Best First Baseman Glove for Baseball & Softball

Just as other players or positions in the game, the first baseman is also as important. For anyone who plays in this position, they tend to see more of the action of the game than even the pitcher or the catcher. Their activities cannot be at all compared to that of the pitcher or the catcher. Unlike the others mentioned, the first baseman is solely responsible for the catching of some of those unimaginable and unthinkable shots. In order to match up to those types of balls, you need a glove that is just as superb and exceptional. A glove with a high level performance rate and also a top consistency level which should also be as durable and comfortable to play with. The best first baseman gloves should be flexible and fit comfortable to the hand. Whether those balls are coming straight at you with rocket or bullet speed, falling short or probably bouncing off the ground, that choice glove needs to be capable of handling the situation properly and with ease. This glove should come with a deep enough pocket and compared to the standard fielding glove should be tougher to give the fingers a better protection and ensure they don’t bend backwards.

Best First Baseman Glove for Baseball & Softball

The 7 Best First Baseman Glove for Baseball & Softball

IMAGE PRODUCT Our Rating Price Range
Best OverallRawlings Heart of The Hide Mitt Rawlings Heart of The Hide Mitt 5/5 $$ Check Price
Most Popular SetWilson A2000 MC24 Glove Wilson A2000 MC24 Glove 5/5 $$ Check Price
Easton Blackstone BL3 Mitt Easton Blackstone BL3 Mitt 4.8/5 $ Check Price
Rawlings Pro PROSDCTC Glove Rawlings Pro PROSDCTC Glove 5/5 $$$ Check Price
Wilson A2K Baseball Glove Wilson A2K Baseball Glove 5/5 $$$ Check Price

#1: Rawlings Pro PROSDCTC Baseball First Baseman Glove

Rawlings Sporting Goods Company has earned a reputation as one of the best producers of trustworthy and high standard sporting equipment. Their baseball equipment is regarded by everyone as top-notch and the Rawlings Pro Preferred 13 Inch PROSDCTC Baseball First Base Mitt us definitely no different in that regard. If you want a baseball glove that can serve its purpose and also last you for years to come with maximum top performance guaranteed, then this should be your choice of a glove. The design of this glove allows for use by players of different ages and groups and makes them play at a high-level standard. It is a true performance-enhancer and made of materials that make the game look pretty easy and comfortable. This 13 inches first base model comes with a single post and a double bar webbing design. It also features a conventional open back with a Tennessee Tanning Rawhide leather lacing.

Rawlings Pro PROSDCTC Baseball First Baseman Glove

Special Feature:

  1. A 13 inches glove size.
  2. Double bar webbing and single post design.
  3. Conventional open back.
  4. Tennessee tanning company rawhide lacing.
  5. Index finger padding for added and maximum protection and comfort.
  6. Pittard’s sheepskin lining.
  7. 100% wool padding.

Fit & Feel:

The Rawlings Pro Preferred 13 Inch PROSDCTC Baseball First Base Mitt possesses one of the best fitting and feeling one can get from any glove on the market. it is made of 100% wool padding and comes with an index finger padding as well to ensure your hands are always kept safe and feel comfy during each game. Its double pro grade leather lacing helps give it a standard fit and makes it match perfectly to the player’s hands.

  1. The glove is really comfortable to use.
  2. Its extra padding means extra protection for the player’s hands.
  3. The leather material makes it lightweight and very flexible.
  4. This bat is durable and sure to last for seasons.
  5. The Pittard’s performance sheepskin lining helps wick away moisture and sweat to keep the player’s hands dry at all times.
  1. The price range of this glove places it to be very expensive especially for low-income earners.

Why did we recommend it?

There are numerous baseball glove brands in the market as there are also numerous gloves but choosing which one to use can sometimes be an issue. The Rawlings Pro Preferred 13 Inch PROSDCTC Baseball First Base Mitt is very efficient and durable. Its fitting and feel is very much high standard and can be used by players of various ages. Although it is pretty expensive when you consider its features, its work rate and functionality, it can be regarded as a very good bargain.


