Best Drop 8 USSSA Baseball Bats Review – 2020

The process involving the purchase of a new bat can be somewhat overwhelming sometimes I can tell you that, even for the most experienced ones. But I will tell you honestly, there is no experience there. You just have to know how best to select what you want. It is this difficult because it is money involving activity and should you get the wrong bat, the kid would not be able to use it which would then be a fault on your part. There are various things you really do ought to consider before selecting a bat and those factors are what determines if that bat could make your kid’s progress in the game and improve their performance, or if it would mar their progress and have them struggle during every game. Every kid wants to rule the pitch and every parent wants the best for their kids and this is why we have taken it upon ourselves to help you select a list of the best drop 8 USSSA baseball bats you can get.

best drop 8 usssa baseball bat

Top 5 Best USSSA Drop 8 Baseball Bats Review 2020

Durability, performance, and comfort during use whether during practice or a game are the most important things you should consider before picking a bat. If the bat does not cover up as much on these fronts then your kid would struggle and it is not deserving of the top 5 rankings list. To try making this selection process a bit easier, we have helped you put together a list of what we feel should be rated as the top 5 best USSSA drop 8 baseball bats in 2020 and why we feel they deserve that rating. We also included a few pros and cons to make the selection process easier in case you see the one which does not fit your kid’s style or fit into your budget.

SLProductOur RatingPrice
#01:Marucci CAT 8 Drop 8 USSSA Baseball Bat10/10Check Price
#02:DeMarini 2020 CF Zen USSSA Baseball Bat10/10Check Price
#03:Rawlings Velo ACP USSSA Baseball Bat 202010/10Check Price
#04:DeMarini CF Zen Black (-8) Baseball Bat10/10Check Price
#05:Marucci Posey28 Pro Metal -8 USSSA Baseball Bat10/10Check Price


#1. Marucci CAT 8 Drop 8 USSSA Baseball Bat

Looking for a bat that comes good as new for the season then you need a bat that can assure and guarantee you some great wins as well as some top quality performance all season long. Take your game right up to the highest level with the new equipment from Marucci. The Marucci CAT 8-8 USSSA Baseball Bat is a real high class performer with its maximized barrel length which enables it to provide players with a wider sweet spot. This is also due to its longer surface area. One major difference between CAT 8 and its predecessor, the CAT 7, is its new and much-improved alloy material. The use of the AZ105 Alloy, recognized as one of the strongest aluminum on the Marucci bat line, provides a better durability level, higher response, and a thinner barrel wall. Honor the game with the Marucci CAT 8 USSSA Baseball Bat and enjoy a world class performance game after game.Marucci CAT 8 -8 (Drop 8)USSSA Baseball Bat: MSBC88BG

Special Features:

One essential thing to look after is the features that a product possesses. In this case, Marucci ensured that the CAT 8 baseball bat possesses as much mind-blowing and high performing features that will make it stand out from the competition hence its placement at our number one spot.

Its features include;

  1. -8 length to weight ratio.
  2. 2 ¾ inches in barrel diameter.
  3. A full 12-month manufacturer’s warranty.
  4. A one piece alloy construction.
  5. AZ105 alloy material.
  6. Ring free barrel construction.
  7. A micro-perforated soft-touch grip.
  8. Precision-balanced barrel
  9. 2nd Generation AV2 Anti Vibration knob.
  10.  USSSA BPF 1.15 certification

Materials and Size:

The Marucci CAT 8-8 USSSA Baseball Bat is made of solid and high-quality material that guarantees you top standard durability for seasons to come. It is constructed and crafted out from the AZ105 alloy which can be regarded as one of the toughest alloys and strongest aluminum on the Marucci bat line. It comes in various lengths and weight measurements. Its variations include 28 inches by 20 ounces, 29 inches by 21 ounces, 30 inches by 22 ounces, 31 inches by 23 ounces and 32 inches by 24 ounces. It has a length to weight ratio of -8 making ut a perfectly balanced bat.

Barrel and Handle:

The barrel of this bat just like its other parts are made from the same AZ105 alloy material providing a strong and reliable piece. It possesses a ring-free barrel which allows for more flex and increases performance. The barrel comes with commendable precision and balance. The handle is made with a micro-perforated soft-touch grip to improve the feel and control during use. The presence of the 2nd Generation AV2 Anti Vibration knob helps add a better feel and reduce any form of negative feedback on the player’s hands.

