it is certified by ASA to use the bats from 28-31 inches. Researching for two weeks on the internet sports world, we found the most relevant bat size for 10u.

Fastpitch Softball Bat Swing Weights for 10u

Swing loads are not natural. That is, the possibility of a swing weight isn’t normally self-evident. Many mistake swing weight for the scale weight. Be that as it may, as we’ve demonstrated somewhere else, scale weight and swing weight are not very much connected at the edges. That is, looking at the real weight of bats expressed to be 22 ounces won’t be a decent marker of how they swing contrasted with each other. The products we reviewed in this article have all balanced weight. Besides, we figured out some most common swing weights.

  • Marucci CAT8: Balanced.
  • Easton ADV360: Balanced.
  • Easton Beast: Very end loaded.
  • DeMarini CF: Balanced.
  • Louisville Slugger: Light.
  • Marucci F5: Balanced.

Another thing you should be concerned about 10u girls and that is the bat weight. Obviously, you cannot pressurize them to use heavy bats. In a nutshell, there are few bat weights are given-

  • DeMarini 2019 Bustos: 16oz.
  • Easton Wonder: 17oz.
  • Louisville Xeno: 18oz.
  • Easton Pink Sapphire: 20oz.
  • Axe Bat 2019: 17 – 20oz.
  • Eastern Crystal: 16 – 19oz.
  • Rawlings 2020 Storm: 18 – 20oz.
  • Easton Ghost: 20 – 26oz.
  • Rocketech 2020: 15 – 18oz.
  • Mizuno F20: 14 – 19oz.

There are additionally severe guidelines on what bats can be utilized relying upon the age level of the player. Purchasing another baseball or softball bat can be overpowering, regardless of whether it’s for your 8-year-old or high schooler, yet with the accompanying data, we’ll help make the whole procedure less complex. Always keep in mind to measure the height and weight of your kid. Here are some tips and tricks to measure and pick the best bat for 10u.

  1. Measure from the focal point of your chest to the tips of your forefinger, trying to have your arm straight out to your side.
  2. Put the bat to your side and as long as your palm arrives at the handle, you have the privilege estimated bat.
  3. Put the handle of the bat at the focal point of your chest with the bat confronting outward – on the off chance that you can arrive at your arm out and snatch the barrel of the bat, it’s the correct size.
  4. Kids under 60 pounds should swing a bat somewhere in the range of 26 and 29 inches in length.
  5. Kids gauging in excess of 70 pounds should swing a bat going from 28 to 32 inches in length.

Fastpitch Softball Bat Drop for 10u

Bat weight is estimated by the short or drops weight. Drop Weight is the distinction between the length and weight of the bat, so a bat that is 30 inches in length and has a drop weight of – 10 will gauge 20 ounces. The greater the drop weight is, the lighter the bat will gauge.

Recall that solitary secondary school homerun sticks and school polished ash are managed and should have a drop of close to – 3.

In the event that you are a solid player, you may expect you need a heavier bat. This isn’t really the situation. You’ll need to swing a bat that despite everything permits you to produce the perfect measure of bat speed through the zone. Discovering this equalization could be troublesome from the outset, yet once you do, you’ll hit the ball more distant and harder than you could have envisioned.

In the wake of finding a standard for the length of the bat, it’s imperative to join the length of the bat into settling on the weight. For youth baseball and softball, the taller the youngster, the more extended the bat ought to be. They may not be sufficiently able to utilize a heavier bat, so they would have a bat with a bigger weight drop.

It’s critical to pick the correct harmony among length and weight since it has any kind of effect in the material science of the swing. For example, think about the accompanying:

  1. In the event that you have a long, light bat, you can swing it extremely quickly, however, it won’t have a lot of dormancy behind it.
  2. In the event that you swing a short, substantial bat, you won’t have the quickest bat speed yet will have a lot of inactivities.

Choosing the length and weight of the bat you swing is an individual decision – you should have a go at consolidating what is alright with what style of player you need to be. However on the off chance that you need to be a force hitter like Giancarlo Stanton and swing for the wall, you’ll need the latency you would get from the shorter, heavier bat.

