Louisville Slugger Blue Flame Pitching Machine Review for Baseball

Pitching machines are a machine that self-activated and reflexive mechanical tools to throw balls to a batter. Mostly in America, people favor baseball or softball as a game, most enjoyable and enthusiastic. For novice and newbie players or in training sessions or in young age league, pitching machines are widely used. Numerous manufacturers produce pitching machines worldwide. But among those all, Louisville Slugger blue flame pitching machine are great in usage and flexible. Not only in baseball/softball, but Louisville Slugger Blue Flame pitching machine is also used in tennis, cricket, badminton, hard balls, volleyball, basketball, and even soccer.

IMAGE PRODUCT Throwing Velocity Range Our Thoughts
Best ValueBlue Flame Pitching Machine Blue Flame Pitching Machine

18 mph – 70 mph Under $150, this is one of the cheapest pitching machines you can buy. A must for hitters trying to get better Check Price

Louisville Slugger Blue Flame Ultimate Pitching Machine ( UPM45 ) Review

Louisville Slugger manufactured their most demanding pitching machine for years and have an outstanding performance. Blue flame ultimate pitching machine (UPM) can throw a ball accurately towards a batter. It is durable and easy to install. A steel-made body with plastic coating keeps it safe from hard scratches. Moreover, this baseball pitching machine has the average throwing velocity of 30mph with a speed range capability between 18 mph and 70mph and 18mph.

Throwing range is a minimum of 35 feet with custom elevation selection. Softball throwing speed is 60mph and that of a light softball is 70mph even. Low cost comparing diverse features made UPM the best pitching machine ever.

The Blue Flame Ultimate Pitching Machine 

As the name blue flame UPM45, this is a blue-colored pitching machine with some mechanical apparatus like- ball shield, throwing arm, release lever, base tube, power lever & power spring, upright tube, power lever bolt, front stabilizer bar, and spring bracket. It is both feet and hand-driven machine. Feet are needed to create elevation and speed limits, hands are needed to pull and throw. Categories of usable balls are baseball, softball, hardball, tennis, light softball, puffy ball, seamless ball, polos, soccer. Basically, there are two kinds of pitching machine- arm action and circular wheel. The blue flame is an arm action pitching machine.

Louisville Slugger Blue Flame Pitching Machine

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Manual and assembly sheets are available with the product when purchasing one. Lever and springs are used to draw or pull with arms. The ball shield keeps the ball steady and immobile. On the stabilizing bar, there are some rifts for speed limiting. The person who pulls the hand lever can set random rifts to make speed and elevation mechanics.

Features Of the Pitching Machine

Baseball coaches and young players found some fabulous features of blue flame UPM45 for its flexibility. In America and Australia, the slugger pitching machine is the best selling product for baseball trainees. Most common features of the product are-

  • It can be used with- baseball, softball, ultra-lite baseball, ultra-lite softball, Wiffle ball, soccer balls.
  • Easy assembly manual and unbreakable structure.
  • Throwing speed is 18-60mph. For lite softballs, it’s 70mph maximum.
  •  100% accurate to the target.
  • Harmless and no ball slipping from its place.
  • Carrying is relaxing. Easy to transport.
  • Good for defense practice in soccer, cricket, volleyball.


  • Dimension- 32 x 14 x 6 inches
  • Weight- 12 lbs
  • Shipping weight- 23.1 lbs
  • Review- 4.4 out of 5.0
  • Major parts- Base tube end caps, Throwing arm, triangular knob, Nylon support block, Micro adjustment, Pull Pin.
  • Warranty- 120 days (previous 60 days)

Why you should buy the blue Flame UPM-45?

This is a key concern about purchasing a good pitching machine. But no need to worry a lot. Blue Flame ultra pitching machines are easier to operate, with no electricity or external power needed, flexible and accurate. There are more pitching machines in the marketplace but coaches and trainers recommend this one the best for newbies. Even people of the age 15-35y can practice baseball and softball with this machine. Online reviews tell us about its privileges-

  • Most affordable with superb accuracy.
  • Extendable base-stands.
  • Lightweight and cozy.
  • Easily movable anywhere.
  • Indoor playing facilities.
  • Kids like 8 -10y can play with it.
  • Best trainer for coaches who teach baseball and softball.