Reason to buy:

  1. Produces a nice pop.
  2. The bat has a nice and recommendable balance.
  3. Reduced and well-dampened sting or vibration thanks to the AV2 anti-vibration feature.
  4. Perfect grip and control.
  5. It provides a nice traditional feel.
  6. It is strong and durable. Sure to last for a long period.
  7. Expanded sweet spot and thinner barrel walls.

Reasons to Avoid:

  1. The price range is not quite high but for low-income earners, it can be somewhat costly.

Why we will recommend it?

There are some numerous good bats on the market, even other good ones made by Marucci but CAT 8 is a clear stand out performer whether during an actual game or even at practice. Get this bat and enjoy a high-level performance. Although its price range might be somewhat of an issue for some, with its features and performance levels, it proves to be quite the bargain.


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#2. DeMarini 2020 CF Zen USSSA Baseball Bat

It is about that time to boost up the confidence of your young and aspiring baseball players and push him to be the best he can be with the best equipment there is. Nothing less than a great piece of equipment is capable of taking them to that level and there is one bat capable of doing that. The DeMarini 2020 CF Zen 2 3/4″ USSSA Baseball Bat Series (-10, -8). This new offering from Demarini gives players of all levels and skill the ability to push themselves up the ladder to become one of the best the game has ever seen. This bat comes with a two piece construction and it sure provides enough flexibility and balance needed for any player looking to make great contact and a great hit. This is the right combination of both barrel control, power and bat speed all in one. It is well balanced, comes with a lightweight feel and a high ultra-responsive barrel to help create a nice feel on contact. A true bat for kings.DeMarini 2020 CF Zen USSSA Baseball Bat

Special Features:

DeMarini took its time in the manufacturing and construction of this piece and its performance and solidity tell the whole story. It possesses fantastic features that can stand the test of the rigors of the game, season after season and still come out strong. Its features include;

    1. 3 Fusion connection system.
    2. ReAction End Cap.
    3. Paraflex plus Composite Barrel.
    4. 2 piece composite construction.
    5. -8 and – 10 length to weight ratio.
    6. 2 5/8 inches barrel length in Diameter.
    7. Full 12-month manufacturer’s warranty.
    8. USA Baseball stamp.
    9. D Tak grip

Material and Size:

The DeMarini 2020 CF Zen 2 3/4″ USSSA Baseball Bat Series (-10, -8) is made of solid composite materials which are the paraflex plus which makes it very consistent and responsive. It is a 2 piece composite construction and designed for perfect weight distribution and a great balance thereby offering a nice bat speed and control. It comes in various choices and options with length to weight ratio of -8 and -10. Its length and weight range from 29 inches by 19 ounces, 30 inches by 20 ounces, 31 inches by 21 ounces and 32 inches by 22 ounces.

Barrel and Handle:

The barrel and handle of the DeMarini 2020 CF Zen 2 3/4″ USSSA Baseball Bat Series is made if very trustworthy materials and makes it reliable and comfortable for use. The barrel is made out of the paraflex plus composite material which makes it very responsive. It is built with a massive sweet spot and comes with a maximum barrel control. It has the ReAction End Cap which aids its barrel performance and still does not sacrifice or reduce the bat speed.

Reason to buy:

  1. The bat is durable and strong.
  2. Long-lasting construction materials are sure to stay season after season.
  3. Produces consistent performance.
  4. This bat offers a great balance and a perfect weight distribution.
  5. It comes in various sizes, lengths, and weights. Various options to choose from.
  6. Reliable and comfortable to use.
  7. Nice pop.
  8. Massive sweet spot and high barrel control.
  9. A full one year manufacturer’s warranty.

Reason to Avoid:

  1. The price of the bat is pretty high, making it an expensive piece.

Why we will recommend it?

DeMarini has been known for its production and manufacturing of great bats and the DeMarini 2020 CF Zen 2 3/4″ USSSA Baseball Bat Series (-10, -8) is no different. It comes with a nice weight distribution and balance. It possesses a combination of power, speed and barrel control to give your young baseball player the best performance he could wish for. Although the price seems pretty high especially when compared to its other competitions in the market, it still possesses some outstanding features and qualities making it a very good bargain.