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#2: Wilson A2000 MC24 1st Baseman Glove

Looking for a glove with a reputation that goes back years and a performance that never drops, then you have just happened to be on track with this piece. Since the introduction of the A2000 series in 1957, it has never backed down from a game or from the competition and it always tends to top the chart. The Wilson A2000 MC24 Miguel Cabrera Game Model 1st BM 12IN is also a new addition to that fold and a very high standard, to quality bat that can assure or guarantee even the most average of players a very magnificent performance on the pitch. This A2000 glove is made of purely American Pro stock steer hide leather which is trustworthy for its rugged durability. It can take players from season after season before you would have any complaint on its durability and performance levels.

Wilson A2000 MC24 1st Base Man Glove 

Special Features:

  1. V-laced single post webbing design.
  2. Dri-Lex Ultra-breathable wrist lining
  3. Pro stock leather.
  4. Rolled dual welting.
  5. 12 inches pattern.
  6. Double heel break.
  7. Long-lasting break-in.

Fit & Feel:

The fitting and feel gotten from this glove makes playing a very comfortable and performance world-class. This glove is made from one of the best leather materials around which is the pro stock select leather. Its Dri-Lex Ultra-breathable wrist lining ensures that the hands stay cool and dry at all times and transfers off any form of moisture or sweat. It feels pretty stiff and comfy on the hand and fits well enough for any player regardless of league levels.

  1. It provides players with a cool and dry hand during the game.
  2. Pro stock select leather offers rugged, top-level durability.
  3. High-performance glove with a guaranteed consistency level.
  4. Possesses an unmatched feel.
  5. Easy and long-lasting break-in process.
  6. Not as expensive as some others on the market.
  1. Its fitting is not as trustworthy as some others which can be a problem for some players.

Why did we recommend it?

It is essential for players to get the best equipment and one that is very reliable in terms of performance, durability and consistency levels. The Wilson A2000 MC24 Miguel Cabrera Game Model 1st BM 12IN offers you all of that in one and comes at a moderate price rate compared to some others of its standard. Get the Wilson A2000 glove and enjoy the game to the very best while you play and feel like a true professional.


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#3: SHOELESS Joe Women’s Fastpitch Softball First Base Glove

For any player in love with great bats and looking for one of high quality and a real top class glove, the SHOELESS Joe Women’s Fastpitch Softball First Base Glove surely comes in handy. It is a 12-inch glove model made purely of 100% steer hide leather with the traditional tobacco tanning finishing. It is a glove of quality and real class. Everyone wants a glove that can take them through the rigors of each season and one that can stand through various seasons unharmed and this is surely that glove.

 SHOELESS Joe Women's Fastpitch Softball First Base Glove

Special Features:

  1. A 12.5 inches first base glove.
  2. Single post webbing design.
  3. Hand-cut and sewn individually.
  4. Special aged antique tobacco type leather.
  5. 100% steer hide leather.
  6. Rubbed with old-time and traditional ingredients to help soften glove’s leather.

Fit & Feel:

The SHOELESS Joe Women’s Fastpitch Softball First Base Glove comes with a high-level feel which can be said to be unrivaled if you are to compare. Its leather is hand-rubbed with old and traditional ingredients to make it feel a bit softer and easy on the hand. Its open-back design makes it easy for the wrist to move quite freely and makes playing pretty easy.

  1. This glove is very durable and lasts really long.
  2. Takes a minimum amount of time to break this glove in.
  3. Offers optimum hand protection to the player.
  4. Guaranteed top performance and high-level consistency on the pitch.
  5. It is not as pricy or expensive as some others.
  1. Its 12-inch size might end up being a problem for some adult players with bigger hands.
  2. Some players don’t enjoy gloves which require a break-in period.

Why did we recommend it?

