The Best Baseball Glove for 11 Year Old Boy

There are always numerous choices available in the market and various nice baseball and softball gloves as well. Amongst those products are the best, the good, the bad and the not so good gloves. Making that decision can be somewhat tricky at times and we have all been there at some point. We have taken out time to come up with a list of the best 10 baseball and softball gloves for your 11 year old kid, what you stand to gain from using them as well as the perfect gloves sizes you should also check out when buying a glove for your kid.

Top 10 Best Baseball Glove Reviews for 11 Year Old Boy 2020

IMAGE PRODUCT Our Rating Price
Editors PickRawlings Player Preferred Baseball Glove Rawlings Player Preferred Baseball Glove 10/10 Check Price
Best SellerRawlings Renegade Softball Glove Rawlings Renegade Softball Glove 10/10 Check Price
Wilson A900 Baseball Glove Series Wilson A900 Baseball Glove Series 10/10 Check Price
Rawlings Select Pro Lite Rawlings Select Pro Lite 9.9/10 Check Price
Sandlot Baseball Glove Series Sandlot Baseball Glove Series 9.5/10 Check Price
Wilson A1000 Baseball Glove Wilson A1000 Baseball Glove 9.8/10 Check Price
Rawlings Heart of the Hide Glove Rawlings Heart of the Hide Glove 9.7/10 Check Price
A2K Baseball Glove Series A2K Baseball Glove Series 9.9/10 Check Price
R9 Baseball Glove Series R9 Baseball Glove Series 10/10 Check Price
Wilson A700 Baseball Glove Wilson A700 Baseball Glove 9.8/10 Check Price

Best Baseball Glove for 11 Year Old

What is the Best Baseball Glove For a 11 year old?

#1: Rawlings Player Preferred

The Rawlings player preferred  glove series is a stand out, top professional equipment. It’s the best baseball glove for 11 year old boy or girl. It boosts player strength and ensures durability no matter the rigor faced throughout the season. It is one well recommended glove which every player would enjoy using. Its construction material and design makes it a good choice for your youth player and one he can use and grow up with due to its durability. IT comes with basket webbing. Its webbing style makes it convenient for use by any player on any position on the pitch. Its full grain leather shell helps with shape retention and creates an avenue for an easy break-in process.

Rawlings Player Preferred Baseball & Softball Glove Series

Special Features of Rawling Player Preferred:

  1. Zero shock palm padding
  2. Basket web style
  3. Flex Loop Velcro Strap
  4. Easy break-in
  5. Right hand throw
  6. Conventional back


  • Brand: Rawlings Sporting Goods
  • Model: P125BFL-6/0
  • Position: All Positions
  • Hand Orientation: Right hand throw


The Rawlings Player Preferred  Baseball/Softball Glove Series is one of assured comfort and nice fitting. It has zero shock palm padding which give your palm optimum protection from any effect or rebound receive from the ball. The presence of the Flex Loop Velcro Strap gives the player a perfect and adjustable fitting so he can easily put on and remove the glove at any time. All fears of the glove slipping off are gone with that feature.

  1. Basket webbing makes the glove suitable for use at any position
  2. Its leather construction gives it a long-lasting durability
  3. Full grain leather for shape retention and easy break-in
  4. Velcro strap profits adjustable fitting for any hand size
  5. Palm padding for player hand protection during play
  1. Only suitable for right hand throw

Available Size of  this glove:

Best size Baseball Glove for 11 Year Old

Why do we recommend Rawlings Player Preferred Baseball Glove?

The player preferred glove made by Rawlings is one product that is worth its reputation. Its durability and strength can be regarded as top class. Its fitting can comfort is superb and is highly recommended for use by youth players from age 11 and above.


#2: Rawlings Renegade Baseball and Softball Glove for youth

Rawlings is here again on our list with another superb one. The Rawlings Renegade baseball glove series is best and highly recommended for young players looking to upgrade their play and move on to the next level. It come with an almost finished break-in from the factory which means you have pretty much little job to do. Its price range is friendly and low which means it is well affordable. The palm surface of this piece makes it suitable for catching high-speed balls with ease. It has a basket web design which means no matter your playing position on the field you can also join in the fun of the Rawlings Renegade glove series.