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#3. Rawlings Velo ACP USSSA Baseball Bat 2020

If you are looking for a great bat option of a bat for your kid, then you know you can definitely trust Rawlings. Rawlings Sports Goods Company Inc. It is highly regarded as one of the top bat sporting equipment manufacturers in the business and their bats are always top-notch and top quality. The Rawlings 2020 Velo ACP USSSA Baseball Bat Series (-10, -8, -5) is a testimony is that regard. It is popular for its high standard and high-class performance. With this piece, your young players will always love and enjoy the game with several standard performances to go with it. Designed to be the first-ever bat with the Accelerated Carbon Performance (ACP) displayed in the two inches of carbon composite materials infused right at the end of the bat to give you the lightest feeling you can ask for. Of course, it generates a faster swing speed due to its lightweight and lighter feeling, but that is not the only duty of the Accelerated Carbon Performance technology. It also helps in creating a flatter and longer barrel to help improve contact during play. If you are in search of class then you have gotten it with the Rawlings 2020 Velo ACP USSSA Baseball Bat Series (-10, -8, -5).Rawlings Velo ACP USSSA Baseball Bat

Special Features:

The Rawlings 2020 Velo ACP USSSA Baseball Bat Series is a high standard bat and with its outstanding features, it possesses no equal in the market. It is infused with mind-blowing features that are sure to get the spectators off their seats anytime the bat is used. Its features include;

  1. The all-new Accelerated Carbon Performance technology
  2. 2 inches carbon composite designed end.
  3. Ai909 alloy construction material.
  4. Precision Laser pOp 2.0
  5. Longer and flatter barrel.
  6. 2 ¾ inches in barrel diameter.
  7. A full 12-month manufacturer’s warranty.

Material and Size:

One of the reasons anyone would choose one bat over the other is the quality and strength of its construction material. The Rawlings 2020 Velo ACP USSSA Baseball Bat Series is crafted out of the Ai909 alloy material and that is well known for its strength and also flexibility. It is durable and long-lasting and can be used for seasons without any need for the purchase of a new one. It is well trusted and you should expect nothing less from a manufacturer like Rawlings. The bat comes in different lengths measuring from 29 inches to 30 inches and then to 31 inches. Providing players with various options to pick from. Not only are there various options in length but also in drop weights. These bats also have the length to weight ratios of -5, -8, and -10.

Barrel and Handle:

The barrel and Handle are also as important as well because of the make up the bat. The barrel of this bat is outstanding and magnificent. It comes longer, flatter and thinner to improve contact with the ball during the game. Most of its exceptionality is due to the addition of the new Accelerated Carbon Performance technology (ACP) which makes it pretty unstoppable. It also possesses the precision laser pop 2.0 in addition to its wonders. At the end of the barrel is a 2-inch carbon composite designed end which helps produce a lighter feel and a faster swing speed.

Reason to Buy:

  1. Precision and consistency.
  2. This bat is very durable and long-lasting.
  3. Made from strong and quality materials.
  4. Possesses a longer and flatter barrel for better contact.
  5. Faster swing speed.
  6. More comfort during play.
  7. A true performance enhancer.

Reason to avoid:

  1. Its price range places it to be costly and not really pocket-friendly.
  2. There are still some negative feedback and sting felt by the player during use.

Why we will recommend it?

Not all baseball bats are bats but even amongst the good ones, there are also great ones. Rawlings has been known for supplying and manufacturing great bats for years and the emergence of the Rawlings 2020 Velo ACP USSSA Baseball Bat Series is definitely no different. With the addition of the Accelerated Carbon Performance technology, this bat has something that places it at a different standard from the rest and irrespective of its price range, it is a sure gamble that always pays off. Get your kid one of these lightweight babies and have him enjoy the best performance he can imagine.


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#4. DeMarini CF Zen Black (-8) Baseball Bat

There are various baseball bat manufacturing companies in the world, to begin with, but there is only one DeMarini. Recognized as one of the top producing baseball bat manufacturers in the world, their products are best known for their quality, high standard, and reliability. If you want a piece of equipment that can offer your young player the best performance he has ever gotten, then this is just about it. The DeMarini CF Zen Black (-8) 2 3/4″ Baseball Bat is no less than the popular DeMarini bat standard. A 2 ¾ inches barrel diameter with a paraflex composite construction, 3 fusion handle for greater weight control and a more comfortable feel. It is a bat designed for a king, one for royalty. Its sweet sleek black color design, makes it have an attractive look and very pleasing to the eyes. This bat guarantees you a special performance and a high-level game for seasons to come.DeMarini CF Zen Black (-8) Baseball Bat

Special Feature:

The features of this bat are tremendous and mind-blowing. Any player would definitely want this piece while on the pitch and it is always a nightmare for anyone playing against it. Its features include;

  1. Two-piece composite construction.
  2. Paraflex plus composite barrel structure.
  3. 3 Fusion handle technology.
  4. 3 Fusion end cap.
  5. 2 ¾ inches in barrel diameter.
  6. A full 12-month manufacturer’s warranty.
  7. The USSSA 1.15 BPF Certification stamp.
  8. The X-lite Knob.