In addition, in case you’re looking for a bat for your child, the way toward estimating will be somewhat extraordinary. In the event that your young player is somewhere in the range of 3′ and 3’4″, start with a 26-inch bat and increment the bat size 1 inch for every 4-to-5 inches that they develop.


Fastpitch Softball Bat for 10u Buying Guide

This is the most important session for a buyer. It is obvious that anyone wanna buy a bat or anything, he/she must look on the internet to get proper, authentic information about the product. Likewise, for 10u fastpitch softball bats, you need to know some facts about this. There are a lot of buying guides on the cyber world that also very much useful. However, we try to make you an expert in this buying category. Keep in touch with the following readings.

First, to know more about the buying guide, you have to be concerned with these three factors- mistakes to avoid, choosing a fastpitch softball bat and the rules with bat standards.

Mistakes to Avoid

According to the best softball players in this world, you need to avoid the following mistakes-

Bat Color

Never pick a softball bat in light of the shading! Your bat coordinating your uniform is certifiably not a valid justification to purchase a specific model. The shade of a bat has literally nothing to do with the exhibition or toughness. Pick your softball bat dependent on the creation and not an introduction.

Team Priority

It is basic that you pick a fastpitch softball bat fit to your inclinations and aptitudes and not your partners. Because a specific partner is encountering accomplishment with a specific model doesn’t imply that you will. Trial with numerous various models and through experimentation, you will have the option to locate the ideal fastpitch softball bat for you. Keep in mind, no one is in the hitter’s crate with you other than yourself and your bat.

Heavier Bats

For 10u, you cannot let them carry a 20oz bat because it is heavier. Swinging a bat, you need a quick and light design bat. If the bat is heavy, pitchers would get advantages to strike you out. Metal alloy bats are heavier than wooden bats. But metal lightweight bats are suggested by the top players worldwide. For 10u, it is good to use bats under 17oz.

Choosing a Fastpitch Softball Bat for 10/11 year old player

To choose the best fastpitch softball bat for 10u, you need to aware of three features-

  • Length & weight.
  • Material.
  • Durability.

Length and weight are an important provision for 10u. Basically, the standard measurement for 10u ranges from 26 to 32 inches. Weight here is mostly drops of the bat. Usually, for 10u it is -12 to -10. So, if the bat weight is 17oz, then it is recommended to use 27 to 29 inches bat.

Material means bat substance. We are familiar with wooden, metal alloy, composite and hybrid bats. Aluminum bats are good for metal bats. Composite bats are the coach’s first choice. However, hybrid bats are cool but heavy. You should buy any bats after knowing the proper pros and cons of the corresponding ones. Otherwise, it could be futile.

Durability is another major part of the buying guide. Many bats break after 100 or 200 hits. But softball consists of practice, drill, game, and pops. If the bat break during the practice sessions, then it is tough to adapt to a new one sooner. Hence, durability is important. You should buy those bats that break after 300 or 400 hits. Then, you hit the half in the practice sessions, the rest afterward.

Rules and Bat Standards

There is a wide range of approval groups, for example, ASA, USSSA, NSA, and ISA. Practically all fastpitch softball bats will be endorsed for play in each association and accompany an ASA affirmation mark. The Amateur Softball Association (ASA) will, in general, have the most exacting batted ball speed arrangements, and accordingly, if a fastpitch bat has an ASA stamp, it will be affirmed in practically all groups.

NSA approved bats- Easton 2020, Louisville Xeno, Louisville Slugger LXT, Louisville Slugger Proven -13, Louisville Slugger PXT, Louisville Quest, DeMarini Prism, DeMarini Uprising, Louisville Slugger LXT X20, DeMarini Bustos, Dudley Lightning Lite, Mizuno Finch -13, DeMarini CF.

ASA approved bats- Easton Ghost Double Barrel, Easton Ghost Advance, DeMarini D-Lab CF, Easton Ghost Advanced, Louisville Slugger Xeno X20, Louisville Slugger LXT -10, Louisville Slugger Proven, Louisville Slugger PXT, Louisville Slugger Xeno, Marucci CAT FX, Dudley Lightning Lite -13.