Rawlings Renegade Baseball and Softball Glove Series

Special Features of Rawlings Renegade baseball:

  1. Lightweight Pro mesh design
  2. Highly dense palm
  3. Cushioned and High density index padding
  4. Easy break-in
  5. Deep flexible pocket


  • Brand: Rawlings Sporting Good
  • Model: R115FBM-0/3
  • Position: First Base
  • Hand Orientation: Left hand throw


The Rawlings Renegade gloves series comes with an exceptional design which provides players with the much needed comfort during use. It has a high density cushioned palm and index finger padding which helps protect the players hand and fingers as well as keep them feeling comfortable at all times.

  1. Comes with an almost finished break-in by the company
  2. Basket webbing design makes it suitable for all players of all positions to enjoy it.
  3. Its high cushioned leather palm and index finger padding gives protection from impact.
  4. The lightweight pro mesh back gives flexibility and comfort.
  5. Leather is durable for use
  1. The design seems to have a poor fitting especially with the absence of any proper fitting aid.
  2. Not suitable for competitive games or player trying to use it for professional games.

Why do we recommend Rawlings Renegade baseball?

The Rawlings player renegade is desirable that any player would love to use. It is suitable for the youth players to properly harness and sharpen their skills. Its price range is affordable and always turns out to be a good buy. Its leather creates great shape retention and also an easy and almost finished break-in makes it a more lovely choice.


#3: Wilson A900 Baseball Glove for 11 year old boy

Wilson really did a number on this one in terms of taking their time to create this piece and trying to meet up with customer needs and wants. The Wilson A900 baseball glove series can fully brag of a great leather construction material which is capable of giving player a comfortable feeling and ensure lasting durability. If you are a 11 year old player  who plays in more than one position on the pitch then this beauty really suits you. Its versatility makes it capable of being used in the various positions. It comes suitable for left hand oriented players and at a proper price. It is a glove which comes to you ready for use and requires no break-in whatsoever.

Wilson A900 Baseball Glove Series

Special Features of Wilson A900 baseball glove:

  1. Single post webbing style
  2. Low profile heel
  3. Double palm
  4. Left hand throw orientation
  5. Game ready


  • Brand: Wilson
  • Model: WTA09LB20BM12
  • Position: First Base
  • Heel Orientation: Left Hand throw


The Wilson A900 baseball glove series possesses a comfortable leather material and a double palm construction to help give it nice flexibility and flexibility. Its design helps it conform to the players hand and makes it comfortable for use.

  1. The stability of the glove pocket design is top-notch
  2. It comes at friendly and affordable rates
  3. The glove is came ready from delivery and can be used right away
  4. Low heel profile helps it open up amazingly well.
  1. The fitting of the glove needs to be worked on
  2. Hand protection seems not to be excluded from its design

Why we recommend Wilson A900?

Regardless of your playing position, the Wilson A900 is suitable for you to enjoy a good game of baseball. It is ready for use once unwrapped and your player can enjoy its comfort with zero break-in requirements.


#4: Rawlings Select Pro Lite Baseball Glove for 11 year old

Looking for a nice and special baseball glove that suits a young player and is sure to help him carry on his aspiration, then the Rawlings Select Pro Lite glove series is a nice choice. This baseball glove is suitable for right hand and left hand oriented players so no one is left out. It has an easy and almost finished break-in which means you just have a little work left to do as Rawlings have done majority of the work for you. Its leather material makes sure your palm doesn’t get to perspire during the game. There is the presence of the finger back lining and the padding of the palm and index finger. It has a lacing feature which helps you make sure your glove is well fitted to your hand and it doesn’t slip off.

Rawlings Select Pro Lite Baseball Glove Series

Special Features of Rawlings Select Pro Lite glove:

  1. Pro H webbing style
  2. Palm and index finger Padding
  3. Cushioned finger back lining
  4. Almost game ready with 90 % break-in done.
  5. Youth Pro Taper Fit
  6. Sweat prevention leather
  • Brand: Rawlings Sporting Goods
  • Model: SPL115KB-6/0
  • Position: Infield
  • Hand Orientation: Available in left and right hand throw

The Rawlings select pro lite baseball series comes with a sufficient amount of fitting to keep it properly tightened around the player’s wrist. The presence of the youth pro taper fit provides standard fitting for even smaller hands and prevents the glove from slipping off. It has a palm and index finger padding for protection from any form of impact or rebound from catches. A cushioned finger back lining to provide your fingers with that comfy feeling while you enjoy you game. Its soft and durable leather material prevents the hand from sweating making you feel at ease during play at all times.


