Hack Attack Pitching Machine Review: Worth it or Not?

With regards to picking the best pitching machine, there is a lot of decisions and it can get really confounding, making sense of the inconspicuous contrasts between the different pitching machines. Normally, the best machines are the most costly ones however the cost, alone, doesn’t really show the correct pitching machine, especially for every individual’s exceptional circumstance. However, the Hack Attack baseball pitching machine is the most widely used device in America and Canada for its number of fabulous features. In this review, we will explain the pros and cons of this device mainly. Let’s enjoy the literature!

The Hack Attack Baseball Pitching Machine Review

If you’re looking for a quick summary, the Hack Attack Pitching Machine is the most widely used pitching machine across all of baseball for a reason. It’s capability is unparalled and no other machines can match it’s 100 mph+ top speed. While it is costly, this is a pitching machine you’ll use for multiple years. I strongly recommend this pitching machine to any high school, college, or professional teams looking for a pitching machine that will last the ages.

IMAGE PRODUCT Throwing Velocity Range Recommended for
Best OverallHack Attack Pitching Machine Hack Attack Pitching Machine 100 mph+ High school, college, & professional players Check Price

There are two types of pitching machines they mostly manufacture. Hack Attack for adults and Junior Hack Attack for junior-level baseball teams. In this article, we review the adult stuff from them. Let’s see what surprises are waiting for us.

Structure of Hack Attack Baseball Pitching Machine

The Hack Attack Baseball Pitching Machine started by distinguishing wheels as the most proficient ball-tossing system. Wheels can control ball turn, toss breaking pitches, give exactness, and convey the truly necessary speed. The genuine uniqueness of this machine is the utilization of an extra wheel. Precision, ball control, and speed were likewise improved because of the expanded measure of ball surface being caught. Extra advantages of the extra wheel were a decrease of tossing haggle wear.Structure of Hack Attack Pitching Machine

Extraordinary Features

  • Great accuracy.
  • Portable anywhere.
  • Easy to store.
  • No assembly needed, it is pre-fixed.
  • Fastballs, curveballs, sliders, knuckle compatible.
  • It can be used in the ground, backyard, indoor.
  • Rubber wheels and strong spring system.

Reasons to Buy theHack Attack Baseball Pitching Machine

Analyzing all of the features, hack attack machines are great for practice in the open ground, indoor spaces, small or large backyards, everywhere. Coaches always suggest this product first because of its feasibility. Rubber made wheels are sturdy and easily movable. The third wheel adds more safety to this machine from being distorted or faulty by chaotic paths.

Moreover, the hack attack pitching machine needs no assembly. Other significant qualities of the plan were to consolidate wellbeing highlights that kept the administrator shielded from moving parts. The simplicity of vertical and flat controls was likewise key for pitch area and fungo work. Likewise, compactness was a prerequisite, giving portability on and off the field for usability, stockpiling, and transport.

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Usage Guidelines

Some common steps to follow in practice sessions with the Hack Attack pitching machine. Most coaches and trainers follow these steps for better practicing.

  • Position Hack Attack machine in a suitable place on the ground.
  • Tip-up onto wheel guard; insert two front legs.
  • Set Hack Attack upright.
  • Carefully tilt Hack Attack up onto its legs.

Usage Guidelines of Hack Attack Baseball Pitching Machine

Batting practice

  1. Turn the on/off switch “ON”.
  2. Set the speed control dials*:  (Upper Left to “4”, Upper Right to “4”, Base to “7” )

* This is the normal setting for a secondary school fastball. 

  1. Check again to ensure nobody is before Hack Attack or anyplace close to the

hitter’s crate. At that point, feed a ball down the ball chute to pitch the main ball.

  1. Note where the to contribute goes connection to the home plate. Change the pitch to one side or right by moving the back leg:
  • To move the pitch left, move the back leg to one side.
  • To move the pitch right, move the back leg to one side.
  1. Modify the height:
  • Turn the height control clockwise to raise the pitch.
  • Turn the height control counter-clockwise to bring down the pitch.
  1. Modify the speed control dials to deliver the necessary speed. A big number equivalent to higher velocities.
  2. Pitch a subsequent ball.
  3. Rehash stages 4, 5 and 6 until the correct way, height, and speed are accomplished.
  4. Allude to “Choosing the Pitch”, page 7, for various pitches.
  5. Pitch a few more test balls to guarantee the chose pitch rehashes.
  6. After you are certain ideal pitch is rehashing, permit the hitter to step into the player’s container.

Batting practice

Pitching Practice

The best possible nourishing system is imperative to exploit Hack Attack’s life-like vision and timing. When sustaining:

  1. Be certain the hitter is prepared.
  2. Present the ball to hitter by raising it roughly to eye level, at that point place a ball at the highest point of the ball chute, seating it solidly against the ball chute. The ball ought to be kept down against the chute to guarantee a smooth predictable feed.
  3. Discharge the ball to fold down the ball chute and into the tossing wheels.

