Best Baseball Scorebooks

We are all familiar with the thrill of keeping up with the score and tracking each player’s performance during a tournament. Not only does it help you get more involved in the game but it also helps you make predictions, see player’s improvements and see which player has the highest chances of bagging the player of the tournament award. To do that though, you need one of the best baseball scorebooks


baseball scorebook

It is not possible to keep a record of so many details in the mind and a normal notebook can be too inconvenient. This is where the baseball scorebook comes into play.

A baseball scorebook is a methodically divided book that has rows, columns, and checkboxes which can be used to easily keep a record of the score and each player’s performance.

Now it is not necessary that every scorebook has all the necessary points that you might want to cover. To help you find a baseball scorebook that keeps you on track with the tournament, we have compiled some scorebooks that you can choose from.

IMAGE PRODUCT # of Games Key feature
Editors PickBSN Baseball Scorebook BSN Baseball/Softball Scorebook

26 games Best value scorebook for coaches and fans in all leagues Check Price
Best SellerRawlings Deluxe System-17 Scorebook Rawlings Deluxe System-17 Scorebook

24 games Plenty of space means it’s easy to write notes/comments Check Price
Cramer Scorebook Cramer Scorebook, C.S. Peterson’s Super 16, Baseball and Softball

25 games A great pick for recreational leagues Check Price
CHAMPRO Baseball Scorebook CHAMPRO Baseball/Softball Scorebook

26 games Perfect for little league and school tournaments Check Price
BSN BaseballSoftball Scorebook (Oversized) BSN Baseball/Softball Scorebook (Oversized)

30 games Great for MLB games Check Price
Bob Carpenter’s Score Sheet Bob Carpenter’s Score Sheet

Best scorebook for professionals – has everything you could need Check Price

Best Baseball Scorebooks:

Here are our top picks for baseball scorebooks:

BSN Baseball/Softball Scorebook:

To begin with we have a scorebook that comes with 26 pages containing 16 batting positions and 9 innings pages. As it has 26 pages it lets you cover up to 26 games. Not enough? Worry not, the pages are printed double sided so that you can keep the score of both teams just by flipping the page.

BSN Baseball Scorebook

The best thing about this scorebook is that it comes with a diamond stadium printed in the middle so that you can record your scores properly. However, you need to keep in mind that you will find only one substitute for each batting position.

The build of the book may not seem that great but the book surely gets the job done. It comes with a spiral-bound that makes it easy to flip the pages. Keeping this in mind, it can be said that the BSN baseball/softball scorebook is a very affordable option for convenient scorekeeping.

The BSN baseball/softball scorebook is not only a great option for coaches but the easy layout of the book can help the pitchers and players too.


  • It comes with a beginner’s tutorial on how to keep a scorebook. Quite helpful for first time scorekeeping.
  • Easy to use.
  • Convenient size to keep in the bag.
  • It can be used for both baseball and softball.
  • Has got an extra slot for extended batting order.
  • Includes season schedule, team roster, batting average chart, season totals, and pitcher stats.


  • Not a suitable option for MLB scorekeeping.
  • The page quality of this scorebook is not meant to keep for years. But using it and keeping it for a few days or months is completely ok.

Rawlings Deluxe System-17 Scorebook:

Titled as the big book, it truly does not disappoint when it comes to size. It may be a bit difficult to carry this book everywhere or even take standing notes. Apart from the humongous size, this book can offer some pretty great things.

Rawlings Deluxe System-17 Scorebook

Due to the large space,you get to manage numerous things in one easy to see place which is what gets theRawlings Deluxe System-17 Scorebook on the second spot on our list. This baseball scorebook offers 17 batters with 2 substitutes per batter and 9 innings per sheet.

You can keep a log of up to 20 games in this book, which makes it an optimal choice for scorers, coaches, and parents who love to keep track of baseball game stats.


  • Each sheet holds 17 batters with 2 substitutes per batter.
  • The boxes for players have enough space to write in
  • The overall format of the book is pretty good.
  • Strongback cover.
  • Easy to see the different fields of the book.
  • Easy to use.
  • It can be used to keep scores for both baseball and softball games.