  1. Cushioned finger back lining.
  2. The palm and index finger padding serves as a shock resistant and protects hand from any impact.
  3. Its 90% break-in means you have a little and easy break-in job left to do.
  4. Lightweight gloves suitable for youth players.
  5. Soft, durable and reliable leather.

Why we recommend Rawlings Select Pro Lite glove?

If you want a sweet glove for your young star, then you should definitely go for the Rawlings select pro lite and enjoy comfort, precision and great performance. The glove has a reliable and durable construction material and it retains its shape which means it can be up for use for years to come. It is a right bargain should you go for it and one you are sure not to regret certainly.


#5: Rawlings Sandlot Baseball Glove Series

One of the most trusted baseball equipment manufacturers in the business, Rawlings, is up again with another fantastic glove for 11-year-old. The Rawlings Sandlot Baseball Glove Series is well trusted especially with its professionally-inspired old-time or throwback design. The glove is almost game ready from day one and requires a minimal amount of break-in. Rawlings has already finished about 90% of the break-in job meaning you just have 10% of easy break-in to do. It has a pro style H web and also a conventional open back which makes it offer a classic look with a flexible feeling during use.

Rawlings Sandlot Baseball Glove Series

Special Features:

  1. 90% percent factory break-in done.
  2. Pro H web
  3. Conventional Open Back
  4. Zero Shock Palm Pad
  5. Index finger padding
  6. Padded finger back lining


  • Brand: Rawlings Sporting Goods
  • Model: S1175MT-3/0
  • Position: Infield & Pitcher
  • Hand Orientation:  Available in left and right hand throw


The Rawlings sandlot Baseball Glove Series provides sufficient comfort for players thereby creating a great user experience. The addition of the Zero Shock Palm Pad helps protect the palm from impact as well as the index finger padding. This means you don’t get to feel any form of rebound from any catch. The finger back lining provides comfort during play to ease performance and a conventional open back to help improve glove flexibility.

  1. Zero shock palm pad helps give hand protection from impact at all times.
  2. Leather material is pretty durable and ensures a long lasting top performance.
  3. Little and easy break-in required
  4. Finger is protected with index finger padding
  5. Reasonable and affordable price
  1. Should have added a fitting feature for a better feel around the wrist, easy putting on and removal.

Why we recommend it?

Rawlings sandlot baseball glove series presents players with exceptional equipment to help them enhance their performance and enjoy their game. It is one glove you don’t want to play against. For a young player looking to enhance his game and move up to the next level, this glove has you feeling like a pro. Its durability means you get to enjoy this piece for a long while before you get another. Just about the right bargain price, there is just no regret in using this glove.


#6: Wilson A1000 Baseball Glove Series – WTA10LB201789

For one who considers a glove’s design, appearance, strength and performance when trying to make a purchase, then this piece is sure to meet your taste. The Wilson A1000 Baseball glove series is sure to fit your young star perfectly well. This glove comes with a proprietary Pedroia Fit Pattern which helps in making it suitable even to smaller hands. It is made of animal skin, cowhide to be exact, which makes it durable and strong enough. Its leather material makes break-in seem easy. Wilson added the use of rawhide laces to ensure this glove retains its shape no matter how long it might be used. Its price range makes it a wonderful deal which can never go wrong.

Wilson A1000 Baseball Glove Series

Special Features of  Wilson A1000:

  1. Pro laced T web style
  2. Full grain leather
  3. Easy break-in
  4. Pedroia Fit pattern
  5. Larger pocket


  • Brand: Wilson
  • Model: WTA10LB201789
  • Position: Suitable for Multi-positions
  • Hand Orientation: Right hand throw
  • Product Size: 13 inches x 8 inches x 8 inches
  • Age: Best for 11 year old


The Wilson A1000 Baseball Glove Series is unique and not only in fine design. Its Pedroia fit pattern makes it suitable and comfortable for users with smaller hands. This means any scare of your glove falling off has been done away with. Its full grain leather material is comfortable and makes it feel easy on the player’s hands.