How to Use The Blue Flame UPM-45

How to Use the Blue Flame Pitching MachineFirst of all, you have to keep in mind this is not electrical pitch machines. So, it cannot throw balls randomly and successively. Totally manual playing is needed to work with it. A batter stands at his/her position taking a stance, the bowler, on the other hand, places the ball on throwing arm. Feet lever/power lever is used to set speed and elevation. There are several cuts at the end of the lever that’s used as a selector. Bowler selects the speed limits and settles the feet lever.

A bowler can alter speed after 10-15 pitches. Proper distance from the machine should be maintained and at least 30-60 feet. Batters take a stance and keep an eye on the ball. Similarly, when in soccer or cricket, a player can practice defense and fielding. Maximum parts of Blue Flame UPM45 can be altered or changed so a user or coach or player has no stress to action when any difficulty.

Care & Maintenance of Blue Flame

Every machinery systems need good caring and maintenance for better accuracy. As this is a mechanical device, it needs too. However, Blue Flame UPM45 needs zero maintenance as its manufacturer. Some basic caring procedures should be followed:

  • Store it in an indoor and safe place.
  • Put lubricating oil on bolts joint for better flexibility and rust-free.
  • Use a dry, simple, cotton towel to wipe specks of dust on stands and body.
  • Don’t’ keep it in a moisture condition.
  • Don’t place it in a cooling system, no water on it.
  • Spare parts are available so if any parts are faulty, replace it.
  • If reuse any rusty bolts, use sanding and make it shiny, then use.

As the manual attached with the product says this is maintenance-free, so no need for maintenance. Furthermore, the above-mentioned processes can be applied if necessary.

Performance of Blue Flame

With this ultra pitching machine, it will keep on tossing a similar pitch every single time. The speed, tallness or kind of pitch can be balanced. Not exclusively would you be able to utilize this for batting practice, however, you can likewise utilize it to get fly balls, ground balls and can likewise utilize it to the ball and play get with your canine.

Stacking a ball on the machine is amazingly straightforward, propelling the ball is straight forward. Accuracy and fineness are maintained properly in this machine that made it famous for coaches. It is time passing assistant hence on a weekend, you can try it with your kids and family.


For years, Blue Flame UPM45 is getting positive reviews from diverse people and it’s outstanding performance makes players happy with it. It is much fun using it on the ground for trainees. It is excellent for 12-35y age players. Inter-school championship or indoor tournaments of kids can be accessed with it. The exact accuracy of this machine is the most relevant for coaches. You can try with mixed balls also using different speed and projection. Moreover, it is widely used in training sessions of baseball, softball practices. Young kids can hone their batting with this fantastic product. Even physicians found no further harm practicing with it.

Blue Flame Pitching Machine Replacement Parts

To assemble the parts of a blue flame UPM45, you will need pliers, head screwdriver and an adjustable wrench. The following parts are provided with the product and you can replace if necessary:

  • Base tube end caps
  • Knob
  • Hex bolts
  • Nylon nuts
  • Flat washers
  • Nyloc nuts
  • Triangle arm stopper
  • Triangular knob
  • Nylon support block
  • Micro adjustment
  • Pull pin
  • 12mm screw
  • Carriage bolts
  • ¾’’ washers
  • Spacer
  • Spikes

In the package box, each element is available but no spare parts. But if you need spare parts, you can take the sample to local hardware stores or order online according to the category.

Furthermore, blue flame ultimate pitching machine parts are available online for its versatile usage in regional practice sessions. Some common kits that available are:

Spring kit For UPM 45

This kit consists of a spring, two rubber stripes, nut-bolts, and washers. The spring is totally solid, rigid and scratchless. Lightweight and weighs only 11.6 ounces.

Blue Flame Ultimate Pitching Machine Spring Kit

[su_button url=”https://www.amazon.com/Ultimate-Pitching-Machine-Spring-Kit/dp/B00RSDQ01K/ref=as_li_ss_tl?ie=UTF8&linkCode=sl1&tag=ibatreviewsge-20&linkId=2dfbaf437d073876a6170b611c7b9961&language=en_US” target=”blank” style=”soft” background=”#00A8E8″ size=”10″ wide=”yes” center=”yes” radius=”0″ icon=”icon: hand-o-right” rel=”nofollow” title=”Check Price on Amazon.com”]Check Price Now[/su_button]

Moreover, this spring kit also works on the black flame ultimate pitching machine. Same features and specifications likewise. It can be easily installed and successive replaceable. You can purchase more stocks to store for further needs.