Material and Size:

The DeMarini CF Zen Black (-8) 2 3/4″ Baseball Bat is made of the best materials you can think of and this is one of the reasons for its assured quality, durability and solidity. DeMarini has always been trusted to produce equipment that is sure to last and perform on the pitch and this is no different. It is made from composite materials, one of the reasons for its great performance on the pitch. This two-piece composite design stands out from a host of others and is sure to perform on any level. It comes with a nice balance and with a length to weight ratio of -8, no wonder it is recommendable for the young ones. It has a length of 29 inches and a weight of about 21 ounces making it pretty much a lightweight bat.

Barrel and Handle:

The bat is not only made with the best of composite materials but infused with enough features to make the barrel and handle comfortable and easy to use. The barrel is made with the Paraflex plus composite which offers a precise weight distribution at all times. It helps create a nice ball control and an ideal balance. Attached to the barrel is the 3 Fusion end cap which helps in optimizing the bat’s sweet spot, produces a nice sound and also amplifies its overall strength. With the 3 Fusion handle, it takes it to a whole new level with greater weight control and a better feel. The bat also features the all-new DeMarini X-Lite knob which fits perfectly into the bottom hand of the player and helps in eliminating any negative feedback or sting.

Reasons to Buy:

  1. Consistent performance.
  2. Enhances player’s performance on the pitch.
  3. Very comfortable on the hand.
  4. It eliminates as much negative feedback and sting as possible.
  5. Nice pop.
  6. Lightweight and easy to handle.
  7. One year manufacturer’s warranty.

Reasons to Avoid:

  1. A few customers and users have complained about its durability not being as reliable to go for multiple seasons.
  2. The price can be somewhat disturbing.

Why did we recommend it?

Regardless of the talk about its durability and price, the DeMarini CF Zen Black (-8) 2 3/4″ Baseball Bat is still a piece of very trustworthy equipment any time any day, if you want your kid to hit that top-level performance, then you should definitely get this piece. Trust me when I say, ‘it is always worth it’.


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#5. Marucci Posey28 Pro Metal -8 USSSA Baseball Bat

The Marucci Posey28 Pro Metal -8 USSSA Baseball Bat is a very nice combination of both durability, precision and any other element a player would need to be on top of his game and also top the player rankings as well. The use of the AZ105 alloy, regarded as the strongest alloy on the Marucci bat line, is a very exceptional introduction as it allows for a thinner barrel wall, a higher response rate and also assured durability. Its wall is a multi-variable design that helps create an expanded sweet spot as well as the thinner walls which help aid the player’s contact with the ball. This is one bat that surely makes the game more enjoyable for that your favorite young player and gives them the confidence to meet up with their dreams and expectations. The bat comes with the USSSA 1,15 BPF certification stamp. Marucci offers customers and players a full 12-month manufacturer’s warranty within which they have a one-time replacement as well.Marucci Posey28 Pro Metal -8 USSSA Baseball Bat

Special Features:

The Marucci Posey28 Pro Metal -8 USSSA Baseball Bat is well designed and crafted with new outstanding features that are sure to compete with any other product on the market. Its features include;

  1. 2 ¾ inches in barrel diameter.
  2. The A105 alloy aluminum construction.
  3. A one-piece alloy design.
  4. Micro-perforated soft-touch grip.
  5. A full one year manufacturer’s warranty.
  6. The 15th Generation AV2 Anti-Vibration knob.
  7. Precision-balanced barrel.
  8. A ring-free barrel construction.
  9. Thinner barrel walls.
  10. -8 length to weight ratio.

Material and Size:

The material from which a bat is made determines its quality, standard, durability as well as performance levels as well. The Marucci Posey28 Pro Metal -8 USSSA Baseball Bat is made from the AZ105 alloy aluminum which is known as the strongest aluminum on the Marucci bat line. This makes it very durable and consistent. It is a lightweight bat that makes it easier for the young baseball players to enjoy the game all season long. It has a length to weight ratio of -8. It measures about 32 inches in length and 24 ounces in weight. The barrel diameter stands at 2 ¾ inches.