The SHOELESS Joe Women’s Fastpitch Softball First Base Glove can be said to be one of the best first base gloves for Fastpitch players. It is trustworthy in terms of its durability and consistency as well as its assured high performance. it makes catching seem pretty easy. It is not pricy like some others and compared with its features, it is a very good bargain at $179.99.


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#4: Easton Blackstone BL3 Baseball First Base Mitt

Every player and first baseman wants the best possible glove available and one that can meet all the possible requirements. It takes a solid and standard glove to meet that level and that would not be hard if you look through the Easton production closet. Give yourself a treat with the Easton Blackstone Series 12.75 Inch BL3 Baseball First Base Mitt. Its select cowhide leather makes this glove a lightweight material and very easy to handle as well as being really comfortable on the hand. From snagging ground ball to those errant throws, this is the perfect way to ensure you remain the boss and leave your mark on the pitch as a capable and top class first baseman. It is designed with a soft and leather lined padding to help absorb the impact received after every catch to provide players with maximum protection.

Easton Blackstone BL3 Baseball First Base Mitt

Special Features:

  1. 12.75 inches in length.
  2. Dual bat webbing design.
  3. Select Cowhide leather.
  4. Quick and faster break-in period.
  5. Rawhide leather lacing for better durability.
  6. Conventional open back.
  7. Extra plush wrist lining.
  8. 100 day glove guarantee.

Fit & Feel:

The fitting of this glove is exquisite and also is its feeling. For a player regardless the age or hand size, this glove feels very soft and comfortable on the hand and helps ease the player into the game thereby helping the user provide a top class performance. It has enough padding to provide protection for your hands after every catch. It fits perfectly to player of different leagues age and hand sizes.

  1. It comes at a very affordable and friendly price. Suitable for low-income earners.
  2. This bat feels extremely soft and extra comfortable on the hand.
  3. Its rawhide leather laces provide it with an exceptional elite level durability.
  4. Possesses extra flexibility with its conventional open back design.
  5. You have a 100 day love your glove guarantee with this piece.
  6. Proper and comfortable fitting with its extra plush wrist lining.
  1. Some players do complain about its fitting a bit.
  2. With it 12.75 inches length, it might cause a few problems for players with bigger fingers.

Why did we recommend it?

There are obviously some other gloves in the industry just as there are numerous brands which can give players what they require and keep them at the top of their game for seasons to come. One thing you should also consider is do they provide all that with an affordable price rate? The Easton Blackstone Series 12.75 Inch BL3 Baseball First Base Mitt comes at an affordable price suitable for even low-income earners and has a top level durability and consistency. Extra comfort and elite fitting and feeling. With this glove catching those high or low balls will never be an issue. Get this glove and enjoy high class consistent performance and rule the pitch.


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#5: Rawlings Heart of The Hide 13″ Fastpitch First Base Mitt

Rawlings is well known and reputable for the production of exquisite and top class sporting equipment and when it comes to baseball or softball they are regarded as a trustworthy brand in all areas, either bat or glove manufacturing. The Rawlings Heart of the Hide 13″ Fastpitch First Base Mitt is renowned world-wide for its durable, soft and very attractive leather used in its construction. It is laced together with the Tennessee Tanning company’s rawhide which results in providing the glove with an unparalleled and unmatched durability levels, strength and a solid shape and frame. No matter how long you use it, it always tends to retain its beautiful shape. Each of the gloves comes with a shorter break-in period compared to other elite gloves of its standard. To ease the player’s break-in period, Rawlings has already done about 30% of the break-in job to reduce the break-in time and make it pretty quicker.

Rawlings Heart of The Hide 13" Fastpitch First Base Mitt

Special Features:

  1. 13 inches in glove length measurement.
  2. 70% player Break-in & 30% Factory Break-in.
  3. Conventional open back.
  4. Single post and double bar webbing design.
  5. Deer Tanned cowhide plus palm lining.
  6. Well-padded thumb sleeve.
  7. Plush full grain finger back lining.
  8. Tennessee Tanning Company Rawhide Lacing.
  9. Heart of the Hide traditional leather shell.
  10. Index finger padding.