  1. Has a nice appearance and design
  2. A top quality glove
  3. The rawhide laces helps increase its durability and retain it shape
  4. Easy and faster break-in process due to cowhide leather
  1. Its cowhide material is not really the most durable on the market
  2. Some other models of this series look somewhat different.
  3. Only available in right hand throws.

Why we recommend Wilson A1000?

Proper professional design with great looks makes the piece a beauty coupled with its webbing style, strength, durability and large pockets. The Wilson A1000 Baseball Glove Series should always be the pick for someone willing to continue playing right and its versatility in playing positions makes it much more recommended.


#7: Rawlings Heart of the Hide Glove Series – PRO205-9SHFS

Always striving to come top of the pack ahead of the competition is why Rawlings is on hand every now and then with new and exceptional products. The Rawlings heart of the hide glove series is right there amongst the best. You can’t afford to go wrong with this piece. The glove is manufactured from steer hide leather which means it is sure to give you an exceptional durability. It comes with an easier break-in and one of the best feelings afterwards. The break-in process of this glove is pretty much easy as Rawlings has done about 60% of the job for you meaning you can have you glove broken-in just after purchase and used immediately in no time. This piece is sure to meet player needs and fit perfectly into your hands. It is available in right hand throw orientation.

Rawlings Heart of The Hide Glove Series

Special Features of PRO205-9SHFS:

  1. 60% of break-in job done
  2. Extra palm and finger padding
  3. Pro grade laces
  4. Steer hide leather construction
  5. Pro I web
  6. Conventional open back


  • Brand: Rawlings Sporting Goods
  • Model: PRO205-9SHFS
  • Position: Infield
  • Hand Orientation: Right hand throw
  • Product Size: 12 inches x 12 inches x 8 inches


Looking for the right product to give you unmatched and unrivaled comfort during your game then you have just stumbled on the right choice. The Rawlings Heart of the Hide Glove Series comes with an extra palm and finger padding which makes your hand feel so comfortable and at ease no matter how tough your game might seem. Its conventional open back creates better flexibility making it easier to use.

  1. Leather is top quality and very durable
  2. Easy break-in process for the player
  3. The use of pro grade laces helps it retain its shape after long use
  1. Fitting needs to be improved on
  2. Rawlings should have added essential shock palm padding for protection

Why do we recommend PRO205-9SHFS?

The Rawlings Heart of the Hide Glove Series is exceptional in several ways. Its durability is top-notch and unrivaled. It comes with an easier break-in which means you don’t have to stress yourself over trying to break the glove in. its design and appearance is classy and you really can go wrong with this on any match day. Rawlings took their time with this piece and came out really worth it.


#8: Wilson A2K Infield Baseball Glove Series

If you are talking about classy gloves or you are rating a set of best baseball gloves it is never complete with any Wilson product involved and with this list, it must have the Wilson A2K Baseball Glove Series in it. This glove series is stocked with almost every necessary and important features and functions. It comes suitable for right hand orientated players. So if you are looking for a right hand throw glove, you have just found your piece. Its material is of one of the highest quality. One of the best in the market. It is made of super skin which tends to be about two times as strong as regular leather which means your durability is assured. Regardless of the strength of its construction material, it is also lightweight and easy on the hand. This glove is sure to give you great firmness and compactness and still retains its shape after long use. Wilson did take care of your sweating troubles with this glove meaning you don’t have to worry about hand perspiration making you feel uncomfortable. Breaking this glove in is pretty quick and easy and can be done just right before your game in no time. It has a double palm construction which helps maximize pocket stability and gives you 3 times more stability than usual.

Wilson A2K Baseball Glove Series

Special Features of  Wilson A2K Baseball Glove:

  1. Double palm construction
  2. Pro stock leather
  3. Dual welting
  4. Quicker and easier break-in process
  5. H web design
  6. Dri-lex and wrist lining
  7. Special glove for 11 year old boy


  • Brand: Wilson
  • Model: WTA2KRB201787SS
  • Position: Infield
  • Hand Orientation: Right hand throw
  • Product Size: 12 inches x 8 inches x 6 inches


The Wilson A2K baseball glove series is an amazing and exceptional piece and its comfort is just as its class. It has Dri-lex and wrist lining added to its features to make sure you hand feels cool and dry during use and you feel extra comfortable. It has a palm lines and sweet outer shell to help provide you with better comfort.

