How to Choose a Perfect Baseball Bat?

Choosing a baseball bat can be a hard task owing to the fact that baseball bats are different in all aspects, and picking the perfect baseball bat can be an extremely difficult task. It is therefore essential to have a clear guide on what to look for in a bat, and how to choose the correct bat since almost all bats have nearly similar characteristics. The following is an objective guide on criteria to use when selecting the perfect bat for specific players in specific leagues.choose a perfect baseball bat

Choose a baseball bat according to this steps

Step-1: Certification of baseball bat

When purchasing what type of bat to buy, it is essential to consider the certifications of the bat. Different leagues have different legal guidelines that control the level of competitiveness, and it is, therefore, necessary to play by these rules. For example, for a bat to be cleared to play in a high school league, it must be BBCOR certified, and this gives the league uniformity. Choose a BBCOR baseball bat Choose a USA baseball bat Choose a USSA baseball bat

If the bat is to be used in USA leagues, it must be compliant with all the set rules and guidelines. The same criteria should also be used in the USSSA leagues. These set rules are aimed at bringing equality in these competitions. So make sure the bat you are purchasing is allowed to be used in the league you or your player will play in. You can acquire more information by contacting the relevant league you or your player will appear in.

Step-2: Length of your bat

Length is another important aspect to consider before purchasing a baseball bat. When a player goes into the batting stance and finds himself uncomfortable, it’s because the length of the bat does not suit the player. For example, if a player is playing with a bat that is longer in his age category, he will not be able to hit with his full potential. Choose The perfect Length for your bat

The longer the bat, the heavier it is, and if it does not suit the player, it will just hinder his swinging and hitting technique. On the other hand, if the length of the bat is of suitable length, he will be able to swing properly and hit to the end. Therefore, when you go to purchase a baseball bat measure several of them by swinging to see if it fits you or your player. Choose The popular Length for you

Step-3: Weight of  a baseball bat

The other factor to contemplate when choosing the perfect baseball bat is to consider the weight of the bat compared to the weight and age of the baseball player. Baseball bats are diverse in weights, and a different player plays better with individual weights of bats.

Choose Weight for a baseball bat

The general rule of a weight of the bat is the more massive the bat, the more it is efficient to bigger baseball players and the younger the baseball player, the lighter the bat they should choose. More specifically, this is measured by drop weight, delivered by finding the difference between the bat’s length and weight.

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Therefore, the higher the drop weight number, the lighter the bat and therefore, the more suitable the bat is for a younger baseball player. You must consider the player’s weight before purchasing a bat because if the bat is too heavy and the player is a contact hitter, it will be unsuitable for him. On the other hand, if the player is a power hitter and the bat is too light, he won’t find it enjoyable to play with bat.

Step-4: Materials of a perfect bat

The make of the bat is crucial in getting the right baseball bat. Although the makes of the baseball bat are the most debated aspect in baseball equipment, some few issues stand out. Different bats make different experiences to a baseball player. Composite bats, for example, are common and useful quality although they are relatively expensive.

On the other hand, alloy bats are relatively cheap, but they have a weaker make in the absorption of shock from mishits. Hybrids bats, on the other hand, are judiciously priced compared to the above two bats, but they perform poorly on the balance of the materials in the bat. It is therefore correct to state that the making choice is a subjective issue and only the player can determine the perfect weight for them. Below are brief explanations of the materials most used to produce a baseball bat.  You can check also What is a dead bat in baseball?

Step-5: Choose the perfect barrel size

The barrel size of a bat is directly connected to having a bigger or smaller sweet spot. A bigger barre size means a bigger hitting surface. In short, the sweet spot will be massive too. For example, if you want your player to hit more frequently, you can purchase a big barrel bat with a large sweet spot. Or you can buy a bat with a small sweet spot to help your player improve his hitting skills if he wants to turn professional in the future. Either way, you must consider the barrel size of a bat before deciding to purchase it.

Choose a Composite bats

Generally, composite bats are made from composite materials like fiberglass, and the main feature is that they get better with use. Most of the time, composite bats are the most expensive among its counterparts. Composite bats were banned for a long time; however, now as long as a bat has BBCOR certification, it can be used.

Choose a Alloy bats

Alloy bats are most of the time wholly made from metal save the end cap. In most cases, the material used to produce an alloy bat is aluminum. The reason is that aluminum is light, and durable making aluminum bats extremely attractive to youth players.

Choose a hybrid bats

Hybrid bats are comprised of several materials mixed to bring out most of the materials while reducing the drawbacks.

Sweet Spot

The sweet spot aspect is crucial in choosing the right baseball bat. The sweet spot is a multi-dimensional question in determining what baseball bat to invest. The sweet spot is determined by how long a baseball bat is and the longer the bat is, the more significant the sweet spot is, and therefore better-playing experience.

However, the bigger the size, the more material of the baseball bat has and hence the more massive the bat. This, thus, gives the baseball player two chances, either to sacrifice a bigger sweet spot for a better swing experience nor have a larger sweet spot and have a massive baseball bat.

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The perfect baseball bat is subjective to who is buying, their age and the league the bat is supposed to play. The above piece gives various perspectives in arriving at the perfect bat. Fortunately, when all the above factors are factored in, the choice of an ideal baseball bat is objectively solved and within the legal parameters of various baseball regulations. Consequently, you’ll be able to purchase the perfect baseball bat if you consider the above mentioned tips.

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