Barrel and Handle:

Both the barrel and the handle of this bat are made of alloy making it a top performance bat on all sides. The use of the AZ105 alloy allows for a thinner barrel wall which creates a higher response rate during use and better durability than you can even think of. The ring-free barrel construction also allows for an increase in player performance and more barrel flexibility. With this bat, you are assured of an extended sweet spot as well. The handle is fitted with a micro-perforated soft-touch grip for better handling and an easier feel. It also has the 15th Generation AV2 anti-vibration knob to help keep away those negative feedbacks and stings as much as possible.

Reasons to Buy:

  1. Very strong, durable and reliable.
  2. Possesses an extended sweet spot.
  3. Anti-vibration knob helps reduce negative feedback and sting to the barest minimum.
  4. A properly balanced feel for more precision and control.
  5. Produces a nice pop all the time.
  6. Approved for use in the USSSA.
  7. The bat comes with a one year manufacturer’s warranty.
  8. Real lightweight equipment.

Reason to Avoid:

  1. The price range might seem moderate but it is somewhat high like some others on the list though.
  2. A few stings do escape sometimes.

Why did we recommend it?

True there are a lot of bats that should make the list probably but that’s if you are talking average or something else. If you want the best then you should definitely have the Marucci Posey28 Pro Metal -8 USSSA Baseball Bat in that discussion. It is one of the best lightweight bats that is recommended time and time again for the young ones. It does not just look classy and attractive in appearance but its performance also speaks volumes. It features makes it one of the most reliable and comfortable bats to use and it can surely build up your kid’s confidence and get him to that top spot he so desires and help him rule the game. Irrespective of the price range, it is a sure and guaranteed ruler on the pitch and a great bargain at any time. Get the Marucci Posey28 Pro Metal -8 USSSA Baseball Bat and enjoy the best performance you can imagine.


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What is a Drop 8 USSSA Baseball Bats?

Bat classification in the game is dependent mostly on their weight and length. as important as it is for a young player to make use of a light bat, it also happens to be that subsequently, the more a player plays the game, the more stamina he builds up in holding a bat and within a short time, would be able to play with a heavier bat. The drop weight, otherwise known as length to weight ratio is derived from the difference between the length of the bat and the weight of the bat. The drop 8 bats in this case can fall under the category of a lightweight bat. Consider a scenario where the bat measures about 30 inches in length and 22 ounces in weight. The subtraction of both leaves it with 8. This means that such a bat can be classified as a drop 8 baseball bat.


How to Select the Best Drop 8 USSSA Baseball Bats?

Selecting the best drop 8 USSSA baseball bat can be a tricky issue sometimes and to help with this, there are some guidelines one has to follow to make this process seem a bit easier and come out fruitful at the end. Some of the ways to go about this are;

Bat Length:

The length of the bat is always very important and necessary. A bat is always measured in inches starting from the knob to the end cap. Making use of a longer bat gives you more advantages sometimes as it helps you with a greater reach thereby allowing you the chance to hit balls that might seem to be outside of the plate. one thing is, longer bats do tend to have a higher mass which means you would need more power on the swing. The average length of a baseball bat is found between 24 inches to 32 inches. You should always endeavor to check these stats before making a purchase.

Bat Weight:

Just as the length proves to be as important, so also does the weight. If anything at all, they both go hand in hand in this. The weight of a bat is measured in ounces (oz). Most times the bat’s weight is often associated with its weight drop. That is, the bat’s length measured in inches versus its weight measured in ounces. I.e. Bat length (Inches) – Bat weight (Ounces) = Drop weight. One important thing to note is that the lesser the drop weight, the heavier the bat would feel. For instance, a bat with a -5 length to weight ratio would feel heavier than a bat with a -8 length to weight ratio.

League Governing Bodies:

The league governing bodies also play a huge role in deciding what bat should be used or bought as well. A drop 8 bat can seem to be illegal for use in a particular league and this might be because that bat has failed to meet up to the league’s standards. Buying a bat that is not approved for use in that league would be considered a waste. As such, it is always important to buy a bat that comes with the league stamp, certification or approval. To make it easier, it is always best to ask the team coaches so you know what bats to avoid and which to consider.



Of course, there is always going to be a huge number of nice and attractive drop 8 bats on the market based on performance, attractiveness and all sorts but truthfully, not all deserve to be in a ranking or most especially, in the list of the top 5 best. We have tried our best to make sure that we give you our deserved and well-researched drop 8 baseball bat reviews with a few pros and cons to go with it. To make things easier, we also added a bit of guideline should you want to do some selection yourself. Follow this review and guidelines in making your decision and see your child benefit from you making the right choice.


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