  1. Lightweight glove with easy feel on the hand
  2. Super skin construction material makes it very durable and sure to last long
  3. Has a really cool and attractive design
  4. Palm liner gives player comfort
  5. Problems with hand perspiration during use has pretty much been solved
  1. It is only available in one hand orientation

Why we recommend Wilson A2K Baseball Glove?

If you are in search of class, strength, beauty and all sorts, then this is definitely your type. The Wilson ASK baseball glove series is unrivaled both in comfort and performance and one you are definitely sure to enjoy if you need quality. It is a real bargain and one you would never regret using.


#9: Rawlings R9 Infielder Baseball Glove Series

Spectacular design and performance is the word for this glove. The Rawlings R9 baseball glove series is perfect match for any young infield player looking to build up his game level and confidence. Usually the features as well as the technologies found in Rawlings equipment are always useful and needed and this is no different. Specifically designed to suits young players, this glove is suitable for players of both hand orientations. So whether you are better at left or right hand, you can never miss out on this beauty. It is designed with soft and durable leather to give you a lasting and comfortable feel. The R9 glove is almost game ready. It has 80% of the break-in job taken care of by Rawlings leaving you with 20% of easy and quick break-in job to do. With this glove, there are no more hand perspiration worries. It comes with a nice Pro H webbing style.

Rawlings R9 Baseball Glove

Special Features:

  1. Reinforced palm pad
  2. 80% break-in job done
  3. Padded finger back liners
  4. Pro H web style
  5. Padded thumb sleeve


  • Brand: Rawlings Sporting Goods
  • Model: R9204-2BSG-3/0
  • Position: Infielder
  • Hand Orientation: Suitable to both left and right hand users
  • Product Size: 12 inches x 8 inches x 6 inches


The Rawlings R9 baseball glove series for 11 year old presents players with the option of using comfortable equipment while also playing at a top level. Its reinforced palm pad helps protect player’s hand from impact of rebound. Rawlings added a finger back liner for added comfort to make you feel at ease while you continue bossing the pitch.

  1. Durable leather with assured lasting use.
  2. Palm padding gives player protection from rebound with impact reduction
  3. Quick and easy break-in due to Rawlings 80% already done job.
  4. Available in both hand orientation
  5. Reasonable and friendly price range
  1. Glove needs a better fitting feature to make it feel a bit snug

Why we recommend Rawlings R9 baseball glove?

There are a lot of things to appreciate and fall in love with in the Rawlings R9 baseball glove series. If you are a fan of style, precision and durability, you would definitely love this one. Its double hand orientation means no one is left out and all infield players get have a taste of this piece. It is well priced and sure to be a great bargain should you go for it.


#10: Wilson A700 Baseball Glove Series 

Hand it off to Wilson as they do know how best to meet with customer wants and needs no matter how insatiable they might be. The Wilson A700 Baseball Glove Series is a special model with a great design built to meet your young stars style of play and help him reach higher levels of his game. This infielder’s glove is made from full grain leather which is very durable and required little and easy break-in before use. Wilson has had the job done a bit from the factory leaving you with just a little break-in task to complete the process. The pro laces on the glove help it in shape retention meaning no matter how long you use it, it remains the same without losing its shape or style. Trust me; it is rare to find gloves that are this durable it’s also very comfortable baseball glove for 11 years old player.

Wilson A700 Baseball Glove Series

Special Features of Wilson A700 Baseball Glove:

  1. Pro laces
  2. Pro I webbing style
  3. Blonde color design
  4. Durable, soft, full grain leather
  5. Easy and little break-in


  • Brand: Wilson
  • Model: WTA07LB1912
  • Position: Infield
  • Hand Orientation: Left hand throw
  • Product Size: 12 inches x 7 inches x 4.5 inches


The Wilson A700 baseball glove is made of full grain leather, cowhide, which is soft and durable. This soft leather provides the player with a comfy feeling during play meaning you get to feel at ease which running the show on the pitch.