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Caring & Nurturing of Hack Attack Baseball Pitching Machine

Lubrication Method for Caring

  1. Height Control
  2. Apply crisp oil.
  3. Reinstall, ensuring that the strain spring is around the strings.
  4. Travel Lock

Apply a modest quantity of oil where the pin goes through the fitting. Ensure the movement lock works openly.

  1. Even Swivel Lock
  2. Totally evacuate the level swivel lock nut. Clean all old oil, soil, and so on from the strings.
  3. Wipe the strings with an extremely limited quantity of new oil.
  4. Reinstall.


Inspect Hack Attack for condition and fulfillment before each utilization:

  1. For batting practice, be certain the flat swivel lock is verified.
  2. Tossing wheels must be tight on the engine shafts. Watch that the keyway holding jolts are tight.
  3. Wheel watchman and ball chute must be safely attached to the tossing head.

Hack Attack Baseball Pitching Machine Performance

The Hack Attack Baseball Pitching Machine is by a long shot the best for the cash, despite the fact that not modest. The consistency where it tosses without modifying is level out magnificent. Regardless of whether you need to modify, it’s a sight turn anywhere effortlessly. Fungo is additionally awesome. The times of simply shooting a ball in the are with uncontrolled or one kind of turn is finished. Right field with a right-gave hitter up? that cutting ball with turn? don’t sweat it. Balls hit on a line that jumps into the ground with top turn, no issue.

The machine has helped amazingly with charging and perusing these sorts of balls. You can swivel the machine and move it here and there easily. Minimal left, somewhat right, little up, minimal down between balls, no issue. Solidness so far is extraordinary, this closely resembles quality. A ton of thought went into these machines, you can tell. Structure transportation to the arrangement.Hack Attack PM Performance

Recommendations for the Machine

Generally speaking, I believe most would agree the Hack Attack is a great bit of apparatus that takes pitching machines to an unheard-of level. With its lovely and unmistakable structure so you can the entire encouraging procedure directly through to the consistency, precision, and variety of the ‘tosses’ – the Hack Attack has everything. In any case, it’s well important that while this baseball machine comes in as presumably the best, generally incredible and sensible throwing machine available – it’ll be needless excess in case you’re instructing more youthful and tenderfoot players.

Assuming notwithstanding, you train up significant level players thumping on the entryway of the expert game (or players’ as of now there) at that point the Hack Attack is worth genuine thought. With all the highlights and special advantages this beast brings, it comes with a strong sticker price. Sooner or later, you will need to truly investigate your training, the level both you and your players are at and all the more significantly where you need to take them.

Hack attack baseball pitching machine parts

So, this is another criterion of hack attack pitching machines. Machine parts are sensitive because each machine suits its own. You obviously cannot get the full support from a machine if it uses other machine parts. Hack Attack pitching machine manual is included in the package. However, for people privileges, here we split the parts categorically. Carefully see the below figure and the parts from it.

Hack attack pitching machine parts

According to the figure, we enlisted an overall parts list as follows:

1) Cane Tip.

2) Leg- standard.

5) Under Carriage.

13) Horizontal Swivel Lock Handle.

14) Swivel Lock Pivot.

17) Snap button.

19) Travel Wheel.

21) Yoke.

26) Pin, Travel Lock.

27) Spring, Travel Lock.

30) Fitting, Elevation Control.

30B) Tension Spring, Elevation Control.

31) Handle, Elevation Control.

34) Main Castings, Throwing Head.

35) Clamp, Cable.

36) Hinge Assembly, Throwing Head.

37) Motor, Variable Speed 90V.

38) Throwing Wheel.

39) Ball Chute.

43) Wheel Guard.

49) Grommet, Winding.

50) Plate, Travel Lock, Elevation Control.

60) Plate, Control Panel Cover.

61) Knob, Speed Control.

63) Controller Assembly.

64) Safety Reset.

65) On/Off Switch &

Power Cord (not shown).

Basically, when you wanna replace any parts, you have to purchase a package of different categories like Lock Handle, Travel Lock, Elevation Control and Throwing Head. These are the provisions or sub-categories of a Hack Attack pitching machine. Now we will describe all parts function in a nutshell. How it works or when to replace, you can figure out from the details.