Fit & Feel:

The fit and feel of every bat is what shows if it is a good one or a bad choice but in the case of the Rawlings Heart of The Hide 13″ Fastpitch First Base Mitt, it shows that it is a real great choice for any player. Regardless of age and size, it is designed to fit perfectly to you hand size and feel comfortable on the hand making the game seem easy and feel enjoyable. It comes with extra padding for both the index finger and the thumb to offer protection during play. For any first baseman looking for a comfortable glove to rock the pitch, this glove definitely comes in handy.

  1. It is very comfortable and easy on the hand.
  2. Wonderful and top class fitting.
  3. Elite and trustworthy durability.
  4. Extra padding offers protection to fingers especially the thumb and index finger.
  5. Rawhide lacing helps add more strength and structure to the glove.
  6. Regardless of how long it is used, it still retains its shape and frame.
  7. Very consistent and a high performance glove.
  8. Available in both left and right hand orientation.
  1. The price range of this glove is placed above average and for some players and customers can be regarded as expensive.

Why did we recommend it?

Rawlings is a top sporting manufacturing brand and so also are their sporting equipment and products. The Rawlings Heart of The Hide 13″ Fastpitch First Base Mitt is just one of their numerous product that can be placed as one of the best and it definitely does not disappoint both in performance, durability and comfort. It is also very consistent so in case you are thinking it will drop after a few games then this is not that type of glove. It can go for couple seasons without any glitch or need for repair as long as it is well maintained. With its easy and quick break-in period, it is every first baseman’s choice.


Best First Baseman Glove For Softball

One of the biggest tasks as a softball player is finding the right equipment. Getting the right softball first baseman glove can be a very hard and stressful task because you can’t just get any globe and make do with it. First of all, you need to know that this is softball and compared to baseball, this sport uses a bigger ball thereby requiring a different type of first base glove. This glove is used very often during play as the first baseman is almost always called upon and as such, the glove should be durable and consistent as well.

#6: Mizuno GXF50FPW MVP Prime Fastpitch Softball First Base Mitts

Take your game to the next level with the proper equipment and the right first base glove. Mizuno have had their experts design and construct this glove specifically for softball and to get players to that high performance levels they so desire. It is made and constructed from Bio-soft leather, one of professional quality and a smooth style hide that ensures the players gets a good balance of softness and firm control, a good and excellent feel of comfort on the hand while the player delivers and top class first baseman performance. The Mizuno GXF50FPW MVP Prime Fastpitch Softball First Base Mitt is a 13 inch glove with a real and genuine leather lacing. It is designed with the conventional open back to provide a better flexibility for better control and an easier use.

Mizuno GXF50FP - Best First Baseman Glove For Softball

Special features:

  1. 13 inches in glove length measurement.
  2. Conventional open back.
  3. Bio-soft smooth leather.
  4. A centre pocket design for a perfect break-in.
  5. Quick, easy break-in period.
  6. Para shock + palm padding.
  7. Durable professional level lacing.
  8. Power Lock design.
  9. Single bar webbing design.
  10. Single finger back with an adjustable Velcro wrist strap.
  11. A vertically laced heel
  12. Gender engineered glove.
  13. 100 day glove guarantee.

Fit & Feel:

If you are looking for a term to classify the feeling and fitting of this bat, even the word exceptional might not do enough justice. If offers more than just the average feel but an unrivalled and unmatched feeling of comfort to the players every time. It is designed and constructed from bio-soft leather which presents a good balance of oil and softness making it feels extra comfortable on the player’s hand during each use. The addition of the Para shock + Palm padding helps absorbs any form of impact thereby reducing the sting felt from any catch. It comes with an adjustable Velcro wrist strap which means no matter the player’s hand size, it can be adjusted to fit properly.