Ground spikes For UPM 45

Spikes for front stabilizer bar on the UPM otherwise called the UPM 45 and the Blue Flame. Spikes are sold as a lot of two. This is a finished spike set including the washers.Ground spikes For UPM 45

Hex bolts For UPM 45

Necessary item for both blue flame and black flame pitching machines. It is also available to local shops or online.

Hex bolts For UPM 45


Hex bolts are used in the feet lever, more precisely in power lever. But players or users should be careful about the cuts on it because it might be faulty if too many twists or torque.

Base Tube End Caps

These are the Rubber tops that are on the Stabilizer Bar and the Base Tube. All are a similar size. Affordable prices and available to local stores. It costs normally $6.5 plus-minus.Base Tube End Caps For UPM 45

Base Tube w/end Caps

Louisville Slugger Ultimate Pitching Machine Replacement Parts Base Tube with end tops. This is the principle Frame tube that the upper right discharge handle and the upstanding post appends.

Base Tube w/end Caps For UPM 45

This end caps cost a little higher. From online stores, a single end caps with bar costs $32.

Front Stabilizer Bar w/End Caps

The Stabilizer bar gives the base a T shape and settles and grapples the pitching machine. There are two styles of Stabilizer Bars. The thing that matters is the dark plastic piece where the stabilizer bar associates with the base cylinder.

Front Stabilizer Bar w/End Caps For UPM 45

Old Style utilizes a level dark bit of plastic. New Style plastic piece is level however the finishes are raised.

Large Knob Bolt

This knob attaches the bar with the T stabilizer bar.

Large Knob Bolt For UPM 45

It costs only $8.5 including shipping charges. Besides, this bolt can be found easily in your relevant hardware or tools stores. If you cannot find the actual one, you can test some sample bolts. Blue flame pitching machines allow other bolts that suit the cuts.

Support Block w/Knob

This is the dark square shape piece that is connected to the upstanding handle which the Throwing Arm presses against when positioned to toss.Support Block w/Knob For UPM 45

Power Lever

This is the bar you step down on to stack the spring before you pitch the ball. It joins to the Spring and the Base Tube with Bolts.Power Lever For UPM 45

Pull Pin

Pull Pin with a ring or the Pull Pin with Knob are for the Blue Flame Ultimate pitching machine. Both are utilized to change the footswitch to decide the speed of the pitched ball.Pull Pin For UPM 45

This Pull Pin works for the entirety of the machines including the Black Flame. The new Pull Pin with Knob makes it simpler to change the spring setting.

Release Lever

This is the upstanding post that pushes ahead and back and is utilized to hold the positioned tossing arm. At the point when the tossing arm is positioned under the discharge obstruct the Release switch is forward.Release Lever For UPM 45

When pulled back the Throwing arm is discharged and the arm flips forward tossing the ball.

Release Lever Grip

This is a rubber or plastic made grip for release levers on the blue or black flame pitching machine. Usually, this thing doesn’t break or faulty, so there’s a little chance to change this grip. You can use local grips also if necessary.Release Lever Grip For UPM 45

Throwing Arm Stop

This inclined wedge pushes against the Support Block when the tossing arm is positioned. The UPM Slanted wedge includes a couple of miles for each hour pitching speed over the old model.Throwing Arm Stop For UPM 45

Spring Bracelet

The Spring Bracket joins to the force spring and afterward to the Power Lever utilizing the draw pin, on the Ultimate Pitching machine.Spring Bracelet For UPM 45

Throwing Arm Bracket

The Throwing arm section is appended to the Throwing Arm and is associated with the force spring with jolts.Throwing Arm Bracket For UPM 45

Throwing Arm

This is the Steel Throwing arm that tosses the ball. The ball is put on this before the pitching machine power switch is stepped on. There are two Rubber Runners that go on the Throwing Arm so the ball gets the best possible in reverse turn.Throwing Arm For UPM 45

Rubber Stripes

These are put on the throwing arm lever or throwing arm to ensure more safety for the pitching machine.

Rubber Stripes For UPM 45

Blue Flame Pitching Machine Speed Chart

Manual says a blue flame UPM45 throwing speed is 18-60mph depending on ball weight and size. For softball, the speed varies between 60-70mph. Besides, speed and distance are related to each other as elementary physics. So, we propose a speed chart in accordance with the distance.

Speed (mph)Distance (feet)

So, when the distance is between 20-30 feet, you can set speed at 18-22mph; for 25-35 feet, the speed should be 24-28mph and so on as the chart values.