  1. Nice color and design
  2. Pro laces are strong and help in retaining the glove’s shape.
  3. Leather is durable and not pre-oiled
  4. Little break-in required
  1. Break-in process already done in the factory might not be healthy for the leather in the long run.
  2. Absence of proper fitting does not make glove feel snug around the wrist.

Why we recommend Wilson A700 Baseball Glove?

The design of the Wilson A700 baseball glove is really good. Although it might not have as much features as some others on the market, but it is sure to meet your needs and give you an outstanding performance. It is a great choice for a young infielder and a nice bargain with its price tag.

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What size baseball glove does an 11 year old need?

While it does depend on how tall your 11 year old is, most 11 year olds use an 11 – 11.5 inch baseball glove. See below for a chart on how the size would change by their specific position.

Ages 7 – 12 typically use a 10.5″ to 11.5″ baseball glove.

Size of Baseball Glove for 11 Year Old Boy

Getting the right baseball glove size is dependent on two major factors. The factors are mainly age and playing position.


The player’s age plays a huge role and a determining factor in deciding what size of glove the player should wear. An eleven year old baseball player is definitely going to need a bigger sized glove when compared to a 6 or 7 year old. He is also to use a smaller sized glove if you are to compare it with a 16 year old. One line of confusion sometimes is that the glove should get larger as the kid grows older. Sometimes the player doesn’t really need a glove change if he is playing in an infield position. If the infielder uses a glove of about 11 inches to 11.25 inches, there might not be any need to change the glove as he grows. It might even get to be better fitted as he grows older.

Playing Position:

The player’s preferred position is another determining factor when choosing what glove size your player should use. Mostly once a young player gets to the age of about 11 or 12, they can make use of adult equipment depending on their playing position. For a middle infielder, he should use a smaller glove since an infielder is always tasked with quicker and faster plays, the smaller gloves allow for a quicker and swifter transfer. An outfielder would prefer using larger gloves since he is more about securing the ball than looking for faster plays.

Here is a sizing chart for a baseball glove for an 11 year old;

Catcher 30 inches – 32.5 inches
First Base 11.5 inches to 12 inches
Second Base 11 inches – 12 inches
Third Base 11 inches – 11.75 inches
Pitcher 11.5 inches to 12 inches
Outfielder 11.75 inches – 12.75 inches
Shortstop 11 inches – 11.5 inches


Size of Softball Glove for an 11 Year Old

Often times, people have tried to rely on the sizing or rather rely on a baseball glove sizing chart to determine what size of glove to use while playing. That is a dangerous risk. There is somewhat of a different and that sizing cannot be trusted to some extent.


Mainly regarded as the catcher’s mitt, this type of glove does not come with a designated individual finger hole. It comes real thick with heavy padding and strong overall reinforcements to help stop and contain a pitcher’s throw throughout the game without having to feel any form of direct impact.


The infielder gloves do all come with individual finger holes and a deeper pocket to aid the player’s quick catching of large balls.


In any game, a pitcher is not really as concerned with the structure or performance of his glove. His major concern is his glove’s comfort. A pitcher’s glove majorly has closed webbing, maybe a basket web or a solid two-piece web. This is to allow him hide the ball away from the batter. This hiding is to keep the grip from being visible from the batter so they don’t get to know what type of pitch to expect.

First Base:

Can be said to have a related design to the catcher’s mitt. The First base glove comes with an individual finger channels just like that of a catcher. Its major different is that it comes with thinner padding and a longer length. This glove has a shallower pocket for easier ball retrieval.

Second Base:

A second base player’s glove is pretty simple and smaller. This is to help him quickly make the transition from catching to throwing.

Third Base:

A third base player would preferably make use of a larger glove to help him easily with quick hit.


These sets of player’s make use of medium sized glove. Due to the fact that they sometimes do end up in the middle of the pitch, they need gloves that are neither big nor small. This would help them handle ground balls easily and make quicker throws.