  1. Easy and fast break-in period.
  2. The glove is designed to be very soft and comfortable on the hand.
  3. With the addition of the Velcro wrist strap, fitting is never an issue.
  4. Para shock + palm padding helps protect hand against stick or vibration feedback.
  5. It is very flexible and easy to use.
  6. A real performance enhancement tool.
  7. Engineered specifically for female use.
  8. It comes with a 100 days ‘love your glove’ guarantee.
  9. It is quite affordable and not as expensive as some might expect.
  10. Available in both hand orientations.
  1. Although it comes with an adequate fitting thanks to the addition of the Velcro wrist strap, the length of 13 inches might be a bit long for the younger players.

Why did we recommend it?

It is the dream and desire of every softball player to acquire a glove that suits them perfectly and one that can make them stand tall on the pitch and be the boss of the game. As a first baseman, the Mizuno GXF50FPW MVP Prime Fastpitch Softball First Base Mitts, 13″, Left Hand is the right and adequate glove on can get. It is comfortable, durable, soft, a high performance equipment and also consistent. Irrespective of its amazing and mind blowing features, it is prices at an affordable rate meaning you need not worry about this glove exceeding the budget. Get this impressive glove from Mizuno and enjoy playing as a first baseman with world class performances.


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Best First Baseman Glove for 10 Years Old

Teaching your kid or that young one about the special game of baseball can be a thing of stress at some point but also delightful at the other end. If you want your kid to pick up really fast in this game then the best thing is to offer your kid the best equipment necessary and in this case, the best first baseman glove. For a 10 year old kid, there are several first baseman gloves available on the market and if you are really looking forward to getting them to their highest potential, then you would need a highly effective glove and one that is dependable, comfortable and sure to hold up all season no matter the rigors of the season.

#7: First Baseman glove for 10 Years old – Wilson A2K Baseball Glove

If you are looking for special first baseman gloves that can get your kid the top performance he so desires in the game, then the Wilson A2K Baseball Glove Series is a perfect choice anytime and any day. Made and designed by Wilson, these gloves feature premier patterns that last longer due to its great and master craftsmanship. It is regarded as one of the most highly rated premium baseball gloves in the industry. One great and outstanding feature of the Wilson A2K Baseball Glove Series is the Double palm construction that helps provide players with maximum stability and three times more shaping to help reduce the glove’s break-in time. The leather used in the construction and design of this piece is selected via a highly selective and triple sorting process to ensure a top level consistency and flawlessness in the glove.

First Baseman glove for 10 Years old - Wilson A2K Baseball Glove

Special Features:

  1. A 12.5 inch measurement.
  2. Rolled dual welting.
  3. Double palm construction.
  4. Black super skin leather.
  5. Copper and black Pro Stock Select leather.
  6. Double horizontal bar webbing design.
  7. 3 times more shaping.
  8. Dri-lex wrist lining.

Fit & Feel:

The fit and feel of any glove are what determines how comfortable such a glove would be and also how efficient during use. For a glove to be regarded as being amongst the best, it has got to be able to provide the player with a comfortable feel and a nice fitting. The Wilson A2K Baseball Glove Series is designed from pro stock select leather with a palm liner to give the player a nice comfort. The presence of a Dri-lex wrist lining offers an ultra-breathable and moisture-wicking material.

  1. The glove is pretty comfortable and easy on the hand.
  2. It helps with keeping palms dry during play.
  3. Regardless of the rigors of the season, it is sure to take you through various seasons undented.
  4. Double palm construction helps it retain its shape 3 times better than your regular glove.
  5. It provides a long lasting shape and a quicker break-in period.
  1. It is not pocket friendly, especially for low-income earners.
  2. Players with smaller hands might have an issue with their fitting.

Why did we recommend it?

There are several gloves in the market which can be regarded as being good for a 10 year old first baseman but amongst all of the options, there is always going to be the standout performer. All-day, any day, the Wilson A2K Baseball Glove Series is regarded as a high class and top functioning premium glove which can aid your kid in taking their game to the next level. Although for the low and probably average income earners, this glove would seem pretty expensive, its qualities and features make it worth the price and definitely a good bargain. Get your kid the best First baseman glove and watch them enjoy the very best of a baseball game with top-class performances.