USSSA approved bats- Easton Ghost, DeMarini, Louisville Slugger, Marucci, Dudley Lightning.

ISA approved bats- Easton 2020, Louisville Xeno, Louisville Slugger LXT, Louisville Slugger Proven -13, Louisville Slugger PXT, Louisville Quest, DeMarini Prism, DeMarini Uprising, Louisville Slugger LXT X20, DeMarini Bustos, Dudley Lightning Lite, Mizuno Finch -13, DeMarini CF.

Each association is extraordinary, so it is difficult for us to decide if a fastpitch softball bat is affirmed for play in each and every group. It is prescribed to connect with your mentor or a group authority to explain alliance limitations and impediments before buying a fastpitch softball bat.


Fastpitch Softball Bat Types and Materials

Since you realize what length, weight, and class type you require for your new bats, it’s an ideal opportunity to pick your material. Regularly, there are 3 choices at the novice level:

  • Hybrid.
  • Composite (carbon fiber).
  • Alloy.
  • Wood.

For fastpitch softball, we use hybrid, alloy and composite bats mostly. Wooden bats are avoidable because of their weight. 10u kids aren’t that allowed to lift a wooden bat precisely. To know the details, you can check the differences between these three.

Composite Fastpitch Softball Bats

Composite bats are made out of a layered material like carbon fiber, which makes it simple to control the weight circulation of the bat. Makers can make bats adjusted (weight is equitably appropriated) or end-stacked (the bat has more weight toward the finish of the barrel, giving it a heavier swing weight), contingent upon the style.


  • Requires 150-200 hits to break in.
  • Not recommended for use in temperatures below 65oF.
  • Larger sweet spot and more pop.
  • Reduced vibration and less sting with miss-hit balls.
  • It sounds like the crack of a tree branch.


  • Decreased vibration to the hands, limiting sting from a miss-hit ball.
  • Will, in general, have a bigger sweet spot and that’s only the tip of the iceberg “pop”.


  • Frequently more costly than composite bats, since the assembling procedure is progressively mind-boggling.
  • Utilizing a composite in temperatures underneath 60 degrees will diminish execution and can cause splitting.
  • It requires a break-in time. Recollect that the pop won’t come until a composite bat is broken in. To break it in, follow these tips:
  • Hit between 150-200 hits with a standard baseball or softball, not an elastic batting confine ball.
  • Marginally pivot the bat each time you hit the ball, so you even break it in – this guarantees your bat keeps going quite a while.

Hybrid Fastpitch Softballs Bats

Hybrid bats join a composite handle with amalgam barrel materials into one baseball ball bat. This plan joins the advantages a player gets from the light feel of a composite handle with the solidness that a compound barrel has.


  • Ready out of the wrapper.
  • Usable at any temperature.
  • Sweet and larger spot than pure alloy.
  • Smaller sweet spot than pure composite.
  • Reduced vibration.
  • Less sting with missing balls.
  • Satisfactory classic ping sound.


  • Hybrid bats will, in general, have a lower value point than composite bats.
  • Lighter feel when swinging because of the composite handle.
  • Like aluminum bats, half breed bats are prepared to utilize immediately and require no breaking in.
  • Hybrid bats will, in general, be tougher than composite bats.


  • Not legitimate in all classes.
  • The handle is as yet vulnerable to a similar breaking and temperature chances as composite bats.

Alloy Fastpitch Softball Bats

Alloy bats additionally called metal and aluminum bats, have been around longer than composite. It has a good spiral grip band for the tight firm.


  • Ready out the wrapper likewise hybrid bats.
  • It can be used at any temperature.
  • Smaller sweet spot.
  • More vibration and intense sting.
  • Adequate classic ping sound.


  • Will, in general, be more affordable than composite bats.
  • Try not to require a break-in time, which means they’re at their prime right out the wrapper.
  • Frequently last more and in any event, when they get harmed, they ordinarily mark, as opposed to split. This implies they can, in any case, be utilized once harmed, while once it is broken, a composite bat can’t be. For whatever length of time that the bat isn’t harmed to the degree where a barrel ring can never again fit around the barrel, the bat will at present be viewed as lawful.