  • Big – hard to fit into a bag
  • The ring of the spiral could have been a bit bigger to make the most use of the scorebook, like sticking a pencil.
  • More pitcher stats could have made this book handier.

Cramer Scorebook, C.S. Peterson’s Super 16, Baseball and Softball:

If you are looking for a scorebook with more pages to keep track of the bigger leagues then the Cramer scorebook, C.S. Peterson Super 16 should be the perfect option for you. It comes with an option to help you keep the score of up to 25 games.

Cramer Scorebook

You can keep a track of 12 innings and 11 batting positions and 1 substitute per batter all in one sheet.  If you are looking for a scorebook to help you keep a score of little leagues and high school games where there are only a few pitches, you can go for this book.

If used cleverly, this book can be used to record scores and stats of MLB games too. The book gives you enough space to cover the stat of every player, you just have to make space for the pitcher’s stat.

The book doesn’t have a separate space for writing the player number, but you can solve this issue by writing it beside the player’s name. To sum it up, the Cramer Scorebook, C.S. Peterson’s Super 16 is a good scorebook when it comes to durability and keeping the score.


  • User-friendly format and style.
  • A quality scorebook, sturdy enough to use without a table.
  • Convenient size.
  • The boxes are big enough for keeping detailed stats for pitchers and batters.
  • Easy to keep score.
  • Usable for both baseball and softball games.


  • It has only three spaces for pitchers.
  • Not ideal for MLB games.

CHAMPRO Baseball/Softball Scorebook:

More pages, more tournament scores! CHAMPRO baseball/softball scorebook is a 52 pages scorebook that can help you record up to 26 games. With every sheet you get to add the information of 18 players with 1 substitute per batter and 9 innings.

CHAMPRO Baseball Scorebook

The format of the book is ideally designed to ensure convenient scorekeeping. However, the boxes made in the book can seem small to some users. The book has an amazing build with strong cardstock backing. The book also comes with good quality paper which makes it easier to write scores.

The spiral binding of the book makes it easier to write scores during the matches. The book also comes with user instructions for beginners. The front cover of the book is durable and lightweight. The scorebook is perfect for little league and school leagues.


  • The instruction at the beginning of the book helps a lot if you are new to scorekeeping.
  • Applicable for both baseball and softball games.
  • The quality of the spiral binding is up to the mark.
  • Line up sheet is included with this scorebook.
  • The quality of the cover is fairly high enough.


  • The boxes could have been a bit bigger.
  • No player summary column.

BSN Baseball/Softball Scorebook (Oversized):

BSN has already been on top of our list but this product had to be on our list. This scorebook is for the coaches who don’t wish to hit the store constantly to pick up more baseball scorebooks. The BSN baseball oversized scorebook comes with amazing features and benefits that are noteworthy.

BSN BaseballSoftball Scorebook (Oversized)

To begin with, the book has a dimension of 14inches x 11inches. It is due to this dimension the book is called oversized. It is the first oversized scorebook to be ever made by the company.  The scorebook comes with 11 positions with 3 substitutes per batters and 10 innings per sheet.

It is clear that this book has a higher score recording capacity than other scorebooks on this list. You can record up to 30 games in this book. It also comes with a user manual for beginners and is a great way to keep a record of the team.

The book may seem inadequate for recording the score of the youth leagues but works perfectly for school leagues. The book has sturdy construction with high-quality pages and a sturdy back cover.


  • A lot of space for writing players’ names and substitute names.
  • The guideline on scoring at the beginning will prove to be super handy if you are new to scorekeeping.
  • The batting average chart in the back makes this scorebook more useful.
  • High-quality paper.
  • Durable cover.
  • Binding quality and the coils of the spiral prove the quality of this book as well.
  • Home and away sides are printed in different colors.
  • Suitable for MLB games.
  • One of the best scorebooks for the money.


  • More batting positions per sheet could have made this book even better. (It has got 11 positions per sheet).
  • A bit more comprehensive scope for keeping pitchers would have been a great bonus for scorers.