What size glove should a first baseman use?

Age First Base
Under 7 11.5″
8 – 10 11.5 – 12″
11 – 13 11.5 – 12″
Over 14 12 – 13″

Is a First Basemans Glove Neccesary?

First basemen require extremely quick reflexes to catch and tag out players so yes, a first baseman’s glove is neccesary. The first basemen’s glove is designed to easily scoop up balls and provides extra padding to protect 1st basemen from line drives.

Why is the 1st Base Glove Different?

The first baseman’s glove is made for catching and designed to be bigger than other gloves used by infield players. It has a funnel-like shape that helps ensure baseballs end up in the pocket. It is built to have additional padding unlike some other gloves to ensure no matter how hard the ball is thrown, it does not hurt the player much.

The first baseman gloves are shaped like mittens and do not have separated fingers on the outside.

How to Choose The Best First Baseman Glove?

How to select the best first baseman glove can be an issue when you are faced with a choice like that. When it comes to selecting from a variety of options, it is important you know what in particular you should look out for and how to know what first baseman glove is better or can be considered the best amongst the available options.

The Pocket Size and depth:

The pocket size of your choice first baseman glove is always a factor to consider. If it is not as deep then the player would definitely have some problems trying to scoop a ball most especially a ground throw.


A very good first baseman glove has to come with added padding especially when compared to other infielder gloves. The padding helps add some kind of protection to the player’s hands and makes catching easier especially in a situation where the ball is thrown hard, with much pace and force.


The first baseman’s glove or mitts do often come with a longer and more solid design. It also has a curved edge. This spec or design helps give players an advantage when it comes to scooping off those wild throws or stopping those quick ground balls on or off the line. If the glove comes with a larger build, it helps infielders with creating a larger target with which to throw to. A traditional first baseman’s mitt has a measurement that stands between 12 inches and 13 inches. If the size of the glove seems too big then it would be hard for the player to cope with it thereby causing him to struggle throughout the game. This comes as very important information especially when trying to purchase a glove for your younger one.

Material and Solidity:

Every player needs a glove that can withstand the rigors of the season, game after game, and one that is made of the utmost quality. One of the most important features to consider when selecting is the quality of the material the glove is made of. A good glove should be made of the best leather materials and one of strong quality that can last the test and hazards of the season. A first baseman should not have a bat that is not dependable based on its durability. Such a bat becomes a liability during a game and dampens performance.

Wrist adjustments and fitting:

Another important feature to look out for is the degree of wrist adjustment. There are various types of wrist adjustments used in first baseman gloves but not all wrist adjustment features are as suitable for some players. Some gloves offer adjustable wrist features most commonly from the Velcro strap, the D ring, or an extra additional lacing. These adjustment features are put in place so the players can be offered a glove with a firmer fit on the hand.

Feel and Comfort:

Personal comfort is another thing you should consider. How comfortable is the glove you are about to purchase and does it make the game feel easier? Always ensure you choose a glove that makes you feel comfortable. A glove that you are sure to be confident in and can guarantee you an assured success on the pitch.


For a first baseman glove, an important thing to look out for is the flexibility of the glove. To enable the player to scoop balls off the ground or errant tosses. These are one of the things considered for your glove to meet basic field requirements.

Easy break-in:

Having an easier break-in period is a good requirement of a nice and proper first baseman glove. You always want something that would not give you much stress before using and having an easier and quicker break-in period is always welcomed by any player.


The Bottom Line

Getting the glove suitable for playing the first base position is never an issue, but to get your game to a high standard to class position, you need one which can be considered as the best. There are various good gloves in the market and selecting the best out of numerous choices is never just a walk in the park even for an expert. There are some various steps and guidelines you need to follow and that is why we have given you the above-listed steps and guidelines to follow. Carefully following this would ensure you select not just the best first baseman glove but the one that suits you perfectly well. a glove that can make you succeed and reach greater heights in the game.

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