  • In general, have a little sweet spot and less “pop.



Fastpitch Softball Bats Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What types of fastpitch softball bats are there?

One-piece softball bats utilize a similar material all through the whole plan. The upside of the one-piece configuration is that you get a more grounded, stiffer bat that is supported by power hitters searching for as meager flex as could be expected under the circumstances.

Two-piece softball bats have a handle that is a different piece from the barrel. The bit of leeway to a two-piece bat is that its structure permits the barrel to flex at the purpose of contact making a trampoline impact off the barrel. Two-piece bats have less vibration in the handle because of the partition of the handle and barrel.

Alloy softball bats are built with a one-piece configuration out of aluminum or aluminum that is blended in with different metals to make a more grounded item. The upside of this quality is that it permits compound bats to have more slender, progressively responsive barrel dividers.

Composite softball bats, then again, are made out of a blend of carbon fiber, graphite, fiberglass, and here and there Kevlar.

Hybrid softball bats element a two-piece plan in which a compound barrel is attached to a composite handle. This makes the handle lighter and permits the compound barrel to be made longer than on a customary combination bat.

What are the best fastpitch softball bats for 10u?

Well, it depends on player capability. Some kids feel comfortable with Louisville Slugger, some rather use DeMarini. Bats basically being selected by length, drop, swing and pop. You cannot get an all-in-one package. But most bats can provide you enough features. Bat lengths range from 26-32 inches, drop range from -12 to -10 for 10u. However, newcomer Marucci CAT and Dudley Lightning bats are doing fabulous recently. You can try any one of those.

What’s the difference between fastpitch and slowpitch?

Most of the time, we emphasize the arch, strike, strike counts, stealing and home runs. Nevertheless, slowpitch and fastpitch softball has some differences.


  • Larger balls.
  • Pitch much arch on its way to the batter.
  • 10 players on the field.
  • Bunting is prohibited.


  • 12 inches ball is used.
  • No arch necessary.
  • 9 players on the field at a time.
  • Bunting and stealing are allowed.

Furthermore, in fastpitch, pitchers point two-crease and four-crease fastballs, curves, screwballs, and all other ways of pitches for the strike zone-the region from a player’s knees to their chest. Strikeouts are basic as contact avoidance and powerless hits into the infield are a pitcher’s key system.

On the contrary, in slowpitch, pitchers aren’t focusing on a strikeout, which is called just if the softball hits the home plate. Rather, their key methodology is to circular segment the ball sufficiently high to lessen speed and stay away from incredible hits, for example, a line-drive.

Which one I should buy? Balanced or End loaded?

A balanced bat is like a centered fulcrum based material. It means if you put a thick pin on the ground and place the middle of the bat on it, both sides of the bat would be equally balanced. In other words, the bat will act as an equally balanced one from both ends. Contrarily, the end-loaded bat do not have such options. More precisely, an end-loaded bat has a heavier barrel weight than that of its handle. People get confused when they try to purchase one. Which one would be better for 10u is a common question today. A balanced bat is lighter than an end-loaded bat. For 10u, it is good to use a balanced bat for the beginners.

What is a bat drop?

It is simply a mathematical calculation between bat length and weight. A simple formula is used to calculate the weight drop or bat drop.

Bat drop or Weight drop = Bat weight (ounces) – Bat length (inches)

For example, if a bat weighs 20 ounces and the length of it is 31 inches, then the calculation stands as 20 – 31 = -11. That means the bat drops by 11. Likewise, for other bats, you can easily measure by this formula. Bat drop is necessary for 10u because the more bat drop, they feel comfortable more


Bottom Line

Picking the correct bat requires a touch of research and a greater amount of swinging to decide its solace. In any case, with significant deals originating from the web, swinging each bat in the store isn’t a moving decision, consequently, you depend on audits. That referenced the above bats are relied upon to take the 2020 arrangement.

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