For an 11 year old Softball player, the position he plays is always a determining factor when selecting a glove to use. Below is a sizing chart for an 11 year old softball player;

Catcher 30 inches – 32.5 inches
Pitcher 11.5 inches – 12 inches
Outfield 12 inches – 12.75 inches
Infield 11 inches – 11.5 inches
First Base 11.5 inches – 12 inches
Third Base 11 inches – 11.75 inches


Important Facts & FAQs of  Best baseball glove for 11 year old

When trying to make a list or make a list for the best baseball gloves for an 11 year old, there are some important facts that ought to be considered. Despite the fact that with the rise and continuous advancement in technology, there are new additions and special feature that are added regularly to the baseball glove in order to make it more advanced and special, there are some major things that no matter what ought to be considered when making them. There are some major features which a good glove must have in order for it to be considered amongst the best.

Facts-1: Construction Material

Generally baseball gloves are mostly made of leather. Some treated and some synthetic. Most times, the difference in them is their feel and their level of durability. The best types of gloves are made of leather and are usually expensive. The quality of leather used is a determinant when trying to place the glove’s price range. A glove made from treated leather is usually soft but also strengthened. It makes the glove’s break-in process seem easy and also makes the glove easy to maintain. It also sets it to be very durable. A glove made of synthetic leather material is always the least priced of all other leather forms. It is the most affordable. For young players, a glove with this construction material is usually advised. It is durable and quite easy to use. Although it might not be as durable as the pure leather glove, it is a suitable glove for the young ones due to its easy to use nature and because they are always going to outgrow their current glove at some point meaning they would move on to a permanent glove sometime later.

Facts-2: Glove Fitting:

The fitting of a glove is always as important as any other feature in a glove. Any player whether a young one or an adult, a minor league player or a major league player always wants their glove to feel snug on the hand. You don’t want a glove that keeps you scared if it will fall off at any time or one that is hard to put on and difficult to take off. Wrist adjustment features are always responsible for these. They help the glove feel snug and fixed to the player’s hands at all times. The wrist adjustments can come in form of buckles, lacings, Velcro wrist straps or D-rings. Any of this in a glove is sure to keep the glove firm to the player’s hands at all times.

Facts-3: Glove Padding:

The level of padding in a glove is always important. The padding on a glove is always dependent on the playing position for which it is used but irrespective, a good glove must always come with sufficient padding enough for the occasion. The catcher’s mitt usually comes with the most padding because of the rigors faced by the catcher during the game. In some cases some gloves now come with much more padding either on the fingers or the palm region. This is to help reduce the impact or rebound felt from a catch and to protect the player’s hand. It is usually called Shock Palm Padding.

FAQ-1 : Is maintenance needed for my gloves?

Ans – If you make use of a leather glove, then you would need to maintain it. It is always advised to oil them occasionally. Mostly this is determined by the weather of your environment. If you live in a dry environment, then you might need to oil them about once a week but if you don’t then once a month would do just fine.

FAQ-2 : How do I know when it is about the right time to replace my glove?

Ans – It is always best to replace your glove when it is visible becoming weak. When your glove begins to deteriorate or starts losing its shape then it is about to have a change.

FAQ-3 : How do I measure the size of my glove?

Ans – if you want to measure your glove then you should make use of a measuring tape. Ensure to place it at the tip of the index finger and stretch it down across the palm till you get to the bottom or heel of the glove. That should give you about the right size of your glove.

FAQ-4 : What Brand is regarded as the best?

Ans – There are numerous baseball glove brands in the market these days and there are also the top ones. Amongst the top reputable and trustworthy brands are Mizuno, Wilson, Rawlings, Marucci, and Nicona. Rawlings is mostly regarded as the best of the exceptional performance and amazing durability of their products.

FAQ-5 : What is the best youth baseball glove?

Ans – Choosing the best baseball glove is not an easy task. Many have asked this question but still it is not easy to choose from. There are different things to consider when choosing which glove is the best on the market for youths. If you go through our listing and reviews of the best baseball gloves and check them out.

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There are numerous gloves in the market now and so many that are always hitting the market with new additions and new superb features to make them top the market and beat the competition. Choosing the best can be hard and this is why you need to look out for some specific details and that is why you need experts like us to help you through it. Before you make a choice, be sure of what size you are going for and your playing position as well as your budget to help you determine what glove would be best for you.


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