  • Cane Tip: This is a cover of the basement stands. Rubbered, soft or hard plastic made or metal sometimes. Usually, it protects the machine from slipping.
  • Leg- Standard: It is the stand or leg of the pitching machine that is adjustable.
  • Under Carriage: It is the carrying stand of legs. It can move 360 degrees.
  • Travel Wheel: These are machine wheels so you can move from one place to another.
  • Yoke: In every mechanical element, the yoke is an important thing. A yoke is the structure of a machine body.
  • Main Casting: This is a throwing head element that is made of solid cast iron and mostly used to stable the motors and throwing head.
  • Throwing Wheel: Throwing wheels are the most important thing about the machine. You can replace it if faulty. There are two throwing wheels in a Hack Attack pitching machine that places in 90 degrees ‘V’ shape.
  • Motor: This is basically a variable-speed A/C motor. It needs 90V A/C but you can use both 110V or 220V A/C mainline. Don’t worry, this motor has a controller circuit that transforms higher voltages to its relevance.
  • Ball Chute: Here you place the ball. It is wide and fixed in measurement. Baseballs and softballs can easily be placed here and thrown forwards.
  • Wheel Guard: It supports throwing wheel around. Throwing wheels are placed inside the area of the wheel guard.
  • Knob, Speed Control: This is an adjustable part of the speed controller. You can turn it or swivel from high to low and vice versa. Most knobs are made of hard plastic with a thin line of indicator marker. But make sure the machine power is turned off when replacing the knob.
  • Safety Reset: It is a general reset button. When you feel uncomfortable or unable to change any speed due to machine lag, you can press the button to reset the total machine.
  • On/Off Switch: This is rare to change but possible. Normally, an On/Off switch doesn’t require alteration but if the switch becomes loose or hard, you can change a soft one.

So, every part we enlisted above can be replaced if faulty but a hack attack pitching machine needs no replacement in real. You can use this machine smoothly for 10 years or above. However, due to improper maintenance & caring, sometimes you might need parts replacement.

Hack attack baseball pitching machine speed chart

At the point when we state that a machine has a most extreme speed of 70 mph, that is the speed at which the ball leaves the machine.

At the point when individuals talk about the speed at various separations, comprehend that the machine doesn’t really pitch an alternate speed on the off chance that you are standing nearer to it or more distant away. What they are alluding to is the correlation of the time that it takes the ball to travel various separations at specific rates.

For instance, in the event that you set the machine to pitch 70 mph, and you set it 30 feet from home plate, the pitch will find a good pace in a fraction of the time (or “twice as quick as”) it would take a similar pitch to go 60 feet. In this way, one could state that it appears 140 mph at 30 feet, yet in all actuality, the ball despite everything goes at 70 mph.

Hack attack pitching machine speed chart

While ascertaining the similar speed between 60 feet (High School or more) and 46 feet (Little League separation), you are truly looking at the measure of time that it takes for the ball to go 46 feet instead of 60 feet.

To look at the “ball travel time” of any two separations, partition the more extended separation by the shorter separation and increase the outcome by the mph. For instance, 60′ isolated by 46′ approaches 1.30. Increase 1.30 occasions 70 mph, and you have 91.

That is the reason we state that 70 mph from 46 feet rises to 91 mph from 60 feet. Yet, recollect, the pitch isn’t really voyaging 91 mph. It just appears 91 in light of the fact that it is being pitched to you from a shorter separation, so the ball is finding a workable pace plate sooner.

Another perspective on is that the “speed” of the ball is comparative with the good ways from the pitching machine to the player and the “successful speed” the hitter encounters is progressively much the same as response time.

FAQs for the Hack Attack baseball PM

Why it is not battery-operated?

Battery-controlled units have any longer recuperation time between pitches which will slow the pace of training impressively. These units likewise gradually decrease in power which can bring about continually changing pitch areas. The need to ensure the unit is constantly charged and prepared to utilize is an issue. Batteries are additionally over the top expensive to supplant. Because of these and numerous different concerns, we prescribe generators.

Is it possible to set a ball feeder on this machine?

Yes, it is possible to set an external ball feeder on this machine. However, recent Hack Attack pitching machines have built-in ball feeders that can be removed externally. You can use a 9-balls feeder or 12-balls feeder for your convenience.

What about the motor in this device?

Well, Hack Attack pitching machine use 110V A/C motor for local usage. But for international cases, the motor can be operated in 220V A/C also. It’s an alternator type motor so no problem using this machine.

Do you provide a warranty?

The Hack assault says it has a 5-year guarantee however when you read the fine print, you will see that the wheels just have a 1-year guarantee, the wheel engines just have a 1-year guarantee and the electronic control board just has a 1-year guarantee. Actually, the metal parts and handles appear to have a 5-year guarantee. Moreover, Hack Attack pitching machine has 6 months guarantee for first-time users.

What are the specifications of this machine?

  • Level of play: College, High School, commercial, professionals.
  • Weight: 145 lbs.
  • Feeder: 15 balls (solo) or 150 balls (team).
  • Electrical requirements: 110V and 220/240V A/C.
  • Speed: 100+mph.
  • Distance: 60feet.
  • Fungo: 380 feet fly balls.

Bottom Line

Regardless of which 3 wheels pitching machine you choose to get, you will get one of the top machines in the business. Three-wheel machines are somewhat more precise than their two-wheel partners, they make it simpler for a hitter to see the ball preceding it being conveyed and, the best part is that the awkward extra person wheel makes it so you never need to physically change the pitching machine head point as you do with each of the two-wheel curve pitching machines.

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