Bob Carpenter’s Score Sheet:

If you have been associated with baseball for a long time, you would have probably heard of Bob Carpenter. Bob Carpenter is an accomplished sportscaster and an announcer for Major Baseball Leagues. He is known for his meticulous sports commentary and extensive knowledge and understanding of baseball.

Bob Carpenter’s Score Sheet baseball scorebook

Using his years of expertise and baseball commentary experience he has designed the world’s most reliable scorekeeping book. This is no ordinary scorebook, if you are looking for price over quality this is what you need.

carpenter baseball scorebook

The scorebook has over 100 pages and is designed to be used by coaches, players, and fans. The book comes in two different variants: Radio/TV and Fan. Each of the books has a different design and comes with its own set of features.

Radio and TV versions have sections for Defence, Bullpen Pitchers, Bench Players, and a blank area for notes. These sections come with extra space for entering statistics in that area. This baseball scorebook has the team record on the top of the page to help broadcasters keep track of the team’s win-loss record.

The book comes with a grid of 15 innings and the Radio and TV versions come with a size of 8 ½” x 11”.


  • 100 pages for recording can help you avoid buying books frequently.
  • Detailed information
  • Well-spaced column


  • No instructions for beginners

To get a sneak peek of Bob Carpenter’s scorebook; watch this video here:

Best Baseball Scorekeeping apps:

Coaches and fans who don’t wish to get involved in the struggles of a book and pencil/pen can download these appson their phones to keep a record of the game.

GameChanger Baseball Softball:

With 60fps and a simple user interface this app is perfect for both beginners and pros. The app allows you to see stats and player charts when you need them the most. Back-up your decisions with real-time team and player statistics. The app only works on IOS.

GameChanger Baseball Softball App

You can download this app here- GameChanger

Baseball Score:

This app runs on Android platforms and is available for free. It is easy to use and can be used to keeping scores of the little league games.  You can use it for both baseball and softball. Moreover, the app can be used to keep up with games that don’t have real scoreboards.

Baseball Score App

You can download this app here: Baseball Score

Why do you need a baseball scorebook?

Scorebooks are not just limited to a single-use. The purpose of the book differs if the user is a coach, player, or parent. Using a scorebook can increase your observational and judgemental skills.

baseball scorebook

Coaches normally use scorebooks to keep track of their team’s performance in a match or the entire tournament. This helps them to understand the key areas that have to be focused on during the practice sessions.

Parents can keep a scorebook to see their child’s growth after every tournament to provide them with inputs or just for the sake of keeping a record of their child’s progress.

Players on the other hand can use a scorebook to keep a record of their progress and compare their performance with other players.

You don’t have to be a baseball fanatic to use one of these baseball scorebooks. Even if you’re a casual fan, with a keen interest in the sport, you can keep a scorebook to enhance your knowledge. You can learn about the different aspects of the game, and also keep a record of your favorite team or player’s progress.

How to Use a Baseball Scorebook?

A baseball scorebook is the most convenient way of keeping track of a tournament’s progress. The comprise details like schedule, team roster, batting average chart, season totals, and pitcher stats that can help you track the entire season easily.

Not sure how to keep a scorebook? No worries – just watch this video and you’ll be well on your way.

Baseball Scorekeeping Basics:

Baseball scorebooks have small boxes that have to be filled in with the essential details. Since some words can be too hard to fit in these boxes, you can write them in abbreviations. And here are the abbreviations that you need to know.

  • P: Pitcher
  • C: Catcher
  • 1B: First baseman
  • SS: Shortstop
  • RF: Right field
  • Pitcher: 1
  • Catcher: 2
  • First baseman: 3
  • Second baseman: 4

You can use letter abbreviation to denote the player that made the hit. For e.g. 1B can represent both first baseman and a single hit.


Scorebooks are one of the best ways to records a game’s score but they can also be a way to relive the memories of a particular game. I hope you have understood the uses of a scorebook and found the one you would like to purchase. If you have any queries or suggestions, you can write them in the comment.

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