Blue Flame UPM -45 Settings

After purchasing one, you have to assemble the whole thing according to the manual provided. Sequentially follow the figures and assemble in this way.

Blue Flame UPM45 Settingstep - 1

Blue Flame UPM45 Settingstep - 2

Blue Flame UPM45 Setting step - 3

Blue Flame UPM45 Setting step - 4

UPM45 Setting step - 4

Blue Flame Setting step - 6

Base bolts are optional to settle because if the machine is on the ground or field, it needs no base fixing bolts. However, if you settle the machine down in an indoor ground, it would be better to fix the bolts on floors.

Blue Flame UPM45 Ball Replacement

This ball shield is a new part of the UPM 45 Pitching Machine. It goes over the Release Handle and is hung on by two screws. This is a bona fide produced part. This ball shield is additionally is utilized on the Blue Flame pitching machine and the Louisville Slugger pitching machine. The coach or trainer alters the ball randomly to make a variation to the batter.

UPM45 Ball Replacement


A ball replacement stand or bar can be adjusted according to the demands. If there is a variation of different type balls like baseballs, softballs, lite balls, Wiffle balls; speed is also varied randomly although there is a speed limit. For example, if you place a baseball and set the speed at 50mph, the baseball is released with that speed but a softball will be released at a higher speed.

Blue Flame UPM45 Manual

A printed manual is provided with the product when shipped. The manual has a lot of important things to be known. This manual strictly said that the ultimate pitching machine can be used to fly balls, pop fly, line drives, coach’s pitch, slow-pitch softball, and lite balls. Moreover, a user should follow some common tips and tricks for better longevity.

  • Disconnect power spring from power lever to avoid accidental injuries.
  • Louisville’s ultimate pitching machine is designed to throw balls only, so keep all other objects from the throwing arm.
  • The assembly manual is included on a separate page within the product package.
  • Adjustment needed before throwing any ball for the first time.

Blue Flame UPM45 Instructions

Well, a manual and an instruction sounds similar but a bit different. From a manual, you know about something theoretically. From an instruction set, you can be able to do the theoretical knowledge into a practical one. Blue Flame UPM45 has no that type of instruction set included. Watching some reviews from the practitioners and real-life owners, we figured out some key instructions for your convenience:

  • Place the power spring in the desired speed hole on the power lever.
  • Once you choose the desired speed, cock back the throwing arm.
  • Lock the throwing arm in the release lever.
  • Double-check the total system before placing a ball if any serious issues left.
  • Hold on the release lever with one hand and push or pull moderately.
  • Make sure your foot is holding down the power lever until the throwing arm has completely stopped moving.
  • Pull back on the release lever to pitch the ball.

Blue Flame vs Black Flame Pitching Machine

Both Louisville products are similar with slight differences. Both are lightweight, easy to assemble and same, manual included, easy replacement of parts and much more that relevant to baseball or softball. Furthermore, as we are talking about the difference between the two products, we found the following variations.

Blue Flame vs Black Flame

[su_button url=”https://www.amazon.com/Louisville-Slugger-Black-Pitching-Machine/dp/B00GOEZRQS/ref=as_li_ss_tl?ie=UTF8&linkCode=sl1&tag=ibatreviewsge-20&linkId=82f13bb129ad7e72bbc6f03bba72120c&language=en_US” target=”blank” style=”soft” background=”#00A8E8″ size=”10″ wide=”yes” center=”yes” radius=”0″ icon=”icon: hand-o-right” rel=”nofollow” title=”Check Price on Amazon.com”]Buy The Black Flame UPM[/su_button]

  • Black flame has a stronger spring.
  • Black flame normal throwing speed is 55mph.
  • Black flame UPM50 has a wider range of adjustments.
  • Black flame pitching machines are more solid and rigid.
  • Grips and firms are strong enough than UPM45.

Bottom Line

What’s more, throughout the decades the pitching machine turned out to be substantially more refined and tuned for various styles of pitching. Blue Flame UPM45 pitching machine is viable whether the client is an amateur or an expert with its assortment of speed and ability level. This pitching machine has gotten basic for players of all expertise levels to rehearse with proficiency and improve their game. Easy transportation facility, affordable cost, lightweight, superb performance, no batteries or electricity, and an overall calmness made this pitching machine on the top pitching machine in the world. Coaches and trainers strongly recommend this machine for junior-level baseball or softball tournament recently.

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